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4KDesire Introduction

4KDesire is a porn site created for celebrating the beauty of the 4K porn. It is run by the guys at Wankz network, so you get a full access to all their sites too. With the phenomenal bit rate and video quality beating even the most popular adult networks, it is one of our top sites worth checking out.

About 4KDesire

Founded more than three years ago, 4K Desire has the only goal in mind and that is: producing and spreading the Ultra Full HD (aka 4K) adult content. While the site age might not have tens of years in its history, the studio has quickly proven to be capable of high quality porn content even for the most critical porn enthusiasts. Below, we will find out what is so great about the site and how it stacks up against other 4k networks.

4KDesire 4K Adult Content

When it comes to the Ultra Full HD content, which is yet to become mainstream, we want to clear some of the exceptions before the whole review. There content is lacking in the whole industry and with some files sizes reaching 10 – 15 GB per video, I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. The Full HD content has been in production for over 10 years and is still as popular as it has every been with the 4K porn becoming some sort of a small niche, for people who truly want the best experience.

Having dialed down the expectations a bit when it comes to quantity, we can begin. If you are yet to see the crystal-clear quality of the 4K porn and not sure whether it is worth your time, it is, trust me. You don’t even need the giant display or the one that supports 4k resolution, since the higher bitrate alone will give you a lot of benefits just by watching on your 1080p TV or screen. During our review, the 4K Desire site have had over 50 videos that are of the Ultra HD (3840×2160) resolution and 21000k bit rate.

The quality is truly phenomenal, super sharp, with vivid colors and just… beautiful. Going back to Full HD feels like you took your glasses off or someone applies some sort of shitty, grainy filter on your eyeballs. As far as updates go, they seem to be rather irregular, one month they have one upload only to be followed by seven and so on. So, my suggestion: try it but go for a monthly or three-month membership just to test the waters out as there will be plenty of content for a little while.

If you are into galleries, there are over 30 right now but I am not sure why would you pick this site for galleries anyway when the whole selling point is 4k porn. Anyhow, that is none of my business, and speaking of business and pornstars that are getting paid, there is a surprising variety. We have found over 50, most being 18 to 25 years old and Eastern European based. All of them appear to be rather cute and way above average looking but then again, I love sexy white chicks. The male performers don’t wear condoms and thank god for that. There are a lot of anal scenes and a mix of softcore and hardcore porn, which is great.

Since the site belongs to guys at Wankz, you also get free access to other sites like Exploited18, SexForGrades, My MILF Boss, Bang My Stepmom and more. During our testing, there were no downloading limits or other annoying crap. The whole network features over 1800 pornstars and thousands of videos, in case you get bored of 4K Desires alone.

Features and User Interface

Being in the 4k porn business and ahead of the trend, one must expect the same when it comes to site usability and user interface, and thankfully, 4K Desire delivers in this front too.

The site is really easy to navigate and there are no annoyances that disturb your experience. Every feature that can be found on pretty much every major site is here, including ability to leave comments and interact with the community (one of my all-time favorites), plenty of tags, ratings, adding to favorites, etc. The scenes and pornstars can also be sorted out by most popular, recent, best rated and pretty much any other criteria you can think of.

One thing that I found interesting is that instead of stars, it shows like to dislike ratio, so instead of seeing a video that is rated 4 out of 5, there is rating of 78% or so, which I personally found to be a better indicator than old school system. Guess we have YouTube to thank for that. Since the content is still rather scarce, the pagination and everything is clear and simple to use. The whole content discovery is decent although without advanced search, I expect this to change when they have thousands of videos. Hopefully, by the time site reaches that stage, the developers will implement that too.

All in all, there are no negatives minus the lack of advanced search that is not mandatory at this stage of site.

4K Desire Network Statistics

Number of videos: 50+
HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p): Yes
4K Content: Yes
VR Content: No
Streaming: Yes
Downloading: Yes
Average length: 25 minutes

Special 4kDesire .com Offer

You know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I am not going to waste more of your time just describing how good the 4k porn actually is and all that. Instead, you will receive a special discount for just being a part of RedBled community and checkout our review, which you can spend on many things, from 4K OLED TV to god knows what else.

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Sam's rating
Rating 7.6


  • The porn videos are of incredible quality
  • Pornstars look way above average
  • There are no downloading limits
  • Above industry average bit-rate
  • No annoying ads on site
  • High production values
  • Full network access


  • Cross sale prechecked during checkout
  • The updates are random and unclear
  • No advanced search found


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