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8Muses Review

I’ve been dying to review 8Muses.com for months now, as porn comics is one of my passions. Cannot exactly pinpoint the moment in my life where I have started getting boners from drawn out sex scenes, but maybe free message boards like 4chan did their job here, for better or worse. 8Muses is a free porn site and without any hidden tricks. Even the cleanest sites now include crypto currency mining scripts or other garbage, but not 8Muses.

The layout and design remind us of Tumblr blogs, just with more rows and columns and no Yahoo! Involvement. Once you open the site, 8Muses greets you with a selection of milf related comics, comics with great stories, zz topics and other well-known publishers. Hit on any of those and it is business as usual.

Free Membership

Finding a good comic site is getting harder, so after discovering 8Muses my soul and mind can finally rest. Not only does it feature the said magazines, but the amount of content is staggering. You have full issues with up to 100 pages of nothing but comics that always lead to sex. There is not a single porn loving person in the world that won’t find something for his taste. Breaking down posts even further, the dialog is funny, and computer generated or drawn models blend well with their style. The best porn comic I have read in weeks was of a guy who blew load on his wife’s face, without fucking her.

This is the situation that I have personally experienced many times, cause getting your dick sucked is much easier than fucking your gf or any girl that you already fucked. 8Muses navigation could be tweaked slightly as while arrow buttons on your keyboard work, it does not give you any clear indication (for example: slightly showing previous and next comic). The search bar also disappears for some reason when you are browsing separate porn comics.

Now, here’s the best thing about 8Muses.com website: it converted few of my friends that now randomly return to the page, despite swearing against CGI or drawn porn. Also, not every post is a comic. Some are just 3d porn screenshots of girls doing dirty or nasty things. Once you find your niche, it’s easy to sign up and follow your favorite artists.

I think that 8Muses does a good job in that regard. Is the site 10/10? Absolutely not. Their Achilles heel is the text content. Since there is a search bar, one needs some words to find comics or cgi porn, but this is not the case. Most titles are random, and this is the only area where 8Muses search script can grab the content.


For a free comic site, I have found 8Muses to be on the highest end, without anything that would ruin the experience. Unlike free porn sites, there aren’t many banners or computer slowing scripts. I think the clean user interface is one of the reasons why 8Muses gained so much traction over the last few years.

8Muses – 8Muses.com – Porn Comic Site
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7.5 8Muses - 8Muses.com - Porn Comic Site
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  • One of the leading porn comics sites
  • Thousands of sex comic archives
  • Has active community
  • Few ads


  • Site design could be better
  • Slower loading times
  • Bad search
  • Poor UI
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