Best Adult Blogs & WTF Funny Porn Sites (2022)

These are our favorites for 2022.


#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

I am a massive believer in news aggregators and porn blogs. Watching tubes or browsing through the top sites is awesome, don’t get me wrong. However, they are usually great for consuming content that you already know. Like registering because there are many of your favorite pornstar videos or because the site is the best in their niche.

Adult blogs are different in this regard, and they remain the best way to discover porn. It used to be a YouTube thing where many people would compile their top lists of tits, etc. But since YT is safe for work, there was never any nudity or material worth jerking off to. Sure, if you tag nudity as education, that might work, but there is no education in sticking your cock down someone’s throat. This is how porn blogs got their fans and popularity.

The first time people discovered RedBled, it was like Christmas all over again. You had the top 10 lists and even reviews. Since there are not many best porn blogs out there, or if there are, they focus on shit like galleries, etc. That was 20 years ago, and no one is interested in a close-up pussy shot of a disgusting pornstar. Some would even charge you money for this. What you see here is free. I have also included something very related and story-driven: best adult story blogs and websites.

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EroHut Review

When my dick gets sore from all the pornstars that I have jerked off to, the only logical thing is to look for more pornstars and more porn. Thanks to various porn sites and blogs, my job is much easier these days than it used to be. In the 1980s, I would have one pornstar and stick with it for a year or two, always re-watching one or few videos, again and again. Now, I can pop a pill of cum enhancing magic and cum so much that I can spell all these new whores names on my girlfriend’s face.

While surfing the site, I discovered a few new pornstars that met my criteria: hot, skinny, and with enormous tits. The writer is doing an excellent job of bringing much variety, always covering new topics and girls. For example, I did not even know that I was into Chinese porn, and EroHut was the site that introduced me to that shit. I will have to grab some chopsticks and duct tape my girlfriend’s eyes to her ears so she looks more Asian.

Site Usability

One of the greatest things about this blog is the lack of aggressive ads. These fucking sites are the worst of all, the ones that mess your PC up with pop-ups and other bullshit. During my review, there were no “bad” slowdowns or anything else that caught my attention. It is as lovely as a porn blog can be. It just needs more posts and maybe showing some love to RedBled, if you know what I am saying.

The problem with many adult blogs is that they end up dead, sooner or later. Making a dent in the porn industry is one of the hardest things you can do. So, it is no surprise that webmasters just gave up after half a year of no traffic or earnings. Thankfully, this site works just fine after revisiting it six months later. But, it is far from forgotten. I have spent years filling my blog only to see bills and nothing else. Not a single penny was earned. Even these days it’s hard to make a sale with something you give away for free.

Now, I am not complaining as there is so much more in this world than money, just doing it for the sheer passion of porn, and from what I can tell, the EroHut site is also following my roots. You might also wonder, why do I even talk about my competitors? Well, I may be here to help you out, man. So that you can find top porn sites, and it does not matter if some of them compete with me directly or not. RedBled is so much more than that, and hopefully, you can all appreciate my efforts.


EroHut offers an excellent combination of content and quality, with great design and no awful ads. It might not be the most prominent site for the niche, but sometimes it is not the quantity that counts.

EroHut Summary


We Like
  • Clean design without many ads
  • Fast loading times
  • Rich content site
  • Mobile friendly


  • Limited comments

FMyLife Intimacy Review

We all have our share of embarrassing stories! There is no greater joy than reading about some of these that have happened to others. We would never want to be in their shows, but to have a laugh is another story. I discovered FML probably over ten years ago by accident. Since then, it has become one of my favorite sites for short reads with comedic value.

What must one do with their lives if they seek extreme or funny porn? I have no idea if these are my parents that should be blamed or my ex-girlfriends. However, I love some intense and just weird-looking shit. Many people have fun watching weird content and it does not have to be porn-related. The most popular subreddits that are spinning in my history are /r/WTF and just crazy art-related ones.

Since RedBled is all about porn sites and is not called “random lists”, we are covering good stuff today. How does one define extreme porn anyway? For some people things like tranny porn or even interracial is already way too much. Nonetheless, it can be anal gaps that won’t even phase others. I did ask a few of my co-workers to help me shuffle through the crap and pick some of the better porn sites out there. Oh, and that was hard as fuck.

Site Features & User Interface

I am an old fart, and here is my first and only complaint! Their site was so fucking good before the redesign. It loaded quickly, and the navigation was much more accessible. You could also scan text much quicker and get the best stories in a heartbeat.

The intimacy section was separated. You had two categories, sex and love. This is how I prefer my texts, as reading something about breakups is boring and not funny. However, sex is fucking funny.

Humorous Stories

I recently learned about someone who discovered their mom and dad online. Is there anything wrong with that? Yes, with dildos showing down their assholes! Because they are swingers. Some stories seem to be bullshit, like a guy banging his dream girl only to find out that she is a tranny.

There are nasty and funny comments, and let me give you some other funny stories. The wife and husband did sixty-nine and then found out they have lice, which is disgusting. There are always chodes that get cheated on by girls asking them to wait for a “right moment”. These usually last for a few years, and then dumping is ensured. Someone is always infected with herpes or some other STD.

Watching porn is great, we love it. Everyone does it. But sometimes it does get boring and heck. Occasionally, porn is not what you want in the first place. You could scroll through your friend’s Facebook wall, but they most likely live boring lives and share nothing exciting or read-worthy. Of course, you can also take your phone to the bathroom and keep reading until your legs go numb. It’s not like that ever happened to me or anything.

We have Reddit, news sites, and YouTube, so why not add FML as another time-waster? I even bought their book that was for sale five years ago. Spoiler alert: all they did was reprint stories already appearing on site. Yes, without any original or additional content. One of the worst investments of my life, so please do not do that. Just read and have some fun. Life does not have to be so fucking serious all the time. Also, don’t register. There is no reason to do that.


The community is the site’s biggest asset. While it used to be much better without too many fake stories, the content is still manageable and worth checking occasionally. It would be much higher on our list if they did not force registration to leave comments or votes.

FMyLife Intimacy Summary


We Like
  • Lots of funny and intimate stories
  • Mostly original content
  • Comment section


  • Old design was much better
  • Requires registration
  • Ad-block warning

/r/SluttyConfessions Review

People have secrets, and some of these will never get told. Be it adoption stories or cheating adventures. However, sometimes the burden is so heavy that you must tell someone about your issues or sins. Therefore, good Samarians have created a subreddit called /r/SluttyConfessions/ for nothing but confessions related to sex life.

Some non-intimate stories might be interesting too, but people take their lives way too seriously. A confession about speeding is not exciting nor time-worthy to read. However, sex does make all the difference. As you might realize from the name, sluts confessing is the theme of this sub, and before you go, please remember that not all stories are real. It has a mix of fantasies and real stories that happened to OP or their friends.

Today, I read about an 18-year-old slut that got naked in front of her neighbor just to see his reaction. It did not end like in a porn movie where both fucked, but if you are studying phycology, this is a great place to understand women’s behavior. As you will soon realize, all women are massive whores, perverted sluts, and nasty individuals. They are constantly cheating, living double lives, and have few families. The top-rated stories always include pictures, so it is a cherry on top of an already lovely and very different sub compared to anything else I have seen.

Site Usability

If you love long stories, there are many of these here too. I am a minute guy, but seeing a post with thousands of comments and upvotes can make you read even the longest confessions. Minus the possibly fake story bit, I have enjoyed my stay on this sub and will continue to visit it once every month. Also, multiple women hate on guys, only to end up sucking them off afterward, and if there’s one thing I have learned, is that when a female says that she hates the guy, sooner or later, she will cheat on you with him. Why? Because women are emotional creatures, and hate is a powerful emotion.

I always felt that my ex had a lot of secrets to tell, yet she never opened herself up to me. Multiple times, I tried to understand what she was talking about during her sleep (expecting to hear some juicy details), but this wild fantasy of mine never turned into anything worthwhile.


If you like fictional and real stories, /r/SluttyConfessions/ will be on your frequently visited sites list. If all you care about are facts, then browse cautiously. This subreddit mixes both real and fake stories without clearly tagging what is fiction and what is life.

Once you are done with the text version of porn, visit some of the top sites that produce content you can consume with your ears and eyes, in a video format. You know, the 21st-century stuff.

/r/SluttyConfessions Summary


We Like
  • Reading secret stories is entertaining
  • There are many whores out there
  • Long and short confessions


  • Not all stories are true


Reading adult stories might sound like something for people without the internet or access to pictures. Yet, sometimes these stores are so well crafted that you want to discover what happens next. I do not enjoy fake erotica or sci-fi stories of people fucking aliens, but there are still funny or hot blogs and pages.

I am sure you have heard of FML already; if not, you need to visit that page right now. It features some of the funniest porn-related confessions there are. Speaking of confessions, this is another type of material that is interesting. Of course, you don’t get the best writers like Stephen King to write them, but that is not the point. The thing with these stories is that they sound authentic and lifelike.

For example, a woman confessing that she is cheating on her husband or that a slut girlfriend is considering fucking her boyfriend’s best friend. Sure, you can’t verify these claims, but these dramas sometimes have multiple parts and go from interesting to holy fuck moments. I do believe that this list is of great value.

Having Fun with Sluts

I have a funny story about drunk sluts and good vibes. My friend invited four whores to my house for drinks and a movie. It wasn’t a session full of heavy drinks or anything, just a few bottles of the vine, and we did not even feel drunk. But, after finishing a horror movie, my then brilliant mind decided to introduce them to the world of porn! Not just any porn, but some of the funniest shit we could remember.

I haven’t seen them again at my house, ever. We laughed our asses off. All the whores were grossed out and wanted to go home but then decided to watch more funny shit. There was a video of a Japanese girl who got asphyxiated, which was hilarious due to editing. She almost died but received a reward of $5 or something. It was just the warm-up, and throughout the night, we have seen some of the funniest shit in porn.

These videos are always the best with good friends and people that have never been exposed to porn on major basis. You get to see their shocked faces and enjoy bad reactions. We were browsing the net and using the websites I have listed to get more content. I remember watching someone fuck the alien, zombies, and other fictional characters. Some of these links you should keep private and not share with your dad or mom. Just remember to bring them to the parties. People around me know I am into funny shit and always ask for new videos on Efukt and NSFW Funny.

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