Top 20: Spiciest Middle Eastern & Arab Pornstars (2024)

Best pornstars from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Persia, Palestine, Afghanistan and others.

Top 20++: Spiciest Middle Eastern & Arab Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

I could write books about middle eastern pornstars and hot women from Saudi Arabia that I’ve had a chance to meet. Sexual oppression, hijabs, niqabs, and burkas play a role in this. A mysterious female figure will be sexier more often, that’s just our brain playing tricks. Unfortunately, the pornstars below had all their clothes and dignity stripped down.

That’s for the better, right? I think that these performers are something special. Like tasting a new spice or flavor you haven’t ever seen before. So let’s jump in without wasting more of your precious time that you could spend stroking your dick or stimulating pussy.

22Nadia Montana

Cut the quality by half, and you will have trouble distinguishing between raw dogging and a scene with condoms applied. Her dirty hole is just so moist. Yes, I am aware of the shower scene! However, you can’t get your dick wet like that from the water, especially when you hide it inside a vagina.

What does the symphony of clapping cheeks sound like? This GIF is with sound, which is a bit of a new feature for us. Let us know if you prefer silent videos or those with sound. It will always be off by default.

21Shazia Sahari

Shazia’s curls are a blessing and a curse because she looks very different with hair straight. Depending on your preferences, some scenes could bore you to death. Do I sound stupid? Listen, I don’t just mean different yet recognizable. Her hairstyle completely changes her look as if these were two different pornstars.

Before you call us out on this one and claim that this is indeed a wrong GIF, let me stop you right there. Only through careful comparison can you finally see the similarities, and no, this isn’t some random amateur.

20Mulani Rivera

This is what heaven looks like with dozens of virgins ready to serve you. This dude is tripping, with the massive amounts of oxygen leaving his brain to feed hungry dick. Some of the funniest reactions and expressions ever that only Brazzers can top.

Mulani Rivera is of Arabic and Puerto Rican descent. She used to dance for a living and then upgraded her profession to porn. Just like most pornstars, now resides in Los Angeles. I need to book a hotel there and bang some hoes.

19Alicia Angel

In a recent interview with an Arabian escort, I read that Saudis are into extreme porn. I specifically mean rich dudes that don’t give a damn. Rumor has it that they are into shitting and other asshole-related things. Also, have you seen any real Arab girl on sex cams? Because we did not.

Anyway, I have heard horror stories about women leaving Saudi Arabia with broken assholes that take weeks or even months to heal. While this video is just a small peek of Alicia Angel and her fun performance, nasties you can’t find online are much worse. Or depending on your definition of sexy, so much better.

18Loona Luxx

Random dude fucks a pornstar, and what do you do? Start eating her out, preparing holes for two more dicks except yours. One of the defining features of a professional actor is his ability to stay hard even if the entire experience smells of daddy bears.

Loona’s ancestors were impregnated with Italian and Egyptian semen, which is why she stands out from other Arab pornstars. The emotional baggage that comes from trashy sluts of porn must be enormous. Unfortunately, the beautiful Middle Eastern girl is not one of them.


17Kimber Kay

Dark skin, cozy pussy, and arms stroke your gentlemen’s sausage. No, we are not talking ebony pornstars, although Kimber Kay is sort of is one? You won’t find much about her on the Internet. However, we have watched enough porn in our lifetime to remember even the less popular adult actresses.

Kimber Kay is a half-American and half-Arab pornstar with less than 10 porn videos in her portfolio who does lesbian stuff, glory hole porn, amateur, and even bukkake scenes. That’s the perfect combo of what you desire from a performer of this origin, correct?

16Allie Jordan

Finishing from behind and on Allie’s back, it’s a guy celebrating Arabian porn. But, of course, her real name is Diana Jihad Ayyoub, and some fans refuse to acknowledge anything else.

Known for performance in blockbuster hits like “Sorority Sex Orgy” and “Big Breasts Are Best 10”. Honestly, I am surprised that she did not appear on our anal-hungry pornstars’ top list. She is a freak of anal, and most of her videos are nothing but ass-fucking. Twist your dicks and push the head to prevent early ejaculation. Allie Jordan might be worth that, but we have a few more sluts to show you.

15Carmel Moore

The whitest of all Middle Eastern pornstars, likely due to the majority of her descent being British. She is like the Michael Jackson of porn, except with fewer plastic parts.

Her first interracial porn scene won her an award in 2006, and it’s all uphill from there. Did you know that Carmel Moore does not like English men? Says that all of them suck in bed and don’t care about anything other than missionary. What about Americans? Better at sex, but with the awful body image and constant flexing.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

14Alexa Loren

Alexa Loren, born and raised in Egypt, has two things to be proud of. One is on the left, and another is on her right. Often wears clothes brighter than the flaming red tip of my dick right now.

There are many beautiful big tit pornstars, but wow… No matter how often I look at these fluffy breasts, it never gets old. Good thing evolution pre-programmed our brain to enjoy massive tits, great butts, and 90-60-90 ratios. That’s a golden ratio, by the way. for the bust, waist as well as hips.

13Jasmine Arabia

She will take twenty dicks, but you must wear a condom! After all, sex safety is so important in the adult business. Jasmine Arabia is an Arabian pornstar, correct? There’s nothing secretive about that! Sorry to disappoint you, brother, but this girl is from Morocco. It’s like naming yourself “Bent Dick Banana” despite a straight unit.

Maybe Saudi Arabia is her favorite country, or she does not know how to read and just copy-pasted the first two words from the web.

12Aysha Dama

Say yes to more Arab pornstars, and here’s one! Traveling from Saudi Arabia, it’s Aysha Dama. Loves shooting porn with hijab on but haven’t seen one with burka yet. Often does lesbian stuff, so pretty much a perfect girlfriend. Some sites incorrectly state her ethnicity as Spanish, but that’s wrong. She does currently live in Spain, though!

Aysha is open about her sexuality, enjoying gangbangs, anal among the rest of her dirty quirks. Young, beautiful, and open 24/7. Feels like every other millennial now. They don’t care about long-term experiences with a single person.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

11Ameera Milan

A Middle Eastern pornstar with brown eyes and hair of the same color. Search for her online, and it’s far from porn. Looks like Ameera is pursuing the dream of many adult performers. What was that? Correct! A dream of becoming a legit actress.

Thankfully, it does not take a lot to find her real talents. She can also be found under Palestine or Lebanon alias. However, no matter how often you change your identities, the Internet never forgets. As for her porn video, it’s fucking epic. Energetic, passionate, positive, and full of cum.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

10Persia Pele

Persia Pele is a pornstar from Tehran, Iran. Initially, we planned to do Arab pornstars only, but it was way more complicated due to mixed ethnicities and poor selection. So instead, you get to see some of the hottest girls from many different regions.

She has left the adult industry in 2013, two years after getting in. Her Twitter is very much passive, which puzzles. Persia had a lot of ambitions and had already signed contracts with Bang Bros, Reality Kings, and many others. Also, quite an expressive pornstar.


9Lexi Bloom

Lexi Bloom, born in 1989 is a tiny actress born in Oregon, USA. So why the hell do I include American pornstars on this top 10? Because her DNA cells have minor Middle Eastern flavors mixed in. Bloom enjoys BDSM plus dirty sex in general.

Again, let me repeat that to you… Lexi is only in her early 20s and already does some of the extreme sex scenes. What will happen to her in her late 20s or early 30s? Will she join retired pornstars archive or learn to control herself?


8Audrey Royal

Miracles happen, and here’s a GIF that can top David Blaine himself. Ask, and you shall receive! Or is that a Christian saying? Well, forget the politics and have some fun with this Arab pornstar. It’s no other than Audrey Royal, a kinky performer with a sinful portfolio.

She is also in our featured gallery. As you might have guessed, Audrey does porn with niqabs and other Middle Eastern clothes. Watching her is so much fun unless you are very sensitive to a wrongful portrayal of Arabian women.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

7Violet Myers

With tits so large that they have their gravitational field, Violet might as well wear a burka to please the old-fashioned Arabians. It’s not like you’ll be staring at her face anyway! This stunning cum socket is more than just eye candy, front or back for the rest of the world. Her butt has plenty of meat, and the face doesn’t have any imperfections either. Ladies and horny gentlemen, you’ve just hit the jackpot!

Even if there are hundreds of virgins in the heavens waiting for my ball sack, I’d rather stay here and finish inside Violet one more time.

6Sarah Arabic

Screaming in Arab and with questionable tattoos above the pussy line, Sarah Arabic is a warm glass of milk for your bad mood Fridays. Be it white or dark chocolate milk, anything goes, and for your ultimate shagging fantasies, there are performances on the interracial porn sites too.

Sarah is that type of a “Turkish delight” you’ve masturbated too, sweet on the inside, and just as sugary on the inside. On top of a matured woman with spicy character and flaming hot personality, throw dark areola rings for cumshot practice and that’s a deal of a lifetime.

5Gabriella Paltrova

When your family knows how to have fun… You have Araba, Middle Eastern, and male pornstars from the US, invading these women’s territory. Not for oil, but a different kind of juice. That mixture was so powerful that it made the whole world spin.

After all, men wouldn’t do shit if it wasn’t for pussy. Also, this is the world’s greatest facial. Perfect spread, speed, and density. It’s like painting her with stars. I would eat Gabriella’s ass with a spoon and some extra pepper sprinkled on top.


4Jasmine Caro

Is this how you make sticky notes stick? By glazing them with your manly juice! Jasmine is a Cuban pornstar from the other side of the world. She is like a SPA for your dick, that will moisturize the outer skin and a tip.

There’s something weird happening with her body ratio, it just doesn’t look good. However, I checked Caro’s stats, and her weight and height numbers look good. Could this be due to a cheap boob job? At least she now has money to fix that mess.


3Anissa Kate

A French and Saudi native, Anissa has a mesmerizing European-Saudi face that got destroyed by 37D boobs. That is like getting two free desserts stacked on an already incredible dessert platter. You would think that people are aware of the Arab roots, but that’s not the case. She has countless videos in the Arab porn category on Brazzers, which is where we’ve discovered her too.

By the way, despite tits the size of a Boeing 787, Anissa isn’t chubby. In fact, she is skinny and close to a short pornstar height of 5’4”.

2Ricki Raxxx

Ricki Raxxx, the Arab pornstar that had an opportunity to work with one of the greatest porn sites there is. Wild is an insanely good rider and one of the best-looking girls overall. She packs all the top qualities of a Saudi Arabian, plus Latina passion.

She is one horny bee that most mortals will have trouble satisfying. Every cut of this GIF makes me edge that much closer to the orgasm. Fabulous tits, athletic fit, decent colorful tattoos. She just needs to stop touching her hair.


1Mia Khalifa

Likely the most famous Saudi Arabian woman, not just a pornstar. Don’t believe me? Name any other, internationally famous female. Mia would probably get stoned in her home country for making fun of Arab culture and other sensitive subjects. That’s not a guess, she did get a lot of death threats for her porn videos.

Mia Khalifa is the reason why people search for Arab pornstars now. She single-handedly started the whole industry of Saudi Arabian porn. So for that reason alone, we can’t rank there lower than #1. That would be unfair, like ranking Jesus #3 on the list of Christian Gods.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

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  1. Saudi Arabia is the most famous of the Arab countries. But that doesn’t mean that every Arab person is from Saudi Arabia. There are more than 20 Arab countries, including Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Algeria. So, people from those countries are still Arabs.


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