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AShemaleTube Introduction

AShemaleTube, as the name implies, is basically a porn video site dedicated to nothing but the sexiest and nastiest shemales on the planet. Oh, and most of the content is free.

About AShemaleTube

Believe it or not, but a shemale tube site was founded long before they were pretty much “mainstream” and that brings us back to the early 2009. Unlike paid shemale sites that rely on subscriptions, AShemaleTube generates revenue from various ads, which means that this one a shemale site with nothing but the free content.

AShemaleTube Tranny Content

Speaking of shemale tube sites like PornHub Shemale, etc. the following does a quite good job at collecting and delivering the content. Since you get everything for free, don’t expect to find millions of Full HD videos in full length and 60 fps, but it is a good way to warm up your fantasies (and your cock). And trust me, there are plenty of people who live on nothing but the free porn, and I can’t really blame them. Sure, you can’t beat premium as far as the quality goes, but 15 years ago we used to jerk off to nothing but 240p videos or two frame GIFs and it made our dicks hard. So, I guess it is just a matter of preference and your daily routine.

Speaking of the tranny content, there are hundreds and hundreds of pages of videos, in all kinds of lengths, qualities and what not. I went to a page 1,001 one time just out of boredom and it still kept going. The only question is: how deep will and can you go?

Besides videos, you can also find a lot of tranny galleries, which is appreciated. Sometimes even a sexy gif will be uploaded, which does sound funny, considering a shitload of videos but trust me, it is still nice to see something different.

Unlike TS Playground, the videos are all over the place, some models are hot, some are not but I guess it is a personal taste thing and considering that there (as I said already) are thousands of videos, it is not that big of a minus.

On the positive note, you can find some “tranny stories”, if you are into that kind of thing. Some are non-English so I am not sure whether that is spam and a sign of badly maintained site or simply someone who shared it without knowing much English. In either case, there are ratings, so you can rate and read only the better ones. Most are fantasies but that is a story too.

Features and User Interface

Being a free tranny site, the very first thing that you will notice are pop-ups and all kinds of ads. Some are before the stream, some are on the right side all the time, some are masked as regular links, etc. You get the idea, it is basically your average porn tube site. However, it is on a nastier side, considering that some webmasters managed to make sites profitable without shitting all over the visitor’s face. The worst are fucking loud new window ads that I hope will bite them in the arse one day, seriously, I almost got a heart attack.

Thankfully, a shemale tube does redeem itself with a variety of different features and user interface decisions. The site is mobile friendly, which is a first good sign, there are related videos and galleries after every video, not to mention that if the shemale is a known one, you should see suggested videos of hers and the partner.

In addition to that, you can filter videos by dozens of different tags and categories although to be fair, I would love to see more categories as they are pretty broad, if you ask me.

As far as other features go, you can browse shemales by their names (aka the pornstars list), get the most popular and community favorite videos. Oh, and the one thing I love about free mainstream porn sites is that there is a pretty big community, so you can just spend time reading comments and interacting with others.

Anything else worth mentioning? You can create the account and bookmark various videos, add them to your favorites, interact in a forum (there is one with over 400,000 members and 170,000 posts, although to be fair, expect to find some spam there too). Still, it is likely one of the better forums dedicated to transgender porn and people who are into that kind of kink.

All in all, a decent site with its positives and negatives. It won’t hurt to visit and just test it out. And if you have decided to take the next big step and play with the “big girls”, you know where to find them, we did a list on premium sites too.

AShemaleTube Network Statistics

Number of videos: Thousands
HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p): Yes and No
4K Content: No
VR Content: No
Streaming: Yes
Downloading: Yes
Average length: 8 minutes Conclusion

And that’s it, really. It is a free porn tube site and you can’t beat it. It serves ads, and that is the price you have to pay.


6.5 Review
Rating 6.5


  • Free is free and you can’t beat that
  • Thousands of shemale videos
  • Galleries and playlists are nice
  • Great user interface


  • Ads all over the place, please stop
  • Navigation is extremely limited
  • A lot of low crap
  • Loud ads


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