Top 20: All Australian Pornstars (2024)

Our fan favorite porn stars from Australia.

Top 20: All Australian Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

It’s easier than easy to name the top 100 American pornstars, that country is full of whores. However, when it comes to Australia, things do become complicated. Yes, I am one cheeky cunt that decided to travel through the land of spiders and Vegemite, only to find the worthy Australian pornstars. Just as I expected, there are more kangaroos than Aussie sluts, at least non-ugly ones.

Women are cheating whores, no matter their nationality or birth of origin, but it looks like the Australians just had a hard time competing with other pornstars, hence their extinction. Just so you know how bad the situation is, we even had to look for almost vintage porn from the 00s.

The world has already settled as Russians are exporting dashcam videos while the US exports guns and sluts. Australians should stick to delicious foods like bush tucker, mod oz, and Anzac biscuits than produce porn. The alternative is to raise more whores if you want to see Australian pornstars succeed. Nonetheless, this top 10 is the best we could do.

20Portia Paris

Portia Paris is the most obnoxious, utterly annoying pornstar that the Earth has given birth to. Like a low-paid plumber, I’ve had to get my hands dirty and go through piles of crap before my gag reflex gave up. Here’s the “best of the worst” acting compilation that portrays her in decent light.

Was she a male at one point that read “A Female Pornstar Traits for Dummies”? It’s as if the AI was instructed to create a hot female. Good on paper, that’s it. Every expression is over the top, the awful rolling of the eyes, and a mouth that remains open even during a pandemic drives me mad. Her personality consists of plastic, nothing else. This is the fakest, most synthetic-looking human being.

19Monica Mayhem

This is Monica Mayhem, a former Australian pornstar that started in 2000 and appeared in over 400 adult DVDs. Her career lasted 10 years, bringing her multiple awards like “Vixen of the Year”. She even published a book titled “Absolute Mayhem: Confessions of an Aussie Porn Star,” which has zero ratings on Amazon, so that must be going well for her.

She was hot at one point (the blonde one getting her feet licked) but has since slowly transitioned to the ugly, fat MILF. I wanted to do more than just ten pornstars; this girl was the only one with a decent collection of movies and porn history. Not sure who the other actress is, but watching lesbians suck these toes brings back some good memories. Most of those involve me jerking off to foot fetish porn.

18Yasmin Scott

The kinky-eyed, attractive pornstar is Yasmin Scott. I wish there were hotter Aussies, but the more I look at these girls, the less horny I become. I am not sure what her problem is and why she needs to cross her eyes like that, but that must be an Australian thing. Maybe a kangaroo kicked her in the head, resulting in brain damage and her acting this way.

My morning routine involves me drinking coffee and looking for new pornstars. However, after seeing Yasmin, I had to stop sipping the delicious black beverage and just plow through. There is nothing seriously fucked up about her, but my brain finds her behavior, and arguably body not so good.

17Kiara Edwards

Suck her puffy nipples, slap those titties and make them bounce like a horny kangaroo. Kiara is a cougar in her 30s with an owl tattoo on the back, so you always appreciate Mother Nature whilst pounding her innards. Might as well use it for target practice while jizzing all over it, and that adds layers of fun!

What does an Australian pussy taste like? Hopefully, not like a Vegemite, because I’ll need to make an excuse on why “I’m licking that fat pussy” instead of fucking her. Honey it’s not because I came in my pants after seeing you naked, nah, let’s just do oral for now…


16Arianny Koda

For us to include fat girls takes a lot of arguing and, in most cases, desperation. Unfortunately, we struggled to find more decent Aussie pornstars, so Arianny will have to do it. At the time of writing, my Spotify played a great beat, which matches cock pounding rhythm and is a joy to watch. Thanks to her size, her melons are outrageous, and the ass is one giant blob.

Thick sluts and BBC go well together, like Vegemite and a toast. The plumper the girl, the blacker dick she has taken, that’s a fact. Correct me if I a wrong, but Arianny Koda used to be Wankz’s exclusive girl. There will be no more new scenes of this Australian slut, as back in 2018, she made a statement about retiring from porn.

15Andy Adams

Performing a POV and virtual reality porn scene, Andy Adams looks like a pornstar that’s full of potential. Unfortunately, with only two videos and a questionable future, one can’t compete with the likes of Kiki or Angela.

Having seen statistics, we aren’t sure if this Aussie babe will be working in the adult industry a few years from now. She has curves and good looks though! Logically speaking, there’s no reason why Andy can’t become as famous as other pornstars.

14Sally Charles

It could be that Sally moves to the top 5 next year, but with a limited range of scenes, one can’t enjoy her work. On top of that, the acting and fucking are not on pair compared to other hot sluts from Australia.

She doesn’t move much, and her breasts require additional work. But, a professional can fix everything in time! So, watch Sally Charles and proceed to the women below. These have identical looks, experience, and variety.

13Samm Rosee

Samm reminds me of some chick from the Home and Away TV show that I used to watch many years ago. Just enough amateur qualities and innocence to make it look like homemade porn. There are a lot of amateur sites that would pay for sex scenes like that. I know that you Aussies fucking hate any mentions of the said series, but at least it is better than Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.

Going back to the pornstars, it is just a nice and slow blowjob, which is perfect for your average fuck session. This is how most girls do it, right? At least that’s how all my girlfriends sucked the dick, experienced and not. The worst part is the dude, who has one of the smallest cocks in the industry. Not even sure if he is just a random amateur, or someone known.

12Kiki Vidis

A redneck of Australian pornstars, Kiki Vidis, is just the kind of woman that is down for anything, with a very trashy face that makes me feel bad for her, and that says something as I have covered hundreds of pornstars. Maybe something happened in her life, and she switched to porn, be it a hard break-up or an abusive father. Or, she is just a slut and switched from free dinners from various dates and sex to cash for sex.

That is a smart girl right there. At one point in the scene, it looks like her mind can’t process all the action and just goes dark. She is only 29 years old and was born in Gold Coast, Australia. Today I have also learned that the main source of income for Gold Coast is tourism, with $2.5 billion in revenue per year.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

11Bella Maree

Rimjobs are fine by me, but fucking another dude with a strap-on? That’s beyond my worst nightmares. This specific guy has appeared multiple times in our shemale pornstars list that we did recently, so don’t feel bad for him. I did not realize that Australian whores are into this kind of nasty.

If you were a girl, would you fuck someone from the opposite sex in the ass? Maybe you are a dominatrix, but sweet Jesus, please make it stop. Bella has many more scenes of her alone playing with toys, getting fucked by a normal male performer, and some lesbian stuff. Her portfolio is diverse, and the best thing about these fake dildos is that you don’t have to get excited to keep them hard. Maree seems to be loving this.


10Gigi Allens

Have you ever seen a transformation that rapidly on a porn set? With clothes, Gigi is the hottest pornstar out there, looking like a playmate or a Playboy model. His fat husband must be rich, and she is a gold digger, otherwise, I see no reason for them to even be together. Yes, this is all acting, but can you imagine getting a role in a porn scene where you only need to sit, and your looser face would convey the rest? That’s a tragedy.

After choking on Lee’s dick and getting naked, Allens transforms from the 10/10 blond to 3/10 MILF slut. Messy hair, cum on her face, and ruined make-up. If you want to see a good sex scene, where a pornstar ruins her look from the fucking session so good, this is your girl, and here is your site.


9Mia Monroe

Just recently, Mia was your random slut from the street. Only friends and parents knew of her existence, if they did at all. Just a new pornstar with no fans or fame. A few months later and she has blossomed into a full whore. This is her first sex scene on camera, which is not as bad as some other girls.

A proper Australian pornstar with beautiful locks that move nicely, below average tits pointing to left and right, and shaved cunt. These tits look exactly like one of my exes’. She got offended when I pointed that shit out. If you haven’t tried fucking your girl in the “spread eagle” sex positions, do it. For the best effect, grab her ankles and apply some pressure, maybe give a lick or two.


8Ava Hardy

I don’t believe in love, but Ava made me fall in love with her and made me a believer. She is a very special pornstar; reminding me of a crush I never get to fuck or kiss. Her facial expression is all you need to focus on, you can see she is very close to the orgasm, biting her teeth and licking lips. The best thing about all these POV videos is that pornstars usually look at you, or the camera. I imagine that this with VR porn would be close to perfect.

A very tiny and vulnerable body that you want to fuck hard, leave some stretch marks on her puss, and fall asleep with a smile while hugging her from behind. If you are a white elitist, be warned that Hardy does some interracial stuff too. Not my favorite fact about her, but those beautiful eyes can make you forget about many things.


7Savannah Bond

Why does Savannah get to rank so high up there? Some Australian performers have since slowed down while this busty blond is just getting started. Got invited to do a few test runs in 2019 and here we are a few quarters later into 2024, still waiting for more.

Sure, youthfulness is not a strength of Savannah Bond, but the fucking talent is undeniable. My needle has been moved. What other pornstars will we see in 2020? Hopefully, way more than in the previous decade.

6Aubrey Black

Thank god, something decent and worthy of my time, just as we are nearing the end of our article. Leave it to the biggest porn sites to find and train beautiful Australian pornstars. Do you know why many MILFS go from sweet and loving housewives to hardcore porn models? The main reason is the husband’s death. These sluts lose all their income, and there’s no turning back as simple as it sounds.

In the end, they start shooting porn, selling bodies. The luckier ones go into nude modeling first, while others go straight to hardcore porn. The ugliest might end up behind the dumpster or something. Aubrey might not fit into any of these stereotypical women descriptions, but even if she did, that would not matter. You have lavished Aussie titties, properly tanned in the direct sunlight somewhere on the beach, and a surprisingly athletic body.


5Scarlet Chase

When people say, “show me your fists”, they forget about the existence of Scarlet Chase because she can make them disappear. It didn’t take long for this anal slut to realize that it’s more fun to be fisted than penetrated. That’s how her career began with Brazzers.

Newcomers might be okay with a facial of diluted cum, but Scarlet followed the footsteps of the all-time greats and is now on the road to become the future Australian Adiranna Chechik. Just don’t write such achievements in your CV.

4Isabelle Deltore

Looking all sophisticated and shit, Isabelle Deltore has only recently appeared on popular porn sites and that’s how we got to know her. Random tattoos on the back, a colored right sleeve, and nicely spread-out butthole.

With age, you give less and fewer fucks. The fans will see such behavior in this scene as Isabelle actually tries to reach the orgasm and does not even notice the camera like any professional pornstar should.

Her recent sets have her with pierced nipples and even more ink on the body. A hot Australian slut, with salty pussy like vegemite.

3Nina Milano

The God has answered the prayers of million of Australians that got sick due to the shortage of pornstars. Nina Milano, the newest performer from Sydney, falls from the heavens and straight onto Lee’s dick. It’s been a year since her debut, making her a rare starlet. However, hipsters can now claim that they have been fantasizing about Nina before she went to become a hot new thing.

She didn’t waste time either and already got silicone implants. Some of us consider that to be the magic pill or a golden ticket for reaching the top of the cum soaked mountain.


2Zara Ryan

Two beautiful lesbos that are also from Australia? Bring me to that combo. Zara Ryan is a gorgeous pornstar from Brisbane with natural breasts, a divine smile, and a sweet pussy.

She was born in 1990s, making her one of the youngest Australian pornstars that went mainstream. Not sure how her grades were in school, but Zara does look like a giant whore and was likely known in her main town as someone you could bang for a buck or a glass of cheap wine.

Thankfully, there is more than just one video of hers, so at least she is following her path. Correct me if I am wrong on this one, but Ryan has only shot lesbian porn, at least for now.


1Angela White

Thanks to our candid readers and a few years of hard work, the top spot has been now reserved for Angela White. She wasn’t that big of a deal until this year, and her effort has been now recognized. In a POV scene, Angela shows the best qualities, from soft tits to oral sex skills. Everything leads to a messy cumshot that we adore.

Wearing a yellow dress and bouncing on a cock like one energized rabbit, she is worthy of the best Australian pornstar title.


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  1. Hahahaha bitches in Australia don’t want to do porn because it’s a small society here and everyone would know who you are outside, they’re all sneaky and get fucked in secret


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