Top 10: Austrian Pornstars (2018)

There aren't many, but here's what we have found.

Top 10: Austrian Pornstars (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. I Know That Girl

I have traveled a lot in my last few years, be it Europe, Japan, USA or Australia and with so many beautiful countries visited, Austria remains one of my favorites. There is a good saying that people living far from the sea always look for a house near the water while those living in the mountains love the houses near flat surfaces. I have lived in few capitals for most of my life, so seeing these beautiful Austrian mountains did leave quite an impression on me. Sure, it was just a lack as the government itself was not involved into creating these beautiful vistas, but every country is fortunate in some respects and misfortunate in others. In my previous job, I did have a lot of clients from Germany, so in case you can’t any decent pornstars from Austria, check our German pornstars with some really good looking sluts. If you want to go even further, we did another list with nothing but all hot European adult models. Basically, you will have over 30 hot pornstars to choose from post checking all our posts.

Now, going back to strictly Austrian born pornstars, you know that there aren’t many and finding something other than anonymous girls uploading clips longer than 60 seconds was challenging. Still, here at RedBled we refuse to give up and have collected just that, 10 females that are true Austrians and do porn.

10Mila Milan

This scene has to be fake, right? It is impossible for a dick to shoot that much cum. I am pausing the video frame-by-frame to see if there is a hose attached, but it seems legit. If that was Japanese porn, where they shoot liters of jizz, I could call it a fake one immediately. Our Austrian pornstar, Mila Milan has the worst haircut ever, if you can call that thing a haircut at all. I want to believe that she is a lesbian feminist. If you like girls with tattoos and boyish look, Mila is here, waiting for you. Honestly speaking, if you only get turned on by female that look like males, maybe it is time to check some gay porn and see if that shit is working for you better. There is nothing wrong with that, maybe you are a bi or just a confused little man.


One of the worst pornstars in the history of Austria. How can you name yourself Nicky and expect anyone to find you? In addition to that, she is doing a horrible job at fucking herself with that black dildo. Considering her blond hair and decent looks, one would think that our Nicky has more experience or brain cells to do something better than this jerky off. She is also one of the very few blond Austrian pornstars and the only one with curly hair. Wish she had a last name or anything, for research purposes and more scenery, but this is her own fault. The pussy does not look appealing, but at least her thighs are very muscular and from what I can tell, with very soft, pleasant to touch skin.

8Patricia Rhomberg

We did have some trouble obtaining multiple pornstars that were born in Austria, so Patricia is one of those “there wasn’t anything better” choices. Now, I can imagine that for her time, she was a pioneer in porn and could have been labeled a town’s slut. The pay must not have been that great either, so maybe she was doing it all for the idea? Not a huge appreciator of vintage porn, but Patricia has something inside her that makes me want to keep on watching this scene. The dude on the other had is a macho looking douchebag. His cock is sore in the end (where Patricia tries to sit on it), and yeah, something about him makes the whole video disgusting. I like the ending though, reminds me on how I finish on my girlfriends, with them fully clothed and not moving.

7Ann O Fee

Women compete with one another like crazy, wanting to be the prettiest girl in the room, a woman with most expensive wedding ring and all that. If any of you are reading RedBled (although I assume most of our readers are men), this is how you can make yourself pretty: apply cum instead of make-up. Her earlobes are bizarre looking, but the rest of her body is a solid six. Judging from her reaction, Ann O Fee is not a fan of male semen and even says something along the lines of “no, not really” at the end. The question must have been related to the cumshots. At least she is genuine about that and does her best, trying hard not to throw up. I do appreciate these qualities in a girl or a pornstar.

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6Sina Velvet

Men love with their eyes and to love Sina Velvet, you do need to get partially blind. It’s not just her face, but the hair looks like a dyed rat’s nest, and that blue eyeshadow is one of the worst we have seen. It’s like she never tried applying make-up before and did her best. The absolutely hilarious part about Sina Velvet is her Twitter profile. Get this, this slut is posting pictures of her sucking dicks, doing porn and all that shit, but can you take a guess on how exactly does she identify herself? Actress. Yes, I have almost lost my shit. Not an adult actress or performer, but just as actress. Bitch, please, she is not an actress, just another Austrian pornstar with fat girl tits and bad hair.


People get off from the thought of getting caught during public sex and SexyRia is taking things even further. Instead of just fucking in the fields or a bathroom, you got a solo session in the public transport. Now that is kinky and hot. Already into anal with creampies, latex clothing, bondage and bdsm. Seems to be very proud of her nationality as all her posts include an Austrian flag. If not for her constant use if non-English language, this girl could go far. For now, this is just another amateur pornstar on PornHub, nothing new or special about her, like a drop in the sea. Some people find her hot and I did too, but the more I watched her getting fucked, the closer she resembled me a zombie.

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4Crystal Klein

Wow, now this is how you begin porn scenes. A mind blowing milf pornstar from Austria, with one of the sexiest bodies (among these sluts) and “fuck me” facial expression. Her tits are too small for her body, but here is a thing: we did not even notice that. All attention goes down to her sexy legs and just slightly hairy pussy. The way she walks, crosses her legs and acts is very sexy. Crystal was born to do luscious porn shots of nothing but her stretching and undressing. Not sure why I am so attracted to her, but this is one of those girls that I can’t get out of my mind. It must be the clothing that creates the mystery, as there is nothing extraordinary about her ass, pussy or overall body. She must be working out a lot as you can also see the abs. How many pornstars do you know that have a flat stomach?


The anal sluts are very common in today’s porn industry. There used to be a waiting period where you had to stretch your goals (and holes) thorough many years of shooting porn. Now, a random slut from the street will agree to butt sex for a buck or some food. Despite her impossible to remember nickname, Kamikatzerl has the most memorable tits of any Austrian porn star. Her flaps on the other hand will be remembered for different reasons: they are huge. Maybe it is all the gravity and mountain weather that did this, genetics or crates of cocks that have been inside her. From this angle mister camera man makes it impossible to see if Kamikatzeri has fake or real tits, but whoever created them, god or a surgeon, did a superb job. Maybe it is their best work to date.

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2Black Sophie

This sugar bunny has one of the better tushies that must have developed itself during multiple sessions of intense anal sex. It always fascinated me how women are turned on by a dominating male. I could not stand a bossy female or domination from another guy. Our brains are wired weird. Black Sophie is one of the most successful Austrian pornstars (that is not saying much considering the completion) that lives in the USA and is having a time of her life. I would confuse her with the German pornstar, which might sound like an insult to some of you. I know that Ukrainian people get extremely irritated when you confuse them with Russians. Black Sophie is doing her job and we can tell that she is one of the very few that actually enjoys porn.

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1Mary Wet

The pornstar from Austria with below average name, yet above average success. I can immediately tell looking at a woman if she is a successful in porn or not and Mary is a hero. We start with her giving a blowjob with her eyes closed, which is very important. She is showing sings of affection and appreciation, and men love pornstars that are into their partners. Usually women are the ones that prefer chemistry in porn and all that shit, but you can’t argue with the hotness of this scene. It would have been the best if there was some anal action involved and if a male performer would not have that stupid beard. Considering her vagina flaps, Mary Wet must be at least 35. She does weight only 49 kilograms (or 108 lbs), and I have just learned that our pornstar was born in 1993, making me correct in my age assumption.

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Top 10: Austrian Pornstars (2018)
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