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Did you know that Ava Addams has already been featured in multiple of our best porn actresses lists, including sexiest milfs? Having Spanish, Italian and French ancestry, miss Ava is quite a unicorn with hundreds of movies in her portoflio and a rich history.

About Ava Addams

Nationality and Ethnicity: American / French
Age: 38 years old
Birthday: 1979 September 16

Height: 1.6m or 5 ft 3 in
Weight: 48 kg or 103 lbs
Tit / Bra Size: 32DDD – 24- 35

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette

Years Active: 2004 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @AvaAddams

Official Instagram Account: theavaaddams

Official Site: N/A (shoots scenes with multiple studios)

Other Nicknames: Avva, Ava Adams, Alexia Roy, Luna

Best Ava Addams GIFs and Porn Videos

Enough of chit chat, it’s time to reap the fruits of labour.

10Hot Ass Lesbian Action

Now this scene covers pretty much everything minus anal, it kicks off with your good old fashioned straight fucking in the 69 position, followed by the bathroom scene that is all about lesbians and pussy licking, then things get ever hotter as some guy discovers two sluts and just proceeds to fuck them right there, right now, with a much required cumshot, of course.

9Ava Tit Fuck Scene with Cumshot

With the tits of that size, it is no wonder that we see a lot of scenes where our favorite pornstar just slides that cock in and out, grinds it till the happy and and just plays with it. This video is no exception, wearing a heart shaped necklace, the American slut just goes for all in with the boob fucking and finishes it off with cum on her breasts.

8Threesome With Cum Swapping and Licking

Ever wondered what would it be like to have a threesome with Ava and someone else, maybe your girlfriend? Well, no need to think as we have the very described scene out there, after exposing her massive tits it is all business as usual, cock riding, doggy style, dick bounding and a happy dude with cum that is being swaped in and out of porn actresses mouths. Hot.

7Miss Addams Tits Fuck and Masturbation

After catching some dude masturbasting in a room while holding her panties, she decides to teach a lesson and instead of punishing, it all comes down to sucking that dick and just making his horny dreams come true. We love fucking her tits, we love seeing her getting fucked, sucking dick, riding that long cock and the expression before the orgasms.

6Sunny Day Cheater Fuck in Shower and Cumshot

Well, I am not sure if Ava is cheating or not but this scene basically involves her husband going to work while at the same time she is getting fucked by another one in the shower, the whole thing just makes my dick hard and thanks to the good lighting during sunny day, is is as hot and bright as you can get, ten out of ten stars.

5Ava Eyes Open Blowjob

Now here is what I like about this scene, she sucks dick with her eyes open and looking at you, this is how a blowjob should be done, just so she knows who is her daddy and who is in the control. Followed by oral scene, it is down to the regular business, see that cock sliding to that juicy pussy, followed by more fucking, oh and cumshot in her mouth.

4Caught Stealing Panties Scene

What’s up with other males stealing and sniffing her panties? Must be a fetish of hers since she is doing a lot of scenes with that shit. In either case, a criminal is caught by her and it leads to the forced fuck that he sure is enjoying. Watch her ass bounce as she is grinding thick cock followed by one of the better cumming scenes with a face full of load.

3Hardcore Addams Fucking During Family Dinner

Well, I am not sure if you would want to bring Addams to your family dinner but if that would lead to the results we are seeing in the video above, then count me in. It is as hot as you can get when it comes to silent fucking scenes and if you like rough sex too, it is a bonus. Pussy licking, multiple dicks fucking one after another and just a happy family.

2Brutal Ava Addams Orgasms

One of the rarest things we see in porn are women having orgasms, unless it is lesbian porn but in this scene, Addams experiences one of the most brutal, leg shaking orgasms we have seen. It is absolutely hot, someone just pushed his dick inside her pussy and proceeded to rub it out till it was over and boy … Freaking fucking hot, needs an Oscar.

1Ava Addams Anal Creampie

The scene everyone has been waiting for for more than a decade, a true anal from Ava Addams with not only little to no lube but also the ending is rather epic, the dude got blessed and was allowed to cum inside her asshole, leaving all that cum juice dropping post fuck, one of the best anal creampie scenes I have ever seen, excuse me while I take a napkin and blow my nose.

Where to Watch or Download Ava Addams Porn?

Since she has shot porn pretty much everywhere, it was a rather tricky decision to pick some of the favorites. However, after some digging around and just “research”, we have determined that Ava does shoot most porn with Brazzers, as well as few other networks, so sorting in that order…

#1 Choice: – – Having the most scenes with Brazzers, including anal and hardcore sex, it is our number one choice. Join for a discount.

#2 Choice: – – These guys shot a lot of scenes with her, just hit that link and see the full portfolio.

#3 Choice: – – Having scored our number one ranking with the hot anal creampie scene, we must and need to recommend these guys too.

#4 Choice: – PornHub Premium – If you want to save cash and just watch what was already uploaded but in Full HD, grab seven day free membership at PHP.

These are our picks and favorites as of now.

Top 10 Ava Addams Picture Galleries

So these are our favorite scenes, if you want to add yours, send us a message.

Best Ava Addams Porn GIFs, Full HD Videos and Pics
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