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Learn everything about Ava Addams, from bio to her best porn performance.

Ava Addams Pornstar: Bio & Top 20 Porn Videos (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Did you know that Ava Addams has already been featured in multiple of our best porn actresses lists, including sexiest milfs? Having Spanish, Italian, and French ancestry, Miss Ava is quite a unicorn with hundreds of movies in her portfolio and rich history.

About Ava Addams

Nationality and Ethnicity: American French, Caucasian

Age: 44-years-old
Birthday: September 16, 1979
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 1.6m or 5 ft 3 in
Weight: 48 kg or 103 lbs.
Breast / Bra Size: 32DDD – 24 – 35
Tits: Fake

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette

Years Active: 2004 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @AvaAddams
Official Instagram Account: theavaaddams

Real Name: Alexia Roy
Other Nicknames: Avva, Ava Adams, Alexia Roy, Luna

Ava Addams Biography

Ava was born in 1979 and grew up in Texas, United States. Her parents were French, though, which explains her non-American looks. Working with insurance companies, she quickly got interested in porn and made her first porn debut in 2008. After that, a regular girl-on-girl scene led to other ventures.

In more than ten years of porn, Ava Addams has collected multiple awards, including best breasts, best MILF, and best body.

Enough of chit-chat; it’s time to reap the fruits of labor.

21Up and Down

Is your cock or pussy already out? If not, it’s time to get that sock or lube ready! Why? Because this GIF is “the worst” of them all, we are already soaking wet. It’s not a popular opinion, but Ava Addams has ruined her back with a tattoo. There are far hotter and sexier pornstars with ink, so that you know.

Her ass did increase in size over the years, which means more fun for the eyes and your genitals.

20Hot Ass Lesbian Action

Now, this scene covers pretty much everything minus anal. It starts with your good old-fashioned straight fucking in the 69 position, followed by the bathroom scene about lesbians and pussy licking.

Then things get even hotter as some guy discovers two sluts and proceeds to fuck them right there. Obviously, with a much-required cumshot at the very end. Could you handle that much heat?

19A Happy Orgy

Dump your old ideas of “women hate sex” into a trash can because Ava Addams and her orgy happy face is here to shatter everything into a trillion pieces. Some cherish Christmas or other holidays while our stunning MILF craves nothing else but a bag of dicks.

Also, like a good Samaritan, Ava goes with all colors and girth ratios. So, even your tiny unit is welcome here. Thanks to sites like ArchAngel (part of EvilAngel and AdultTime), you can “follow” Ava’s entire progress.

18Perfect Bounce

We’ve seen Crysis and Halo physics engines in action, but can they simulate a perfect boob bounce? I don’t think so. Ava Addams with her beautiful breasts again. It was filmed a few years ago when her tits weren’t as saggy as they are now.

Her movement will force you to fuck her harder and harder. Till the very end or the start of a heart attack.

17Snap that Bitch

To bang or not to bang? You can appreciate Ava Adams’ skills in this video. Just pause at any moment, and you will see ninja techniques like rubbing herself or his balls amid sex or fixing her hair to appear even more attractive.

She is a queen of MILF porn and one of our top-rated pornstars with big tits. Spoiler alert: she is in the top 3.

16Fucking Outdoors

Always exciting and freeing, it’s the public sex, and of course, Ava will have a video or two of this kinky fetish. Her wearing sunglasses would prolong my sexual activities with Ava, mainly because the eyes are so sexy.

This video was shot in the middle of nowhere, likely a Nevada or New Texas desert. But at least the person of the opposite gender gets to trash that pussy.

15Rough Fuck

Can Ava Addams handle hardcore action? Obviously! However, this is far from her best work. But at least you get to see her body through a different lens, with that massive bottom moving as much as ripped and masculine thighs.

Her videos are as magical as they were ten years ago, what a talented pornstar.

14Finishing on Tits

It’s as unique as saying to your girlfriend that you love her, but we can’t have enough of those GIFs! So much dick juice and her happy face to top it. However, she does look a bit tired in this scene, likely because of her age and lack of makeup. Hence, we can’t rank it any higher than this.

Also, it looks like she got breast reduction surgery. Can any superfans confirm or deny that?

13Ava’s Tit Fucking GIF with Cumshot

With tits of that size, it is no wonder that we see a lot of scenes where our favorite pornstar slides that cock in and out or occasionally grinds it till the happy bits come out. This video is no exception! With a heart-shaped necklace, the American slut goes for it, all in. Ever wondered what it is like to milk a cow?

The very beginning is where you go from “I’ll marry her” to “got to go.” Although with a personality like Ava’s, the latter scenario would be rare.

12Threesome with Cum Swapping

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a threesome with Ava and someone else? For instance, your alpha male that would dominate you or a girlfriend? Well, there’s no need to think as we have the very described scene!

After exposing her massive tits, it is all business as usual. Cock riding, doggy style, dick bounding, and a happy dude at the end. So much cum that these whores take turns swapping it in and out of filthy performers’ mouths. Hot.

11Casual Fuck Session

She catches a random male masturbating in a room as he holds Ava’s panties, and this is what you get. Is it a lesson to remember for life, or is it a price to keep repeating the offense? Anyway, she decides to teach him a lesson, and it all comes down to sucking that pee flap.

Ava Addams must be flattered, after all. A good girl that makes dude’s horny dreams come true. We love fucking her tits; we love GIFs with her pussy close-ups and everything else. Oral skills, cock riding, and the expression before the orgasm.

10Cheating in the Shower

I am not sure if Ava is cheating, but this scene involves her husband going to work! At the same time, she takes a massive dong and is getting fucked by another one in the shower. The whole thing just makes my dick hard! Not only that but thanks to the good lighting on a sunny day, it’s as hot and bright as you can get.

I will rate this GIF 11 out of 10, just like every other porn scene with Ava Addams.

9Blowjob with Eyes Open

I like this scene, and here’s why: She sucks dick with her eyes open and looks at you; this is how women should perform every blowjob! It might sound trivial, but the difference is night and day unless it’s your ugly girlfriend or a cow. So that she knows who her daddy is and who is in control.

The rest is followed by an oral scene and regular business as usual. Enjoy this scene and jerk off to the view of a thick cock sliding into that juicy pussy. Her skin complexity is perfect in this one, not too brown or light. Also, who would not love to cum inside her mouth?

8Caught Stealing Panties

What’s up with males stealing and sniffing her panties? It must be a fetish of hers since she is doing a lot of scenes with that shit. In either case, a criminal is caught by her, leading to the forced fuck, which he surely enjoys.

She is getting a bit older here, but who cares? Watch her ass bounce as Ava grinds thick cock followed by one of the better cumming scenes. It’s just a face full of load.

7Hardcore Scene

Ava is famous mainly for her looks and casual sex scenes, but it was never about BDSM or hardcore. For years, she managed to escape hardcore producers. Well, not anymore! That’s how sex should be! Sloppy, nasty, and with a mess to clean afterward.

Whoever created the scenario is a genius.

Source: PornFidelity.com.

6MILF and Family Dinner

Well, I don’t know if you want to bring Addams to your family dinner. However, if that leads to the results we see in the video above, count me in. I’ll even bring the free gravy to your family gathering. It is as hot as you can get regarding silent fucking scenes.

It’s a passionate scene that pushes some bonus points if you enjoy rough sex GIFs. Pussy licking, multiple dicks fucking one after another, and just a happy family. Is this the Addams family?

Source: Brazzers.com.

5Brutal Ava Addams Orgasm

Unless it is a lesbian porn scene, one of the rarest things we see in porn is women having orgasms. Don’t worry if that brings you back flashbacks to your sex life. Lesbians are pretty much required to reach a climax, or the scene makes no sense.

In the following GIF, Ava Addams experiences one of the most brutal, leg-shaking orgasms we have seen. It is super hot, and you need more fingers to count the number of men just finished. Damn, you get your dick rubbed from the inside out by her as you rub one out. Don’t even try to argue; this one needs an Oscar.

Source: Brazzers.com.

4Ava Addams Anal Creampie

The scene everyone has been waiting for! Ava did not immediately go to anal porn or hardcore shots. For more than a decade, her fans were patient. Now, it’s time to release the Kraken!

Clap with your balls because we have an anal GIF From Ava Addams. Not only does it have little to no lube, but the ending is rather epic. The dude got blessed and was allowed to cum inside her asshole. In other words, he left all that cum juice dropping post fuck. One of the best anal creampie scenes I have ever seen! Now, excuse me while I take a napkin and blow my nose.

Source: JulesJordan.com

3Ava Addams and Her Friend

While only one of the two pornstars is still alive, this was one of the hottest porn videos I have seen. It’s not just nostalgia speaking or empathy for the passed by time. These girls loved one another, and every Ava Addams fan must watch this video right now!

Source: Brazzers.com.

2Anal Threesome

The newest GIF to be added, and appropriately at the best ranking spot. Two makes get to smash that MILF’s asshole; that’s as epic as discovering a cure for AIDS or something.

Although I would probably select the first option, given a chance, selfish, I know, but look at that booty!

Since she has shot porn pretty much everywhere, you can watch her porn on every adult porn site. You can even read our reviews if you want to. It is rather tricky to pick just one. However, after digging around and just “research, ” we have determined that Ava shoots most porn with Brazzers.

Source: Brazzers.com.

1Top 10 Ava Addams Picture Galleries

Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar Ava Addams Pornstar

So, these are our favorite Ava Addams porn pics. Do you want to add yours? Send us a message.

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