How to Become a Live Webcam Sex Model?

Earn money by streaming sex shows or live cam shows, for males, couples and females.


#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

If you are an amateur and want to become a live sex cam model (aka camgirl or male performer) to earn serious cash, then this guide will guide you step by step on how to register, create your own sex shows and just what tools or equipment you will need in general.

How Much Will You Earn from Sex Shows?

First things first. You can achieve a full freedom and financial independence doing solo or singles sex shows alone, making as much as $4,000 / week.

1Step 1 (20 Seconds): Join a Live Cam Site

The first step is easy, you need to find a reputable web site that generously pays all its cam models. More importantly, if you are an amateur and just starting, do not expect big brands to pay you bonuses or extra income just because you think you are hot. They are hundreds, and I mean hundreds of such emails daily.

What you need to do instead, is kick start your carrier and from all the sites that we have tried, nothing beats Chaturbate. It is super friendly to new online streamers, pays more than some of the premium brands and has one of the biggest communities on the planet.

→ Step 1: Click here to register

2Step 2 (Optional): Get a Good Camera

Now this is an optional step as you could very well stream using your laptop camera, iPad, iPhone or whatever device you have.

However… If you were watching someone else masturbate, fuck or just talk, would you rather watch them in a good quality video or a pixelated mess? You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a decent cam, and one solo show alone could make 2x the cameras worth.

Here are our two recommendations. The price difference is not that great, and I would advise going with Logitech, since afterwards you will have to upgrade anyway. However, if you are on a budget, there is another option below.

Recommended: Logitech C922x, Streaming Edition ($79.99)

Logitech is the top of the line brand that you can trust, and their latest camera not only records / streams using the high resolution but also is already optimized for the sex cam shows.

Best Value: Logitech C920 ($49.43)

We are not going to tell you to buy some unknown, unbranded camera for few bucks cheaper only to see it break down few weeks later. It is basically a very same model but with less bells and whistles.

3Step 3: Before You First Sex Show

Many females (or males) do dream about becoming a sex cam model only to be burned out in a day or two. These tips will help you to align your goals and achieve greater success in cams and life in general.

1. Treat cam shows as a job, and a well-paying one

There is nothing to be ashamed about doing a live cam show and making money, in fact, 99% of people who will call you a bitch or whatever are likely unhappy with their own life and a low paying job. If you can avoid, don’t even tell anyone at first and just follow your own path.

When you move into a big ass house with your own SPA, you can call local McDonalds and ask for your friend, who will likely still work there 10 years from now on.

2. Be friendly

Now this is a big one. Don’t be a bitch. If you are having a bad week, do not do a show and just take a day off. Males and females come there to have fun, relax and just enjoy their life, so please keep that in mind. It is a friendly, easy to be and fun place if you are friendly as well.

3. Learn to give back

This is optional, of course, but there is nothing more enjoyable in life than giving something back. At first you are likely to spend money on yourself and you should do that! Take as many months or even years as you want but ultimately, things get stale and imagine the joy you can experience by feeling a starving child, all thanks to your hard-earned money. Would you be able to do that working as a waitress? Probably not. This is the ultimate selling point of becoming a sex model. You are helping and improving your own community, and just making this world a much better place.

4Step 4: Start Your First Live Show and Have Fun

Now that you have joined the sex cam site, it is time to start the streaming. Do not rush into sex, solo masturbation or anything else if you are not comfortable. In fact, get a feel for the community. People love shy girls and will pay 10x to see you act on a camera for the very first time. So just follow the follow and how you feel, and just learn to laugh a little. The sex cam business is a joy to be in, not only you will get fans but also develop deep connections with people who will come to talk to you and just ask how was your day.

Any questions? Leave a comment below.

How to Become a Live Webcam Sex Model?
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