How to Become a Live Webcam Sex Model: Full Sex Cam Guide (2023)

Earn money by streaming sex shows or live cam shows, for males, couples and females.

How to Become a Live Webcam Sex Model: Full Sex Cam Guide (2023)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Are you a passionate male or female and want to become a live sex cam model? Do you dream of camgirl shows or ranking as one of the best male performers? Our guide will teach you how to make serious money online, doing what you love.

In other words, it’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your sex shows, find the required tools, equipment, and various tips. Everything to kickstart your business.

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How Much Will You Earn from Sex Shows?

That is a question that you’ve all been waiting to get the answer to. You can achieve full freedom and financial independence by doing solo or singles sex shows alone, making as much as $4,000 / week. There are no limits, of course, and it’s all up to you. It might sound cheesy, but it’s true!

Some models that we know do make more than $550,000 / year. Be careful about setting your expectations too high and expecting to pull millions. Steady and slow should be your approach. Don’t get discouraged if the numbers aren’t as high as you’ve anticipated.

The first step is easy! To become a sex cam model, one should find a reputable website that generously pays for all its cam models. More importantly, if you are an amateur and just starting, do not expect big brands to pay you bonuses or extra income just because you think you are hot. They are hundreds, and I mean hundreds of such emails daily.

What you need to do instead is kickstart your career, and from all the sites that we have tried, nothing beats Chaturbate. It is super friendly to new online streamers, pays more than some of the premium brands, and has one of the world’s biggest communities.

→ Step 1: Click here to register

Now, this is an optional step, as you could very well stream using your laptop camera, iPad, iPhone, or whatever device you have.

However, if you were watching someone else masturbate, fuck or just talk, would you rather watch them in a good quality video or a pixelated mess? You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a decent cam. More importantly, a short solo show alone could make 2x the camera’s worth.

Here are our two recommendations. First, the price difference is not that great, and I would advise going with Logitech since afterward, you will have to upgrade anyway. However, if you are on a budget, another option is below.

King of the Hill: Logitech 4K Pro Camera ($149.99)

With the highest resolution in town, support for HDR, and noise-canceling microphones, it’s the best (and new for 2023) camera in the business.

Previous Model: Logitech C922x, Streaming Edition ($79.99)

Logitech is a top-of-the-line brand that you can trust. Their latest camera not only records/streams using the high resolution but has multiple optimizations pre-applied, which are great for the sex cam shows.

Best Value: Logitech C920 ($49.43)

We will not tell you to buy some unknown, unbranded camera for a few bucks cheaper only to see it break down a few weeks later. It is the very same model but with fewer bells and whistles.

Many females (or males) do dream about becoming a sex cam model, only to be burned out in a day or two. These tips will help you align your goals and achieve greater success in cams and life.

Rule #1: Treat Cam Shows as A Well-Paying Job

There is nothing to be ashamed of doing a live cam show and making money. As you know, 99% of people who will call you a bitch or whatever are likely unhappy with their own life and a low-paying job. If you can avoid it, don’t tell anyone first, and follow your path.

When you move into a big ass house with your SPA, you can call local McDonalds and ask for your friend, who will likely still work there ten years from now on.

Rule #2: Be Friendly

Now, this is a big one! Don’t be a bitch.

If you have a bad week, do not do a show and take a day off. Males and females come to have fun, relax, and enjoy their lives. So, please keep that in mind. Also, don’t be the party popper since it’s a friendly, easy to chill at, and an all-positive place, assuming you are also friendly.

Rule #3: Tell Your Story

Who are you, and why should people follow you anyway? Write a fun bio about yourself, and be sure to include your age, nationality, and other details. People search for this stuff!

To become a sex cam model, one does not have to be an 18-year-old virgin with 10/10 looks. Plenty of average (and old) models make a killing!

Rule #4: Learn to Give Back

Giving back is optional, of course, but nothing is more enjoyable than making others happy. At first, you are likely to spend money on yourself, and you should do that! Take as many months or even years as you want.

Ultimately, things get stale, and imagine the joy you can experience by feeling a starving child, all thanks to your hard-earned money. Would you be able to do that working as a waitress? Probably not. This is the ultimate selling point of becoming a sex model. You are helping and improving your community and making this world a much better place.

Now that you have joined, it is time to start streaming. Do not rush into sex, solo masturbation, or anything else if you are not comfortable.

Here’s another quick tip: get a feel for the community. People love shy girls and will pay 10x to see you act on camera for the very first time. So, follow the follow and how you feel and learn to laugh a little. The sex cam business is a joy to be in!

Not only will you get fans but also develop deep connections with people who will come to talk to you and just ask how your day was.

Do you want some hard facts? In the end, no one will tell you how to become a successful model. We can all share tips and all, but it’s all about experimentation!

Don’t be afraid to laugh, scream, shout, or limit yourself. People want to see you! They don’t care about imitations. So why try to copy someone to the bone when you can only be the second-best? Instead, be your own best and people will find that attractive.

Consider a few alternatives if you struggle to pull any audience in a month or two of daily snows. It might as well be your looks or approach to free streams. Are you giving away too little and viewers don’t feel engaged? Is it the awkward silence? Experiment with different outfits, positions, and tags.

For example, some people are into leggings or anal. Be sure to tag your shows with these tags and do your best! It’s easier to get your first fans from a limited audience than throw yourself into a pond of 100,000 other cam models. Niche shows could push you to the top!

Don’t just do what’s popular. Examine your kinks, fetishes, and play your strengths. People will see and appreciate the genuine performance. Even better are your weaknesses. So, nature blessed you with tiny tits and you feel that’s a curse? Tag these tiny tits and just you wait! Millions of people are attracted to flat-chested women or those with natural tiny breasts. The same goes for tiny male sausages.

Lastly, consider asking your friend to join for a session. Solo shows are great, but it’s the couples that get these numbers rolling high. However, be vary, and don’t rename your profile into something that can’t be changed later. Relationships come and go, so if you get too invested and your partner leaves, you too are a goner. Rotate them often, or don’t bring them to every show.

The trickiest part is finding the right audience! How do you go about promoting your portfolio? Do you need to spend any money? The old saying of “build and they will come” no longer works in this world. There are far too many sex cams sites, all with millions of models.

#1: Do Free Cam Shows

Just open Chaturbate and start streaming! Don’t demand tips, private shows, or anything. Don’t forget that you are building a brand here. You know these sampler packs or foods one gets for free in the shopping mall? That’s how they get you.

Good shows might not land you an immediate stream of money at first, but it’s very healthy for the long-term. People will start recording videos of you and sharing them with others.

#2: Don’t Abuse DMCA

We’ve seen so many hot cam girls turned into nothing, all because of their greed. They do cam shows and expect a lot. However, they demand their removal instead of enjoying free publicity from various GIFs that people post only.

In the end, you are just destroying your brand and reputation. People will stop talking about you, and that’s a fact. So don’t expect to be featured on any sites, PornHub or Reddit.

Does that make sense? If you ask all webmasters to remove your pictures or videos, how will people discover you? Maybe when you are live? Yes, but how do you gain traction when your viewership is low, and even if you have millions of views, why not get more? A simple truth in life is this: those who want to get it for free will always find a way, and those who want to spend money will not change their minds after discovering a ten-second GIF loop.

#3: Share Shows with Community

Why wait when you can do it all by yourself? Record a few sample videos and share them on multiple porn sites. Create your user account and upload some free content. Don’t forget to add watermarks so people can find you later!

Do some porn GIFs, kinky stuff, or sexy cross-dressing. Whatever floats your boat.

#4: Check Your Competitors

Check the competition and see how they do it! For example, our best Chaturbate models all have interesting qualities. Some do anal while others go less hardcore approach. Shocking porn sells, and that’s a fact.

Stuffing something into your butthole will always land you views. Mostly because it’s a rarer sight to behold.

#5: You Have 3 Seconds to Make an Impression

Great thumbnails will land you clicks! Close-ups, interesting outfits, or settings will improve your click rate. With hundreds of screencaps at once, you only have a short window to make an impression.

So, experiment with different angles, clothes, and sex toys. This is the main aspect that most women seem to forget!

Other than competition from more camgirls, there’s nothing you need to adjust. Social media is still the king, continuing to bring new fans and earnings to Chaturbate models.

We’ve also seen many cam models burning out from doing too much. The biggest downfall for models that I know, was OnlyFans. Yes, you’ve seen a few famous celebrities earn millions, but the same can be said about cam sites. The difference is that OF is like YouTube now and only a small percentage succeeds, not to mention the constnat stress of always adding new content. Sex cam sites and their workers don’t have any of the said worries, which is a massive plus in the long term. Stick with what works and trust RedBled.


Now, you are prepared to enter the world of epic sex cam performances!

These are the main tips for becoming a successful sex cam model. Any questions? Leave a comment below.

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