Top 20: Best and Hottest, New Pornstars of 2021

Fresh, young and hot pornstar pussy as of 2021.

Top 20: Best and Hottest, New Pornstars of 2021

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

When you have spent 10 years jacking off to the same old porn actress, even if they are hot, things do get stale. Sure, sometimes they might surprise us with a new scene like first-time anal, or threesomes but it is still the same fucking actress. Yes, everyone has their favorites and just like a loyal dog, it is nice to return from time to time, however, there is no denying that new is always more exciting than old.

So, what we have for you today is a list of fresh, hottest pornstars that have appeared in the 2020 and 2021 movies. If one of the performers debuted let’s say in 2016 and did one scene only, following a massive break and no fan traction, we will list her as a new pornstar if she got popular and returned to the porn business properly. This list will be updated with more adult performers than there are stars in the whole universe. By now, you must know that we love great top 10 lists and boy is it an honor to do one for fresh, new pussy.

★ 2021 Top 10 Newest Pornstars ★

22Elizabeth Romanova

    Elizabeth Romanova Bio

    Birthday: April 22, 1993
    First Porn Scene: 25-years old

Finally, some talent from Eastern Europe and with the alias of Elizabeth Romanova. She borrowed her name from a Rhenish princess, which will make awful history lessons a lot more interesting! Hopefully, one day a professor will tell students to write an essay about Romanova and most will end up on PornHub.

She started shooting adult movies in late 2019 and was immediately snagged by the porn house itself. This isn’t your 18-year old virgin slut with zero experience. Fucks decently for a pornstar that is just appearing on film. Scenes will get better with time as she discovers better make-up and silicone material.


21Gabbie Carter

Our predictions came true, way before this slut got famous or popular! Only the old-time readers will remember that Gabbie was a brunette. Still can’t put all the puzzle pieces together? Gabbie Carter was one of the greatest things to ever happen in 2020 and 2021 looks to be the year to remember.

She’s the newest and hottest pornstar, only of 19-years old too! Are we witnessing the start of a new decade, populated by the chubbier pornstars? Has some charm of a now-retired Siri, if that rings anyone’s bell. Carter has no issues with anal, oral, facial, or other acts. Loves this job and it shows on camera.

20Autumn Falls

    Autumn Falls Bio

    Birthday: August 4, 2000
    First Porn Scene: 18-years old

The land of the free demands another sacrifice in the form of a hot brunette. Dipping her toes in late 2019 and getting feet wet in mid-2020, Autumn Falls is a fuck hole of grand proportions. Watch her in 2021 when fan numbers explode.

She’s an 18-year old slut and a new member of my jerking-off catalog. Porn critics have just been served a piece of meat that fucks as good as the experienced cougars. Autumn has already learned the art of squirting, anal acrobatics, lesbian threesomes… That’s not even the most impressive part. This is her first year in porn! Our eyes are filling with tears of joy, my dudes.


★ 2020 Top 10 Newest Pornstars ★

19Mia Melano

    Mia Melano Bio

    Birthday: March 28, 2000
    First Porn Scene: 18-years old

Having debuted in 2019 as one of the youngest pornstars ever (we have a dedicated list of pornstars born in 2000), Mia Melano is as new and fresh as the porn industry can get. You have an 18-year old body that is filled with female hormones, making her extremely horny, not to mention the other benefits like non-saggy tits, tight vagina, and silky-smooth skin.

Teens are the age when you can eat junk food, drink coke, and abuse the shit out of your body, without any, quick appearing consequences. Not saying that Mia is doing any of that, but you catch my drift. Only the upper spot because there aren’t enough porn scenes to see if she is good at porn.

18Honey Gold

    Honey Gold Bio

    Birthday: July 9, 1993
    First Porn Scene: 24-years old

First appeared in 2019 and already shooting with Brazzers This girl is talented if you classify cock sucking as talent. If so, maybe more people should add “good at oral” in their job resumes. I would hire a hot assistant with amazing skills and likely fire any males that have larger cocks than me (so pretty much everyone).

Why would we rank her so low then, assuming she is an industry newbie and got approval from massive porn studios? This shall change in the future but for now, Honey Gold is trying too hard to act it out, we are talking extreme facial expressions and other fake shit.


17Bailey Brooke

    Bailey Brooke Bio

    Birthday: February 9, 1996
    First Porn Scene: 21-years old

I dig girls that are okay with public sex and Bailey is a superstar of outdoors fucking. Who said that new pornstars are shy? Just look at her! No regrets or shame, sucking cocks left and right on the beach, getting fucked in the bushes, near the dumpster, and flashing tits in the streets.

I think as she gets more popular and earns more, her looks will improve, including better makeup and even larger breasts. Her ass, on the other hand, needs no changes. Perfect as it is like God intended to create.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

16Nia Nacci

    Nia Nacci Bio

    Birthday: December 10, 1998
    First Porn Scene: 19-years old

One of the newest pornstars, Nia Nacci that is counting months to the end of her teen years. The thing about this year’s pornstars is ethnicity. For example, the 2018 and early 2019 list had mostly white sluts while the newest top 10 is populated with girls of another skin tone. This isn’t bad, it’s good. We were personally getting tired of Caucasian-only lists.

Nia Nacci is on the left, sucking the cum from the dick like the anteater sucks out ants. Don’t fool her for a ghetto chick, she is already in partnership with gigantic porn studios and it’s only a beginning for her.


15Vienna Black

    Vienna Black Bio

    Birthday: May 27, 1995
    First Porn Scene: 23-years old

What a fucking tease of a video from Vienna Black. You got over the top beauty face / soft filter and POV action camera. Add two cocks and sweet Marrie, this pornstar is becoming one of my favorites. How can a new female performer be so charismatic and feel like at home during her first porn scenes?

Not questioning her credibility or past, it’s all benefits. Her eyes sold me, and that pussy strip made me smash the BUY NOW button, or in this case cum now.

14Victoria June

    Victoria June Bio

    Birthday: May 6, 1992
    First Porn Scene: 25-years old

It’s like I am staring at the younger and hotter version of Alexis Alexas, like a new and improved version of her. Massive curvy butt, cheeks that you want to clap, and those Botox-filled lips that were hand-crafted by the most successful surgeons to perfection. The more I look at Victoria, the harder my dick becomes, and less motivated I am to even continue this list. Is this what perfection looks like?

I am buying membership at as we speak to continue watching this new talent perform.

13Nicolette Shea

    Nicolette Shea Bio

    Birthday: November 18, 1989
    First Porn Scene: 30-years old

You know the drill by now, if it has the yellow logo at the bottom, this girl is good. Another new pornstar from the USA and one of the older models in this list. It’s weird how porn changed our perception and how most viewers consider a 30-year old super-hot chick MILF age. Technically, an 18-year old could be a MILF, but this is not how the Internet works.

If you jerk off to Barbie doll-like pornstars, then this is your dream come true. There aren’t that many currently active girls that look like her. We had Jessie Janie that since then got fat and quit porn, but for new pornstars, Nicolette is like the Mercedes of female performers.


12Hannah Hays

    Hannah Hays Bio

    Birthday: September 13, 1998
    First Porn Scene: 18-years old

Bit a confusing scene if you are watching a cut, but whatever. Hanna Hays is new and a try-hard pornstar. How many fresh girls have you seen that lick dick this good? Could very well be an industry first, and who knows what God has in store for her, assuming she continues her porn career. Digging her attitude and can’t wait to see that virgin asshole getting spread. The dude is already fingering it and she loves it.

No downsides, just lots of benefits. Already doing deepthroat, not shitting mouth, and catching cum? It’s like the cherry on top of a cherry. I highly recommend this one.


11Holly Hendrix

    Holly Hendrix Bio

    Birthday: April 20, 1997
    First Porn Scene: 18-years old

Did you know that Holly is tiny as fuck? 1.47m or 4.8 feet and she is only 20. Why am I suddenly telling you all that? Well, she won the Best New Starlet award in 2017 from AVN. Not only that, but she also got another award for the “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” where Holly’s asshole was pounded by mister John Strong.

Overall, I would say she is a solid whore, 3/10. Getting stuffed by two massive white dicks and still having time to interact with the audience is not something all-new pornstars can do. This is a born talent and not much training.


10Kali Roses

    Kali Roses Bio

    Birthday: January 16, 1996
    First Porn Scene: 22-years old

The newest pornstar of 2019 is Kali Roses, which has already warmed up her feet with multiple porn studios. Got few tattoos and trashy eyelashes. These are longer than my dick! Kali did not enter the industry until this year, so she is as fresh as pussy can get.

Some will consider it a downside, but Kali Roses is not an 18-year old pornstar. However, this is all about the new talent that shows potential, right? In 2019, this blond slut did win the AVN award too.


9Kimmy Granger

    Kimmy Granger Bio

    Birthday: May 17, 1995
    First Porn Scene: 20-years old

Nice little ass, tiny male-like tits, and skills worth something. Can you believe that she is pretty new in the industry? Waiting for her first anal scene now. Her back has too many moles for my taste but then again, the only thing that makes me hard these days is the sound of my wife leaving the house.

All in all, a pretty solid catch of 2019. Her thirst for hot sex can be seen in this scene, where Kimmy demonstrates her newly learned cock pleasing techniques. The greatest pornstars always maintain eye contact and Kimmy does it the right way. Show her some love, check her hot portfolio.


★ Previously New (2017 – 2019) Pornstars ★

8Jojo Kiss

    Jojo Kiss Bio

    Birthday: November 24, 1996
    First Porn Scene: 19-years old

What you get when you combine a fresh new whore, multiple black dicks, lesbian scenes, and some kisses? Jojo Kiss and you’d better hope that before she kisses you good night, all that cum from her throat has already been cleared.

A new chubby fuck for your enjoyment and as far as the scene goes… Yeah, I hope they got Emmy or something.


7Lana Rhoades

    Lana Rhoades Bio

    Birthday: September 6, 1996
    First Porn Scene: 18-years old

Judging by the way she moves, there is certainly a gap of experience that still needs to be filled but hence why we look for new and fresh whores, right? So, we could see this inexperienced “virgin” gagged and fucked by multiple dicks.

Anyway, I am sure in a few years it all will be fixed so grab this new star while she is hot. She does not feel very comfortable doing nasty things in front of the camera. Lana also rocks a tramp stamp tattoo on her butt. Reminds me of pigs that get labeled on the farm. The asshole is already opening and will soon be blooming red like all her coworkers.


6Lyra Law

    Lyra Law Bio

    Birthday: December 30, 1992
    First Porn Scene: 22-years old

Even though Lyra looks innocent (to a virgin at least), she has already been fucked by a gazillion of black cocks and took it all in for a team, with more anal scenes than there are O’s in the fruity loop’s cereal. On one hand, I am happy to see it all now, on the other…

These whores are not wasting their time. Remember when you had to wait 5 fucking years just to see someone lick your favorite new porn star’s asshole? Well, fuck that shit. Lyra is like a high-mileage car that you continue using until someone new comes out, and in her case, that will be soon.

5Brandi Bae

    Brandi Bae Bio

    Birthday: May 23, 1995
    First Porn Scene: 21-years old

How can the old slut be also new and fresh? Well, meet Brandi. I admit, her figure is not that great (look at all that belly fat), but it is somewhat compensated by big round boobs. Just for the love of fucking god almighty, get rid of that disgusting tattoo under the tit.

Anyway, I had to include her because a) she is decent-looking and b) not everyone wants young teens with fresh pussies. Does not get repulsed by jizz either and that’s experience speaking. I wonder what kind of weird shit Brandi did in her teens.


4Ella Knox

    Ella Knox Bio

    Birthday: May 12, 1993
    First Porn Scene: 23-years old

Do you think her pussy smells like curry powder? If so, I would dip there a carrot, some beef, two onions, potato, salt, pepper and eat that shit like the starving African kid would eat his brother. What? In all seriousness, I am happy to see non-Caucasian white trash on our list.

Also, her tits are likely the reason why she got a job in the porn industry in the first place. Still not sure if they are just saggy, or that long by design. Whatever is the case, hello to Ella and you are welcome! Nice to meet you.


3Adria Rae

    Adria Rae Bio

    Birthday: August 27, 1996
    First Porn Scene: 19-years old

Now Adria is fucking hot, even hotter than a sausage that has been left in a desert for at least a minute or two. Nice petite body, decent tits that are yet to be ruined by failed breast surgeries and implants, and the look of innocence that will slowly fade away into the darkness. She is a bit shy in front of the camera and that is expected.

One of the hottest ones out there. You can tell that Adria has a lot of aspirations, since starting a new pornstars list we have seen her climb from the unknown fresh performers to the top 5 in just a few months.


2Gia Paige

    Gia Paige Bio

    Birthday: June 18, 1990
    First Porn Scene: 25-years old

Let’s play a game, I will describe a person’s body and you will tell me about her future and carrier opportunities. A fucking tattoo, on one hand, god awful rainbow unicorn / skeleton on the sides and some sort of “artsy” red rose on the thighs.

The president of the United States, you say? Of course. Thankfully, she does have a pretty face, so we are good.


1Melissa Moore

    Melissa Moore Bio

    Birthday: September 10, 1996
    First Porn Scene: 19-years old

Another fresh new pussy and thankfully, it is a hot one! I am sure behind the makeup you will find an ugly beast but who gives a fuck, just look at Melissa sucking that big juicy cock and enjoy the show. I must comment on her makeup skills though as they are top-notch.

Most of these whores have no fucking idea of how to apply eyeliner or even dress decently. A hot chick that I would invite to the family dinner. Stop it, dad.


Any new ones we missed?



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