Top 20: Hottest European Pornstars (2023)

Hot European pornstars looking to fuck, here are twenty best ones.

Top 20++: Hottest European Pornstars (2023)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Having compiled a list of the hottest pornstars of all time, we could not help but notice that some of the best ones were missing there. I mean, it was a top ten, not one hundred lists. So, what we were missing are hot Euro sluts.

So, why not redeem the situation and add more beautiful porn actresses to our list? I mean, you can’t get enough of them anyway, right? Also, if you haven’t checked yet, we did other lists based on location too, including British, Latina, Asian, Russian, etc. So, just type anything in the search and you should be good to go. Now, the hottest European porn stars of all time.

22Little Caprice

You can’t get mad at the female with a name like that. She perfectly represents European pornstars since most people there aren’t fat. It’s the opposite! Unless you count British women that are known to be fat. Thankfully, they won’t be staying with the EU much longer.

This is a great dick that goes well with Little Caprice’s body and feminine qualities. Eating cum for breakfast, munching on your cock for dinner, and leaving pre-cum for dessert. What else there is to her? We’ve always enjoyed her beautiful smile and facial features. Tiny nose and eyebrows, without too much make-up or other, the USA-like qualities.

Place of Birth: Czech Republic

21Marta La Croft

This stack of boobs is too big for the enthusiasts of EU porn. Maybe the market is not as active as Marta wanted to believe? She took the notice and transitioned from the European model appearance into something resembling US pornstars. Now just pour some bleach on hair and it’s all set. At least you’re left with the Spanish traits and mannerisms.

People say that you shouldn’t criticize tattoos but we’re not at the party nor is there intention to marry. It’s stupid, without any thought, hidden meaning, or imagination. Plain and simple.

Place of Birth: Spain


20Anetta Keys

What about European party girls that just want to have some fun? After watching her videos, I can assure you that Anetta matches all the requirements. The smallest tits that some people find super-hot, at least they are not fake!

In addition, you have a belly piercing just for that extra layer of spicy and beautiful natural hair. Like with many EU girls, everything is shaved as cleanly as possible. Sexy body and joy in her eyes, this is Anetta.

Place of Birth: Czech Republic

19Angel Wicky

The anal angel, the lord of rimjobs, cum eater, and pierced pussy owner – Angel Wicky. Sharing the same cock from another girl’s asshole is like swapping poo, so if heaven is full of angels like this Euro pornstar, it’s time to say my prayers and never sin again.

Wicky fucked in tandem with Blanche, who is also in this top 20, snacked on her butthole and taught how it’s done. Not so pretty face but excels in the nastiness area. Your choice of floating boat is up to you, but her scenes are entertaining nonetheless. Full of great energy, positive vibes, and body cleansing performance.

Place of Birth: Czech Republic

18Stacey Saran

European pornstar so appealing that we have listed Saran twice, in UK and EU picks. Extremely bubbly butt and wide-open eyes. Always working with successful studios and getting chocked by the whitest and longest dicks. I imagine maintaining those curly locks must be a nightmare, not to mention the make-up and dressing-up part. It must take her at least an hour to prepare for a porn shoot.

My family member has a very similar feather tattoo that also appears on Stacey’s stomach. Maybe they are related? I hope so. Have you ever considered what it feels like to run with gigantic breasts like hers or other pornstars? Now add high heels. No wonder women are so easily pissed.

Place of Birth: United Kingdom


17Sahara Knite

Who needs a face, boobs, blond hair, or personality when a pink pussy is out of this world? Bleached asshole, massive butt are more extras that are already too much. Sahara Knite is among the top pornstars, and is so well-balanced, like an epic RPG game character.

Here’s a thing! She could be a wizard as Knite can make my cock expand without a single touch. You can’t tell from the cut, but Sahara is an Indian pornstar. Depending on your pick that can make you go limp or bring out the beat inside of you.

Place of Birth: United Kingdom

16Nina Elle

Now, Nina rocks your average European body and the looks common in Eastern Europe, or other countries where beauty is appreciated. Nice natural tits that are just asking for a hug! Add fake blond hair with black bold eyebrows, succulent lips that make your dick hard the minute she opens her mouth, and overall…

Yes, Nina is a stunning-looking babe without many fake things, unless you count makeup, and other nitpicks.

Place of Birth: Germany

15Jordan Pryce

Some freaks mine Bitcoins, others – pussies. Guy’s reaction is appropriate, my jaw would also drop after seeing implants larger than her fucking head. It’s like carrying two European tumors, except they won’t kill you. There was a case in a series called “1000 Ways to Die”, where a pornstar had a bad boob job and once the airplane took off, her chest exploded into a million pieces. I would never wish for a similar fate to Jordan Pryce.

You can tell that it’s hard and uncomfortable for her to move or bounce off the cock, so do not expect a lot of energy in certain positions. It should not matter much if you are a man of tits.

Place of Birth: Russia


14Clea Gaultier

Another European pornstar from France, Clea Gaultier. She is in the middle, with black hair and shiny red shoes. The blonde is the worst looking of them all and seems nearing the expiration date. My friends and I can’t stand blondes with eyebrows so dark that they swallow everything around them, where even the light cannot escape. No matter what this scenery tells you, European men do not wear gay hair buns like this. They do have massive cocks though.

More than a decent pornstar and a great fuck. Maybe she could lose a few pounds of fat, but that’s like adding extra sugar powder on top of the delicious cake.

Place of Birth: France


13Candy Alexa

A cave made of chocolate and refreshing dingleberries, wild nights, and a stream of cum, this is Candy Alexa, another hot European pornstar that prefers rear-ending over anything else. Like the broken Russian empire, there are few things worth fixing, like too saggy boobs or faded hair dye. I am honestly offended by her tits. They look like two lazy eyes and so happy to see Danny cover them up with his hands.

In real life, I would never complain; would end up crying out of joy for an opportunity to see Candy Alexa naked and masturbate to the memory for the rest of the day.

Place of Birth: Russia

12Blanche Bradburry

By now I can tell most pornstars’ nationality and Blanche is clearly from Europe, or Czech to be precise. If you haven’t visited the country, please do. It has some mind-blowing architecture examples, old churches, and old towns. Blanche is far from old, one of the new millennials with hair brighter than the winter stars. Supports the hairy women’s movement and has a hairy pussy also.

She could teach herself how to suck cocks better, no one likes tip nibblers. Extremely round breast that professors could use to teach math in school for calculating perimeter, and all that bullshit.

Place of Birth: Czech Republic

11Anna Polina

From the looks, Anna might fool many people into thinking that she is not a professional EU whore, but she is. As you might have guessed, she is a blend of the USA and European cultures, for better or worse.

Having said that, she does take it to the ass, which is hot. Anna loves to be mauled or signs the scenes where she is; wears some fine jewelry, rocks pussy with a little hair stripe, and all in all, a solid fuck.

Place of Birth: Russia


10Tommie Jo

What does the average European MILF look like? Do these whores age just like the rest of the world? The greatest example I could find is Tommie Jo, a 40-year old plus cougar from London who aims to look like a Barbie until the day she dies. Despite what maturity implies, she’s neither fat nor chubby. On the contrary, Tommie is on another level of fit and even roleplayed a naughty gym trainer.

Among other advantages, you’ll find that this blond bimbo can hold a breath long enough to keep you guessing whether she’s about to pass out or not. And thankfully, a phobia for cumshots has long been gone. None, zero!

Place of Birth: United Kingdom

9Liza del Sierra

You know what to expect with a name like that: big round ass and cock riding skills better than most whores. In such case, Liza del Sierra delivers and pays dividends. She is riding him so fast that the camera can’t even properly focus, it is a pure demonstration of her commitment to pleasing the man.

Also, any EU model that knows how to suck and ride cock is a winner in my book.

Place of Birth: France

8Madison Ivy

Representing the hottest sluts from Munich, Madison Ivy is an exceptional sight. But, for the most part, I just don’t find women from this country that hot; too serious or too weird for me. Although the situation isn’t as bad as with Irish pornstars.

Some say that Madison’s best years are behind her, but we agree to disagree. The uploads might have slowed down this year, but hundreds of insanely hot videos are from the past. Not to mention that it now feels like a treat to watch a new video from Ivy. By the way, she didn’t get into our top 10 until the end of 2022, because (by default) everyone thought that she must be somewhere in the top 5 Euro babes already.

Place of Birth: Germany

7Briana Banks

By now, I am sure that Briana is a familiar name to all of you, considering she went the extra mile to look more like your mainstream, US pornstar, even gained a little bit of weight. I guess that pays off because she has been shooting scenes with some of the industry’s biggest and most popular porn brands.

Having said that, if you are looking for European chicks doing anal, this is one of the few for your consideration.

Place of Birth: Germany


6Krystal Boyd

Now Krystal is a type of girl who you might want to introduce to your parents. However, from the looks, it is hard to tell whether she is a pornstar or a cute European girl that still has her virginity saved after the marriage.

Well, Krystal will fuck anyone and does fuck anyone, now add a little bit of that classy European erotica and you got yourself one of the better European pornstars on our list. You are welcome.

Place of Birth: Russia

5Connie Carter

When you think about European and EU women getting fucked, or how they film porn scenes there, I am sure the one above is what you imagine? Sort of erotic but also hardcore, sweet and sensual yet at the same time dirty and hot.

What else? Beautiful perky tits, genuine expressions, amazing vistas, and obviously, a woman that knows what she is doing. The ending is fucking lit as fuck.

Place of Birth: Czech Republic

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

4Silvia Saint

God damn, is she fucking hot, probably one of the hottest European or just pornstars in general. Another fuck doll-looking face and yes, this EU beauty does anal too. So, what is there not to like about her?

Dripping wet pussy with trimmed lips and no flaps, long blond hair that everyone identifies as hot… Also, with the look of a kinky secretary (if she is a secretary, I am hiring), and no second thoughts regarding sex, awesome.

Place of Birth: Czech Republic

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

3Aletta Ocean

Miss Aletta Ocean has succeeded in her life, and the small yellow logo below shows that. You don’t get invited there for no reason, as any whore can just show up and allow anyone to fuck her.

However, Aletta does try, and considering all the plastic surgeries that have been done, it must be worth something. A doll-like face, hardcore anal scenes (yay, EU sluts), and the joy she gets from all the cum.

Place of Birth: Hungary


2Black Angelika

If you want to see a professional European pornstar, look no further than at Black Angelika. She was designed (or born) to be nothing but a fuck toy. Just look at her! The way she sucks dude’s dick… Even going the extra mile to ride that cock as hard as it is humanly possible.

Things like the tramp stamp tattoo (obviously), round and symmetrical tits, no phobia for cumshots, and overall, she is hot. That’s an A-plus. You’re hired!

Place of Birth: Romania


1Alice Fabre

Alice is a true pornstar from Europe with a French hat and classy style. Unlike fedoras and other, virgin neckbeards invented accessories, it pushed her another notch. Who would not want to bang a chick like this? Just needs some blue cheese, red vine, and a box of rose-flavored lube.

To experience all the flavors of European pornstars, you need to add Alice Fabre to your evening playlist. Jerking off to giant whores and nasty individuals is fun, but for that true Euro experience, we need to add some elegance and diligence.

Place of Birth: France


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