Top 20: Best Hairy Pussy Pornstars (2022)

Hairy pussies and non-trimmed bushes of our hottest pornstars.

Top 20: Best Hairy Pussy Pornstars (2022)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Hairy pussies always reminded me of vintage porn and pornstars that have less than perfect hygiene. Either I got older or something in my brain just clicked as now I somewhat appreciate the presence of a bush, at least in porn. Having to fuck multiple hairy sluts in my lifetime, I can tell you that no longer do I ever lick their pussies, and fucking them is not that good of experience either, scratching my dick and making everything itch during sex sucks. The last time a girl in my bed had a hairy pussy, I simply kicked her out to the bathroom and told her to shave it off. She got so pissed that the sex afterward was amazing, combining the anger and smell of the freshly showered body.

I understand that hairy pussy pornstars are quite different from real life as you can simply enjoy the view, without scratching your balls or getting hair stuck behind your teeth. Therefore, a list of nothing but the hot girls that got some bush was due. If you are a porn snob, we have a list of 4K porn sites for that extremely crystal-clear pussy hair image. Please keep in mind that some of these pornstars shave their cunts too and in one scene appear as clean as a whistle. Still, we did our best to find the girls that often rock a hairy bush than not.

21Jessi Palmer

Watch out for the wrecking cunt ball with hairs. Cute bush, slim figure, and pale skin. This is one nerdy pornstar, just give her a pair of glasses, and Jessi will feel at home. Her second favorite thing is porn and with a height of 4 ft 11 inches (or 150 cm), you can imagine what kind of hot scenes this short pornstar can pull off. The weight is also ridiculously low, 86 lbs. or 39 kilograms. That’s midget territory. Small girls are amazing in bed. Dominate, smack, lift, and throw on the bed without much effort.

Jessi Palmer is one cute whore with B-sized cups, public hair, and a tiny mouth. As you will learn though, her drapes do not match curtains.

Why not roll over the place naked in the shopping mall? With minuscule tits jiggling in the sun, the pale skin pornstar is in the early stages of growing public hair. Jessi doesn’t mind having sex in front of a million people if they’re on the other side of the screen. Although as soon as some random dude appeared in the background, the tiny petite went back into the car.

The craziest part about this pornstar is hidden in the numbers of weight. We can’t tell at what point one is considered anorexic but this woman weighs just 86 pounds or 39 kilograms. Shave that strip of ginger hair and it’s down by half. Now, stop the press and eat that low-calorie pussy.

20Willow Hayes

Might as well go with Willow Hayes who is edging on the spectrum of weirdness. Social media accounts often include pictures of clouds, food, or sexy body parts, right? Visiting any woman’s profile, you’d expect lots of selfies too. Well, you’re better off not looking at Hayes’s profile. These uploads of librarian make-up and other trashy material might be for entertainment purposes only, we get that. However, there’s a saying of “trying too hard” and it applies here.

These slut with art degrees should stick to porn because here at least Willow is doing a decent job! Look at her, fighting with other performers for the best spot on our site. Millennials can’t just stand still and appear ordinary. Dyed hair and a flying eagle-like hair strip are the “wild” parts of this fucking robot.

19Nikki Daniels

The best pornstar for nurse foreplay, mostly because Nikki Daniels was a nurse before ditching old-folk care for a herd of young studs. This 37-year old brunette adores roleplay porn and has been credited in parodies like Mad Men and the TV series Dirty Santa.

Appearing all-natural, Nikki not only prefers a hairy pussy look but did nothing to mask her true age in the downtown area, unlike older pornstars that trim the lips. Hundreds of movie credits, close to a thousand cocks and she is as beautiful as ever.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

18Raven Rockette

To truly appreciate the beauty of Raven’s hairy pussy, we must take a break and relax a bit. Forget fucking scenes and all things unholy, you are starting at the divine beauty and her magnificent crotch. Having seen hundreds of pornstars with extremely hairy pussy, Raven Rockette blows them all away with the most beautiful, aesthetic, and evenly grown pussy hair. The dark black patch can’t be tweaked or improved in any way! This is perfection.

Depending on your lock, you might stumble upon Raven scenes where her crotch is not as hairy as in the video above but just keep on looking. She often switches between two looks, simply hairy and extremely dense.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

17Beata Undine

Beata not only has and loves to munch on carpet but is also one of the more exotic pornstars from Latvia (Eastern Europe). Among the best packages, you can get, with cute little ass and petite body, exclusively for hair pussy fans. If it wasn’t for my hairy pornstars’ research, Beata Undine would have never been exposed.

She is a true gem and feels free in front of the camera, always maintaining eye contact with the audience. I’d rather fuck her once in my lifetime than bang ten random sluts, that asshole is just too tight to be skipped.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

16Christy Canyon

A successful pornstar from the late vintage era of the 1980s, with the classic bush and spinning tits. From the time when pornstars did not care that much about their crotches, skipped trimming, and were “more natural”, at least from the waist down. Her hairy pussy is as timeless as our ancestors. I’d like to imagine that thousands of years ago most cavemen were banging similarly-looking bushes.

Christy Canyon is now over 50-years old, retired, and three times divorced. Remains in the hall of fame, so that’s one achievement to keep her legacy. Fucked guys like Ron Jeremy and shot over 100 scenes. Still looks decently hot and has hundreds of horny men following her every footstep.

15Emily Grey

Her pussy looks spectacular so why place it near the last spots? I have streamed multiple videos of hers and this is the only one where this bitch is hairy, and it is a solo masturbation session. Maybe if enough people find this pornstar on Snapchat, Twitter or any other media and just ping her, asking for more hairy videos, it could do a trick.

In the meantime, this will be like a tease for you. Also, it is not a properly shot one with horizontal orientation, reducing her point reserve even further. The bush itself is pitch dark black, perfectly matching her hairstyle.

14Ryan Keely

You need to re-watch this video multiple times to spot the hair, it’s all due to the very light color, lighting, and oil. Just a small spot of an evenly trimmed bush. The shorter the pussy hair, the harder it is on the dick, and the more discomfort it causes. This scene might look weird at first, but you only must wait a few more seconds to realize what is happening there the hairy bush is filling up with pleasure and is about to explode.

That dick is made of gold to give such strong orgasms, making Ryan Keely one of the lucky girls to take a ride on that train. Rumor has it that Brazzers always take the best male pornstars for the scenes and after watching this one, I agree. It’s perfect porn on then loop video, which just keeps on going, just like her shaking thighs and vagina.


13Nickey Huntsman

The perfect sex position for someone with a hairy pussy, tie them up and fuck their asshole instead of licking their pussy with your tongue. Her bush works like a bikini to cover up the real thing and this I think is why we love this type of porn so much, making a female body much more mysterious and exciting. I apologize for not pushing for a cut that shows roles switched, but that is not up to us.

You see the video producer at the bottom so for those that fell in love with Nickey Huntsman and her hairy kitty, you know where to see the real deal. I like her figure and especially the eyes, so wide and full of love, it’s like they were expanded by surgery. The hair also looks super soft and pleasant to touch or pet.

12Giselle Palmer

Giselle is very comfortable with her sexuality but what concerns me is her body that tricked me. You can see the saggy tits and not-so-great skin, yet she is not in her 30s or 40s, only 23-years old, that is shocking. Must be all the junk food that she consumes as there are multiple fat rolls on her stomach too. The natural blond brunette has since dyed hair blond in a way that makes it look all that much trashier.

Here, the roots are visible and just look awful. Not everything is horrible about Giselle and the redeeming quality is her hairy pussy. Teen pornstars rarely have something that bushy, but this is not one of them. Considering her looks, this fuck toy could be used for porn scenes involving real estate, offices, or pizza delivery.


11Dolly Leigh

Is there even such thing as too little hair on a pussy? She has one of the weirdest beavers and shaving paths of any pornstar, almost making it look like a skirt? You can tell that Dolly is shaving the clit, so it cannot be genes. It could even be classified as more of a strip than a hairy pussy. Whatever the case is, this slut often goes to scenes like this, which is great and exactly what every one of us wants.

The worst thing that you can have at this point is giving false hope, filming a scene with hairy pussy only to shave it, and never re-appear again. Dolly Leigh earns points for that alone and with decent cock sucking skills plus great floor cleaning skills, you don’t want to miss on this bisexual pornstar. What she does not like though is anal porn, there is not a single scene of this cutie doing anal and even her social accounts have a tag of “don’t ask for anal”, lame.


10Marley Brinx

I haven’t seen that many female pornstars with hairy assholes, but the view you get from ass-fucking Marley in this position is simply magnificent. Gaped butt with cunt, a small strip of hair above her crotch, and creamy smooth skin. This performer has received a God’s gift (or his cumshot on her face) because Marley Brinx has been maintaining the “sexy babe” face for quite some time. Beautiful, one of the prettiest pornstars with hairy pussy.

However, just like with most extremely beautiful women, they are extremely kinky. Half of Marley’s scenes end up with gaped asshole. How’s that for an angel face?


9Gia Derza

Go for a small or vast bush? That’s the question. From what we learned during our research most people prefer the black bush over the light one. Except when there’s a red pussy for those that are into it. What do you like? That pussy begs for some licking and fingering, maybe even brushing. As a rule of thumb, don’t smell her squirt juices.

Add Gia to your follow list, jerk off to recent videos and if you have a membership on Brazzers, you know what is happening with her next.

8Emma Evins

The adventurous, sometimes ginger pornstar from Texas, Emma Evins. Albeit the hair is dyed to black in this clip, she keeps changing colors like alcoholic switches between red and white wine. Both stones work on here, but we prefer red hair. It’s a shame that she does not dye her crotch red too. We need more pornstars with hairy red pussies.

I’d say that most of her scenes include a hairy bush, which is perfect. Some of the names do have gorgeous hairy cunts but they don’t get exposed that often. Emma, on the other hand, is the complete opposite, it’s hard to find a video of her with shaved or even trimmed pussy. Shave some of that sexy hair and make yourself a mustache.


7Quinn Wilde

This is a perfect video that will intrigue both hairy pussy fanatics and shaved cunt “users”. Since Quinn was kind enough to shave her asshole, you can fuck her from behind without even noticing the vastly hairy bush, and the same goes for reverse cowgirl. The curtains do match her drapes and what a cutie she is, MILF pornstars usually look better with something above the pussy and this is a full hairy bush, none of the trimmed shit or triangles, just as mother nature intended.

It is a perfect spot and while charming 18+ teens can look fine with some hair, the old pornstars or just grannies can be fatal for your dick. Gray hair is already unattractive but the same shit on pussy hair? No, thank you. Quinn Wilde still has a few decades to reach that state, which is great. Plenty more porn videos to enjoy.


6Ember Snow

One of the most positive, ecstatic, and simply gorgeous pornstars, Ember Snow. Stupid whores use the saying “stay positive and never stop smiling”, but in this case, it is a perfect way to describe her. She either had a perfect childhood and is an extremely happy person or knows how to mask that well. You guys should be running circles of happiness because not only all these qualities are rare in the XXX business, but the fact that Ember has a hairy pussy makes it ten times better.

It’s like receiving a key for a new car only to find out that your friends have added an extra $1 million in the trunk. I have jerked off to this scene multiple times and see no reason to stop, ever. One of my all-time favorites and this comes from a guy that is not very keen on Asian porn.


5Chloe Cherry

The hardest thing was to rank Chloe on the list as you have one of the cutest faces with perfect blond hair, non-trivial blowjob skills, exposed asshole, and itsy-bitsy titties. Almost everything is of high-grade material but the hair on that pussy. She is only 21-years old so that could be one of the excuses, although we did see multiple barely legal pornstars with hairier beavers than this one.

While only time will tell whether she will keep on maintaining that bit of hair, early indicators give us hope. It does appear that Chloe loves her hairy pussy and the older the pornstar, the higher the hair density. This is one of the early hairy pussy pornstar flowers that has just started blooming.


4Ariella Ferrera

I wanted to include a pornstar that looks like a librarian and for a very good reason: there is a stereotype that most hairy pornstars look like lesbians or feminists, with less than average sexual appeal and nasty vaginas. Ariella is not one of those pornstars as far as hygiene goes, but she does give me a secretary or bookkeeper vibe. Some of our editors did not find her hot, but here is a thing: if people love hairy pussy girls and this stereotype is true to an extent, we must include at least one geeky female performer.

This was not a random pick. Our whole team spent a lot of time finding someone that not only looks like that but also ticks other points, such as: fine with any sex position, big bazookas, above-average face, and good in bed.

3Britney Amber

Britney Amber hits all the sweet spots for a pornstar. She is talented and has one of the easiest to access assholes on the market, making her a perfect slut for male performers with long and short dicks. The cushions have been surgically enhanced, but the doctor did a very good job of making them look natural. The resting bitch face is debatable, but Britney is not ugly.

I would give her 8 out of 10 and 2 out of 10 for her facial expressions during a blowjob, just looks weird. The hairy pussy bit is on the smaller side, but what makes her better than the other sluts above is the way she let it all grow naturally without much trimming or contouring. Since the hair is on a longer side, fucking her must feel great and you should not get any dick or balls irritation.


2Keira Croft

Now, for hairy pussy pornstars, it cannot get any hairier than Keira Croft, she has a lot of volume but not the density, which makes her almost perfect but not the best out there. A lot of happening with her in this video, squirting plus aggressive fingering. Keira does not shy away from her hair and the majority of scenes include her non-shaved pussy. A pale skin, love for white and black pornstars, anal approved, decent titties and 7/10 face.

Now, these beavers look great on the set, but I can assure you that following these orgasms full of squirting, you would not want to go near her by a mile, considering the smell that got into all that hair. This guy does not mind any of that, so it must be his kink. There is only one pornstar that could top Keira and she is…


1Nadine Sage

The bushiest pornstar with the densest pussy hair on the planet, Nadine Sage. Rocking extremely thick hair that grows evenly and without any bald spots (until pussy balding could be a thing). It’s easy to tell why this Californian pornstar is our number one pick. Perfect hair genetics, decent titties, and teenage body. Some scenes indicate that she was a bit chubbier or became one, but with so many porn videos of her available in this state, it is a no-brainer.

She is not the most beautiful pornstar, does not have the greatest ass or any other qualities worth mentioning, but we are strictly speaking fantastic hairy pornstars, right? Look at all the hairy clits above and tell me that Nadine does not deserve this spot. Just don’t cum on her hair because that shit is extremely hard to clean afterward, although that is not your problem.

Source: ($1).

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  1. Can anyone help me? I wish the porn world would actually be more inclusive of the VERY hairy type. Can you Redbled make a top 10 of the very hairy porn stars? By very hairy I mean armpit hair and absolutely no trim. Leg hair and other parts welcome. Thanks!

  2. its like all of a sudden im on another planet, all my life a hairy pussy is what all us men love..then all of a sudden some dumbass men say they like a shaved pussy..then the porn world starts promoting pussies that look personally im disgusted with looking at like that..guess its because i want something that looks like its on a woman


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