Top 20: Hottest Latina Pornstars (2022)

The sexiest Latin women of color list is happening.

Top 20: Hottest Latina Pornstars (2022)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

There is nothing better than a hot Latina chick with a sizzling body, not only do they have the best curves (ass, tits, you name it) that can only be matched by plastic surgery but their attitude when it comes to sex is just a breeze of fresh air. Be it a stereotype or not, everybody has heard that when it comes to the best sex and most passionate sex, Latinas always end up at the top. If you haven’t checked, we also did the most beautiful Russian and Asian actresses list too.

Since we have established that Latinas, Brazilians, Hispanics, etc. are the best when it comes to fucking… And that their bodies are some of the hottest, doing the best pornstar list is a must for any self-respecting site.

21Lela Star

Yes, lube up your body first! Keeping us on the edge of our cum soaked seats, Latina MILF pornstar, Lela Star is an extraordinary human being. Like Julia Bond’s paw tattoo, this one too has a trademark symbol inked on the left side of a hot Hispanic body.

With a juicy butt and evenly grown tits, Lela is close to perfection until the inevitable facial. Deepthroating is in Star’s genes yet cum eating requires practice. It’s disrespectful to spit it out! A few pussy piercings and trucks of dicks later, the Latina babe is waiting for her next fuck.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

20Diamond Kitty

The spine-bending scat fetish community went global with Diamond Kitty since she loved to play with a nasty brown goo. No, that’s not where the diamond nuggets come from. If you’re skimming through the list without reading, then this babe looks innocent enough. No bad vibes either.

That’s where most of these visitors will get burned. There’s no such thing as “average” for this Latina gem. In case you go on a hunt to find some of her work, be warned! It’s full of red roses or metal objects that don’t stay on the outside for too long.

19Sybil Stallone

A heavenly blessed Latina pornstar with the greatest assets of them all, Sybil Stallone (good luck spelling that nickname). This is the best scene of her I could find and while it’s on a shorter side (thank goodness for the endless loop), it’s better to have a bite of most exotic fruit than have a glass of used oil.

This girl is for people that prefer body over everything else because there is nothing else. Her face could use a lot of improvement, but after lights are off, you can just feel the magnetite of those orgasm indulging buns.

Would you last more than the length of a porn GIF?

18Monica Asis

Some Latina pornstars have massive bottoms while others compensate with tighter pussies, nicely maintained hair, and gaped assholes. Got a soft pair of muffins too. Monica looks astonishing in this shot, and just like any other South American woman, the hotness is too much for most mortals to handle. Bouncing up and down, touching your hands for more intimacy, and biting her lips, now that’s a good fuck session.

There was a butt plug involved in this scene, so as time went by, this video got better. Accidentally sticking it into the wrong hole is guaranteed. Oh, and it was not by accident.


17Tia Cyrus

This feels more like an infomercial than a porn video. Check out the top 10 uses of Tia’s body, and for a limited time only get her for half a price. Are you a neckbeard virgin that never had sex before? Worry no more as our latest product will blow you away, and we mean that. Introducing Tia Cyrus! You can fuck her doggy style, taste that pussy, watch her undress, apply different outfits, play with the boobs, and cum inside her.

But wait, there is more. Order in the next 15 minutes and you will get to fuck not one but three holes at once, all for the same price for $1.


16Sophia Leone

We have written about Sophia before, but it was not related to porn scenes, more to do with the married pornstars’ post. Having investigated her work, we immediately went to check our hottest Latina pornstars list to see if she was already there. That was not the case.

A pornstar so wet that you need high-class diving gear to get near her. Fantastic, heart-shaped butt that you get to enjoy as Sophia blows you, hour-glass curves, and sweet Latin pussy. It’s only appropriate to fuck her near the palm trees and pool.


15Ella Knox

House chores can be boring as fuck and unless you have a professional Latina pornstar hidden in the closet, things never get easier. Thankfully for our sex fantasies, that’s exactly what you get to see in the latest scene of Ella Know. Long ago people were paying women in bikinis to wash their cars and it was a successful idea, but how about house cleaning?

Naturally hairy pussy, lips that grip, and just like with many hottest women, an attitude that favors your pleasure. I wonder what soap they are using, hopefully, it is gluten-free. That’s all that matters in today’s retarded world, right?


14Veronica Rodriguez

Since your pussy is already throbbing and will eat up anything, how about the opposite of a stereotypical Latin woman? Truth be told, we were also expecting nothing but butts larger than your garage door only to find an interesting exception. Veronica Rodriguez is a passionate tiny ball of happiness that competes with the absolute best.

Despite no sheer mass, everyone is drawn into her personality as well as cock grinding skills like no other. Veronica is now a household name for quality porn. Hence, it’s not a petty pick!

13Maya Bijou

One of the freshest, cutest and tight pornstars of Latina descent. Born in 1997 and constantly sitting in the top 100 pornstars of all time on PornHub, Maya is just getting started. Her porn movies portfolio is in hundreds, her pussy portfolio is probably close to a thousand and the butt is about to be explored.

Since she was born in the USA and only has Latin genes from one parent, the body is shaped differently than many other pornstars on the list. How often do you get to see a petite Latina? I’d say that not very often if ever. I certainly have never fucked one in my life.


12Cristal Caraballo

Of course, money can buy you happiness if hot Latina pornstars make you happy. Cristal also comes cheap as with only twenty dollars in his pocket, Reality Kings dude was able to rent her for an hour or two. What can I say, these girls will do anything for the green? I do not mean disrespectfully if both parties are happy.

Cristal Caraballo has aged well, with every bodily feature enlarged (from ass to tits and lips). I also just realized that we can’t get enough of tanned girls in white lingerie.

11Franceska Jaimes

Preparing things for the next dozen with Franceska Jaimes, which is not your average Latino slut, and then ranking her accordingly. Instead, you can pretty much shove ten cocks into her ass and deepthroat in front of her mourning family, and she won’t give a fuck.

Public sex, black dicks, anal, everything goes. We almost did not include her because of the one scene where her asshole and pussy were so spread out that the abyss stared back at us. Thankfully, we were able to wash that image away with other whores on our list.


10Daisy Marie

All Latina chicks (especially pornstars) should be all sensual and all that shit, right? Well, this is where Daisy comes, especially in this beautiful lesbian scene where there is nothing too extreme but just two beautiful Latinas kissing and enjoying their moment.

Not all Marie scenes are like that, but we just thought that this one should be added to bring some variety into our regular videos, which are mostly about just fucking.


9Yurizan Beltran

When it comes to hot chicks that are as thirsty for cock as my fat girlfriend before the PMS kicks in, then Yurizan is your name. I am not exactly sure what went wrong with her parents or her when she thought of that nickname. It sounds like a codename for some middle east or eastern European car, but whatever, that can be forgiven.

Nice, sexy body, beautiful foundation and eyeliner (not in all the scenes though), and overall, a decent pair of tits.

Source: Brazzers.

8Bridgette B

For the best Latina tits in the industry (or among the best) comes Bridgette and that shows as pretty much every single dude who has shot a scene with her tried to fuck these beauties. Heck, I am sure her tits have seen more cocks than her pussy, which must be in thousands.

Anyway, a blonde Latina is not something that you would see every day so depending on your taste, you might just fund yourself the best Latina porn star.

7Rebecca Linares

If you are into anal then you will enjoy Rebecca. Not only does she have a gorgeous ass, but it is also open for business. Monster curves, fantastic pussy with trimmed lips, and fantastic dick grinding skills. This is what Latina porn is all about.

If I were to change one thing about her that would be the tits, and by the time this year ends, I do hope that she will consider and get breast enlargement surgery.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

6Abella Anderson

I’ll be honest with you here. When I think about fucking a beautiful Latina pornstar, the scene above is pretty much spot not. I am not talking about the position here, but her attitude, and it just looks like she is having fun, the smile, the seducing eyes, and the way she does it.

Instead of not giving a shit, Abella seems to be into most of the porn scenes, always doing her best to please the master male gender.


5Jynx Maze

Here is a name that you have likely seen before and there is a reason for that. Not only did she shoot multiple porn scenes, but she is also quite good at them.

Ass fucking a hot Latina (or having a MMF threesome with both actors) has always been a dream of mine and I am glad to fulfill it, at least in a form of jerking off while watching someone else fuck my dream girls. All in all, a very solid catch that loves anal, and swallowing.


4Esperanza Gomez

Finally, a nickname that does not involve any random objects but is all Latina, and a petite too. If you are not into bigger Latina asses or those that have more meat onto them, then check Esperanza, one of the sexiest ones out there.

While she might not be into swallowing that much, the art of fucking has been taught to her at some point in her life. She rides like an angry bull, takes pounding like a champ, and loves public sex.


3Ariella Ferrera

Imagine traveling to Brazil or any other country where Latinas are just everywhere, going to the beach, chatting with someone, and establishing a decent connection, resulting in a hook-up at the end of the day. I am not sure about you but the video above for me shows the culmination of all that went into gaming her.

Ariella is your everyday girl that is perfect. Nothing extraordinary about her. Like big fate tits or other bits, but that’s what makes her one of the prettiest porn stars in the industry.


2Mary Jean

Prepare for a shitload of hottest scenes and bouncing butts because this is Latina’s exclusive list. On a higher-end, we have Mary Jean, and I think that her actions speak louder than words. I can feel the buns bouncing on my cock, and I can hear them clapping with my balls. She truly is a one-of-a-kind pornstar and a true Latina too.

The professional rider and cock grinder, with evenly tanned body and zero cellulite. This is how doctors will cure impotency in the next 100 years. This girl can resurrect dead cocks from the grave. I’ll have to pause writing for a few moments now.


1Abby Lee Brazil

Now, Abby has the ass of a goddess and that reminds me of two things. First, I should visit Brazil sometime and two, I need to stream this epic scene to my TV screen, or catch something similar on Chaturbate. In crystal clear quality, so I don’t see any pixels, just pure, one hundred percent Latina porn.

She is pretty much perfect! Got a nice body with curves that are also beautifully tanned… Plus neat perky tits as well as a small tattoo to remind you that you are fucking a whore. Yeah, we can do anything with her.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

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