Top 20: Awesome PornHub Pornstars (2024)

The underrated, famous and hottest pornstars.

Top 20++: Awesome PornHub Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

I have worked with pornstars for most of my life, and we still have difficulty finding new talent. There are over 360,000 people born every day, and around 60% of these are females, so you have 216,000 potential new whores every day. Try keeping up with that many names on your own.

Well, this is where RedBled comes to the rescue, as we go through every trash to find those you could call a treasure. Since PornHub is one of the most popular sites for porn, you can expect an equally ridiculous amount of pornstars. Some are well-known, while others will pass away without more than a few views. Having already created a list of tube pornstars, we wanted to narrow down our criteria even further and do another one for the PornHub pornstars only. The best sites reserve their article, and PornHub is our first and only contender.

22Lexi Lore

No matter what comments on PornHub say, Lexi will be my queen of hearts. If this pornstar ever decides to try other activities in life, we suggest becoming an inspirational speaker. And she already has all the material you need to motivate you! Picture thousands of people in the audience waiting for Lexi Lore’s speech about managing challenges in life, and then she shows you this clip.

You see, folks, “when life gets rough, keep trying, ” she says. That’s what happens in this intense anal workout clip, I assume. At some point, Lexi Lore accepts her faith and submits to penetration.

But how is Lexi doing as a pornstar on the PornHub platform? Like a success, with 400 videos and 500 million views. And don’t think that it was her first anal scene, by the way, that hole has experience with even heavier and larger units.


21Anastasia Knight

When your girlfriend is on a period and asks for a break, you don’t just let excuses slide. Instead, you grab some lube and slide through the other hole. Anastasia has been appearing on multiple PornHub users’ favorite pornstars’ lists, with a weekly rank of 171 and a yearly rank of 293. So what does that tell us? It means that she is working her way up.

After celebrating her 19th birthday, she was already close to 100 million views on PornHub alone. Think about that for a moment. How much cum did people spill down the drain because of Anastasia Knight?

20Arya Fae

Have you ever heard of the saying “lips that grip”? It describes pussy lips that perfectly wrap around the cock and move slightly in and out with each thrusting motion. That’s how Arya’s pussy behaves also, assuming the performer’s cock is thicker than a toothpick.

Arya Fae has been sitting in the top 100 of PornHub pornstars since last year, with her 32B tits and small ass. So naturally, while interviewing pornstars, I am always curious about family, friends, and their reactions. For this blond, however, she joined porn because most of her friends were doing it, and I am not even joking.

19Carolina Sweets

This is the Millennials generation of PornHub pornstars or even Generation Z, taking selfies beforehand, sexting, browsing pornstar Snapchat videos and all things social media. I wonder if it will be perfectly fine for most people just to message shit like “getting married, my fiancé is reading the vows atm”. Why bother with real life when you have a phone?

Carolina Sweets needs some spanking and teaching of manners because such behavior is unacceptable. She always goes with thick black cocks if her vote counts but does not shy away from other colors. Decently fit, but to maintain an erection you’d have to fuck in the dark.


18Lacy Lennon

Ah, chicks with rainbow socks and dyed hair, are so edgy, free, and creative. With a perfectly grown pussy with little to no outer lips, a semi-bald beaver, and a wide-opening mouth, Lacy Lennon is another of the PornHub community favorites. Study her and show it to your girlfriend or grandmother. This is how every woman should behave in the bedroom, from dirty talk to looks and initiative.

The elephant in the room is her breasts, and here’s a thing: if we support her long enough, Lacy will get a boob job in the long run, just like every other pornstar. So, man the fuck up and masturbate to 99% of her body, minus the saggy fat bags.

17Maitland Ward

I bet you too want to know who this newcomer is! Maitland Ward is a rare redhead that went from unknown to one of the top PornHub pornstars, all in a matter of weeks. So quick, guess who’s responsible for the sudden rise in fame? Brazzers. This girl used to do poor-quality videos from a basement or something and then went with an unknown porn studio.

Things didn’t progress much then, but at least Maitland got noticed. Well, after just a single video, she blew up on the internet and it’s the one you’re watching right now. She feels a tad exotic when tubes are full of blondes and fake tits. Should enjoy the blimp of fame until it lasts, although judging by Ward’s performance… Yeah, she will have no trouble finding finds.


16Larkin Love

Larkin brings back so many memories, mostly pleasant ones. Before we had porn reviews, best porn site lists and free videos, your parents used to jerk off to the thoughts of nude celebrities that appeared on TV.

In the scene above Larkin Love does a phenomenal job roleplaying the TV hostess, Elvira, also known as the “Mistress of the Dark”. Used to host a popular horror series with low-budget movies. Many men in the 80s and 90s had sexual fantasies about Elvira and thanks to Larkin, the wait is over. The god-awful wig, vintage hairstyle, and a mouth of cum. She is everything I have ever asked for and more.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

15Pristine Edge

Ever wondered what would porn video look like to a spider or a fly? We have combined seven different scenes into one epic feast of sweat and semen. Pristine Edge has been appearing on since early 2014 and remains one of the most popular pornstars on the site. Despite retiring, her ratings and views keep increasing, hopefully convincing Pristine to take another shot at her adult career.

Kickstarted at the age of 27 and shot almost 150 scenes in the two years of activity. You might think it is a short timeframe, and you would be right. However, Edge’s portfolio includes names like Evil Angel, Hustlers, and Brazzers.

14Zoey Nixon

Gulping cum for breakfast, Zoey has a mouth that’s too cute not to stick something in. When we started, she had just around a hundred videos on PornHub. These are rookie numbers for a pornstar. Since then, there has been an uptick in her subscribers’ count and video view numbers. Still rocks short, red hair that can get sticky after a crowd of men is done with her.

Born in 1993, Zoey is from Maryland and seems to know the average PornHub viewer. So let’s see what this pornstar will do in 2024 and the years after.

13Samantha Parker

With a Hawaiian hairstyle and milk-like skin, Samantha Parker is one of the newest pornstars to appear on We mean pornstars, not random amateurs who upload one video and wait for their Internet fame. She is warming up to the idea of hardcore scenes. For now, Samantha is working with softcore porn networks like Passion HD that tend to save buttholes for other male performers.

From what I have seen, Samantha Parker is very talented. How many newbies have had trouble taking a fully erect (and rather long) cock all the way? However, she is not afraid of a challenge, is committed to porn and we wait for more.


12Chloe Night

I think that gay pornstars are taking over PornHub and creating trends that no one wants to see. This sex position is known as pegging, reserved for the cupboard homosexuals that like to stick something down their butt.

How would you even start the conversation with your significant other? Honey, while our sex is healthy (minus my erection issues), I was wondering if we could try something new and different. Of course. Anal and threesomes? No, I was thinking if you could use one of your strap-on dildos to fuck me? But, unfortunately, today’s world is full of crazy-minded individuals and weird men. If this was my top 10 list for nothing but the greatest PornHub pornstars, Chloe’s boyfriend would not be here.

11Emiri Okazaki

What happens when you get smacked in the face by an army of dicks? Brain damage that Emiri Okazaki seems to be suffering here. She seems to be almost happy about this feature of her. There is a stereotype that Americans are stupid, and her wearing a bikini with the American flag does not do her any favors.

So why is she on the PornHub popular pornstars list anyway? Men love bukkake porn and she is Japanese. Do the math, and here is your answer. I have also just noticed that Emiri is holding a vibrator close to her pussy, which confirms her dead brain theory. For me, a smart girl is nothing that I dream about, if she swallows, cooks, and cleans, I am happy, and Okazaki does know how to make many of us happy.

10Lindsey Love

Now, here’s a hidden camera video from the doctor’s office. The medical expert on the left is using a special device to check her esophagus, resulting in some extra saliva and unpleasant feelings. Lindsey is not a professional pornstar, but she is a popular girl on PornHub.

It’s hard to see if her boyfriend has finished in her mouth or not, but my friend is afraid of cumming inside the whore’s throat. It has all to do with the fear of her choking, which is something I would not even think about. These whores are easier to replace than a pair of socks during the Christmas sale. There is a BDSM or slave fantasy element in this scene, too, and before I forget… My girl was sucking me off yesterday as I pushed her head so deep that my tip touched the back of her throat, resulting in her throwing up on my dick.

9Farrah Abraham

Oh boy, some celebrity porn. Farrah Abraham is only 27 years old but has already shown everything to the world. It’s mind-boggling how people still treat her as a normal human being and forget about this thing. She was paid by a celebrity porn site at some point to either create and share her sex tapes, and that’s what you are seeing.

Yes, she is squirting from her pussy. During my interview with one of the pornstars, I asked if it is piss or the real deal, and you can relax, most of the time these females are shooting pussy juice out of their holes. You can see that dude’s dick was too small and short to reach her g spot and make her squirt just from the sex itself.


8Nicole Doshi

Growing from a tiny zit to a blown-ass cyst is how Nicole’s popularity exploded overnight. We woke up one night to find her as the #2 trending pornstar on PornHub, beating everyone but our top pick. However, since it could be a short-time blip for reasons unknown, I am not keen to place Doshi higher than she is now.

Still, if things remain the same in 2024, we will have to arrange rankings accordingly. This Chinese whore enjoys interracial anal and a butthole stretching of any kind.

7Molly Jane

Here’s another PornHub pornstar to enter the party. Meet Molly Jane, a 27-year-old slut from the US that has already seen more cocks than the 10 biggest escorts in her hometown. Rocking cheap white clothes and possibly damaged hair to match her own fucked up personality or mask daddy issues. The next few years will be crucial for her career as pornstars in the 30s were starting to have saggy tits and more body rolls on their sides.

The bust is still perky and ready to take you for a wild night. In the scene above you can see Molly riding the dick while the gay-looking dude is confused and has no idea what to do. Not sure if he is a virgin or having a seizure, possibly both.


6Kendra Sunderland

Close to the bottom of our list, we have Kendra Sunderland, born in 1995, making her fit in the 20s age graph. One must wonder what happened with her life that she just called it quits at such a young age. Others at least try to get a useless degree in art or management, but not this slut.

There is a saying that the earlier they start burning, the faster you can expect them to quit, which is exactly what I expect. So mark my words and check back five years from now on. Either Kendra will be gone from porn or migrate to the last resort porn: gangbangs with thick guys and nasty sex.

5Eva Elfie

Eva has more substance than William Shakespeare, is warmer than a fresh loaf of bread, and softer than your ex-boyfriend’s dick.

To understand today’s tendencies, we must do some research, and since you’re too busy jacking off, here’s what I’ve learned. First, your average porn viewer today only cares about the tiniest pornstars. In other words, a new movement is brewing. Elfie has jumped on board at the right place and time.

As of now, she is still young and full of energy, great in bed, and with an open mind to learn even more. No wonder millions of people on PornHub watch her.

4Ashley Alban

God, please have mercy on my soul. Finally, the fantastic small-ass owner has appeared. Unfortunately, Ashley is an amateur and if that were not the case, she would already be in our top 10 pornstars article. I have had a friend who hates ass like that, with curves at the bottom showing, it’s not like he enjoyed flat ass, but somehow his perfection was skewed.

She is a gaming personality (we all know that females can’t do that) and has already talked about her unwillingness to do mainstream porn. Okay, so that means one thing only, Ashley will remain a tiny dot of happiness in the industry that she is. Too bad, I would have loved to see her getting fucked by a twelve-inch dick.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

3Sophie Dee

Are you even shocked to see Sophie here? She is a popular British pornstar that has seen better days. With the whole country turning on their retard mode to the max, I wonder what her thoughts on some of the UK’s latest policies would be.

For example, Brexit or their prime minister banning porn and asking for age verification. Dee’s deep blue eyes pierce through my soul and heart, waking up a giant boner inside me. She does look like a true pornstar; there is no denying that. Too bad that other British girls are just giant pieces of trash with overweight bodies and bad manners. Maybe it was the right decision for Sophie Dee to leave her country and enter the US.


2Jessa Rhodes

Miss Jessa Rhodes would be a perfect female if you could somehow remove the unnecessary limbs in your closet or basement. Nice ass, decent pussy, and massive cravings for the horse-sized dicks. It does look like she is celebrating a birthday in this porn scene, probably of her crossing the 40s mark. However, no number of balloons can cover the signs of aging. The new trend in the porn business is swollen lips, be it through surgery or injections.

Girls with naturally full lips are pretty, and everything else is a boner killer. But we always look at the bright side, and some sunshine rays exist in this sex scene too. For example, her ass squeeze followed by a push in front of the table. It’s the best part of this video.


1Blair Williams

Here’s an activity that most of you remember from school with one key difference. It looks fun. I am no stranger to flexible pornstars and can name you at least ten (which I did already), but this is some next-level shit. Our founding grandfathers would be disappointed to know that they missed many great things, including this one.

Blair William’s scenes on PornHub usually receive a lot of comments, which is a healthy sign of something big to come. She is the David Blaine of porn, a queen of awesome porn. If you want to get even more creative, stack a few more whores on top of her stomach for the ultimate show of fuckery. This video should be shown to everyone, motivating them to remain flexible and try to achieve new ground.

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