Top 10: PornHub Pornstars (2018)

The underrated, famous and hottest pornstars.

Top 10: PornHub Pornstars (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. I Know That Girl

I have been working with various pornstars for most of my life, and even I have a hard time finding new talent. There are over 360,000 people born every day, and if around 60% of these are females, you have 216,000 new whores every single day. Try keeping up with that many names on your own. This is of course where RedBled comes to the rescue, as we go through every trash to find those that you could call a treasure. Since PornHub is one of the most popular sites for porn, you can expect an equally ridiculous amount of pornstars. Some are well-known while others will pass away without more than few views. Having already created a list of tube pornstars, we wanted to narrow down our criteria even further and do another one for the PornHub pornstars only. The best sites reserve their own article, and PornHub is our first and only contender.

12Jiz Lee

Which one of these is male? Are you confused as I am? This looks more like a circus than porn. Turns out, both girls are lesbian pornstars and the slut on the right is Jiz Lee. Yes, that thing is also a female. I did my research. We are now convinced that PornHub is full of freaks, the worst of any kind. Since we already have more than one gay or boyish related pornstar here, let me tell you my theory. I think that a lot of you guys need to be honest with yourselves and start looking at gay porn rather than this. I am fine with anything as long as you are comfortable in your own skin. You can’t even argue that the beast fucking Jiz Lee from the profile does not look like some college student that also plays football. Today’s lesbians are basically men.

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11Chloe Night

I think that gay pornstars are taking over PornHub and creating trends that no-one wants to see. This sex position is called pegging and is usually reserved for the closet homosexuals that like to stick something down their butt. How would you even start the conversation with your significant other? Honey, so while our sex is healthy (minus my erection issues), I was wondering if we could try something new and different? Of course. Anal and threesomes? No, I was thinking if you could use one of your strap-on dildos to fuck me? Today’s world is full of losers, weak minded individuals and girly men. If this was my own top 10 list for nothing but greatest PornHub pornstars, faggots like Chloe’s boyfriend would never it.

10Emiri Okazaki

What happens when you get smacked in the face by an army of dicks? Brain damage that Emiri Okazaki seems to be suffering here. She seems to be almost happy about this feature of her. There is a stereotype that Americans are stupid, and her wearing a bikini with American flag does not do her any favors. So, why the hell is she on the PornHub popular pornstars list anyway? Men love bukkake porn and she is Japanese. Do the math and here is your answer. I have also just noticed that Emiri is holding a vibrator close to her pussy, which basically confirms her dead brain theory. For me, a smart girl is nothing that I dream about, as long as she swallows, cooks and cleans, I am happy and Okazaki does know how to make many of us happy.

9Lindsey Love

Now here’s a hidden camera video from the doctor’s office. The medical expert on the left is using a special device for checking her esophagus, resulting in some extra saliva and unpleasant feelings. Lindsey is not a professional pornstar, but she is a popular girl on PornHub. It’s hard to see if her boyfriend has finished in her mouth or not, but my friend is afraid of cumming inside whore’s throat. It has all to do with the fear of her choking, which is something I would not even think about. These whores are easier to replace than a pair of socks during Christmas sale. There is a BDSM or slave fantasy element in this scene too, and before I forgot… My girl was sucking me off yesterday as I pushed her head so deep that my tip touched the back of her throat, resulting in her throwing up on my dick.

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8Farrah Abraham

Oh boy, some celebrity porn. Farrah Abraham is only 27 years old but has already shown everything to the world. It’s mind boggling how people still treat her as a normal human being and forget about this thing. She was paid by a celebrity porn site at some point to either create and share her sex tapes, and that’s what you are seeing. Yes, she is squirting from her pussy. During my interview with one of the pornstars, I have asked if it is piss or real deal, and you can relax, most of the time these females are actually shooting pussy juice out of their holes. You can see that dude’s dick was too small and short to reach her g spot and make her squirt just from the sex itself.


7Molly Jane

Here’s another PornHub pornstar to enter the party. Meet Molly Jane, a 27-year-old slut from the US that has already seen more cocks than 10 biggest escorts in her hometown. Rocking cheap white clothes and possibly damaged hair to matching her own fucked up personality or mask daddy issues. The next few years will be crucial for her career as pornstars in the 30s starting to have saggy tits and more body rolls on their sides. The bust is still perky and ready to take you for a wild night. In the scene above you can see Molly riding the dick while the gay looking dude is confused and has no idea what to do. Not sure if he is a virgin or having a seizure, possibly both.

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6Kendra Sunderland

At the bottom of our list we have Kendra Sunderland, who was born in 1995, making her only 22-years old. One must wonder, what happened with her life that she just called it quits at such young age. Others at least try to get a useless degree in art or management, but not this slut. There is a saying, the earlier they start burning, the faster you can expect them to quit, and this is exactly what I expect. Mark my words and check back her five years from now on. Either she will be gone from porn or will go to the last resort porn, which is: gangbangs with black guys and nasty sex. As of now, young and still full of energy, great in bed and with an open mind to learn even more. No wonder she is watched by millions of people on PornHub.


One of the last year’s talents that is still rising, like my dick watching her. Bryci has been featured in our amateur porn section and the only reason why she is not as big as any of the mainstream sluts? She does not like working with big porn studios or something along these lines. Bryci might be shooting porn with the same guy all the time (can’t confirm or deny), which would get boring super-fast. Busty figure and short haircut that works. Other pornstars must envy that, but you know what bothers me in this video? Her awful skirt, which is the exact replica of something my grandmother used to wear before hear death. Yes, a sense of fashion is not her strongest point.

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4Ashley Alban

God, please have mercy on my soul. The fantastic small ass owner. She is an amateur and if that was not the case, Ashley would already be featured in our top 10 pornstars article. I have had a friend who hates ass like that, with curves at the bottom showing, it’s not like he enjoyed flat ass, but somehow his perfection was skewed. She is a gaming personality (we all know that female can’t do that) and has already talked about her unwillingness to do mainstream porn, which means that Ashley will remain a tiny cockroach in the industry that she is. Too bad, I would have loved to see her getting fucked by a twelve-inch dick.

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3Sophie Dee

Are you even shocked to see Sophie here? She is a popular British pornstar that has seen better days. With the whole country turning on their retard mode to the max, I wonder what her thoughts on some of UK’s latest policies would be. For example, Brexit or their prime minister banning porn and asking for age verification. Dee’s deep blue eyes pierce through my soul and heart, waking up a giant boner inside me. She does look like a true pornstar, there is no denying in that. Too bad that other British girls are just giant pieces of trash with overweight bodies and bad manners. Maybe it was a right decision for Sophie Dee to leave her country and enter the US.

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2Jessa Rhodes

Miss Jessa Rhodes would be a perfect female if you could somehow remove the unnecessary limbs that take place in your closet or basement. Nice ass, decent pussy and massive cravings for the horse sized dicks. It does look like she is celebrating a birthday in this porn scene, probably of her crossing the 40s mark. However, no amount of balloons can cover the signs of aging. The new trend that I have in the porn business is swollen lips, be it through surgery or some injections. Girls with natural full lips are pretty, and everything else is a boner killer. I always try to look at the bright side too and there are some rays of sunshine in this sex scene too. For example, her squeezing that ass and pushing in front of the table is the best part of this video.

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1Blair Williams

Here’s an activity that most of you remember from school with one key difference. It looks fun. I am no stranger to flexible pornstars and can name you at least ten (which is what I did already), but this is some next level shit. Our founding grandfathers would be disappointed to know that they missed on so many great things in life, including this one. Blair Williams scenes on PornHub usually receive a lot of comments and that is a healthy sign of something big to come. She is the David Blaine if porn, a queen of awesome porn. If you want to get even more creative, stack few more whores on top of her stomach for the ultimate show of fuckery. This video should be shown to everyone, motivating them to remain flexible and try achieving new ground.

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Top 10: PornHub Pornstars (2018)
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