Top 20: The Tallest Female Pornstars (2024)

Really tall and hot porn stars for your enjoyment.

Top 20+: The Tallest Female Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

It’s amazing to see everyone with so many different tastes. Some guys prefer incredibly repulsive whores, while others tend to go for the hottest of all time. I am not sure exactly what is going on with everyone’s brain and how your early years have affected everything, but I do know one thing: we are doing a new top 10 list of nothing but the tall women. We are talking about a basketball player like heights here.

You got to love these angels, anyway. With legs that are longer than their upper part, or most people’s bodies. Unfortunately, the unlucky shorter dudes will never or rarely experience the feeling of fucking someone that tall. Most will end up with small pornstars, and that is okay too. I love them on the smaller side, but that is my preference. However, this post is all about you and your taste in porn today.

It is only appropriate to rank them from the shortest to the tallest.

21Bianca Breeze

Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

Here at Brazzers, we call Bianca the angel of anal porn. This is because she has such a fuckable asshole. Her videos are always a joy to watch and save for future generations. Long rectum means hotter sex scenes and more of a dick going in. In this case, it’s pretty much all in.

You can even see her abdominal expansion as she takes it deep. If you are bored of porn where just a tip slides in, prepare for Bianca Breeze and her enormous appetite for anal. Facial expressions are also on another level and we would have no trouble ranking her number one if it wasn’t for the height factor.

20Nicolette Shea

Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

We are slowly upping the scale, and here is one that is an inch higher than the previous pornstars. So she is tall, look at the torso to tits height ratio. Also, what a beautiful pair of fake tits. Do you know when some whores rock giant melons that look ridiculous because of their skinny bodies? Well, this is like that, but it fits her just fine.

Now, how do I motorboat these? They can be even covered with cum, I am not picky.


19Alison Tyler

Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

Okay, this one is just ridiculous. I am not even sure how to describe this scene. It looks fake, but it is real! It is Piper Perri and Alison grinding one another (and we love lesbian porn). But you know how some disasters are so bad that you just can’t stop looking at them?

I believe that this video is an example of that. Props to the producers for doing shit like that because I do find it how and I want more of the same.


18Sidney Sum

Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

A cock enthusiast and Arkansas nympho, Sidney is the first tall ginger I’ve witnessed in over two decades. But she isn’t a dead breed or from the forgotten decade either. You know, where videos were in “premium 240p quality”. No, Sidney Sum came into picture in the middle of 2022, making her a fairly new pornstar. Also, natural (36) titties open doors for enhancements down the line.

Despite being born in 1994, she has plenty of experience. Squirting, pissing, feet licking, threesome videos, all part of a daily routine which you are welcome to watch.

17Holly Michaels

Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

One of my favorite pornstars, if the camera is not too close to her face. Who knew that she was that tall? Holly loves to stroke that cock while it is being gripped by her pussy. These skills take time to develop, and I can assure you that she did her homework.

Also, this is like the third tall pornstar with the same height as the previous two. It can’t be true. No way. Thank god for the next one that is one centimeter taller. It changes everything.


16Mia Melano

Height: 5 feet 11.5” or 181 cm

Some are hot and tall, Mia is cute and taller than most. Not necessarily a terrible choice (there are far worse pornstars in this top 20). Although if you have a particular taste, she could blow the rest of the competition for you. I have nothing against her, and with proper make-up, she does look good. Some pornstars look better in motion than others, and Mia Melano is a beauty queen in photo galleries.

At least she is passionate about sex, one of her redeeming qualities. Moving in tandem with a male pornstar, screaming and begging for an orgasm.

15Paige Turnah

Height: 5 feet 11.5” or 181 cm

I love tall girls that love to take a dick to the ass. I love anal porn, anal videos and pretty much everything that involves the rear end if it is not gay. Maybe someday. Not only is she tall, but she also has freckles. It is a rather unique combination, and you got to give it to her.

I mean, sure, she did nothing to achieve that, and it is all genetics, but hey, pornstars need some love, too, and we are giving away trophies like there is no tomorrow.


14Bella Rolland

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

Grab your boyfriend’s dick pump and start pumping to gain at least an inch. Depending on height, you might also want to consider dad’s high heels to reach Bella’s lips and kiss them. In the meantime, she’ll enjoy an okay-sized cock that can tickle the g-spot.

The dating life for taller pornstars is a nightmare, don’t you think? Everyone wants to fuck them, but when couples start talking commitment, the love story derails faster than a knockoff chick flick. Now, add Rolland’s height factor to the mix, and it becomes obvious why she’s so excited to be on a set. Whatever the case, this is one beautiful slut and we love her.


13Eve Ellwood

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

Thanks to slow-motion technology, get ready for one of the most epic endings you will ever see. So how can the average-looking pornstar become a solid 10/10? Creampies, especially in the cowgirl position. With such a fantastic ass and curves, Eve Ellwood could save the rainforest. Because every man does get a wood after seeing her perform.

If you blow your load in the middle of the porn scene (on average), this video could shift your perspective slightly.

12Sophia Wilde

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

Okay, Sophia is either hit or miss with most men. There are no particular lines or qualities that are considered sexy for the majority of society. However, among tall pornstars, she is one of the tallest and that alone can be enough.

Born and raised in Virginia, United States, Sophia has recently turned 30 and was on her path to becoming a known female performer. Sadly, it looks like she has retired from porn (or took a long break) since then.

11Halle Hayes

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

Man, it must be awesome to be a six feet porn star and have your pussy (or cock) licked by a partner who’s almost twice as short. Even if this threesome doesn’t portray how dominant Halle can be, she’d whip your ass just for poorly fucking her. Small Hands is a big dude, but who says you can’t dream?

If you were in his shoes, this scene would transform into next-to-impossible fantasy material. Fucking and commanding two massive chicks at once… Damn!


10Nikki Eliot

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

For massive, thick, and tall pornstars, Nikki Eliot is up for grabs. She is not doing much regular porn, so prepare for dozens of solo masturbation videos in different environments. Nikki has enough force to pick her man up and smash him to the floor if he does anything nasty. She looks like one of those girlfriends who love to dominate men.

I’m not saying that it makes her happy, but lots of guys are just virgin losers who can’t handle a strong woman. So playfully smack that bitch up, put in her place, and watch Nikki fall in love with you.

9Angel Long

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

With a name like that, you would expect her body and legs to be long. Well, you are not wrong. We are about to cross the middle of our top 10 list (even though there are more pornstars than ten). While not a giant, you can tell she is no small girl either.

In addition to that, look at her fucking hair. Was that hair dye on sale or something? I have no clue why anyone would do this to their hair, but then again… These are the pornstars.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

8Molly Stewart

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

Who called for a pack of lesbians taller than a chump from the nightclub? Another benefit of watching two tall pornstars fuck is the sheer amount of flesh and teasers you get to see. A small performer could take a second or two to lift her blouse. But, of course, that’s the con of smaller dimensions (we love petite chicks too).

Molly Steward does not fuck around and immediately jumps to the action. That’s why we like her, that and of course the height of over 5 feet.


7Zoey Paige

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

Who would you rather fuck, missis Long or Zoey? It is a rather simple choice, at least for me. I love blondes, and good-looking ones especially. It’s interesting how both have a similar hairstyle, in terms of length, but look so different.

Paige has smaller tits (if you can see them at all) but a better ass. Healthier-looking skin, too. Leave a comment below and let us know. It is important to do it for the community.


6Elena Koshka

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

We are at number six, and the height remains the same. So, where the fuck are all the tallest pornstars. As it turns out, there are not that many tall ones, which is a shame for anyone with this fetish. So, moving to the Russian slut, Elena, we have one that also loves anal, has long hair, tits that are just ridiculous, and an above-average face.

So, a rather solid whore that is fuckable. There is something wrong with her tongue, though.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

5Blaire Ivory

Height: 6 feet 1” or 185 cm

How can you not love her? With such a spectacular smile and divine face. The princess of eternal beauty and all things sacred, Blaire Ivory. Here, we have created a special video to show you both sides of Blaire. On the left, she is your good-behaving girlfriend that could not harm. On the right, she is sucking someone’s dick for a pile of cash and is loving it to a full extent.

Loving like a virgin guy loves his first fat girlfriend that ends up cheating on him.

4Kitty Jane

Height: 6 feet 1” or 185 cm

Welcome to the underground, the bottom part of the list, where all the tall girls lie around. Now, Danica is a rather tall woman; if you understand numbers, you should know that too. But, have you noticed how most of the tall girls we have featured so far have below-average tits?

Is this because of the perspective or just the fact of life? The taller you are, the smaller the tits. Hopefully, scientists are reading this blog.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

3Danica James

Height: 6 feet 2” or 188 cm

First-world problems: when you are so tall that only fake dildos can fuck and satisfy you. Maybe that is not exactly the case with Danica, but fucking hell, that is one tall bitch. She is likely taller than 80% of all readers surfing this blog. Think about that for a moment and imagine yourself next to Danica.

Her pussy must be so deep, a true black hole. On the positive side, the boobs are somehow larger than most of these lusts, all but one. Who is she? Ah, and that brings us to the number one pick…

2Rocky Emerson

Height: 6 feet 3” or 190 cm

Before the update, Ava (who is our next pick for the tallest and hottest pornstar) was inches above everyone else. Now, with Rocky Emerson joining our list, it’s the battle of two, 6 feet tall women. She could have been a basketball player or someone who hunts down criminals. But, instead, Rocky went with something much more stimulating: a porn career. This is a much better choice than studying finances or becoming a butt-hurt whale.

A solid brunette bunny with multiple tattoos and triangle-shaped tits. Her eyelashes are also longer than midgets’ fingers. Great height, pretty face and pale skin.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

1Ava Koxxx

Height: 6 feet 3” or 190 cm

Meet the princess of this list, the tallest female pornstar in the world. It does not get any better than this (or taller), and we did a lot of research, trust me. If, due to some miraculous reason, that is no longer the case, just leave a comment below.

Not only is she massive, but the tits are fucking epic too. She did invest in her look, and there are no major downsides other than her age. Unless you love MILFs. I do.

Source: ($1).

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