Top 20: Big Ass Pornstars & GIFs of 2019 (Part 2)

Newly discovered porn stars of this year with truly massive butts.

Top 20: Big Ass Pornstars & GIFs of 2019 (Part 2)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

I think that there is a big difference between big and massive asses, and only an experienced porn fanatic like myself can help you to see the light. At this moment, there are hundreds of top 10 articles covering big ass pornstars, but let’s face the facts, they are not big, just above average. When I think of giant rear ends, ugly curves and cellulite spots are some of the last things to appear in my imagination.

There are many pornstars with big butts, but a lot of them are just like that, all fat and no muscle. Some people love chubby girls, others go for the extremes. These are not my cups of tea. It’s been only a year since my last post about nothing but the best ass pornstars. You had all your favorites and names everyone knows and love. Some since then have passed away and yes, that article is still being updated.

Over the years, we have seen so many great pornstars that need a separate post, and this is exactly what we are going to do. It is not going to be white ass exclusive and has plenty of chocolate girls, Latina hotties and whores from different continents.

20Ashley Barbie

Now that’s one blond pornstar with thick butt. How large is her booty? It’s a national mystery, but man… You do need at least an average sized dick to penetrate through all the meat that protects her vagina.

Hate her braided hair, but at least this is not her default look. Just a thick slut to fuck on a weekend. What do you think of her tattoos and blowjob skills?

19Paola Shumager

With butt checks larger than king-sized pillows, Paola Shumager is another underrated pornstar. Surprised to see that she was never discovered by the mainstream crowd. Especially with the blessed juicy gifts.

Maybe her skin tone or ethnicity is not for everyone? Although we have seen many Latina and ebony pornstars that fans love. Anyhow, it’s as big as a butt can get, without implants. Also, has nicely shaped muscles that push it to a new level.

18Cherokee D Ass

I have had a fair share of disgusting whores that were from ghetto. The things you would do when dick takes over your mind and controls your actions are rather bizarre and cringe worthy. This is where Cherokee D Ass belongs.

Sure, she has the biggest ass among all these pornstars, but at what cost? It’s a type of girl that you would fuck with your friends and then laugh all the way to the bank. If the opportunity came for the second time, there would be less candidates. I would not even touch her with my finger. Dick on the other hand? Of course, especially since she has black hair, and we love brunettes in porn.

17Sabella Monize

I can’t believe that there are so many incredible pornstars with large booties. For sites on the other hand are scarce. Sabella has a gigantic bottom that should be classified as a weapon. I’m sure one could choke or smash your brain with the size of those cheeks.

This GIF is not my cup of tea, but I can’t stop drinking it. Why? Mostly because of the fat wrinkles that appear as she squeezes the bottom.

16Brianna Love

A Californian pornstar with the giant, Godzilla like ass. This slut is a sex vampire that keeps on going and going. If her ass was in iceberg, my dick would be a Titanic, read to penetrate and fill her up afterwards. This scene is great of two things. The best porn angle for girls with big asses is cowgirl, we can all agree on that, right? Next is her vagina. Yes, I would rather watch a video of her getting fucked in the ass but her pussy lips do a very good job at gripping the cock. Imagine the sensations this dude is feeling.

Just thinking about her, my dick gets enough blood flow to feed an army of mosquitos. I could watch this video all day.


15Virgo Peridot

Not sure if these people have ever had sex, but maybe that’s just me. Is this how sex supposed to work anyway? If she’s new to you, Virgo Peridot is on the top. Just dreaming about that juicy dick as she rubs herself against another gigantic butt.

While I could not find the source of this one, there is ~99% chance that the GIF (and video) comes from Monster Curves. Basically, it’s one of the greatest big ass porn sites of last decade. Still relevant today.

14Karen Fisher

Karen is sadly old and that’s the best angle we could find of her. Now, if face is not an issue to you, nor a loose pussy, then this will go a long way!

I mean, the pussy aspect should not bother you too much as we aren’t fucking these pornstars in the first place. However, who am I here to tell you what to jerk off to? Here’s Karen Fisher’s performance. Take it or move on.

13Allison Tyler

Not only one of the greatest booties, but also one of the best GIFs of 2019. The scene is not all that new. However, we did only discover it now.

Allison Tyler knows how to make anyone cum. My favorite part of this video? The way cum touches her lips and drips on the floor. That shit will give me a heart attack one day. A truly magnetic scene. Also, if you are like me and never wait for the cumshot part, this GIF will change your mind.


12Alexis Andrews

When millennials and generation Z tries to save the world, I say fuck it. Let’s produce more oil and pour that glistering liquid all over these pornstars asses. Their bottoms are so gigantic that it looks more like a freak show or the alien species.

Alexis Andrews was an unknown name just few years ago. However, now things have changes. Not only did she start working with top studios, but is also on RedBled!

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

11Uma Jolie

As we approach 2020, it’s time to bring you another beautiful ass pornstar to your radar and this one is from California, the land of sun and tanned bodies with blond pornstars.

In a perfect position too! I always mix Canada with California for a reason that is unknown to me, so forgive my ignorance when all I can think about is pouring some caramel or maple syrup on those juicy pancakes.

Some lucky dude gets to fuck Uma Jolie every day or two, although I am sure that he is bored by now. Just like most of us do with the same thing all over again. Nonetheless, she has great ass and is a pornstar. Count her in.

10Mercedes Carrera

Let’s get the party of big asses going. What we have prepared for you today is a duo of beauties from Spain, and the right one is Mercedes Carrera. It’s hard to find a more blessed pornstar that will suit most people tastes. Even if you are not an ass man, her tits have been enlarged multiple times, so there is mow than one way to fuck her.

I think that female’s rear is sexiest when the lingerie or G-strings are still present. It’s the mystery part that is most exciting. Super sport cars have sharp lines and many awesome curves, and you can apply both qualities to Carrera’s behind. My dick would be too small to penetrate through her butt cheeks, so she is all yours.

However, there is nothing more entertaining than watching her shake that gigantic booty. Cherokee is a temporary stop that brings one pro and one pro only.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

9Julie Cash

The white booty of a black girl, a true miracle from the Jesus himself. I haven’t seen a pornstar with ass that big and round. It must weigh more than the rest of her body.

Getting feature films on Monster Curves and Evil Angel requires more than just a body. See that ass bounce up and down, look at all the effort that Julie is putting into the scene. There are fat pornstars and chubby ones with smaller asses than hers, and she is not even that plump. My suspicion is that miss Cash was fat at one point, fell in love with a black dude and could not switch back. Then a producer told her to lose some weight if she wants to become an overnight success. That helped her with stamina and the rest is history. Fat people have a lot of strength and once you shave some fat, all that muscle mass can lift much more and perform better.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.


Here’s an idea: why don’t I become a pornstar and think of a name so great that people will have no trouble finding me online? I will name myself J. These sluts are getting dumber by the minute and Raylene is one of them.

Unless her goal is to die as an unknown pornstar that people could not search for, she is doing a terrible job at marketing, branding and anything that requires an ounce of grey mass. With a manly face and aging looks you would not even expect her to be there, but here’s a thing: her ass is huge. As long as I don’t have to stare at her, fucking that beautiful butt is a no brainer.

Just like with most whores, she has fake tits and a tight asshole. Not petite level tight, but still manageable. Raylene also swallows.

Source: ($1).

7London Keyes

The one and only Asian pornstar with big ass, London Keyes. I did not even think that Japanese girls can have butts of that size. It’s just not in their genes.

Most are flat chested, skinny sluts with nothing but love for bukkake and math. This peaked my interest enough that I went to the good old Google. Well, my further research has shown that this is true and that she does have ass implants.

Unlike those of Nikki Benz, they look good. Her face looks swollen from all the salty noodles and hardcore porn, but the funniest part is dude’s dick. It’s so fucking small that I got a confidence boost. If you thought that big dick is a requirement to get into porn biz, think again.


6Moriah Mills

Oh, my senses are getting overstimulated with this scene. This beast was born with a gigantic butt that is hard to top. Heck, even a male pornstar like Keiran Lee is having trouble fucking her. His member is not a small one, but Moriah’s body does make it look like a thin pencil.

Mills reminds me of women from African tribes or something, with areolas larger than US debt. It’s also interesting how we call white girls just pornstars, while black or ebonies are referred as chocolate beauties. I think that we can come up with a much better term than “chocolate”. Although the only one I can think of is coming from the asshole and that is not sexy. She has been practicing her blowjob skills, I can tell you that much. Look at the way her hand moves in tandem with mouth. This is not an accident.


5Caroline Pierce

She is not always fucking with the condom, so you can count on that. I have re-read the whole top 10 and noticed a lack of cowgirl videos, which is my favorite position.

If you jerkoff from this angle, it does not even matter how she looks as all you see is her ass cheeks clapping. The sexiest part is that little gap between two cheeks that opens and closes as the dick pounds her pussy. Caroline is not very hot, or young, but you can’t have a cake and eat it too. Sometimes you want just a pretty face to have fun with and sometimes you don’t care about the looks at all. I am at that stage in my life right now and with the big ass like Pierce, the future looks bright and full of jizz.

4Diamond Monroe

Even if you can’t stand African American pornstars, their big asses are hard to ignore. Diamond Monroe is one of our favorites because of simple, easy to handle character and the “girl next door” look. Not overly attractive, but not bad looking either. The rating scales meet somewhere in the middle and this is exactly where she is on our list.

Just a nice girl with big rear end, delicious asshole and none of the fakery. We have found her during our ebony pornstars research phase, but her curves were just too massive to be included there. Oh, and this clip is from the Round and Brown porn series, produced by one of the most valuable adult entertainment companies out there.

Source: ($1).

3Eva Notty

Even my friends at work have heard of a lemon stealing whore meme, and Eva is bringing the same concept to dildos. I swear these people are on something as no sane person can think of scenes that ridiculous.

Sure, her big ass is more due to the fat and not the genes, but Eva still has a very respectable and fuckable body. She is perfect for domination and lesbian sex. In the scene above you have two girls of very different sizes going all in. With the leprechaun outfit, I thought that she has lifted a dude and is licking his asshole, but that was another pornstar, drowning in her big ass. If there is a good way to die, Eva’s ass would be a good way to go out with a bang.


2Carmen De Luz

The magical whore from Latin America, Carmen De Luz. What an entertaining performer in the xxx business, always meeting you with a smile and that fat ass that is worthy of a sin. Maybe even the Bible and a story about eating forbidden apple was an allegory for curvy girls like this one. Having read ancient stories about anal among men, kinky plays and other shit, I can imagine that being true.

These days, many white sluts have been outranked today by the brownies and Latin pornstars in the department of ass and that’s just nature at work. Caucasians are better looking and can get ass implants, enlarged breasts or fat to make their bottoms bigger, but you can’t fight against evolution and mother nature.

Source: Free Bangbros content with PornHub Premium.

1Kiara Mia

At some point, the scales have shifted to sexier pornstars and with a smoking hot body like hers, Kiara is perfect on so many levels. Funnily enough, she reminds me of various cheap Spanish dramas that I have used to watch on my TV.

All had same scenario involving aristocracy and a poor hero. Some say that she looks like Kardashian and I wholeheartedly agree. Anal sex is in her blood, swallowing is not. Hard to imagine someone with better or bigger ass than Kiara and yes, she is a real character. We are not talking about fictional body to butt proportions, it’s as real as my virginity. I think that Kiara would be perfect for hardcore femdom sex scenes too, with all the aggression that she has inside her.

Source: ($1).



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