Top 20: Best Black Male Pornstars (2024)

The hottest ebony and most popular black male pornstars.

Top 20+: Best Black Male Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

During these years, we have published dozens of top 10 posts, most covering female pornstars. Today, we are switching things up. Male pornstars deserve attention too, black males especially. It looks like there is a stigma of some sort against ebony men and females in porn. Well, all I can say is screw them all. We love black adult movies, and there are multiple reasons for that. Black male pornstars are hot and rock huge dicks. If you were to check our top 10 list of best male pornstars, these were mostly white men, but then again, we have covered them based on money and income, not on other factors.

So, to correct our sin, we must spread the awareness of the best black male pornstars in business and share the love. Below is the best list of our favorite and most popular African American male pornstars in the business as of 2024. The list is as fresh as delicious milk squeezed from the nice ebony whore tits.

22Moe Johnson

One of the well-respected whores got fucked by a beautiful black dick. I am not sure if there are whores or your friends (pornstars or not) that want it the other way. The only gender that, nowadays, gets all the privileges and benefits, except for pregnancy and periods, is males. Some say they are the smartest and the best-looking ones. Have you seen guys with make-up? Ignoring your dad, I mean.

Our bodies consist of muscle and little fat. Can you think of any negatives? It’s hard to catch a proper view of Johnson here, but he seems to be the geekiest looking black male pornstar there. Like in movies, the shitter you look, the bigger the cock. That is not always the case in life, and while Moe has a respectable boner, we have seen better.


21Damion Dayski

The Flash of pussy licking who is always stuck in the turbo mode, Damion set his roots a few years ago and is already among the greatest, at least if you count views. Everything else is subjective, right? A long unit aside, he knows how to party and how to make women happy. That’s why he had a chance to smash Luna Star, Jasmine Jae, even Sally D’Angelo.

By the way, Damion Dayski got extremely lucky with his first scene! It was a foursome with three cock thirsty women.

20Justin Slayer

You got the coolest-sounding African American pornstar name out there, yet his black dick does not seem to be that huge. When your member is on a smaller side, the only way to compensate for that is with a creative porn star identity. This dude is good with women and while not the best, certainly above average. So if you love intense porn and lots of grabbing, Justin is waiting. But let’s discuss the white bitch that is fucking here.

I would like to request this slut to take off these heels first. Her asshole is fucking prolapsed too. It must be from all the cocks she took. But there are some positive aspects, like the round butt and an okay-looking pussy. Unfortunately, the flat interior is on another level of stupid, contrasting colors of Justin’s brown skin, and pure white shoes. It is a combo from nightmares.

19Jason Brown

Jason never had an embarrassing moment after a shower where you have to explain the situation with the “water was cold” excuse that we all know is bullshit. One of the most aesthetically pleasing bodies and dicks among African American pornstars that women and viewers can’t get enough of. The guy looks like a true athlete with the stamina of a Superman and a cock of Zeus. Of course, I might exaggerate a bit, so don’t take my word for it and see for yourself.

18Price Black

Everyone has a price, and we are pushing things with our black pornstar from Chicago. A solidly built male that weighs over 200 pounds or 90 kilos. Imagine that kind of force-plowing pussy. Hence he is on the list among the best.

Known for lasting and all other qualities that black guys feature, Price has won multiple male performers of the year awards and has fucked more booty than the Playboy himself. He will soon be 50 years old, a bit after the peak of male sexual performance.


17Nat Turnher

Having fucked over one thousand chicks and starring in hundreds of movies, Nat is a true stud among regular mortals. I’m sure he has forgotten most of the partners by now, and that’s fine. However, if you thought that to get laid one must rock a body of a bodybuilder, here is a kicker. Nat Turnher weighs only 115 pounds or 52 kg! Even some female pornstars do weigh more than him.

Turnher doesn’t seem to have a massive cock, which could put some pressure on him before the scene. There is a myth that all black guys have giant dicks, so imagine letting down your partner when they see your unit, which is okay in size.


16Rob Piper

Looking at the African American heroes, we got an idea! The Guinness World Records should have a competition for the most flexible pussy, because some of these monsters can’t be tamed by a small cunt. Has anyone asked their significant other if they have ever wondered how deep that pussy goes or what it would feel like to have it stretched to the absolute (pleasurable) limits?

Even slim petites can’t resist their inner demons and went to test Rob Piper, a tattooed male pornstar with slick tongue and thick body parts.


15Lil D

Have fun finding his work online! At least, I could have used a different last name. Still, let’s look at his portfolio and stats. Enjoy Lil D, another black male pornstar joining the top 20 elites. Despite being smaller than I would want cock (and I am talking with sarcasm here), he makes the best of his situation. Loves to pound white and black hoes hard, without saving them for marriage.

Got a bunch of tattoos and is an overall cool guy to hand around with, or at least that’s the impression I got from watching his videos. We wish he had a better name though.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

14Isiah Maxwell

With the name of a Greek God, Isiah is truly someone who can maximize the potential of any chick and make her work extra hard. He is Always amazing, loves to spank and command his women, and is not just another bald black pornstar like so many others. Instead, he looks like that dude from the Old Spice commercial. Great performance all around and I cannot praise his choice of that nickname enough.

He is around 30, so you can expect Isiah to continue shooting porn for many more years. So, if you dream of a performer that looks as famous as Isiah, this could be your top choice. However, since we still have many more names to reveal, let’s go!


13Jovan Jordan

Ebony male pornstars need love too and especially those with smaller cocks. Maybe I should stop talking about sizes and appreciate the black to white dynamic out there, it is only fair. I am not sure if she is enjoying this fuck session that much, considering the fake moaning and stupid facial expressions.

This male model was born in Indiana and is over 30 years old. If you were to check his IMDB page, it is all about interracial and mom fucking. Guys might think he is not that popular or hot regarding trends, but they are wrong. He did a scene with the fucking Nikki Benz herself. How many black adult entertainers can put that achievement on their list? He loves hardcore porn and has been featured on many videos, mostly shot by Evil Angel producers and the crew.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

12Jax Slayher

It drives me nuts how 99% of the time porn videos focus on a female. I don’t think that this is considered gay. However, when you are searching for the most popular males out there that deserve more exposure, it does get tricky. I want to show his face and not just the cock, but that is impossible.

Another cock numbing thing with this video is the female pornstar herself. She is not giving anything, can’t even take half of his dick to his mouth, it is all bent and shit. I wish someone would just choke that bitch and throat fuck that tight hole. Talking about Jax, he is an African American pornstar who is a male and who got a nice nickname for himself.


11Jon Jon

While his haircut is fucking stupid, there are some qualities about Jon Jon that are nice. His nickname is also one of the worst out there. It sounds like a character from one of the most popular space franchises, if you know what I’m saying. There are some nice ghetto tattoos and his body is on the athletic side too. Not sure how his dick compares to other pornstars, but it seems to be on a smaller size. The white female pornstar also got her body tattooed. Her emo-like, shit haircut is as bad as his.

Guess you could say that this is a match in heaven and these two should be together. Mister Jon does have decent sex skills, though, and if you love interracial porn, there is much more in the source below. I just noticed that the flat-chested pornstar has a fucking owl tattooed on her leg.


10Julio Gomez

While his name is as cool as melted ice, his cock does all the talking. It is a bit too late for him to change his name, but that should be a lesson for other male pornstars. I am serious, even dumb sluts can think of something better. Do something like the month you were born in as your last name and your favorite color as your first name.

For me, that would be Black Angus. How much cooler is that? Speaking of Julio and this scene, his dick is huge. Should other pornstars be worried? Not sure if this is due to perspective or maybe the slut herself is tiny, but I don’t mind these cinema tricks. She is having the worst time of her life. Gagging and all that shit. Her father must be clapping his hands and jerking off to the sight of mouth fucking. This is likely the best topic to discuss during family dinner.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

9Shane Diesel

Seeing another ebony pornstar there, an interesting question has popped into my mind. You know how men tend to praise beautiful-looking women even though they did nothing to become hot? Yes, you have lipstick; some can go to the gym, but it is all in the genes. What if you are a guy and were born with a small dick?

This fucking thing does not exactly depend on you but look how praised the biggest dick pornstars are in the porn industry. Do you think that is fair? There is nothing we can do to change society’s views; these are just hard-life facts. Our species love huge things, and this does not apply to porn only. You got big cars that always have more presence on the road than the smaller ones, but I have never seen anyone complain about that stereotype.


8Prince Yahshua

Guys, we even have a fucking prince on our list. I have never been more honored in my entire life. Evil Angel has been producing some epic videos of black males fucking white chicks. Of course, there are some female ebonies from time to time too, but what fun is that? I used to measure dick sizes by the proportions of a woman’s hand. Simply search for the average size of a female hand of average height and then see how many hands she can wrap around that afro cock.

This pornstar is awful at sex. She has a nice body, and some would call her fucking hot too, but fuck me sideways for the boredom she induces. Her ass is being raw dogged by the stud Yahshua and what do you do? Fucking nothing. There is no ass movement, no trying, and even the cock sucking skills are bad. Fuck this whore and praise our lord, Prince Yahshua.


7Ricky Johnson

Plowing a dark chick’s asshole like an almighty bulldozer, Ricky’s cock doesn’t take no for an answer. One of the freshest names in the federation of black pornstars who loves interracial porn and is great at fan service. The energy is here and always admirable, youthful enthusiasm brings joy to our hearts.

The personality is admirable too. I’d describe Ricky as a cool, chill guy. Someone you would not mind befriending for bits of advice or as a wing in the club.


6Flash Brown

Black males love to bang white blond girls, it’s just on their agenda and we love it. We did review some of the best interracial porn sites if you are into it, but as far as Flash Brown goes, he is one of the best, with massive brown dong and great taste for tight pussy.

I wasn’t keen on seeing his scenes at first because with the first name Flash it did sound like he is a few strokes man if you catch my drift. But that’s the opposite of what I’ve seen on Brazzers. Paired with some of the most beautiful women, our black pornstar pushed these sluts harder than any other stud could.


5Sean Michaels

It must suck for this dude to always live under the shadow of Sean Michaels, the WWE pornstar. Either he was too wasted to think of a better name or just never cared for it. Another theory is that he is a homo and imagines pounding that asshole during some wrestling match. I am still confused about why dudes touching one another, feeling nude bodies, and occasionally getting to smell crotches are still considered straight. Can anyone explain that to me, please? I do love Sean and let’s be fair, he has one of the best-looking black penises.

I am unsure if this is due to the crazy shit or cock rings, but I am not curious to find out. From this angle, I can tell that this white pornstar gets pussy fucked too as the bottom part looks like some sort of horse part.


4Jason Luv

We love ebonies, and we love black dudes. These guys from Blacked on the other hand seem to be doing a rather shitty job presenting the best black porn aspects. Am I the only one who gets an instant boner kill for these shots involving the dude’s asshole? It must be a fetish since, judging by the sheer number of these videos, 9 out of 10 people are into this shit.

There are many other interracial or afro porn networks, so let me leave this one for some of you. Jason Luv is a good-looking dude (no homo). Very sexy and muscular body with some tattoos, and that nice chest. He is amazing at fucking too and if I were to guess the number of pornstars that he has fucked, the number would be above two for sure.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.


I want to talk about the interracial porn whore first. There is something super attractive and repulsive going on there at the same time. The eyes are like the shining parts, and her tits remind us of the flat earth theory. I am not sure what is her ethnicity is but that could be Latin, Asian, or even Russian. I honestly have no fucking idea. The guy is cool, and I am privileged to add him here.

If you love African American porn, or just black guys fucking good looking girls, then consider our best black porn sites list. You don’t need to talk much about dicks and Mandingo, everyone knows this stuff. Looking at my crystal ball, I can see that his future is bright, and he might surpass Lexington himself. I do think that he deserved that.


2Lexington Steele

It’s obvious that if there is a list with the best African American pornstars, Lexington will be here. Not only is he famous and has a huge dick, but his net worth is in the millions. In addition, he has been fucking whores for over three decades and shows no signs of stopping.

Who knows what kind of awards the world of Guinness gives to pornstars these days, but if there is one for endurance and dedication, the man-made from steal will need one. This slut should be lucky and judging by her smile in the video, this is exactly what is happening. I haven’t seen someone perform that hard in years now. You can watch her polish that thick black dick as if it was a car. The best black car there is.


1Rico Strong

I have never seen someone squirt from the anal fucking session. That might be piss, but this porn scene is one of the best, if not the best. The guy behind her is Rico Strong, and she is enjoying every millisecond of this scene. The girl is almost perfect, hot, with big tits, blonde hair, and some flexibility. If you are wondering about the video source, it is from the same people behind multiple interracial porn movies.

Okay, the funniest thing about Rico is that he is not even surprised or anything, looks like an average day for him. It’s hard for me not to fall in love with the interracial porn or just brown dicks fucking white chicks. This GIF is proof, and having watched the whole thing, I can confirm that it only improves.

Source: (now DarkX).

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  1. Black people are so ugly. Only reason black men are popular is because they have big dicks. Imagine if the average black penis were 3 inches erect. No one would want to fuck that.

    • you must be an ugly fat white person you seem so mad is your penis smell or does your pussy smell like fish which is it you need a hug

    • Nope, that’s totally different from what I feel and what I feel is many of them are beautiful they have great facial features or bone structure or whatever that really really turns me on. I find them pretty not to mention or to take into account their genital organs. Plus, let’s not forget that they’ve got softer skin compared to western people (which I find attractive too) and based on what I (an Asian guy who lives in SEA region) have heard is that in real life most of Black Guys are so polite and conservative (Anyway, that’s beyond my capability to judge bcuz I’ve never ever dated one)

  2. A sexy Black Man fucking a white female is the hottest porn imo. The best bodies…biggest Dicks…love fucking..the way they talk to females, weither vanilla or dirty just sounds better coming from them… they kiss better… their bodies are unmatched….they just seem cleaner to me as you will never see a Black pornstar with balls so hairy you center them, or with a hairy back…


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