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BlackGFs Introduction

Black GFs is one of the highest quality black and ebony porn web sites that has been around for few years now and producing exclusive content ever since.

About Black GFs

Founded in 2011, Black GFs is a part of GFs network that has been around since like forever. It is known for acquiring really hot ebony and black chicks from all over the world and with multiple varieties of skin tones, making them more of the quality than quantity focused.

BlackGFs Adult Content

Okay, here is my confession. I have fucked only one black girl in my lifetime, mostly because there are none around me, like seriously, the whole neighborhood and city is riddled with whites only. However, what I remember about her is that she had an absolutely incredible ass and the burning desire to fuck.

I spoke with few friends about the experience, especially those studying abroad, and they pretty much said the very same thing, black girls and ebony ones too just know how to fuck and handle the cock. They are as hot as sizzling as Latinas. Anyway, talking about the porn content that Black GFs offer, there are plenty, at least for a year or two. As of now, the site features almost 300 videos in Full HD with the average length of 19 minutes (not counting the bonus sites that are included with the package and brings similarly themes porn). In addition to that, the directors seem to be really enjoying their creative freedom as there are far more than just regular fucking scenes. This is one of the things that immediately struck me, variety. It includes pretty much all of it, from black girls just masturbating solo, to interview style ebony fucking, even black on black lesbian action (yes, please), with really hot African American girls just fucking and licking one another. Also, you can’t ignore other scenes like anal, vaginal, blowjobs, etc. I mean, you get it, right? The site offers high variety scenes with hot, non-trash ebony and black girls only. Some people have found their scenes scripted while others did not notice, so I guess it is a matter of your preference and whether you spend time enjoying yourself or just looking for the flaws. Personally, I have had no issues with that and did not even notice any of that shit until it was brought up by one of the users.

In addition to that, if you are into galleries and static porn, you will be happy to know that there are also around 300 black porn galleries too with the amazing and really high-resolution info 2240×1680 per picture and around sixty pictures per scene. What I was not a fan of is downloading limits, I mean, if you are selling something, why not make everyone happy and just let them download all the black porn in the world to their PCs? This is one but rather big downside, at least for me.

Update: The site now allows downloading porn, which is awesome, thank you, GF Leaks.

Features and User Interface

Since the site was made by porn veterans, it is as easy navigate as you can expect, with pretty much all the standard features covered. It supports both mobile and PC versions so that is appreciate yet required in the 21st century. You can browse porn by sampling looking at the pornstar thumbnails, which also includes the number of videos below the profile pic, sort by recently active, most viewed, most popular and all that. The pagination thankfully is on a better side and instead of just allowing to browse first two or three pages like even some of the biggest porn sites on the internet, Black GFs does a decent job with 9 links to next three and previous three pages as well as the first and the last one.

The number of categories and filtering is really great, even with 300 videos there are over one hundred categories and different tags, from yoga pants and uniform to puffy nipples, side fucking, etc. As you can see, a rather broad and awesome filtering system. After you open the video, it can be added to your favorites, streamed or just downloaded directly to your device. Just like with YouTube or other tube sites, you can like and dislike any of them. There are descriptions for every scene plus the categories and tags so you can look for the very similar videos right or before you get the one of your liking. In addition to that, the similar videos are also suggested so you are never left wondering where to go next. Black GFs seems to be doing a good job at recommending them, so no unrelated ones that you end up closing and cursing web masters for wasting your time. This is not one of these sites. You can also watch the trailers if you are not sure what the video is all about, which is great since some of the porn networks fail to provide that too.

Lastly, the greatest part that some sites still fail to capitalize on is the community. You can leave comments below any video and just interact with the similarly minded people. This might not sound like a big thing, but it is. Thankfully, the community consists of many black and ebony porn lovers so expect to find some hilarious comments below every video too, making the whole membership just a tad better investment.

BlackGFs Network Statistics

Number of videos: 297+
HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p): Yes
4K Content: Planned
VR Content: No
Streaming: Yes
Downloading: Yes
Average length: 19 minutes

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Sam's rating
Rating 7.8


  • Has many different varieties of black porn scenes
  • DVD like ebony and black porn video quality
  • Focuses on quality rather than the quantity
  • Includes bonus sites that has similar porn
  • One of the best navigation interfaces
  • Site loads really fast and is optimized
  • No downloading limits of any kind
  • Community interaction options


  • Site was lastly updated two months ago
  • No advanced search
  • Needs more content


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