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Here is something fresh and straight out of the pussy factory: a new pornstar that made its debut in 2017 and then “re-appeared” with a different name in late 2017. Don’t get fooled by her innocence, she knows how to fuck and is great when it comes to porn.

About Britney Light

Nationality and Ethnicity: U.S.A. / Caucasian
Age: 19 years old
Birthday: Unknown

Height: 1.63m or 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 58 kg or 127 lbs
Tit / Bra Size: 34B – 27 – 36

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Years Active: 2017 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @BritneyLightx

Official Instagram Account: britneylightx

Official Site: N/A

Other Nicknames: Sable Jones

Best Britney Light GIFs and Porn Videos

There isn’t a lot of material to work with yet but we will keep adding as soon as more videos appear online.

10Big Black Dick Sucking

This bitch is horny and is hungry for cock, look how quickly she goes from the coworker to nymphomaniac that wants nothing but sex. Nice scenes all around with her riding slowly, watching her in some lingerie, balls licking, followed by asshole licking and then just holding her by the throat as the dick pounds her pussy hard. Love it.

9Licking Britney’s Pussy

I love oral sex and seeing her juicy pussy getting licked by some lucky dude makes me happy and horny inside. She has a beautiful ass too that is exposed at a perfect angle, and a little bit of asshole licking there can be seen too. Also, she seems to be enjoying too, which is a great thing as most porn stars just don’t give a fuck about the dick or anything anymore. Not this one.

8Britney Light Facial Cumshot

I am not sure whether I would prefer to cum inside her or on her face, I mean that is like picking between two different flavors of your favorite ice cream but I would happy in either case and while this is not creampie, it is another kind of expression that symbolizes love and it is all about cumming gallons of jizz all over her face and making that healthy skin glow tad brighter due to all the minerals, of course.

7Fucking Her Hard and Cumming

Another one from the naughty america productions and following the already beautiful scene where her pussy gets licked, it is time for the action everyone has been hoping and waiting for, and it is all about fucking Britney and fucking her hard, not only does she have a tight pussy but is good at sucking dicks and riding them too, so it is like a perfect combination of everything.

6Britney Light Gangbang

If you are not satisfied with one giant black cock, there is only one way to solve this sad and first world problem: by getting more black cocks and this is exactly what Britney does, anal sex is still reserved for the future it seems as well as stuffing two cocks inside Ligth’s asshole and pussy but as of now, enjoy the scene where it is all about enjoying interracial sex. Yum.

5Ligtht’s Interracial Cock Riding Scene

This is not her first or last black on white porn scene, I can assure since her Twitter feed is all about praising that bbc but in this one she is getting pounded by a lather large penis that her pussy seems to be taking just fine. Also, watching her ass jiggle at the same time as cock enters and pounds her pussy is freaking juicy, just needs more and more smacking, a good scene indeed.

4Britney Getting Fucked by a White Dick

Well, just for the comparison purposes, this one is same cock riding scene but instead of that juicy black cock, it is a member of the Caucasian family, prepared to conquer the very same pussy that many other men did. This position was my all time favorite before I became anal porn lover, then it was just doggy style or missionary but with cock into her ass, you live and learn, I guess.

3Exposing Her Beautiful Asshole, Doggy Style

Now here is a scene, which basically indicates of the things to come in her pornstar carrier, which is … anal. So just take a good deep look into that tight little asshole of Sabe Jones aka Britney Light and anal … please god, make it happen. As for this scene, it is a good old fashioned and never going out of the style, doggy style with some ass pounding and cock grinding. Hot.

2Sable Jones Light Chocking

If you have ever fucked a woman in the ass and choked her at the same time, the pleasure you both get is fantastic, in this one is just just one side of the coin as far as the story goes but hey, 50% is better than 0%, right? Following the injectio nof that bbc into her dripping wet pussy, we get to see guy’s hands wrap all around her neck, which starts the slow and full of pleasure choking scene.

1Smacking Her Ass and Fucking from Behind

Now that’s a view, which is reserved only for the highest rank among the gods, not only do you get to spank her ass and listen to that pleasant sound of flesh pounding but the angle from which she is getting fucked is one of the best ones we have seen, and the fact that her perfect skin and nice body in general bends over and spreads makes everything so much hotter. Nice.

Where to Watch or Download Britney Light Porn?

When it comes to some of her best scenes, you have two choices, either go for the white dicks and the hot chick or interracial porn, since she seems to be into that kind of shit more than regular porn, which is great news for anyone who is into black porn.

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