Britney Light Pornstar (2024)

Biography, zodiac sign and epic porn scenes.

Britney Light Pornstar: Bio & Top 20 Porn Videos (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Here is something fresh and straight out of the pussy factory! A new pornstar that made its debut in 2017 and then “re-appeared” with a different name in late 2017. Please don’t get fooled by her innocence. She knows how to fuck and is excellent when it comes to porn.

Britney wasn’t very popular until 2019, so we are resurrecting this post with more of her scenes. However, we were the first to discover her right after the first clip with the porn studio.

About Britney Light

Nationality and Ethnicity: American, Caucasian

Age: 25-years-old
Birthday: March 3, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 1.63m or 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 58 kg or 128 lbs
Breast / Bra Size: 34B – 27 – 36
Tits: Natural

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Years Active: 2017 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @BritneyLightx
Official Instagram Account: britneylightx

Real Name: Unknown
Other Nicknames: Sable Jones

Britney Light Biography

One of the industry’s best-kept secrets, Britney is relatively new to porn. She has been shooting for only a few years since 2017 (as Sable Jones) and is known for interracial and stepsister fantasies. It hasn’t hit the mainstream porn networks yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

She has no tattoos or piercings but could consider one in the future. We’ve seen her social posts with a fake tattoo already.

There isn’t a lot of material to work with yet, but we will keep adding it as soon as more videos appear online.

20Tasting Big White Dick

There will be many more of these! Britney did a lot of black-on-white stuff in 2017 and 2019. Thankfully, in 2019 and the early 2020s, things got much better for her pussy, and she got to experience comfortable dicks. I remember seeing her exclusively on interracial porn sites.

If you are into details, take notice of her blowjob technique. It does improve with age, and while she can’t deepthroat yet, we can expect that soon.

19Licking Britney’s Pussy

Who doesn’t love oral sex? Especially if you don’t have to do anything! Here’s one that requires work from the male partner. You can see Britney’s pussy getting licked by a lucky dude. This GIF makes me happy and horny inside.

She has a beautiful ass, too, that is exposed at a perfect angle. Not to mention a peek at her tiny asshole that will soon stretch beyond the solar system. Also, she seems to be enjoying sex too. That’s a great thing, as most pornstars just don’t give a fuck about the dick or anything anymore. Not this one.

18A Trio of Friends

Here’s a long-ass trailer of her work; she appears last in the GIF so that you can forward it now. I now realize that in some scenes of hers, Britney acts like a starfish. That isn’t very good. At least you get to see two other sluts working properly.

It could be her PMS period, as other scenes are better. That’s one long GIF that people shortened to a few seconds; it was almost a minute long.

17Britney Light’s Facial Cumshot

I am unsure whether I would prefer to cum inside or on her face. That is like picking between two different flavors of your favorite ice cream. However, I would be happy in either case! While this is not creampie, it is another expression symbolizing love.

Yes, it’s all about cumming gallons of jizz all over her face. Therefore, all the minerals make that healthy skin glow a tad brighter.


16Fucking Her Hard

Another one from the Naughty America productions. Following the already beautiful scene with her pussy and a slowly moving tongue. It’s time for the action everyone has been hoping and waiting for!

Yes, it’s all about fucking Britney and fucking her hard. Not only does she have a tight pussy, but she is decent at sucking dicks and riding them too. So, it is like a perfect combination of everything. Notice how she got better compared to GIFs from 2017?

15Britney Light Tries Gangbang

Are you not satisfied with one giant black cock? There is only one way to solve this sad and first-world problem! Sure, just get more black cocks, as this is exactly what Britney does. But, unfortunately, despite the promising threesome scene, things didn’t go as planned.

The anal sex experiments are still beyond the magical lock, it seems. As well as stuffing two cocks inside Light’s asshole and pussy. As of now, enjoy the scene where it is all about enjoying interracial sex. Yum.

14Her Interracial Cock Riding Scene

No sluts were hurt in making this video, as it’s not Britney’s first or last porn scene with thick black cocks. I can assure you that! How so? Her Twitter feed is all about praising the BBC. The GIF above shows her hole pounded by a rather large penis.

Surprisingly, her pussy takes that thing just fine. Also, watching her ass jiggle simultaneously as the cock enters and pounds her pussy is freaking juicy. Of course, it only needs more smacking! Still, a good scene indeed.

13Britney Tests White Dicks

Well, just for comparison purposes, this one is the same cock riding scene, but instead of that juicy black cock, it is a member of the Caucasian family.

It’s prepared to conquer the very same pussy that many other men did. This position was my all-time favorite before I became an anal porn lover. Afterward, it was just doggy style or missionary but with cock inside her ass. You live and learn, I guess.

12Exposing Her Beautiful Asshole

Here is a scene that indicates the things to come in her pornstar carrier, which is anal. So take a good deep look into that tight little asshole of Sabe Jones or Britney Light. Who else is excited about that entrance? Please, God, make it happen.

As for this scene, it is good old-fashioned sex. I mean, the doggy style will never go out of style. Just with some ass pounding and cock grinding. Hot.


11Sable Jones Light Chocking

Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass and choked her at the same time? The pleasure you both get is fantastic.

In this all-loving scene, it’s one-sided choking, which can count as a coin, at least as far as the love story goes. However, 50% of something is better than 0%, right? So, following the infection of that big black cock into her dripping wet pussy, we get to see the guy’s hands wrap all around her neck. That’s when we start the slow and full of pleasure choking scene.

10Britney’s Lesbian Scene

Cum and explore her attempts at pleasing a woman. Porn is like a sect; at first, they act all nice and such. Maybe you will even get invited to a party or something. A few drinks and scenes later, and it’s hardcore porn.

This is far from her reality, but here is her first lesbian scene! It starts solo, then adds slow kissing and pussy rubbing, followed by 69.

9Juicy Facial Shot

Instead of buying diamond rings and expensive jewelry, finish on your spouse’s face. If porn resembles real life, then your warm cum will make the love of your life happy. She will be much happier than after receiving a golden watch or something.

Sure, she might not talk to her friends about the former, but it’s for her happiness!


8MFF Threesome with Britney

Falling into the depths of the porn industry, Britney Light is back with another threesome. Only in porn will you have men act like this. Imagine if you caught your significant other cheating.

First, they would not invite you over unless they are drunk as fuck. Second, the second woman would be some ugly skank from your work. Anyway, screw reality. Let’s just all have fun and enjoy the fruits of her labor.


7Public Masturbation

Such scenarios always happen to me! You start jerking off in public, and some creep approaches you from behind. Can we have some private time, please? It’s not like space is running out; everyone must be at the same square.

You do know how this video ends, right? Britney uses that wet pussy to welcome a thick guest inside, and his name is Mr. Dick.

6Smacking Her Ass and Fucking from Behind

That’s a view reserved only for the highest rank among the gods. You get to spank her ass and listen to that pleasant sound of flesh pounding and the angle from which she is getting fucked. It’s one of the best ones we have seen.

Furthermore, the fact she has perfect skin and a seductive body is just superb. Also, how Britney bends over and spreads makes everything hotter. Nice!

5POV Sex Scene with Britney Light

Let’s share an intimate moment with Britney, and if this POV GIF is not doing that for you, move one position below. Here we have our blond pornstar demonstrating mediocre blowjob skills. However, one can surely tell she is still a newly discovered pornstar.

Sure, there will always be sluts come-to-scenes prepared to annihilate that dick. But it is also fair to say that the average “new pornstar” is at this level. Not meh, but nothing to be proud of either.

4Her Best POV Video Yet

This one is too close for comfort; it’s like Britney is in my room. My mind suddenly pressures me to clean the apartment and masturbate before the eventless night. However, it is one of her greatest works to date and exposes her strengths and weaknesses.

You have an ugly stomach with more fat than there is inside Burger King’s Whopper, but then again, that grinding, flexing, and posing make us forget all that.


3Britney Falls in Love with Cock

Don’t we all love cock? Pretty much every woman I dated long-term did say something along these lines. I’m sure there was no actual love, and they acted nicely, but these words are pleasing to hear.

Here, Britney White finally experiences true love. Who knew that it’s not a heart but cock-shaped? This GIF is all about New Year’s, and the one below will be about another, even better holiday.

2Best Friends Having Fun

This GIF is from Britney’s Christmas special and a top-rated teen porn site. She is a teen pornstar still, at least until you reach the 30s. Santa Claus stayed at his place this time, and the naughty elves were the ones to fuck her.

It’s a party in full swing, near the fireplace, decorations, etc. The white-bearded man did not get to say “ho, ho, ho,” but there are plenty of hoes!


1Cum Swap with Britney

Get to know one of her first scenes with something other than black dicks. We split her videos into GIFs, so here is the one to end them all. The guy gets to have a happy ending with two sluts begging to receive the load.

Britney Light gets lucky and has the honor to swap cum with her girlfriend, Mia Malkova. Now, who is going to wash all these dirty sheets afterward?


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Stay tuned for more.

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