Top 10: Celebrity Pornstar Lookalikes (2018)

These pornstars look exactly like famous celebs from Hollywood.

Top 10: Celebrity Pornstar Lookalikes (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. I Know That Girl

Sometimes alternatives are much better than the real deal, and same can be said about celebrity pornstar lookalikes. Every other year there is another celebrity sex tape leaked, but it happens so rarely that waiting for your own favorite actress to get her porn video exposed feels like watching the paint dry. At least with the paint, you get to see results eventually. Let’s face the facts, some celebrities will never have their own porn videos. The hero that brought celeb gallery dumps and videos in a form of the fappening movement has already been jailed, so it’s time to look somewhere else.

The best and legal way to watch your favorite celebrity fucked in the ass is through pornstar lookalikes. With millions of whores in adult biz, the chances of you finding someone that looks exactly like your crush in Hollywood are much higher. You could always do your own research and blaze through various pornstar indexes, but why not leave it to the professionals?

12Faith Leon – Lyndsy Fonseca

Just so we are clear on the formatting part, it’s pornstar’s nickname followed by the celebrity name. Lyndsy Fonseca is an American actress from Oakland, California and is known for her roles in movies like How I Met Your Mother, Nikita, Desperate Housewives, CSI Crime Scene Investigation, American Dad and The Escort. Her portfolio is very impressive and the only thing missing is Lyndsy Fonseca’s sex tape. Thankfully, this is where Faith Leon comes in handy. To have a good time watching her porn, you need to travel back in time when our actress still had long wavy hair and died them black. Her latest IMDB profile shows her in a very different style, but no matter how much you change, your fans will remember you as a Faith Leon lookalike.

11Jenna Presley – Elizabeth Hurley

One of my personal favorite celebrities that has an equally hot pornstar lookalike. If Elizabeth’s name does not ring a bell to you, let me refresh your memory and remind you of her involvement in Gossip Girl, Wonder Woman, Bad Boy, The Royals and most importantly, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. I can’t wait for the sequel to that one. There aren’t any Elizabeth Hurley nudes or even accidental pussy pics, but you got something even better: her twin in porn, Jenna Presley. These girls are pretty much identical and unlike Hurley, Jenna Presley is fine with threesomes, anal sex and choking. Even better, the pornstar is much younger than our celebrity, with a body of a 31-year old horny slut, worthy of every drop of semen.

Source: The famous site.

10Dani Jensen – Lindsay Lohan

Hold on for a second, this is Lindsay Lohan before doing coke. It’s fucking tragic to see one of the prettiest celebrities destroy her looks with some shitty decisions, drugs included. There are far too many awards or roles to list for this girl, but we will do our best. Lohan played Anna Coleman in Freaky Friday and Cady Heron in Mean Girls. Her involvement does not just stop in cinema and according to the bio, Lindsay Lohan has since released two music albums, with one reaching platinum status. A lot of fans would love to see her in a much better shape and thanks to Dani Jensen, her pornstar twin, we get to watch just that. Since Lindsay identifies herself as bisexual, this scene makes the whole thing even better.

Source:, 4k porn site.

9Kenzi Marie – Kristen Bell

A masculine Hollywood celebrity with ancestry from Poland, Germany, Ireland and Scotland (that’s bit too much for my own taste). One of the least attractive celebrities and I am not the only one with that opinion. Her recent roles are mostly voice, Anna in Frozen and Martha in Family Guy. Kristen was decent looking 5 year ago and landed roles in House of Lies series, Gossip Girl and Scream 4 (I miss that series). Kenzi Marie is our pornstar of choice for this celeb and minus few star tattoos, it’s a great match. Sure, her voice might not be identical but how much do these pornstars do really talk? Kenzi Marie is 7 years younger but you could never tell. Either Kristen is taking care of her much better or our whore is just a dumb slut and is abusing her body.

8Natasha Nice – Katy Perry

I would bang any of these two girls, be it younger Katy Perry or her pornstar lookalike, Natasha Nice. Now, I do not recommend searching for the recent Perry pictures as this celebrity went full retard, with short hair and blond look. The funniest thing about Katy is her whale like look and as you might guessed, she is a feminist, seriously. After seeing her recent changes, I just hit CTRL+F with keyword “feminist” in the search box (bio article), and boom, money shot. So, if you want to see a feminist choked, fucked in the butt and abused, Natasha Nice is your pornstar. She was already featured in our natural tits top 10 article, and here we go again. This girl has some talent and just like Katy Perry (would love her sex tape just for the sake of it), she also dyed her hair. Not a massive transformation that we were looking for, but no complaining here.

Source: PornHub Premium, now free.

7Sophie Lynx – Olivia Wilde

The famous celebrity that appeared in movies like Tron, Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Lazarus Effect and Deadfall. Her key feature is a jaw, that is ridiculously good and well defined. Olivia’s pornstar lookalike is Sophie Lynx from Hungary, a no stranger in the xxx industry. If there comes a time when God decides to show us Olivia Wilde’s pussy or give us a sex tape, the video above is what you can expect. Both girls appear to be passionate and involved in their own careers. Receiving a blowjob with a privilege to cum inside Olivia is a dream of many men or women (assuming they squirt). Hopefully, we will see a real deal sooner than later, and preferably before she gets too old to turn anyone on.


6Missy Stone – Michelle Trachtenberg

Everyone knows Michelle Trachtenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but she also appeared in other movies like 17 Again, Inspector Gadget and Gossip Girl. I am not a fan of her looks or features but would never pass a chance to fuck her. That’s the thing with these celebrities, no matter how ugly some of them are, people will pay for a privilege to see them naked, just because of the status itself. Now, for Michelle’s fans, this is a dream come true as we have Missy Stone, who looks exactly like her. Things do get only better from there and you can already see that from the anal scene above. I would love to see more celebrities doing butt stuff, a boner for us and the end of acting business for them.


5Abigaile Johnson – Anna Kendrick

I am not into chick flicks or stupid comedies, so Anan Kendrick was a new discovery for me. Having learned that she had roles in movies like Mr. Right, Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods and Twilight, we began searching for pornstars that look like her. After almost losing the hope, one of our editors came across Abigaile Johnson, a slut from Czech Republic. Her body features are not the sharpest or her strongest point, but the face is what matters, if you are not touching her breasts. I think this scene does not do a good justice at showing all Abigaile’s talent, she seems passive and not that interested. If you had a chance to have sex with one of them, who would it be, Anna Kendrick or Abigaile Johnson?


4Anetta Keys – Alicia Keys

This girl is golden, yet not much porn of hers can be found online, at least the recent videos. Must have been a go-go dancer or just a party slut and since retired or went all saint and shit. As for Alicia Keys nudes, there haven’t been any leaks or even nip slips that reveal her tits or pussy. She did always strike me as a classy woman, something that I can’t say about a lot of these celebrities. So, how can you watch Alicia sex scenes? With the help of Anetta Keys and some imagination. As I said, this pornstar did stop producing porn so your best bet are porn sites with as many videos as possible, or PornHub. Did you know that Alicia Keys won Grammy awards 15 times? The world demands her nudes and while we wait, enjoy your second best bet: a pornstar lookalike.

Deal: She is on PornHub Premium, join for free.

3Meggan Mallone – Kristen Stewart

Kristen might not be a 1st tier celebrity, but her pornstar lookalike has already been found by our staff. We already have a good idea of Stewart’s pussy appearance and tits. All body parts have been leaked and here is a thing: she has no tits, seriously. With the money you get from a decent number of roles, I expected some fake tits to solve this issue. Thankfully, Meggan Mallone comes to the picture and brings some decent porn shots to the scene. I think we speak for most of you when we say that watching Meggan having sex is even better than watching Kirsten Stewart. One has beautiful boobs and very feminine face, another is meh. Mallone can swallow and is fine with lesbian or straight porn, the celebrity on other hand would not be that interesting to watch.

Source: Find her on Brazzers with $1 join option.

2Jesse Jane – Jaime Pressly – Mena Suvari

Jesse Jane is why I have started to look for pornstar celebrity lookalikes in the first place. I know that most of you will think that her less kinky twin is Jaime Pressly from Not Another Teen Movie, My Name is Earl and Happy Family, but for me it’s all about Mena Suvari from American Beauty. It changed my life and gave me a totally different perspective on life, and it goes without saying that I was obsessed with Angela Hayes. I think I fell in love with her and never dreamed to ever see her naked. Well, many years later when I pretty much forgot about American Beauty, the roads lead me to Jesse Jane, shocking me to such an extent that I assumed she left mainstream movies and went straight to porn. Of course, that was a different actress, but I can’t be the only one in this world that does see the similarities between these three women, right?


1Jana Jordan – Taylor Swift

I think that even the trolls living in caves have heard of Taylor Swift, one of the most successful singers and songwriters in the USA. I feel bad for her recent interactions with fans (or psychos). Basically, she has multiple people trying to get into her property, with the recent report showing an attempted robbery or kidnapping. Some sociopath was arrested with a stack of rope and knifes. Taylor Swift is only 28, so dealing with all this bullshit must be hard on her. All we care about though is the hardness of our dicks and I have a perfect celebrity lookalike: Jana Jordan. Most of these pornstars only get attention because of their resemblance to popular actresses or singers, but Jana Jordan can hold on its own. One of the most beautiful women in porn right now, and despite her being bit older than Taylor Swift, she does look like a better version of her.

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If you have found this list as enjoyable as we did, give it a nice rating and leave your feedback below. For the premium celebrity porn sites, see our reviews section. Yes, there are sites offering real celebrity sex tapes and leaked nudes, none of the fakery of lookalike bullshit.

Top 10: Celebrity Pornstar Lookalikes (2018)
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