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RedBled was created as a go-to place for adult entertainment. Our editors have spent thousands of hours covering most popular porn sites with in-depth reviews, researching plenty of top 10 pornstars and interviewing some of the world’s most famous adult performers. We are truly passionate about adult education, and while it’s not a subject for everyone, you might be the fan of RedBled that could return for our site again. With cool articles and you as a happy user, our mission is clear: to create the best eduational adult site there is and to leave our visitors satisfied.

The hardest thing about writing informational articles is the language. Every pornstar likes to call herself slut, whore, hoe, cum box, some like when you degrade them and call all kinds of different words. Thereore, we use the same words to desribe the said performers and just try to match the tone of the overall adult industry or the article. Even when we are not into a said fetish, we try to approach theses from the eye of a reader. No, these women aren’t any of these things, and it’s just part of the persona that they put on to star in an adult movie and get more fans. So, don’t get offended by something that is said in a non mean way, this is how the world of adult entertianment works. This is a satire website that aims to highlight and exaggerate the overall tone and language to the levels that are ridiculous and funny.

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