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Eporner Review

Give me a free tube site and I will tell you a million reasons why it sucks. Most complains will be the same and revolve around advertising and bad video quality. And while there are some tubes that charge you few bucks per month to unlock Full HD and remove ads, I do believe that there are even greater alternatives out there. Today, I have found one of them. Not only was it one of the best free porn discoveries out there, but I never expected it to be in a form of 4k videos. This is like finding a wallet full of millions, but instead of dollars, it’s pounds or swiss franks (they are worth more).

I have checked the video sizes to make sure they are not serving over scaled crap and most were around 5 gigabytes (when 2160p is enabled). It does look like Eporner.com is a real deal and unless they artificially implode the size (which is non-sense), these few pages of videos are the best free porn you are going to watch. Yes, there are only two pages of content and some of it is 2k. Thankfully, all are labeled upfront so you are not getting tricked into watching 24 porn that you think is 4k. Unless you don’t recognize numbers or letters. I would say there are around 40 to 60 true 4k videos, which is awesome. I did not expect to find these quantities. To tell you the truth, if you have white on white taste only then the selection goes down even further as some of these were all about black guys fucking white pornstars.

The video quality is nice and while it does not represent the real thing, I would say it is around 80-90% accurate, depending on the network. There were few 4k videos that looked like shit, worse than 1080p DVDs, but most were decent. Yes, expect annoying advertising placements everywhere, but at least it does not spam you with ads that appear when you pause the video. You know, sometimes you just want to take a screenshot and send it to a friend. There is also another category of 60 fps porn and while not fully related to 4k content, it is another awesome trend that must continue expanding. Feels much more real and true to life than the shitty 24 frames per second. There are some paid sites that offer 4k in 60 fps. Watching a video like that is like getting jerked off by all your crushes and exes at once. The experience that is hard to forget (and repeat).


This is the best free 4k tube site out there and you are not going to find anything better, at least for the time being. A must visit for any porn fan.

Eporner 4K

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  • This is the best free 4k porn site there is
  • The videos are not overly compressed
  • Most videos are 20 to 30 minutes
  • Community implementation
  • No in-player ads


  • There are only 2 pages of free 4k porn
  • Same awful ads as everywhere else
  • Half of porn is interracial


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