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Exotic4K Introduction

Exotic4K is one of the more interesting web pages when it comes to ebony and black porn, mostly because it is rather new and focuses on highest quality videos in the 4K resolution over crappy 720p and low production values.

About Exotic 4K

Founded in 2004, Exotic4K.com is one of the very few adult porn sites that offers ebony, black, Latina and pretty much all exotic content (aka nonwhite) in the glorious, 4K (3840×2160) resolution. Seeing steady updates for many years now, it quickly became one of our favorite sites of all time, mostly because of the incredible video quality, beautiful pornstars and constant updates.

Exotic4K Adult Content

I’ll be honest with you, the site Exotic4K has been suggested by few people out there but I never managed or wanted to do another black porn site review just yet, mostly because some of the freshly launched pages always end up dead few years later and you are left with just the old content and a burning hole in your pocket.

Well, seeing the site producing black and ebony porn or pretty much any exotic content for 4 years straight now without any pauses (there was one due to a technical issue in March to April but that has been since solved), I believe it is time to get it listed on our best sites lists.

When it comes to content, it looks like Exotic4K has been shooting a lot of it and with at least three updates per week, it is still going strong. Over the period of its lifetime, the site has accumulated more than one hundred videos that are obviously, as good as one can get, unless there are some studios already shooting 8K porn, but I doubt that. As I have already said, the updates have been rather steady and seeing it as still a new site, there are some sacrifices that one has to keep in mind. Since all the content is 4K, don’t expect to find videos that are of 10-year-old. It feels like the site just cut the ties related to the old porn sites that are still stuck in the 720p age and just made a fresh start, which is welcome.

Seriously, the transition from the Full HD to Ultra Full HD is incredible, I did not expect much but even on the regular 1080p display it is a drastic difference, it all comes down to not only the resolution but also the bit rate, which is as high as 12k kbps. Watching these black and ebony chicks getting fucked feels like you are pretty much standing in front of them, which is hot. Also, they do seem to have a rather impressive collection of pornstars, be it sexy Latinas, chocolate African Americans or sizzling ebonies. The content variety is way above average too with POV scenes, erotic massages, good old anal, etc.

If you are into images, there are over 100 of galleries with around 300 pictures per set. The interesting and sad part is that these pictures are uploaded with the resolution of 1500 x 1000 px, which is odd, considering that the video content is just fucking incredible. It’s like one part of the site has been created by the futuristic porn directors and producers while the picture part is still run by someone in a basement, taking pictures with the iPhone 3GS. I just don’t get it. Maybe no-one is downloading pictures anymore?

Features and User Interface

Being ahead of the curve with the 4k exotic pornstar videos, one might expect to have at least above average user interface and thankfully, it is way better than the average. Unlike a lot of sites these days, you can actually rate and see the average rating of a video when browsing content, which makes the whole porn seeking experience that much easier. In addition to that, you can sort 4k content by most popular, most viewed or alphabetically, same applies to pornstars, so you can always find out the quickly rising talent and all time, community favorites.

After you open the video, it ca be added to favorites, downloaded instantly or just streamed, same applies to picture galleries. The trailers are also present for pretty much every exotic porn scene so if you are still unsure whether the video is worth it, all you have to do is watch ten seconds of the trailer or so and have a general understanding on what this sex scene is all about. One thing that I missed however was user community, as there seems to be no way to leave comments below the videos, only rate them.

Update: that is no longer the case, you can now leave comments and even upvote and downvote them, which is great. Exotic4K web masters seems to be listening to the community and I can appreciate that.

All in all, it as a simple and easy to use interface, with black theme that is not hard on your eyes, mobile and PC friendly layout and no annoying slowdowns.

Exotic4K Network Statistics

Number of videos: 100+
HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p): Yes
4K Content: Yes
VR Content: No
Streaming: Yes
Downloading: Yes
Average length: 27 minutes

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Sam's rating
Rating 9.3


  • Relatively cheap and without any hidden fees
  • The best video quality in the industry
  • Seriously, 4K porn is fucking awesome
  • Really modern and thought out site
  • Mobile and PC optimized layout
  • Features exclusive content only
  • The pornstars are really hot
  • No downloading limits


  • Needs more ebony and black content
  • Had a delay in updates in March
  • Low resolution galleries


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