Top 20: Really Flat Chested Pornstars (2024)

Boyish flat chest is what you get when you have no breasts.

Top 20++: Really Flat Chested Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

I remember one thing when I think of flat-chested: boyish-looking pornstars, and you know what that means. It’s time for another hot story, and this one is true. I believe all of them are, but anyway. I used to have a girlfriend with rather big tits, they were not extreme but still big. One day she asks me about my ex and I just tell her straight up: her boobs were bigger. Now, this is where the shit hit the fan. She got so pissed that for the next few months the only topic she would ever talk about was breast implants. Eventually, she got to me by saying that I have had a small dick (measured with a ruler to piss me off). It is not on a smaller side or anything, but she was just a bitch. I did get butthurt, though.

Eventually, it all ended; we would not have sex with the lights on, etc. More dramas, conflicts, and other crap. She was a cheating whore, by the way. Back to the flat chests and no breasts. I believe we did a rather good job at picking some of the top 10 hottest pornstars out there that are still fuckable, despite small titties.

Please note: this list is for flat-chested females. Not the ones with somewhat okay tits, but no tits at all. Zero tits. We do plan to make a list featuring small breasts too. Stay tuned.

22Elle Alexandra

Dominating lesbian scenes and tasting pussies of all shapes, there wasn’t a video where Elle had tits larger than a partner of hers. It’s much easier for a tiny babe to have invisible tits. Yet, when some meat or fat is involved, Alexandra takes a cake and can eat it too. If all men turned into those obsessed with flat-chested pornstars, this girl could go all the way to the top.

Like, her face is taking my breath away and I don’t even care what else there is to Elle’s body. Thankfully, the gap between those soft legs is as pleasant as a summer garden.


21Morgane French

You know nature fucked you over when your nipples are larger than your natural breasts. Morgane French with her head covered could fool 99% of us. Just cover the top part of this GIF and look at her body. It’s manly, right? I can’t tell if it’s a male or female.

She is also one of the oldest pornstars here and will likely never know what it’s like to have big boobs. Maybe if she gained some weight? Okay, that’s my suggestion for every woman here. Nonetheless, a decent six out of ten when horny.

20Aria Haze

No boobs, no problem! Aria Haze is almost a walking skeleton since it’s just skin and bones. I couldn’t find a curve with a magnifying glass, which must’ve been traumatic during early adulthood. Especially after a yoga class when every slut goes to the shower and walks butt naked.

It’s like being born with a micropenis where every year you convince yourself that “it will grow soon”. Eventually, you accept the hard facts and get depressed. In this case, Aria’s tits remained in another dimension and there’s no hope. Still, eating a pack of donuts daily could improve the situation, although it gets rid of this look.

19Anne Howe

Oh, it’s a LAN party with a higher male-to-female ratio, in which case it’s one to four. Her measurements are impressive and sit at 32A-21-32. That’s a male body-builder chest’s territory. I think that Anne Howe looks as good as she can. Any thoughts of her with larger breasts don’t seem to work.

She isn’t just wild, but also extremely kinky. It’s a decent foursome scene with one of the cuter pornstars with tiny tits.

18Eva Fenix

The only Honduran pornstar we know of is Eva Fenix and her massively small chest. Honduras is a small country in South America near Guatemala. To match her miniature tits, you also get a tiny ass. However, don’t confuse her for a petite pornstar.

To be fair, Eva looks chubby or slightly overweight to us. Her tits would shrink from small to invisible if it wasn’t for that helpful fat.

17Kitty Jung

Kitty Jung is one of the most known pornstars with no breasts at all. Bit of a rarity in the porn business since Asian performers go straight to breast implants. These girls aren’t known for their curves, ass, or boobs.

Fucking this tiny pornstar must be bliss. You have a tiny and very juicy pussy that hides one surprise. Take a moment and study her clit! Do you see that cute little piercing?

16Dakota Charms

The mightiest of all cumshots has more volume than both of Dakota’s tits. At first glance, she’s a hard-working slut with nothing but the talent to thank her. However, a freakish anomaly on the left breast will discourage betas from acting on their instincts. Not sure if it’s a breast tumor or a bone defect.

Among all the flat-chested pornstars we’ve seen so far, this babe with small tits is the bravest. Who else would dare to take a blast like that?

15Andrea Anderson

Here’s a pornstar that is not so ashamed of her flat looks. The bottom part is quite nice, to be fair. While one couldn’t fuck Andrea with her lying on the back, the on your knees taking cum position works. There could be some jiggling action and she is a moaner too.

Here’s a shocker, her boobs are real! Does anyone hope to see her with some implants in the future? For now, Andrea will be stuck with her 34A-23-35 measurements.

14Aimee Ryan

Meet our next contender to the flattest pornstar in the fucking place that the Earth is. I do love pale girls for some reason; they just remind me of luxury and whatever. However, look at these nipples. They are bigger than her chest and by chest, I mean her fucking chest.

There are no tits there, even when using a magnifying glass provided on my Windows computer. Also, this is slightly off-topic, but check out her armpits. What the fuck is happening there?

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

13Kacey Lane

Okay, so this one is not that bad. Lane “sort of” have no breasts, but there is some meat to grab onto. I love how Kacey looks most of the time, and she seems to be a rather tall pornstar. Are you into flat-chested pornstars? I would bang her, for sure.

Good looking and with nice heels. Her pussy seems to be tasting great too, at least that’s what I think when I look at the dude eating her out. Just take off these shoes, please.


12Kiera Winters

My flat tires have more meat on them than there is boob tissue on Kiera’s chest. I had my doubts considering the failure that her first casting scene more than a decade ago. She did not enjoy a facial, not one bit. Also, the makeup was of lower quality than amateur’s fanfiction writings. But just in two years, Kiera Winters has blossomed into a beautiful flower that no longer has anxiety about sex. Okay, maybe it’s a flower without a blossom or even a stem, but we find the whole package attractive still.

Someday, to climb up the ladder, she might consider a tiny boob implant. That’s reality, folks, and even if it’s smaller than an ant, we’d be saddened by the news.

11Gigi Rivera

Two things instantly come to my mind: I am fucking hungry, and I am glad to be a guy. But, seriously, imagine being born with these tiny tits. If you also were not blessed with the looks, you are fucked. Seriously. On a positive note, you could find some beta dude with lots of cash that could support you.

That is if you do not mind getting fucked in the ass, every single day, by him, his brother, and the whole family of inbreeds.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

10Alina Li

Look at our first Asian in the list, which is surprising, given that they rarely have a decent body and this one shows. It’s a one-man’s bukkake party, all right. She does not have the smallest boobs in this list, they are rather large compared to others, but still just as bad. Also, just fuck this scene. Alina is covered in cum, it must be healthy for her skin.

I think this is the biggest lie some dudes started spreading around in the 14th century. Fun fact: micromastia is what you call women with little to no breast tissue.

9Jenny Doll

When your nipples are larger than your tits, don’t be sad; cherish the feeling of an extreme accomplishment because the extra fans we bring will give you joy. That’s what RedBled mentions do the pornstars, be it with flat chest or not.

Ask your guy friends if they’d trade larger boobs for a worse look, and you’ll be surprised by the answers. Most would pick more meat over everything else. However, Jenny Doll is an exception because no matter if she has just a nipple or 40DD tits, her appearance will win you over.

8Sindy Vega

Hit CTRL + F, type tits, and press enter. No tits found. Her chest is flat, as flat as a fucking flat tire that has been lying around in the trash can. Another victim of God’s hate, since he was like… Nah, you are all good.

Vega is not very good-looking either, but probably still gets to fuck more dudes than most guys. And speaking of that, if you are into dating sites and looking for a nice lay that either has biggest or smallest tits, see that post.

7Roxxi Silver (Christy Lynn)

You must feel sorry sometimes for these pornstars, especially when there is a threesome involved. No, it is a correct GIF, but let me tell you a story. I did see it happen before where Roxxi always kept touching another adult actress’s tits, every single fucking time. Then Christy watch her getting fucked while covering her boobs.

It’s like she is ashamed and feels bad about her flat chest, which is good. A hot one, for sure, with a tattoo near her groin that says something about size not mattering.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

6Sensi Pearl

Another somewhat hot flat chested pornstar. She seems to be a bit flexible too, which is good. I mean, somehow you do have to compensate for the missing bits. I am unsure what the fuck is wrong with her shoes, but I am still a fuckable adult porn star. Small pussy, micro breasts, and somewhat okay hair.

Nothing spectacular and nothing bland, a combo of good and bad. Would you confuse Sensi for a male with head covered?


5Alaina Dawson

Quick question: do you need a bra when you have a flat chest? We are now entering a higher caliber pornstars range, and you can see from pretty much everything. Juicy vagina (that’s short for vagina), incredible ass (anal is awesome), great attitude, and nice fucking skills. It’s like she has learned to appreciate the no-boobs part and is just enjoying the porn.

I need to rub one out before falling in love with Alaina. Empty balls don’t cloud a male’s judgment. Do that before the wedding too.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

4Kylie Nicole

Have you ever seen a flying whore? Here is one. Under normal circumstances, this dude could hold her by the tits and let things balance out, but there is nothing to grab there.

She does not have to wear any bra, and there are no breasts to hide. They do not exist. The looks do help her as Kylie is a rather hot pornstar. One of the best or better ones on this list. As the saying goes… I believe I can fly… And then touch the sky.


3Kristine Kahill

You got Jesus at the bottom and a decent flat-chested whore on the right. I do appreciate her enthusiasm and acting skills. But, unfortunately, it does appear that Kristine is not enjoying this at all.

Also, notice the Jesus guy not touching her tits. Probably because there is nothing to touch or grab onto. Still, I do love her and would not mind having her as a girlfriend, at least for a day or two. But, then it just gets sadder and sadder, every single day.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

2Riley Star

The world’s unluckiest grandpa, or the most fortunate one? He did not get to fuck her but had a great show. Riley Star isn’t your average amateur. No, she is the opposite of that. A skillful slut with zero fucks given and public sex scenes.

Next time you wait for that bus, smell the bench. Maybe it’s the one where people filmed this porn scene. Riley has no tits but compensates with her wild attitude and a nice butt.


1Kennedy Kressler

The champion of the flat-chested pornstars: Kennedy. Some fucker put a watermark on the video, but we got a real source. She has ponytails and is the hottest on this list. Seriously, fucking the sexy blonde with the flexibility of chewing gum.

Beautiful small ass, petite body in general, sweet pussy, and it keeps going; like a diarhea after a spicy burrito. Now, this is a girlfriend (or jerking off) material. A truly beautiful slut that would take my dick to her butt.


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