Top 20: Passionate Hawaiian & Filipina Pornstars (2023)

From the countries of Hawaii and Philippines come our picks for best pornstars.

Top 20++: Passionate Hawaiian & Filipina Pornstars (2023)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

The Philippines and Hawaii are some of the most beautiful islands the universe has produced. But did you know that there are a lot of Filipinos in both? So, not wanting to separate these two Asian cultures, it’s time to rank the hottest Hawaiian and Filipina pornstars the world has ever seen.

There aren’t that many though. Most of the top pornstars parents have moved to the states and gave birth to the slutty American citizens. Sure, these don’t technically qualify as Hawaiian or whatnot. Anyway, we did our best and here we are, diving into the next top 20.

22Babe Kascha

Our first contender is Babe Kascha, a hot Asian blond who left the industry some years ago. She wasn’t particularly good at sex, but at least looked good. You can see from the GIF that the guy is struggling to properly shove his dick in. She does not even know how to properly arch her back for the doggystyle.

Looks like Geisha in this video, with red cheeks and full lips. Even with that lame sex performance, Kascha is still a babe we cannot get enough of.

21Sabrine Maui

Who’s this cum eating Asian petite? It’s Sabrine Maui, the American-Filipino pornstar that has some magic tricks up her sleeve. Despite being close to 40, she still looks barely legal. These tropical fruits, fresh fish, and other goodies could slow aging. She is not the unique snowflake down the list though.

Born in Manila, Philippines, Sabrine has been doing porn for nearly ten years. It is one of her older scenes, full of cum fear, and innocence.

20Natalia Forrest

Manila is the capital of one of the most stunning countries I’ve been to this year. That’s where Natalia Forrest, the Filipina pornstar was born at. The nourishing sunlight rays have made her skin not only soft but sexy as well.

Masturbating happily in the shower after the massive dose of Vitamin D, Natalia wants nothing more than your penis. Speaking of this GIF, do people find clit spreading attractive?

19Mika Tan

Motivated until there is nothing else to milk, Mika Tan is a jewel of Hawaiian pornstars. Long black hair, wide eyes, and a look that is full of crazy. As my friend said yesterday, who cares if a woman that sucks your dick has daddy issues? You are not marrying her or anything.

Her tiny hands are great for dicks of all shapes, sizes, and proportions. In other words, any man can feel empowered while fucking Mika, or getting his cock sucked by her. Just a tiny Asian slut that you bang daily.

18Mimi Miyagi

Have fun remembering and pronouncing this fuck-up of an alias. Mimi Miyagi was not blessed with the looks, but that did not change anything in the long game. In the early 00s, she pushed her luck with massive tits implants and the results you can judge yourself.

These fake breasts look like the raw onions one push into the stockings. Mimi is of Filipino descent and is only 5’3”. One of the smaller pornstars from the beautiful country of the Philippines.

17Lily Thai

From Honolulu, Lily is a MILF Hawaiian pornstar that has quite a portfolio under her belt. Throw in some Italian genes and it’s a mix of wild and passionate. Pierced clit, cheap choker, and an ability to squirt. Who would not enjoy watching this performer?

Lily Thai was one of the most popular pornstars until something happened. Maybe she is just getting bored with porn or it’s the fans. In either case, it still ranks among the top 500 on PornHub. Not too shabby for a girl from Hawaii.

16Nautica Thorn

The ten-stroke man is all you can be with this hottie from Waipahu, Hawaii. These pink, half-teared leggings give this performer the appearance of an extreme slut. Someone you would bring to the parties and brutally fuck with your buddies. All intentional and approved by Nautica Thorn.

Enjoys getting her hair pulled, loves doggystyle sex position (who doesn’t), and basically… If you are getting short on masturbation material, watch the heck out of this one.

15Cris Taliana

What about some interracial porn featuring Hawaiian and Filipina pornstars? Cris Taliana juices black dicks like we do orange juice, every single morning. Sucking on the largest dicks in porn is not even a challenge for this slutty actress. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many women from these countries that love black male pornstars.

Cris won’t have any issues satisfying you and your friend simultaneously and with the same hole. You can even shove your whole fist down her mouth, and she would not notice.

14Jayna Oso

In 2008, Jayna appeared in a few shitty movies like “Cry Wolf” and “Groupie Love”, with the latter being an adult-themed movie. You even have “50 Cent” in the cast there. Now, there wasn’t anything else past that, so you know how that turned out for her.

Nonetheless, Jayna Oso can at least be proud of something else. Like hundreds of dicks that she had an opportunity to suck. Rough gangbangs and double penetration are her ace cards. This slut was born to be wild.

13Gianna Lynn

Born in the Philippines, Gianna Lynn has a reason to be here. A tiny figure and fake tits are always a great combo. It’s like ham and cheese, the good old American way. But, entering the porn highway in the 2010s and getting rammed by men or women, Gianna is an example of a great achiever.

You don’t even have to drink pineapple juice. She will grab a straw and drink it up. Even if she refuses, there is always someone on the side to open her mouth wide-open.

12CJ Miles

Reminding us of the hottest ebony pornstars with great booties, CJ Miles is one for the books. There aren’t many videos that are masturbation material, but since then we have learned to live with it. It’s mostly solo scenes with dildos and multiple teases.

Thankfully, CJ has come to her senses and released a few sex scenes. One is a 14-minute long blowjob, and another is straight fucking.

11Jessica Bangkok

With the most complicated ethnicity of a Filipino and Chamorro, Jessica has some admirable talents. Being used to the traditional Asian dishes, she also knows to overcome the salty vinegar taste, which means swallowing by default!

Did you know there’s such thing as being “a tri-sexual”? No, it has nothing to do with fucking trannies. Instead, it’s about your willingness to try anything. That’s how Bangkok describes herself although who is she trying to fool? It’s freaking porn and these things are expected. That’s like boasting about your hobbies that include hanging out with friends.

10Michelle Maylene

Here’s how you make easy money with sex cam shows. Fully undress, lay on the table and start pushing your asshole inside and out. Not much talent is necessary, but Michelle has no trouble getting roles in various adult-themed shots.

Like a broken clock repeating the same thing, Maylene also tried her luck in mainstream media. You know, just like most of the retired pornstars. Complex did rate her as one of the hottest Asian pornstars though.

9Jandi Lin

We must not forget one of the greatest pornstars of Hawaii, Jandi Lin. At the age of 34, this BDSM-loving Asian lives quite a life. In the afternoon, she enjoys all the great things this exotic island has to offer… From palm trees and cozy sun to tasty food.

Then, the evenings feature nothing else but a delicious dessert. Mostly made of sausage and creme fraiche. So did anal, rim jobs, foursomes, orgies, and everything elsementioned in kinky books. I loved that tear of happiness at the very end of this GIF.


8Clara Trinity

Clara is a sex bomb of the century with more intensity than an overheating nuclear reactor. Like a lobster tail which goes with a slab of melted butter, there’s nothing more suiting her face than your cum. It’s just a perfect contrast of dark skin and light semen.

Clara is a petite Filipina that can outride you. Unlike chubby blobs that give up a few minutes into reverse cowgirl, there’s no such thing as a pause in her vocabulary. The minute your pants and trousers drop, there’s no end in sight. So even if your balls are long empty, missis Trinity shall continue stroking it till her hands fall off.

7Annie Cruz

Hawaiian pornstars aren’t known for the love of anal, so Annie is a rare snowflake that needs to be handled gently. There’s no need to warm her oven, as once your dick is in her eyesight, it automatically prolapses.

Soon to celebrate 20-years in porn, Annie Cruz is one experienced slut. Her performances include multiple videos and parodies, our favorite being “Night of the Giving Head”. It just screams fun.


6Lana Violet

One of the kinkiest Filipino pornstars with a tiny frame and nymphomaniac appetite for sex. Lana will find someone else if you can’t fuck her for good. No, I am not just saying that… She admitted being with nymphomaniac tendencies.

That’s how her porn career started! Lana used to be fucked by everyone (at least in her words), and then had an idea… Why not get free dick and even get paid to do so? Now residing in California, she is a petite whore you do not want to miss.


5Callie Cyprus

It takes some time getting used to Callie’s bizarre zombie tattoo, but once you get over that shit… You are greeted with some of the hottest porn that will make your dick melt, at least post-orgasm. Sucking on her feet, banging teens and MILFs, Callie Cyprus is a Filipina pornstar that you need to watch.

Loves to take things slowly at first but then transforms into a full-on crazy sucking apparatus. Among my favorite GIFs is this one with a slut seen above. It’s a threesome with one twist.


4Akira Lane

This isn’t Asa’s cousin although the similarities are undeniable. Rimjobs are her passion and slurping on cocks is the only hobby that Akira Lane will sign up for. As half Japanese and half Hawaiian pornstar, she keeps her fans hooked with always exotic and wild XXX scenes.

Among her favorite scenarios are bondage porn and blindfolds. Rarely takes control and prefers a man to do his job, which we support.


3Charmane Star

With the most tongue-packed action of all Filipina pornstars, Charmane is a true lesbian pornstar. Was even named as one of the best pornstars by ANV, Complex, Hustler, and Penthouse. To top it all off, ReBled is crowning Charmane as one of the hottest.

Add over 300 titles to her wardrobe of porn closets and you must wonder… Why did she have to retire? Can you make an educated guess? It’s the same old story of a whore trying to become a Hollywood star. But we aren’t losing our hopes yet, even if there were no new credits in the last 3 years.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

2Kaylani Lei

In the league of truly professional whores, Kaylani Lei is perhaps one of the most-achieved Filipina pornstars. Her wild tattoos, incredibly coordinated porn scenes, and killer body can make any man pass out.

Weighting mere 99 pounds or 45 kilograms, Kaylani is a joy to fuck and manhandle. With over 200 videos among various pay porn sites, she shows no signs of slowing down. We think that this slut is just warming up her pussy and feet.


1Ember Snow

Fighting for equality and women’s rights, Ember Snow expects nothing else. That’s why in this GIF, she gets to experience the mustache of a man, except in white. Maybe that was a bad attempt at a joke, but she is such a lovable person.

With goo covering that filthy mouth, our interviewed Filipina pornstar is also open to bisexual scenes. The only requirement is that she too gets to experience an orgasm or two. We have no objections to that and welcome Ember into our open arms.


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