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Hitomi Tanaka, or simply Hitomi, is one of the most famous Japanese porn stars in the world and there are few reasons for that. She has already been featured as a number one in our best fake tits list, just look at her and it becomes pretty self-explanatory.

About Hitomi Tanaka

Nationality and Ethnicity: Japanese / Asian
Age: 31 years old
Birthday: 1986 July 18

Height: 1.56m or 4 ft 15 in
Weight: 50 kg or 110 lbs
Tit / Bra Size: 34O

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette

Years Active: 2007 – Now

Social Media Accounts

She also does have a Twitter account that is fairly active as well as Instagram.

Official Site:

Best Hitomi Tanaka GIFs and Porn Videos

Ready? Steady. Go.

10Hitomi Silent Fucking

It looks like public or porn in front of someone who is not aware is rather popular in Asia as at least one third of all porn videos we have seen with her involve that. However, in this one she proceeds to jerk the dick off while that guy’s girlfriend is away getting some groceries. In the meantime, Miss Tits 2000 strokes that dick so hard it cums all over her breasts. Hot, and we are just getting started.

9Sex While Eating

Some genius thought, why not combine two best things in the world: food and porn. As a result, you have the happiest dude in the whole world, getting his dick sucked while he enjoys a tasty meal. If that was me, I’d probably use the hands to squeeze these massive boobs but hey, I must give a medal to this guy for sticking to the script and for the discipline level of a ninja.

8Tanaka Fucked Hard

In this scene Hitomi is getting fucked hard by her fellow boyfriend, watch her biting the lip and squeezing that couch as she is about to experience an orgasm. I must admit that watching other people fuck her make me both happy and sad, since I would switch places with anyone in a heart beat although the sad part is… I’d probably cum all over her face instantly, maybe a creampie too, which would leave her disappointed in me.

7Hitomi Slow Motion Boob Bounce

There is nothing more beautiful than watching her massive, absolutely gigantic tits bouncing. The only way to make the whole experience even better? Make it all move in the slow motion. Dressed as a nurse, and with long black Asian hair, you can’t get much more exciting, unless you are gay, in that case add multiple cocks and anal scenes.

6Tanaka Visits a Doctor

I am not sure why she went to the doctor’s office in the first place but it looks like that was a great decision for both of them. Following the undressing where you can see her full body nude, and a little bit of ass jiggling, she proceeds to g all in, grinds that cock like a champion, sucks the dick, goes with some masturbation action and finishes with a cumshot on tits.

5Silent Sex and Cock Riding

While someone’s girlfriend is sleeping, or a boyfriend, Hitomi proceeds to not only suck the dick but also fuck pretty much an inch away from them. Great hip rotation action, cock sucking scenes, beuatiufl titties bouncing everywhere and of course, as in most of the Japanese porn scenes, it is all finished by a creampie, just jizz dripping outside her pussy.

4Sex in Bathroom and a Hard Fuck

Imagine getting stuck with her in a bathroom where she begs you to fuck her, doggy style, or any stile. After making your dick that much harder with her lips, it is the fuck time, which is as hot as it looks there. Also, minutes her amazing tits, she does have probably one of the best asses and beautiful vaginas in the whole porn industry too. Someday we shall see anal scene of hers.

3Hitomi Oily Tit Fuck

I fucking love oil, it makes everything look that much better and shinier, it is like the golden dust from the god itself that makes the whole scene a billion times better and when you combine that with the pornstar that rocks best tits in the industry, you get a scene not only worth of an Oscar but a Nobel Piece prize too, because bodies like these can stop the war.

2Hitomi Tanaka Creampie Scene

Now this scene has it all, it includes her fucking silently, and sucking dick while other woman has no idea what the fuck is going on. Then probably the best in the world tit fuck experience that got my dick so hard, it almost explosed, followed by sex shouting and orgasm sounds passed onto someone via cell phone and last but not least, a creampie. Holly fuck, that is hot.

1Hitomi Gets Cumshot and a Blowjob

Jesus fucking Christ, how fucking awesome does that tit fuck scene look where she sucks your cock at the same time as she uses her tits to fuck your dick up too? It’s like watching something from the sci-fi movie as these experience are hardly possible for anyone but our favorite Japanese pornstar. Then it is all finished by hand with one of the best handjobs and a smile on her face.

Where to Watch or Download Hitomi Tanaka Porn?

Since she is a Japanese porn star, there finding her uncensored or censored porn is rather hard these days. In fact, it took us quite some time to figure our what the fuck is going on and why she is nowhere to be found.

However, after some digging we did find her official site with English navigation and content:

#1 Choice: – – Her official web site that is the most frequently updated

#2 Choice: – PornHub Premium – Another alternative that is bit cheaper and allows you to watch and stream all her porn videos found on Porn Hub in the highest resolution possible.

These are our picks and favorites as of now.

Top 10 Hitomi Tanaka Picture Galleries

And here you have it, folks.

Anything else? Let us know.

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