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The stunning details of Asian pornstar, Hitomi Tanaka.

Hitomi Tanaka Pornstar: Bio & Top 20 Porn Videos (2024)

#1. Brazzers
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#3. BangBros

Hitomi Tanaka, or simply Hitomi, is one of the world’s most famous Japanese porn stars, and there are a few reasons for that. She has already been a favorite of ours. Did you know that this beauty was a number one in our best fake tits list before we realized one thing? Yes, her boobs are real, and we foxed the article. Just look at her, and it becomes self-explanatory. Today, we are expanding her portfolio with some of her most memorable scenes in picture or GIF format.

Since she is a Japanese pornstar, finding her uncensored or censored porn is a rather hard task these days. It took us quite some time to figure out what the fuck was going on and why she was nowhere to be found.

However, after some digging, we did find her official site with English navigation and content.

About Hitomi Tanaka

Nationality and Ethnicity: Japanese, Asian

Age: 37-years-old
Birthday: July 18, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 1.56m or 4 ft 15 infuc
Weight: 50 kg or 110 lbs
Breast / Bra Size: 34O – 23 – 32
Tits: Natural

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette

Years Active: 2007 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @HitomiTanakafp
Official Instagram Account: official_hitomitanaka

Official Site: BigTitHaomi.com

Real Name: Hitomi Tanaka
Other Nicknames: Hitomi

Hitomi Tanaka Biography

Born in Kumamoto city of Japan, Hitomi’s early life revolved around clothing modeling, and in 2007, the very first non-pornographic movie came out starring our very own. However, it took someone a year to realize that you can make serious money with natural breasts that large. In other words, 2008 was the year of Hitomi Tanaka’s debut in the adult industry as a hardcore actress.

The explosive growth in her popularity is undeniable, and she’s now one of the most successful Asian models worldwide.

Ready? Steady. Go.

22Hitomi Gets Fucked Silently

It looks like a double sex scene in front of a cameraman who is unaware of why this pornstar is more famous in Asia than the president of Japan. At least one-third of all big tit porn videos with an Asian tag feature Hitomi. However, after this GIF ended, she went to jerk the dick off while that guy’s girlfriend was away getting some groceries.

In the meantime, Miss Tits strokes that dick so hard it cums all over her breasts. It’s so hot, and we are just getting started.

21Sex While Eating

Some genius thought, why not combine the two best things in the world: food and porn? As a result, you have the happiest dude in the whole world. He is getting his dick sucked while enjoying a tasty meal. Just be careful where you cum.

I’d probably use my hands to squeeze these massive boobs if that were me. So, instead, I award this guy with a medal. He has sick nerves, has stuck to the script, and has the discipline level of a ninja.

20Tanaka Fucked Hard

In this scene, Hitomi’s boyfriend fucks her hard. Watch this slut as she bites her lip and squeezes the couch before the expressive, full-body orgasm. I must admit that watching other people fuck her makes me happy and sad.

I would switch places with anyone in a heartbeat, although the sad part is… I’d probably cum all over her face instantly. Maybe have a creampie too, which would leave her disappointed with me.

19Bouncing Like a Bunny

Titty fuck is still one of the rarest positions, not only in porn but bedrooms too. I have never found it to be that stimulating or hot. I’m just not a fan of the whole dynamics with this one. It feels as if you are fucking a bag of sound, not to mention no enjoyment by the pornstar.

That might be okay for our female visitors, but for men, it’s important to have friction and girth control. If you don’t dominate your sex partner, things can’t remain perfect in the long run.

18MILFs Having Fun

Hitomi does not often have sex with other women, especially white ones. This scene is an exception, and it’s full of millennial trends. Mostly selfies and posing for the camera for some nude selfies. We could not identify the Caucasian pornstar, but this should not matter much.

It’s not like she is super-hot or anything. But, thankfully, we do get to see what it is like to live with a MILF next door. Spoiler alert: it’s very fun.

17Unexpected Cock

Trying to rob Hitomi’s house, a filthy thief is caught by the owner, and then this happens. I think it’s funny to imagine how this guy took most of the Japanese pornstar’s lingerie and brought it back to his wife. Then, imagine her reaction when none of the bras fit; it’s not even remotely close.

As for this GIF, the robber will be sure to come back. This time maybe with friends that have epic cocks.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

16Flexing Her Legs

It might be a memorable sex position for us, but not so much for our angel. She is not flexible, and you don’t need to be a genius to figure that out. This angle is not received well in general, especially with chubbier pornstars. These fat rolls were never sexy, just appalling.

There’s a tiny spot of public hair if you also want to scratch your dick. Although for me, even razor blades inside her pussy will not be able to stop me. Assuming she is okay with us fucking.

15Riding on Top

It sure does look taxing on her body, stamina, and muscles. Likely the only position where it doesn’t feel that great for any pornstar with big jugs. I’m afraid the skin will give up, and you don’t want implants on your chest.

It’s interesting to observe her horniness levels. She takes it slow because it’s much more comfortable, but then her pussy does demand more stimulation. Albeit with the sacrifice of discomfort.

14Pixelated Passion Physics

Did the teachers tell you about the waves and why they occur? I wish my physics class had NSFW animations instead of dry text. If not, watch and learn. It can be in your exam, after all. Due to Japanese laws and porn censorship, we can never know how tight Hitomi’s pussy is. Have you ever thought of that?

I view a small dick as an advantage, especially when you bang national whores like this. You don’t want to be the only guy out of thousands she fucked to cum the fastest.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

13Hitomi Tanaka Makes Men Happy

It was one of the dozens, if not hundreds, tit-fucking scenes. I think of Hitomi as a nurturing sex machine, always smiling and caring for your needs. Fortunately for her, men’s only needs are hidden inside their balls.

Her chest area must feel like the softest cotton or silk pillows. Natural skin products are the best; she receives gallons of essential nutrients daily.

12Punching with Boobs

That is no sequel to Rocky Balboa for you! Nah, it’s something much better and more brutal. These gigantic tits can put everyone into a lifelong coma. Behaving aggressively, Tanaka takes control of this sex scene and turns it into a night to remember.

What could be better than a blindfolded guy, nipple squeezes, and lots of funky smells in the room? Here! That’s a recipe for your perfect date.

11Fucked from Behind

The least censored porn scene from Hitomi Tanaka, but not for the right reasons. You just can’t see her pussy, hence very few pixels. While watching Japanese porn, this does work for me. Nothing ruins your fap session with more than thousands of pixels.

For a culture so open-minded and freaky, this reeks of stupidity. But, of course, Japanese people respect traditions; I don’t think this will ever change.

10Epic Cum Headshot

I could not figure out how to name this GIF, but it turns from sexy to funny faster than my dicks goes limp after an orgasm. Shooting straight to her nostrils is the champion of all cumshots. Unfortunately, we do not know the name or the rest of this video.

With over 20 epic scenes, we haven’t had one where someone does not touch or fuck her tits. It’s like visiting the six wonders of the world; you must do it.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

9Hitomi Slow Motion Boob Bounce

There is nothing more beautiful than watching her massive, gigantic tits bouncing. So, what’s the only way to improve the whole experience? Make it all move in slow motion!

Dressed as a nurse and with long black Asian hair, you can’t get much more excited. That’s unless you are gay; in that case, add multiple cocks and some anal scenes. We are perfectly aware that not every homo has butt sex.

8Tanaka Visits a Doctor

I am not sure why she went to the doctor’s office in the first place, but it looks like that was a great decision for both. Her whole body is standing before your eyes right after a prolonged undressing. You can also stare at her ass as it juggles a bit.

Tanaka proceeds to go all in and grinds that cock like a champion. Sucks the dick, masturbates a bit, and finishes this GIF with a cumshot on legendary tits.

7Silent Sex and Cock Riding

While someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend is sleeping, Hitomi proceeds to not only suck the dick but also fucks an inch away from them. Great hip rotation action, cock sucking scenes, and beautiful titties, all happily bouncing everywhere.

Of course, as in most Japanese porn scenes, it is all finished by a creampie, just cum dripping outside her pussy.

6Hard Sex in The Bathroom

Imagine getting stuck with her in a bathroom as she begs you to fuck her, doggystyle, or any style. After making your dick that much harder with her lips, it’s time to fuck! Yes, it is as hot as it looks there.

Also, even if you ignore her amazing tits for some miraculous reason, she does have more to offer, probably with one of the best asses and beautiful vaginas in the porn industry. Someday we shall see the anal scene of hers.

5Hitomi Oily Tit Fuck

I fucking love oil! It makes everything look that much better and shinier. It’s like the gold dust from God itself. As a result, it makes the whole scene a billion times better, and when you combine that with the pornstar that rocks the best tits in the industry. You get a scene worth an Oscar and a Nobel Peace prize, too.

That’s because bodies like hers can stop the war.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

4Hitomi Tanaka Creampie Scene

Observe and learn; this scene has it all; it includes a silent fuck session, a nicely coordinated blowjob, and more. While other women have no idea what the fuck is going on.

The cut that made my dick hard was the almost emotional tit fucking scene. To the point where my cock has almost exploded. My second favorite was sex talk, shouting, and orgasm sounds passed onto someone via cell phone. Finally, a warm creampie. Holy fuck, that is hot.

3Hitomi’s Threesome

Finally, one more lesbian-like scene reveals more than just boob touching. These sluts kiss, too! Just two Asian girlfriends who are having fun, which is hot in this regard. Due to hair pussies, you can barely see pixels, and that’s good news.

Asian porn studios like their porn shots to have many close-ups, but this one is much better. Is this one of the unicorns, a POV scene with Hitomi Tanaka?

2Hitomi Gets a Cumshot

Jesus fucking Christ, how fucking fabulous does that tit fuck scene look? Where she sucks your cock at the same time as she uses her tits to fuck your dick up too?

It’s like watching something from a sci-fi movie. These experiences are hardly possible for anyone but our favorite Japanese pornstar. Then it is all finished by hand. That’s one of the best handjobs of hers, plus she has a happy smile on her face.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

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