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Holed Review

I remember my first time watching 4k porn, it was the journey that kickstarted addiction for the highest quality porn sites. Believe it or not but even if the studio promises Ultra HD content, some go to the levels of compression so high that it pretty much becomes just a shitty resolution video that resembles 1080p from a Blu-ray or something. Well, let me cut the crap and tell you immediately that Holed.com is a site that does not play around and delivers on the quality promise. Who knows, maybe the haters who are just bashing 4k porn bought their memberships from some shady site that upscaled Full HD content and were like, yeah, fuck these paying members, we can sell this shit as 4k

This site covers all the bases, we bet 4k anal or 60 frames per second. Okay, this is actually their niche, crispy anal videos with creampies, double penetration and old-fashioned asshole stretching. I have never seen anal in such high quality. We are talking epic scenes of intense fucking. Some are with warm up while others go straight to the ass, and you get to see these whores suffer a bit. That is fucking hot. It’s also interesting to see all your favorite pornstars in a brand-new light. Some of them I only was able to watch in 720p before (just on tubes, nothing too extreme), and holy fuck do they look good. People like to say that you can now see their acne and other boner deflating stuff, but this is just bullshit. It’s not like you are zooming on or something, unless you are a one creepy dude, bro.

These ladies are beautiful, Megan Rain, Lena Paul, Jynx Maze and many others. You must get the trial or just try to get their 4k videos somehow, I am telling you, it is the experience that is immerse and unforgettable. Sure, there is a direct consequence for that, which is price. We are talking 30 USD per month, which is a lot. The question then remains if you prefer having few paid porn sites from other networks that do Full HD, or saving that money for one 4k porn site? It is up to you, but in either case, grabbing a trial (even though it does not give you a full access to all their network) should be considered. Much better than jerking off to the pixelated porn, that is given. Other than that, not many cons. You could say files are big in size but that is the whole point of Ultra HD porn. The heavier the files, the higher the quality.


You can’t lose with Holed. These guys have been producing solid 4k content for quite some time now, which pretty much guarantees a great bang for the buck.


9 Holed
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  • We got 4k videos and 60 fps porn, can’t be better
  • Watching assholes stretch in 4k is amazing
  • All the popular pornstars are here
  • Only exclusive content is posted
  • Frequent updates


  • Files are huge, but it can be a pro too
  • Trial period could be better
  • Price could be lower


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