Top 30: Best Homemade Amateur Porn GIFs & Sex Tapes (2022)

Pretty much the hottest and best amateur porn videos in GIF format.

Top 30: Best Homemade Amateur Porn GIFs & Sex Tapes (2022)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

How many more pornstars can your dick handle? What about amateur porn? Sometimes your pussy or cock requires extreme quality porn, 4K, and nothing less. Then there are days when you prefer awful quality videos, just for the realness of it.

Well, what if we mix both and create a list of nothing but the greatest amateur porn videos of all time? Not ten or twenty, but thirty scenes in a mobile-friendly GIF format. Hold your hands and grab some napkins, things are about to get messy down there.

30Tiny Lips, Giant Dick

If you can’t tell whether your amateur girlfriend sucks cock because you ask her to or for other reasons, watch this GIF. There’s a hint of finesse, eagerness, and preparation. Some women want to finish you off immediately while others take that sweet time. We don’t just want to explode all over your face and call it a day off. With size comes great responsibility and our male performer has a big dick too.

You have very slow strokes and intimacy levels beyond most mortal’s comprehension. It’s a solid couple that knows how to make amateur porn. Also, nothing makes me cum harder than eye contact, especially if there’s that glistering shine of love in her eyes.

29Warming Up

Since these are amateur porn videos, prepare for many GIFs with this angle featuring tight booty and a budget hotel room. Their faces are not showing, so don’t get butthurt over the watermark on top. You are not missing anything.

If I could guess her age, that would be 35. Somehow, she manages to arch her back in the reverse cowgirl position. I wonder if couples still have sex with condoms these days… I’ve never used one in a long time. The pull-out method works every time until the day it doesn’t.

28Amateur Anal with Lights Off

This amateur scene will make you puke either way. Either from your dick or your mouth, depending on how much of a psycho you are. I did both; just saying. When you zoom in on the butthole, the anal sex doesn’t look that good. It simply makes it seems like she is trying to push a giant turd or something.

That’s just the way it goes. Real-life sex is much different compared to adult studio videos. Also, a turned-on flashlight doesn’t do much to help this scene. At least this amateur woman has a nice pussy. Can’t say the same about the other hole.

27The Depths of Amateur Asshole

I love it when women stay in this position for the foreseeable future. Should be their default sleeping position. The later part of the video is not that exciting. I mean, unless spread butthole lips and anatomy lessons made you horny during your years at the university.

Now, let’s go back to the hottest part of this GIF, the beginning. This MILF has an epic ass and a butthole that has already been destroyed. Just look at that juicy dark button. It begs for you to stick your finger in. Better yet, a bottle of gin. That would be a bit hard to achieve as you do homemade porn, but most of the amateur pornstars will do magic for you.

26Amateurs Fucking at the Guest’s House

With a girl so excited that she creams her pussy inside and outside out, now that’s good lovemaking. How often do pornstars get that wet? Maybe only the most fucked up ones that get off from bondage or other kinks.

On the other hand, this couple is fucking at someone’s place and doing their best to keep it quiet. Biting the pillow, covering her mouth, and squeezing bed sheets with tiny wrists. Oh boy, add some anal action and it’s perfect.

25Petite Amateur and Her Juices

My eyes are pleasant by the sight of excited pussy and moist cock. All that cum glistering from the camera directly results from her love juice. Let me tell you that again; you are watching her horniness in a liquid form.

Fantastic pussy, a small petite figure that can match some of the key pornstars, and great flexibility. No man would not be happy to bang this amateur hottie. Oh, and that’s raw sex, without any plastic nonsense that chokes your dick.

24A Stand Still Sex Tape

I mean, no judgment here, but what the heck is this guy thinking? He’s standing there like human furniture, without any movement. Admittedly, that’s how I occasionally have sex too. I’ve figured that as you are about to cum, standing and concentrating on your breath helps to flush that orgasm down the toilet.

The skinny amateur, albeit with not-so-luscious tits, is truly going to town here. Not just moving forward and backward but grinding the crap out of his cock.

23Not So Amateur Quality Porn

Here’s what you do when you get a new iPhone and want to show its capabilities. Don’t just post another pussy selfie or a cloud picture on Instagram. Instead, invite your neighbor and let him test its capabilities. We have 1080p at 60 FPS or 4K at 30 frames per second.

Sublime lighting, random filters at the beginning of the video, and blinking LED lamp. I do love amateur porn, but my goodness, does it look better with professional equipment.


22Finishing on Her Thighs and Back

No panties, a beautiful amateur, and a cumshot at the very end, also on her thighs. Since I am already shaking my leg from all the excitement and amateur porn videos, this very well could be me. So hit that comment box if you also love to fuck your women with clothes on or off. Better yet, film a video, and we can post it here, if you are not overweight, just saying.

Pleasure yourself, cum wherever you want, and play with your Xbox as she cleans herself and your bed. That’s how champions live, my friend.

21Vintage Amateur Porn

Remember when people didn’t have phones and filmed themselves having sex in the bedrooms? Mostly it was this position, because of the booty movement and a nice view in general. Well, we travel to those times now with what I will call a “vintage sex tape”.

You don’t see these one-angle porn videos anymore. It was likely filmed with a Sony HDTV camera or something. Just a history lesson for you, folks. Also, I did enjoy this GIF, despite its repetitiveness. What about you?

20Delicious Homemade Creampie

Ever wondered why we enjoy creampie porn so much? Is this our brain playing tricks on us to make more women pregnant? I can’t think of any reason why this would be hot, in a logical sense. However, cumshots inside pussy are one of my favorites for now.

The sensation picks the TDI turbo boost when you switch from regular pornstars to amateurs. It’s dirtier, it’s creamer and you know this shit is real. So, does anyone have any toast to spread the glaze and feed to your wife? This or Nutella for breakfast?

19Eye Contact

Another slow blowjob attempt from the amateur brunette, and it’s not bad. Obviously, when you compare her to some of the best pornstars or our blowjob GIFs, it falls apart. However, here we talk about exclusive amateur stuff. She looks directly into your soul, with gigantic eyelashes and triangle tits.

She just needs to swallow more of it so her nipples start touching your knee. That’s one of the better sensations and ways to improve an already decent blowjob.

Before we move to another GIF, I must say… That’s one beautiful cock.

18Luscious Tits

Whoever sleeps on those tits at night must be dreaming of something plushy. Wouldn’t even care to fuck her, just let me cuddle with her, and I will be the big spoon. Okay, before I go too soft and propose marriage, let’s switch to the actual sex tape itself.

The lighting is just like most amateur videos, but too dark. Because of the vertical shot, you know that they filmed this video with the iPhone. This couple must have their TVs upside down or sideways to watch their scenes properly.

17Cumming Inside Little Slut’s Pussy

With 30 porn GIFs of nothing but amateurs fucking, we need to push the happy ending more. Amateurs have sex; we get that. Everyone does, even your grandparents. However, only a small percentage of them reach the sweet end. Yes, I am talking about the greatest feeling in the world, creaming inside her pussy.

This little slut is leaking all over the place, and no matter how hard I try to convince my girlfriend to take the pill, she remains an ignorant slut.

16Parking that Ass

One needs parking sensors or a 360-degree camera to park ass that massive. But, man, why the fuck do I get to plow girls below 2/10? I need to hit the gym, get a set of abs, and buy a few lottery tickets. Here’s one lucky cock right here.

Beautiful, and his woman knows how to make this sex position work! If you’ve tried to imitate best pornstars, male or female, this one doesn’t work. You end up breaking your dick and not experiencing that much pleasure. Minus the view.

15Geeky Girl Tries Anal

Women with glasses, the more innocent they look, the harder you can fuck them behind closed doors. In this case, it’s like a live stream, but you get my idea. Her filthy hole was getting destroyed for hours it seems, judging from the gaped asshole at the very end.

What a nicely angled GIF with great lighting and a decent-looking chick. Also, she seems to be phased out at this point, likely due to too much rear-end pleasure.

14World’s Greatest Amateur Ass

Her ass is either the size of a peanut, or his cock is larger than the elephant’s. Can we all agree that the government should ban online vertical videos? Imagine this one with sound and perfect camera placement. I don’t have her or their channel’s name, but please leave a comment with one.

To perfectly describe her bubble butt, I do need to search for some synonyms that talk about roundness. It’s just too perfect to use regular words. It’s like two cumulus clouds making love.

13Clothes On, Clothes Off

You must have already read dozens of my contributions to RedBled and know how I feel about sex with clothes. It drives me wild, and this amateur couple made me explode all over the keyboard.

It’s not just that; her expressions and other minor details do make for a great video. You have a tiny strip of hair for extra eye stimulation and those bouncing boobs that are later revealed. Her hips are wide and juicy, which must feel amazing when you squeeze them amid fucking.

12The GIF of Warm Cum

Ignore the annoying groans of this guy for the first few moments and wait for the sweet, satisfactory sound from his girlfriend. Whenever I watch amateur porn, it feels like everyone else on Earth is living much better sex lives than me. Not only that, but they do get to fuck better women also.

Logically speaking, that, of course, is not true as ugly beasts do rarely upload porn on tube sites. However, this feeling can’t be felt by only just me. Nonetheless, her pussy is beautiful, probably in her mid-30s as some tear is showing.

11Teen Rider, Amateur Edition

I have only compiled about half of the GIFs, and my cock can no longer take it; I feel like this guy. That’s my sex life summed up, the man of five strokes. The Rolls Royce of cock riding, the goddess of massive asses, and a hot teen in general. Who doesn’t love some mature pussy? Don’t think that it ages as good as some expensive wine, but I’ll take them all.

Oh, and we did recently update our milf porn sites category, in case you too are creaming your pants right now. Wouldn’t change much about this amateur, maybe add a few hair braids to make the ponytail longer. You know, so that I can pull it in the middle of sex therapy.

10A Wild Amateur Chick

Here’s an amateur couple that lives to its fullest. It’s a wild sex tape, by the standards of amateur porn. But, the room is full of energy, hop movement, positive emotions, and her smile. Okay, the ending might sound too gay for all you hardcore porn animals.

Amateur girls don’t have much pressure to maintain their slim figure, but this one goes above that. You can see her sexy abs, occasionally showing. Cute titties that fit her like my cum sock fits dick.

9Amateur Hardcore Porn

Likely one of the most hardcore porn GIFs here, and fuck me, she is loving it. A girly amateur got to taste that D, and it’s not from McDonald’s this time. Not sure what happens at the very end, but it looks like she is about to pass out. There isn’t much of a view per se, but the shaky camera and intense movement are where your focus should be.

His cock woke her up better than a cup of espresso and a cold shower. If you are friends with him, never fall asleep before locking your doors. Otherwise, this will happen and also applies to males.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

8Cumming Inside Her Asshole

When your dick pops and you are ready to cum, bet she demands a few more minutes. Please spread those ass cheeks. At that point, I don’t even think about anything but finishing. I feel like a piece of melting butter, which will go limp the minute you put it inside that hot pan of hers.

Due to copyright reasons, I can’t show you the whole thing, but you can find much of the same on various amateur porn sites. However, we do have a few recommendations below. I love to cum inside women’s buttholes if they get the fuck out of my bedsheets the second after.


7Filming Homemade Porn

Homemade porn can be great, and I think sometimes it’s better than what we get from porn studios. There’s a removed bottom part for some added kinkiness, a soft filter to make everything look much better, and a beautiful woman.

Nonetheless, they need to get a reward for filming an overall great scene. Hardly any shaking or other mistakes that amateur couples make. Also, without a hot amateur slut, it wouldn’t work either. It’s a match made in cum heaven.


6Amateur Couple Tries Shower Sex

Women always want to ruin sex for men, be it by turning off lights or refusing to release their wild side. In this case, it’s a steamy shower sex scene, and you can tell that the female is the one who insists on not cleaning windows. Their faces are never showing, which could be a good thing, depending on their looks.

Anyhow, this turned out to be a hot sex scene. Thankfully, we don’t have to experience all the negatives of shower sex, just the good bits.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

5Paying the Bills

Let me introduce you to True Amateurs, a site where anyone can submit their sex tapes and get paid a few hundred bucks. The quality is obviously above anything else on the market, as a couple is finally forced to produce the best-looking porn videos from their home.

Well, this is how it works here, just two individuals fucking for some internet recognition and cash. Not sure if I did the girl. However, at least the extreme sharpness of the video! It makes it seem like you are staring at them from the edge of your seat.


4Amateur Tries Public Sex

Another one from the same site and it is so much better. I love to use women for nothing but sex, and the fact that she approves makes my balls swell. It does a great job of maintaining everyone’s attention. From a sweet public fuck to the last few moments when cum will cover her entire face.

I would love to see the aftermath, where they submit their sex tape to the site and just wonder… What have we done with our lives? On the other hand, we are just rubbing one out, demanding more amateur porn.


3Deepthroating and Facial

No, this isn’t the same amateur, just another horny blond and her homemade porn GIF. It features some epic shots, especially the one with her tits lying on the guy’s chest. It feels like home, that’s a given. Can take the dick deep, just half an inch, and can reach your balls. I’ve seen women go all the way and then use their tongues to stimulate men’s balls. Yes, while they are gagging.

She could have at least swallowed; it’s good for you.


2Sex in a Dressing Room

You’ve dreamed about it, I’ve thought about it, this couple just went ahead and did it. Fucking in the shopping mall, with other people just a few inches away? That’s one kinky amateur porn video. Must not be their first attempt either, as you don’t just go there to fuck with the camera. His chick has pierced nipples, which tells a lot about their sex life. It’s one ride of a lifetime that just never ends.

Any detectives here that can recognize the location of those doors? So that I could go there and smell the piece of porn history.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

1A Spectacular Public Sex in Hotel

Who else would pay a serious buck to watch the view from the other side? One of the most creative, fun, and hot amateur porn scenes in our top 10, if not the whole world. I need to find this hotel and try it for myself. Maybe also invite a woman or two, although a sweet right hand will work fine.

We can’t stop watching; I need more of the same but in larger doses. The worst part is that sloppy cumshot, just a massive letdown for what is the most epic GIF. If you have tried this kink already, send your sex videos through our contact form for inclusion here.

This is it; now head over to our greatest, best amateur porn sites list and relieve yourself.

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