Top 20: Hottest & Best Lesbian Pornstars (2024)

Sexiest, prettiest and the most beautiful lesbian porn stars.

Top 20++: Hottest & Best Lesbian Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Since we have already covered pretty much every single top 10 pornstars list imaginable, at least as far as hardcore porn or trannies go, we have a very nice surprise for you. The hottest and just, all in all, the best lesbian pornstars of all time. Some are famous lesbians; some are newcomers but still shooting lesbian porn.

So, pull your dicks or tits out, and let’s dive into the journey of sensual porn and true lesbian love. Today is the day of no cumshots and the only facials you will see are from the makeup companies. Did we miss any lesbian pornstars? Be sure to send us your feedback.

22Sammie Rhodes

To warm things up, here is a hardcore adult performer, Sammie Rhodes. You might not see true girly love as far as these mainstream sites go, but who said it must be strictly softcore? After all, it’s a list for everyone. The pornstar on the left has no idea what to do, as Sammie’s ass and nipples are already busy. She is suited for the audience of individuals that just wants to see sluts reach orgasms from oral or fingering and don’t have a set preference for their true orientation.

I am not a picky guy and am fine with both real lesbian pornstars and those that are happily married to a man. However, I am unsure about the percentage of people like me, so we place Sammie in the following place, just a worthy mention.


21Sydney Cole

As suggested by our readers, we are adding Sydney Cole to the list. I could not find dozens of lesbian scenes of hers, but that just makes things more interesting. Girls just want to have fun; in this scene, it’s like they are petting one another. Watching lesbians masturbate through panties or pants is fucking hot, yet at the same time, you can’t see what’s happening. I guess the saying about having and eating cake fits perfectly here. Sydney Cole gets finger banged, with nice natural titties and fox-like eyes. Her appearance is not my type, but I can see why many people like her.

Sadly, her friend is not doing a good job satisfying her pussy needs, as she forcefully moves backward and forward.

20Angel Princess

Not even going to talk about her alias that much… The all-in-one angel and princess pornstar from the Czech Republic. She would have so many more fans if it wasn’t for that. Guess she is not aware of the search engines or how people find stuff. Although I’ll give Angel a few points for the tongue action, it seems those muscles had training above and beyond any other. Haven’t seen many pornstars (not to mention amateur girls) that could lick for so long, or maybe that was just her lucky day.

Furthermore, her butthole is appealing and appears closer to the outside than the pussy. I’ll go ahead and assume that anal is her default mode, just like how mother nature intended. Having the tiniest of a butt helps to achieve this effect too.


19Sinn Sage

Getting your dick sucked behind the front desk or getting fucked by a strap-on is everyone’s dream. Men dream about creating a successful business that allows them to hire a kinky secretary and/or assistant. My now ex-girlfriend wanted to be someone’s assistant (like a dream job for her) but I have advised against it. She did not see anything wrong, but for guys, it’s a different story.

You are hiring them for one reason: to make your fantasies come true. Unless you enjoy getting dominated, I don’t see myself in the position of Sinn Sage, but that does not mean this scene or another lesbo pornstar isn’t great; it’s one of the hottest acts. Now, is this why women try to hire other women and dominate the workspace? So men don’t ruin their fun? We always thought it was a bit sexist. But, at 34, Sinn Sage is known in the porn business for her girl-on-girl scenes, whether as a performer or producer.


18Eva Lovia

Having seen her in action multiple times, it is no wonder that Eva appears on our lesbians list, and if you are not familiar with any of these, she is on the right, with an interesting-looking necklace. Now, speaking of this scene, it starts with her just holding her friend’s butt.

Fast forward to the full GIF and you can see her licking her asshole, pussy and just sharing the pleasure. Of course, as the saying goes, what goes around comes around and this porn shot is no exception. Eva Lovia could come to my place at any time. Can fuck her with a strap-on if the real dick is too big of a commitment.



There’s a vast difference between actresses who want to get their payday and Eufrat. She’s a real lesbian who enjoys pussy, and tits and is basically “one of the bros.” Her wild porn scenes are like artistic films where you feel guilty for not following the plot. Eufrat eats pussy as if it’s her last dinner, but do you even need us to tell you that? Her loud moans speak louder than words.

Whatever girl-on-girl video you watch, she goes all-in, and no piles of cold cash or trickery will make her enjoy veiny dongs.


16Kimmy Granger

Face cherishing in lesbian porn? Yes, more of it, please. But let’s start from the beginning: look at that tanned body in semitransparent lingerie. Now, this is the best outfit that Kimmy should use more often; whether, in lesbian orgies, or funereal; it works everywhere.

From what I can tell, they still need a man as their weak and gentle hands are too small to lift one another but you can’t blame them for trying, these are probably the sluttiest sluts of all lesbian porn stars, as far as this list goes.


15Dillion Harper

What do you think about lesbian BDSM fetishes with a soapy bath where women can use tap as a strap-on? Sure, let’s add that, too, as most of the scenes we have below are about pussy licking, lesbian love, the best pussies in the world, and just hot sex. Still, it is obvious that our pornstar, Harper, should be featured there.

She has been doing lesbian porn for a long time, licking assholes, fucking them, orally pleasuring pussies, getting fucked by fake dicks, hands, fingers, and more. But, unfortunately, her body is not the greatest and leaves you craving for better alternatives, with you know what women say, it’s not all about the looks.


14Bree Daniels

If you love short-haired lesbians, gingers, or ginger lesbians that are short-haired, then this is your ultimate combo. But, good God, it just reminds me of how badly I miss good lesbian porn scenes that are just about having fun.

It’s obvious that one of them is more dominant than another, but it is just how lesbian sex works in real life, or at least this is what I have learned from watching porn. But anyway, nice bodies, nice pussies, good oral skills, a solid list to the best and hottest lesbians’ list.


13Adriana Chechik

Who said that you can’t have anal fisting or lesbian anal? Well, these two girls proved everyone wrong, and judging by how Adriana is eating that pussy, it must taste really good. Of course, she could use less spitting, but I love two girls fucking each other, pleasuring themselves, etc.. And the best part is that it is not some softcore shit; it is the unleashing of the passion, hardcore style. Loving it.

Also, I am now hungry for some juicy pussy too.


12Tracy Lindsay

As we get rid of the petite ass babe Piper Perri, a true lesbian enters our pornstars’ list with a full blast of passionate force. She’s like “The Powerpuff Girls” character and doesn’t enjoy spanking evil monkey either.

Instead, Tracy Lindsay is all about the female-to-female connection and intimate contact. The shower sex scene screams love and begs to be watched from start to finish. Hot pornstar bodies melting together, pleasing one another… This video is nothing short of a miracle; you should watch the whole thing.


11Jenna Sativa

If this is not the expression of true lesbian love, then fuck everything else. Drinking breast milk? Now that is fucking hot, or nasty, depending on your views. Still, sharing all these juices and body fluids is nothing short of a celebration.

Lastly, seeing a nice pair of beautiful, big breasts does not harm either. Licking, nipple licking, pussy eating, kissing, breast milk drinking, now that is a combo… Just a beautiful and sensual porn scene.


10Luna Star

Okay, let me ask: who does not love massage porn? I love lesbian massages, and I love regular massages, so if it is not a “cocks only” scene. Going back to the Luna Star, I just love everything about this one, it is hard and brutal lesbian fucking, grinding, and everything I have ever dreamed of.

She reminds us of Jesse Jane, at least in this scene as it looks like she did multiple scenes as a brunette, but still. Fucking hot lesbian sex, this is it.


9Serene Siren

You cock ain’t touching Serene’s coochie, my friend. Strictly female only, the future MILF knows no bounds, any pussy is good pussy. A demo scene might start slow, but then it goes from interesting to bananas insane. The force at which Serene rubs and grinds her clit should’ve started fire long ago. Is there a fire brigade in the room? We all could drop some liquid if that helps!

But if you want to be disappointed rather than aroused, then observe Siren’s ass. It’s one of the biggest in the lesbian universe. And yes, the fate has yet again cursed us, that bootyhole will never take mister D, at least not the real one.

8Carter Cruise

Now, what I love about Miss Carter and the other three girls in this scene is that it truly captures the essence of lesbian love in its purest form; I mean, it has all the basics that most women fantasize about, including blindfolding, slow undressing, and lots of teasing.

Hmm, the way these two women are fucking each other in the butterfly position while the other two just enjoying the view is hot. I bet you were expecting a lesbian foursome, but this is much better.


7Ariana Marie

Well, not only does this scene have one of our all-time favorite pornstars, Ariana Marie, but it is also all about sensual porn. Having both kittens completely nude and post-shower, so nothing smells, and all you see are wet pussies glistering in the broad daylight, we can’t get enough of this one.

I love the slow lesbian kissing scenes and of course, once you crank that passion up to eleven, it is time for the fast and vigorous, lesbian oral sex. Hit the source below, as it’s one of the greatest if not best of lesbian porn sites.


6Riley Reid

I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination since you have probably already heard of Riley Reid, and if now, consider yourself lucky, as you have just discovered the second-world wonder of porn. Beautiful perky tits, a sexy body, amazing ass, incredible attitude, and from what I can tell, she is a truly honest and sweet person.

Before you move on, look at that asshole! Now look at her eating pussy in the “69” position, good fucking god, what a time to be alive. Have been following Riley for a few years and there’s still no good alternative to this wild, lesbian-loving bunny.


5Lana Rhoades

If this is not one of the most popular and hottest lesbian porn scenes on the planet, then I am not even sure what the hot sex is. It’s just an epitome of perfection with all the essentials covered, all thanks to the talented Lana Rhoades.

I mean, it needs no introduction or description but for the blind people out there, you have butterfly position sex, which is the best thing since sliced bread, see two or three pussies rub each other, then squirting, multiple orgasms plus you being hard and horny.


4Lucy Li

It certainly appeared like Lucy was a less-known name that deserved some attention, but that was just me. Turns out, she is one of the more achieved, true lesbian pornstars that has appeared on multiple girly sites and there is not a single scene of hers with a guy.

Sometimes I want to see these girls having sex with the opposite gender, only to see their reactions and whether there is a dick good enough to convert them back. I know it does not work like that most of the time, but I do know multiple women that turned lesbian because of one reason only: the dudes were assholes and caused too much harm.


3Karlie Montana

I never realized how close to the Human Centipede movie a lesbian sex in sauna can be. At this point, you just need to feed the pleasure receiver and wait for fireworks. The thing with lesbian pornstars is that you can see which one is enjoying and which one is faking. Karlie is truly committed to her act (being a real lesbo also helps), sniffing that butthole and diving deep with nose and tongue into both holes. Guess you could say that she is addicted to the taste of female goods. It’s like a nice seafood dinner; just needs some champagne.

Honestly, having eaten a bunch of pussies in a similar position, I still don’t know how she does that. If I am tongue fucking my girlfriend of the night, it does get hard and sometimes impossible to breathe. Is there a hidden breathing tube or something?


2Elle Alexandra

I don’t know what it feels like to get your pussy licked, but one of the top things a girl can do while pleasuring her partner is to look directly in the eyes. Eye contact is very powerful at building tension and intimacy. It is not a coincidence!

Elle Alexandra knows what’s up and how to squeeze every drop of pleasure from any porn video. Unfortunately, having a ginger lesbian is also one of the rare things that you don’t get to see every day.

For our top 20 to be on point, it’s crucial to feature real-life performers. Elle is one of the most passionate, female-loving adult performers of the last few years. Also, she is a true lesbian, and there is not a single guy-on-girl scene, which is fucking epic.


1Malena Morgan

Well, this is embarrassing; we missed brunette Malena on our first attempt at creating the best list ever. But, thanks to community, this incredible girl not only got added to the top 20, but beat every other lesbian pornstar out there. Yes, she became the queen of all sensual. Why? Some will only lick cunts for money; some identify as bisexual, but Malena Morgan prefers females over males. That passion shows in any scene, whether from RealityKings (above) or multiple others.

It’s a stupid thing to say, but we adore her. This girl is always on caffeine or something else because the energy is flowing through the roof. You have hardcore fingering, slow and passionate kissing, and post-orgasm cuddling. This is how I imagine lesbians in bed without any cameras.


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