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Top 20: Best Pornstars with Small Tits (2021)


#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. Chaturbate

What pissed me off recently was the fact that a lot of poor sites out there have content that does not represent reality. For example, after searching for the flat chested pornstars (check our list, it is fucking hot), most forum posts, boards and everything were full of just girls with smaller tits. This is not what the flat chests are all about.

Anyway, so why am I speaking of that anyway? Because this is a real and only list of pornstars with really small breasts. Not flat chested but not massive either. Just something below average but not at the beginning of the spectrum. I do hope that makes sense and as always, check our other picks that are linked above. Now, we check the hottest pornstars with small boobs that are still active in the adult industry.

Ready? Let’s go.

Amara Romani

With 34B cups and incredible breathing skills, Amara is more than just a hot babe. She can breathe through her asshole, it seems. Also, Romani has epic twerk moves and just a beautiful, round ass in general. Play some bangers through Spotify and her booty will happily dance for you.

She isn’t always as cute as in this video, but no whining from us. Thankfully, Amara reduced her tanning frequency as a brown body did not suit her well.


Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal, a pornstar from Czech Republic has a natural pair of 34A cups and slim looks to get your cock going. By now, everyone knows that Czechs are great for sex, and the porn industry in general. If it wasn’t for cute girls and low wages here, we’d have far fewer performers.

What about this one? You have braided hair, cute albeit creepy face, and a super tight butthole that must feel heavenly. At some points look triumph, the rest and Alexis could be one of these examples.

Bobbi Dylan

To balance things or to give you a better perspective, here’s Bobbi Dylan and her MILF pornstar friend. Which one would you fuck? A far younger girl with smaller tits or an experienced and loose brunette? I’ll take both for the same price, thanks.

Even Bobbi envies big boobs, filming her first-time having sex with another girl. You can tell she is far more fashionable. Well, at least tries to appear as such. You got choker and trendy clothes that were all rage last year.

Ash Hollywood

Okay, so is this a flat-chested pornstar or the one with just very small breasts? These are the dilemmas that I get myself into, every single day. Above we did link to the ones that have no boobs, so including Ash here is a safe bet. If not, there are plenty more to choose from, but there is some fat to grab and play with.

Her nipples are still at least half the height of her breasts. Also, I must compliment her beautiful, small ass.

Kendall Rae

Another pornstar with 34D breasts, yet with a much cuter face. I do think that small breasts fit Kendall Rae perfectly! I would not change a thing, even if that sounds beta. Large enough to bounce as you take her clothes off, yet small to remain cute.

Those are the tiny apples of her home-garden, and I’d love to munch on them. Small tits don’t bother me that much if they look good. Kendall’s milk canons are phenomenal, and I’d love to lick them dry.


Kate Rich

I haven’t had a morning like this, ever and that’s a fact. Does anyone even fuck like that anymore? Everyone seems to be too busy with their lives these days. Teenagers wouldn’t mind a quick fuck like that. However, we all know that most of them live with their parents and such routines will never happen.

As for Kate Rich, you can see her petite body and a duo of angel cups. Truth be told, I am more fascinated by her beautiful hair.


Kharlie Stone

One of the most beautiful lesbian porn scenes and it comes from two superstars. Kharlie Stone as well as her girlfriend, Piper Perri. Juicy pussies, self-rubbing, and ass licking shots. Little to no action on those small breasts though, I wonder why?

As a cherry on top, you got scissoring and some hardcore oral action. By the time you are done with this GIF, no-one ever remembers the size of their tits. All I know is that we want more!


Kelsi Monroe

Why do so many beautiful pornstars with gigantic asses have tiny breasts? Kelsi Monroe is one of many examples and replaces a previous babe, Guerlain. While the latter had some nudes (mostly photography), she was not exactly a porn movie actress. More like one of the aspiring sexy models that will slowly sell their nude bodies.

Don’t be disappointed though because Kelsi is 10x better if not more! Such a marvelous performer with curves that will make Pope itself sin. Someone tried to remove the watermark, but we have found the origins of this GIF. Furthermore, expect anal scenes and loud ass bouncing sounds.


AJ Applegate

It was not my intention to start this compilation by pissing you off, but this scene was just too good not to include. Also, since AJ is a rather well-known pornstar, you probably already know that she has tits on a smaller side. Anyhow, this is a true gem in the porn world.

Bubbly butt that just begs for anal, and the invisible tits (just play along this time). I have lost a count trying to find out how many times did I jerk off watching her porn.


Misha Cross

What a dirty fucking slut. I am disappointed in her hygiene and everything related to fucking in the dirt. Hey, if that is your thing, then bring it. We are all here just to have some fun, be it from videos, joining premium sites, or discovering new talent.

You wanted small breasts, and this is what we shall deliver. Enjoy another one that matches this criterion. There is some disgusting cellulite on her ass though.


Carmen Callaway

Believe it or not but I do think that she got implants. While I can’t find any cuts or shit like that below the chest area, maybe some hormones were involved. I do not know that. However, her tits are much larger in this scene (and all newer videos) than they have been before.

Call me an idiot, but that’s true. If someone knows more about Carmen and her situation, leave a comment below. I am extremely curious, seriously.


Doris Ivy

Cover your mouth before opening it as the probability of someone’s meat flying into the hole remains high. The flagship pornstar, Doris Ivy has breasts as inviting as a small slice of melting cheese. She will also not mind if you glaze that petite body of hers or a butthole with a different kind of “diary” product.

Anal or any other fantasy is a given, that’s the joy of fucking someone with the itsy-bitsy tits. They try hard. Yes, that’s how women look before their bits are destroyed by massive tits made of chemical injections.


Holly Hendrix

After a short hiatus, the Indiana-born babe with 32AA tits came back in the 2020s and this time she’s as committed as an unemployed hobo. Arguably, even looks like one. After a therapeutic session of gentle butthole poking, Holly Hendrix has learned the ins and outs of a good fuck and did the same to a threesome buddy of hers. Both women lack in the chest department but at least there’s “some” meat.

Every guy that sees Holly can’t help but fantasize about tearing apart her smaller than a raisin asshole. Some, of course, do succeed and as time went by, we’ve seen it increase in size. Now it’s more of a grape, yet equally delicious.


Melanie Rios

Another, somewhat known name in the adult business. Of course, not on the level of James Dean but not the unknown whore either. Miss Rios does appear to have a rather cute pair of titties that are bouncing around just fine in this scene. She still suffers from a bad body image, I believe.

Otherwise, why do you keep covering your money makers? Not in a true sense, but still. Also, her hair looks nice, must be using a good shampoo.

Amirah Adara

You have probably already seen her at some point in your porn browser’s life, but meet Amirah, again. It’s hard to tell, whether the dude or she has the bigger tits, it’s probably him. I mean her belly button piercing is sticking out more than these micro tits, which is a good thing, as that is exactly what we want there, right?

Also, I do now wonder what the extremely fat chick with the same size breasts would look like.


Paisley Rae

I would like to get one thing out of my chest, and that is: her asshole is fucking weird. Like, screw that nonsense. I mean, let’s fuck her! She does seem to have a rather generous-looking pussy and truly the best hair on this list. In the end, it does seem that she is crying or some shit, or about to, but who cares at that point. Just throw the bitch away to the trash can and grab the next one. Small boobs, a tiny body, and a pretty good face.


Piper Perri

Seeing paprika and peppers on this list is of no shock to anyone. To be fair, I did forget about her existence at one point. Probably because I did never check her tits, or they were simply not there so my brain did not register. Well, the situation has now been solved, I have tweaked my mind and she will always be there with me, for better or worse.

Small breasts, asshole that everyone wants to feast on, and her saying no. Speaking of the high quality and resolution porn sites, we do have a list of the Ultra HD ones covered here.


Gracie Glam

Sometimes, despite how hard you want to do something, you just need to think of a broader picture, and this is the scene above. I could have shown you another pair of small boobs and call it a day off, but after watching this video, this is what you get.

You get to enjoy a rather beautiful sight of a woman getting fucker and her ass moving in what appears to be perfect harmony! Yes, harmony with Mother Earth and stars.


Skin Diamond

Can someone explain to me, what the fuck is going on there? Is that dude having a heart attack or something? Did he just realize that Skin has tiny boobs? Is he orgasming inside her? I am truly confused. Anyway, going back to the pornstar with one of the coolest names ever, I want to marry her.

Skin’s body is perfect, and I mean that in terms of proper care and just the way it looks. It’s an elite body that I want to fuck. Even friends that masturbate to sluts with massive tits only are envious of this babe.


Dakota Skye

Oh Dakota, every time I watch your porn, my dick reaches the sky. When we are talking below-average tits, this is the perfect example of a pornstar that must always be on the list.

Not extremely small but not mediocre either. It’s like she is balancing somewhere in between. I do enjoy watching them bounce, even if it isn’t much. Just for the future scenes, please remove that sparking shit near your eyes, what the fuck is that?


Riley Reid

It’s easy to love Riley. She is talented, seems to be into porn, and just enjoys a good fuck session. Most of her scenes are full of passion, joy, and just fun in general.

So, be amazed and grateful for having this beautiful pornstar on our list. Also, that smile… I do wonder sometimes, how is she in real life? Always happy and with an uplifting mood? Or is this all the show and she is one unhappy individual. Hopefully not.


Are we missing someone?

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