Top 20: Hottest, Best Brunette Pornstars (2019)

Dark hair color is the hottest hair color.

Top 10: Hottest, Best Brunette Pornstars (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

Well, it looks like this is our last post when it comes to hair colors as we have already covered gingers and blondes, so the next logical thing to do is just go with brunettes. Sure, we could stretch things a bit and go with multi-color hair or ombres, or whatever, but I believe as of now, that should be enough as there are more interesting types and categories to explore.

Hopefully, you will appreciate our effort as these lists are not easy as 2 + 2, it takes some work, exploration, multi part video watching and more. So here you have it, folks, our hottest brunette pornstars list, collected in 2018 and 2019, so you can expect the freshest pussies only.

20Kendra Spade

Kendra Spade has been blessed to appear on one of our favorite 4k porn sites, with some of the greatest curves seen to the human kind. If every man had a wife like Kendra, we would just spend spends fucking and reproducing instead of trying to escape this forsaken planet with space missions and all that shit.

Unless you get repulsive by hair pussy, I’d say we are done with this top 20. I am not a very picky man and Kendra will be more than just fine. For the rest of you, we have 19 more brunette pornstars to reveal.

19Eliza Ibarra

We have a fair share of hot brunette pornstars below but none of the scenes includes POV action, until now. This would work great with VR, but for now let’s just play with what we got. Eliza Ibarra is perfect for amateur porn scenes, has none of the “bitch” qualities and just does an average job at everything. That’s perfect and how we prefer, this is not an insult. Sometimes you just want to watch some amateurs perform, or professional pornstars fuck like ones.

Swings every way possible, from interracial to lesbian and erotica. Straight porn is given. Recently has also dyed her hair from the dark brown to jet black

18Maya Bijou

Maya is not related to the famous pink fighter from the Dragon Ball Z but is well-known for her tasty pussy and great work ethic. Despite staring at thousands of pornstars every year, I still get turned on by previously unknown performer or just a well-presented body. My girlfriend of three years on the other hand needs to try really fucking hard to get some blood flowing. The passion part is done.

We could talk about her flawed tits or weird side-tattoo, but it’s part of the charm. Sometimes perfect is not preferred and seeing some realness in porn is rare. Just avoid staring at her side-boob at all costs. It’s a boner killer.

17Kissa Sins

Black guys fuck blondes in the ass and white dudes prefer brunettes. Kissa Sins is a queen of anal porn, the well-respected butt plug tester and queen of gapes. Blue is her favorite color it seems, in case you want to charm your way inside her.

She is a true stunner as long as make-up has not been ruined (compare first and last seconds of this scene). Some men get angry at women for wearing too much powder or bright red lipstick, but that’s a stupid thing to do. Let’s get real for a moment, this world is done. There natural things are no more, from foods to porn. Take it or leave it.

16Liza Del Sierra

Some of you might say that she is more blond than brunette, but Liza identifies herself as brunette, so we are going to do with that and take her for granted. I never cared for her that much until an awesome realization hit my stupid brain: she looks just like my friend’s ex-girlfriend. Not to say that I wanted to fuck her at any point on their relationship (or past that), but it’s just a part of alpha fantasy.

I think she is better at anal than vaginal, and we are not sure if this a good or a bad thing. It’s like her default hole. Oh, and her pussy has inner lips trimmed. Ethnicity? French. From a country of cheese and wine. Learning about her European roots made her so much hotter.


15Dana DeArmond

If you were not into feet fetish before reading RedBled, you are now. This is her best scene so far and you are welcome to prove us otherwise. Look at that tight pussy, lips that grip and tell me how old do you think Dana is? Next year she will be 40-years old and is about to celebrate 15 years of porn. That’s dedication, spending almost half of your life fucking multiple people and making your fans happy.

I know you can’t see her hairstyle or face in this scene, but Dana is a hot brunette pornstar with babe like looks and fantastic smile. You could never tell but she is a hardcore porn performer, eating 6 loads in one scene and getting fucked into both holes by African American dudes.


14Ariella Ferrera

Ariella has some of my favorite qualities for a good sex partner. She is high energy, has more flexibility than a used condom, perfect ass and my rubs her own asshole, without you having to ask a thing. My last two girlfriends (both brunettes) were nothing like this, I had to take their fingers and guide them to their own butt. Even then the “pleasure” lasted only few seconds. It’s like a fucking a doll, except drama and continuous money burning part.

Ariella Ferrera is simply too good for most of us and I can see myself cuming just to a thought of us having one-night stand. Imagine her disappointment.


13Jayden Jaymes

We are opening our list with an honorable mention that is Jayden Jaymes. At this point we are not even sure if she is feeling a thing if you insert just one cock into her pussy and whether the sex is still enjoyable for her but what we can praise is her body that still appears to be as fine as it was 10 years ago. However, her face is a different story, I thought that Jayden is closer to 40 or 45 but she is actually just 31 (as of 2018). Be mad all you want but these are the facts, and yes, she knows how to fuck, check her out.

12Paige Turnah

We will soon use all of our brunette pornstars that are nearing milf stage reserve so here is probably one of the last ones, miss Paige Turnah. More on a chubby (or curvier) side, she rocks a fine pair of breasts, although there is something on her face, just kidding, it is our first brunette with freckles, and that just adds a little bit more character to her. Still a great chick that takes the dick and knows where to stick (ass, thank you). Oh, and if you are pulling out your dick already, we are just in the middle of our hottest brunettes list.

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11Madison Ivy

A brunette with cleanly shaved pussy? Well, come in there, join our list, the guys are waiting. Bit on a milf side (and this is likely why she is not at the top 3 or whatever), Madison still remains one of our long-time favorites. Who knows for how many more years will she keep spinning in the porn industry but while she is still there, let’s enjoy the ride. Also, an extra point always goes to any porsntar that is doing anal and preferably, knows how to make it seem like she is absolutely hating it.

10Jessica Jaymes

What’s better than Jayden James? Well, maybe Jessica Jaymes. Now take a guess, who is older, Jessica or Jayden? Look at both of these and tell me. The same age, maybe? Nope, this one is 7 years older, but I can honestly understand if you thought otherwise too. Anyhow, a brunette milf that pretty much everyone would love to fuck. What’s not to love about that? A nicely trimmed pussy with probably brunette hairs too there, and Hustlers Honey of the Year winner. She must be doing something right, although as far as fame goes, Jayden is an obvious winner.

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9Tina Kay

Another chubby brunette but this time a much younger and a fresher looking one. With tits size that are about as natural as you can get and your average body. Basically, it is a collection of averages, minutes the pussy lips that seem to be as fluffy as American style pancakes. So, what does the average body brings you? Well, the average spot, I guess. But I would be lying if I said that I would not want to bang this chick. I would, and I will, someday, somehow. Hot brunettes is my thing.

8Peta Jensen

Peta, not to be confused with the fucking insane organization that serves no purpose in the real world, is one of the hotter brunettes out there and is down for it all. We have seen scenes where she is fucked by big black cocks, where she is treated as a pet dog, where there are more cum particles than stars in the whole universe and obviously, anal. A very solid pair of beautiful tits, few tattoos and a body that is as solid as a Japanese luxury car. You can’t go wrong with any of that.


7Adriana Chechik

First things first, the other chick is just few spots below Adriana so here, relax. No need to scroll to the comment section and ask. A true and highly fuckable brunette pornstar that is as hot as a sizzling piece of meat sausage in the morning. We can’t really find that many flaws with her, the face is as cute as bunny, the lips fit perfectly around the cock, the enthusiasm is above average and way above the average when she watches someone else getting fucked in the ass, and all in all, a pretty sexy brunette.

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6Whitney Westgate

Hardcore sex is nice and all that but sometimes you just want a brunette or two, and a scene (preferably more) where it is all about passion and that gay shit. And in this case, Whitney is the one that delivers, and I am not talking about this scene alone. She does seem like a genuine person in general that tends to enjoy sex and feels okay in front of a camera. Think of her as a milf next door or your friend’s mom that you always wanted to fuck. Well, here is is.


5Keisha Grey

All right, now this scene is hot and there is a reason why this brunette is entering our list. The sensual angel, that is all I can say about her. Even the cock that she is sucking seems to be with so much finesse that it’s miles above most of the brunette whores in the industry. By the time this line of text has been finished, my dick is throbbing. Okay, that is not the image you want to have in your mind, but I am sure you have experienced the very same thing, unless you are into males?


4Lana Rhodes

She might not have the hottest face of them all (that is all a matter of taste anyway) but these eyes. What is going on there? There is so much beauty there that I just can’t help myself and gaze. Public sex seems to be her kink too as there are plenty of scenes where she is kissing girls in random places, etc. Also, that ass has been designed by the aliens or some other form of highly intelligent species to be fucked and savaged. An absolute treasure. Who is your hottest brunette?


3August Ames

Bit on a browner hair side, August Ames has been already featured on some of our porn lists, so adding her to the best brunettes is a pretty obvious choice. Just like Peta, she has been fucked in a variety of different ways and by a different color palette of big (as well as small) dicks.

At this point it is not even worth saying anything else as I am sure that every single one of you have already heard about her and if not, just look at the fucking video. She is hot, has nice tits, petite body and knows how to ride a cock than a hamster knows how to ride his wheel.

Source:, for a fuckload of her videos.

2Riley Reid

When it comes to Riley, I could talk and talk, it is like a never-ending stream of joy that is always streaming through my veins and something else. She is highly enthusiastic and charismatic when it comes to porn scenes, is a brunette after all and puts even most of the hottest blond porn stars to shame. We love pretty much everything about her. And the two scenes in this list alone tells pretty much everything you will ever need to know and yes, she welcomes cocks to her beautiful, tiny asshole too.

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1Aletta Ocean

Every time I watch her videos, I cum so much that it creates new oceans. The tits are as round as the perfect circle that only the most sophisticated computer algorithms can draw, her ass has likely been genetically engineered to take control of the masses, and her cock (wait, that is another list), and her lips are as swollen and my dick at the time of writing this.

Seriously, holy fucking shit, there is nothing wrong with her with the exception of one thing: she does not know me. Well, maybe that is for the better, I don’t want to embarrass myself.

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