Top 20: Best Chinese Pornstars of All Time (2023)

Step aside, Japan, here comes the sexy Chinese porn stars.

Top 20++: Best Chinese Pornstars of All Time (2023)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Having finished Japanese, Indian, Asian and Korean pornstar lists, it’s time to complete the circle and do the top 10 Chinese pornstars. Before discovering porn, China always gave me negative vibes and I thought of their people as dirty, selfish, and just non-pleasant to deal with. Therefore, I hesitated to list the best pornstars from this country because of my stupid beliefs. Thankfully, I was not stubborn enough to completely ignore China and decided to proceed with my research. To my surprise, I have learned that Chinese girls are fucking beautiful and have now become my favorite among other Asian countries.

Some of these models have Chinese names while others switched to full, USA-like pornstar names. We did not think there are any girls we will recognize, but this list made us realize that Chinese pornstars are more common than we thought and that half of them are already working with mainstream porn promoters.

22Leilani Wong

Another of the Amateur Chinese women who is one of the less-known names. She will accept anal from strangers, sick dicks like the anteater, and join any BDSM scenes. Leilani is the all-in-one like a pornstar.

Her porn life was as short as the length of my dick. There are only a few videos of Leilani and she is not returning.

21Thai Michelle

Milking tasty black cock like some of village women milk cows, Thai Michelle is a decent pick among hundreds of Asian pornstars. A tight snatch stretched to infinity and beyond is a huge plus. Especially for the interracial slut that this Chinese bunny is.

The same goes for her acting in bed skills, it’s as good as you can get from the woman who is at the bottom part of our list.

20Miley Villa

These days, guys act as if women’s sensitive parts are made of rubber or plastic. Jamming fingers and rubbing with the force of ten suns exploding. As an exemplary Chinese pornstar, Miley Villa doesn’t ruin the scene and meditates to forget the brutally awful fucking technique.

The fingering scenario is more common when you’re getting fucked by a person with a short dick. They’re forced to provide the extra stimulus to make porn workers feel anything.

19Chi Sun

This cute surprise of a pornstar will make any cock rise like the morning sun. A (sometimes) blonde Chinese pornstar is no slouch regarding blowjobs, facials, and all kinds of fun activities involving the mouth. But, most importantly, her beautiful breasts are truly the stars of this show.

The proportions, nipple to tit ratio, and shape itself are spectacular. While tit jobs with massive breasts are always a good way to end or begin one man’s show, Chi’s round pies can stand independently.

18Lena Lang

Despite her last name, Lena Lang will go for a shorter of the cocks too. Although that is not a default choice for this Beijing-born babe. Her butthole was pierced by dicks the size of a broomstick and it was still not enough for this aspiring actress.

There are only 8 public videos of Lena out there, all of which are on PornHub. It looks like she has since called it quits too. Not a big loss!

17Jade Feng

A Chinese pornstar from the 80s and 90s… The largest tits guaranteed the most fans and the highest levels of fame. You did not even have to try. Remember French pornstar Lolo Ferrari with 55J tits? Unfortunately, she has committed suicide in 2000. As for Jade Feng, I can’t find any more information besides a few older videos and a Twitter handle with the same name.

Either it’s a different girl or she dumped her porn career and has since kept her legs shut. When you think about it, it’s likely someone else. This video was shot dozens of years ago where Jade already looked GILF level old! There is just no way that she has survived throughout all these years, not only not getting older but getting younger.

Update: we have just learned that Jade is now producing YouTube cooking videos under nickname Tifa.

16Miko Lee

Miko Lee is joining Kobe Tai and is here with other retired or soon-to-be Chinese pornstars. Did not achieve the same level of success as Kobe, but still trying. She had so many more fans years ago and now even the hardest porn hoarders don’t bother to accumulate videos of her.

Nothing has changed as far as I know but looking at this scene does not give you a good vibe. It’s like she is not even enjoying the shot. Maybe that’s the reason for her downtrend. Since losing an extra few pounds (and possibly enlarging those rice milk makers), Miko is even more desirable than before (looks vise). So, why the fuck is she no longer with the biggest porn studios? I honestly don’t know.

15Arisa Minami

Did you know that Chinese people hate the Japanese? It has something to do with war and other shit. I wonder which side Arisa would choose as she rocks both Japanese and Chinese genes. That’s like being half black in a racist family.

Directors made this scene in Japan; you can tell from all the weird things it has. From penis measurements to classrooms with fucked up students. The text in the notebook says: will you show us your panties? It’s obviously the sex education class, but if this was a western porn scene, these people would not be standing still, I can tell you that much. A decent pornstar, yet not pure Chinese so we can’t place her any higher than this.

14Kita Zen

We all have heard about the Chinese pussy rumors. It’s the tightest of them all and this scene is proof of that. I wonder who would win the tight pussy championship, the biggest Asian whore or casual amateur from any other country? My best is still on rice-eating pornstars, and it’s not only pussy genes but also teen-like looks in their late 30s.

Kita Zen is a Chinese pornstar that is barely five feet in height. However, it’s not her first or second in porn as there are nearly 100 videos of her twat getting nailed by white and black cocks. Now, there are two types of Chinese pornstars. First, you have those born in the USA and then the original kind, born in China. Kita belongs to the latter group. As for other features, her measurements are 32-24-34 and where this rice cooker shines is in the weight department: 101 lbs or just 45 kilograms.

Source: Free Premium PornHub.

13Kobe Tai

Likely the most famous Chinese pornstar of the last decade, Kobe Tai. Most people have heard of this name before and don’t know where. Her father was Japanese and her Chinese heritage comes only from the mother’s side. Used to be known as Coby Ty back in 1996, this Taiwan-born pornstar has been featured in over 70 adult movies and many more videos.

Kobe has one of the most genuine smiles without make-up, and here’s the good news: she got a divorce, is ingle, and ready to mingle. The marriage only lasted just over one year, which is weird. Maybe there is a bitchy character under that angel’s face? Most of her materials these days are free unless you are willing to pay for something of higher quality.

12Evelyn Lin

Not reaching the Japanese pornstar levels of bukkake and semen swallowing, Evelyn is a decent cum eater or at least a taster. One must praise her open mouth act as the new age pornstars only pretend to catch cum, opening it all wide post cumshots.

A pure pornstar, born and raised in China. Some say that Chinese parents are very conservative, so it would be funny to watch their reactions as you show them their daughter’s DP performance. What interests me in this scene is the amount of cum and its thickness. Is the male performer taking pills to thicken it up or it’s all a result of dieting and working out? If so, I would love to have his plan. Heart-stopping petite build with nicely enhanced tits, enlarged eyes, and Asian hair genes.


11Callie Cyprus

Meet my favorite Chinese / American pornstar who has all the qualities of a good actress. But, it’s not just her behavior. The leopard tattoos remind me of ancient Chinese times and to tell you the truth, Callie is sitting at the top of all my “to fuck list” girls. The first is your mom. I know that you came here for 100% Chinese pornstars that Americans, Canadians, or Europeans did not influence. Hence, she can’t be ranked as the top pick.

I like girls that take their time and play with balls, shaft, and their tongue prior deepthroating. Now, if you were to remove that fake layer of make-up post-sex, she would be one of the most regretted fucks of this century. I highly suggest you not search for her pictures without make-up as there is no way to recover from that trauma. Instead, enjoy the sensual videos that this babe offers.


10Nina Lynn

Don’t blink as you will miss her. I always wanted to have a dick-sucking competition among my friends and girlfriends. Maybe if you were to share this post few more times, RedBled would blow up in popularity and I could hire enough pornstar escorts to film something like this. It’s all up to you, guys. As for Nina Lynn, she is no longer active and even PornHub has only one of her videos to watch.

One of the hottest porn scenes right here. I feel bad for saying this is a Chinese pornstar list, but my favorite is the one at the very back with shiny red hair. If someone can identify her, please do so. Half of these must be sisters as all rock the same color panties, and a tattoo of a similar size.

9Kianna Dior

From the ancient Chinese civilization and covered in slime comes the nastiest cum-craving slut of them all. But, of course, Dior is the “old-school cool” MILF with more than 20-years of history, so it’s a given that the scenes she films now are nothing but disgusting. It’s hard to keep it vanilla for so long, you know…

She’s a walking book of 50 good uses for semen and there are no droplets left behind. Kianna’s mouth is like a magnet for dick milk that lives by the “gotta catch ’em all” mantra. The elephant in the room, or this case two elephants, are the 34DD tits.

8Ava Devine

Sign me up for this class of nasty sexual experience! She is Ava Devine, the gorgeous MILF with breasts that will challenge most of today’s bras.

Why do Asian pornstars get their breasts enlarged to the point of explosion? Most Caucasians or ebonies will just add a cup or two, but for Japanese or Chinese girls… It’s like they are compensating for something. Nonetheless, Ava Devine is one of the hottest Chinese performers of this century.


7Alina Li

In the GIF above, you are seeing the early stages of Alina Li. Believe it or not, now she is one of the most successful pornstars from Shanghai, China. Her performances range from stepmom bangs to solo sessions and more.

There are now way over 400 scenes in which Alina Li gets dirty. Spread across various sites, we recommend the only and only…

Source: Free Premium PornHub.

6Jade Kush

For a minute we were confused at the slow start, especially with the Brazzers logo at the bottom, but then it turned out to be an innocent tease. This is not Japanese porn after all. Jade Kush is an American-looking Chinese pornstar with as many fake parts cocks in your mouth right now. I don’t like her pussy shape and would even prefer for that thing to be censored.

That must put me to the 1% of people that can’t jerk off to Jade. She is among the top 100 pornstars of all time, as ranked by various tube sites. She is doing something better than other performers as even the number of videos is lower than average. Most of the girls in this top 10 have produced hundreds and still sit only at the top 1000s (if they are lucky).


5Lulu Chu

Raised in the infamous Wuhan, China, the 5 foot Lulu Chu has a pussy worthy of a pandemic. I don’t know if her friends ever ate the bat soup, but we’d feast on any of Chu’s moist holes forever and ever.

Swallowing isn’t an issue although Lulu can’t beat the appetites of Japanese pornstars that thrive on semen. And if you search for Chinese anal or interracial, there are a couple of videos of each fetish too.

4Eva Angelina

Yes, Eva Angelina is part Chinese, Cuban, and Irish. It’s hard to tell what kind of fucking beast she is as the looks don’t scream Asian right away. Guess that is a cheat code as you can feature her on multiple nationalities based on top 10 pornstar lists without getting called out. On the older side of the spectrum, but still full of energy and great acting skills.

Some whores look dead after the first hundred scenes, but Eva Angelina is not one of them. Still a whore, but not dead inside. Her appetite for sex is astronomical as just one cock barely does a job. You must constantly finger her, fuck with dildos, or do something extra to prevent Eva from falling asleep. A true master of mind-blowing sex and unforgettable time.


3Miko Dai

Why take number two on your own when a filth-thirsty pornstar can join and clean your ass? A Chinese pornstar that is no stranger to random fetishes and more than enough success to make a decent living. You can shove anything into her mouth, and she’ll try to pleasure the thing. Be it your moist cock, a random vagina, or some dirty panties.

Tiny ass with beautiful facial features, decent tits, and modern makeup. It’s all there is to Miko Dai although even one of mentioned pros is enough.


2Cindy Starfall

A distinctive-looking pornstar with Chinese and Taiwanese genes mixed, and since the latter country is so poor, you can expect a petite body type. She might even be the lightest pornstar that I have heard of. Looking at her figure is almost a mystery. Cindy is the youngest looking pornstar in this top 10, bar none. Perfect for schoolgirl foreplay or even creepier fetishes. Now guess her weight. Wrong. It’s just 95 pounds or 43 kilograms.

Medium-sized dogs are heavier than her. If she was to get fake tits, the plastics alone would make most of her body weight. Cindy Starfall loves to talk dirty during sex, fuck in front of other people, and, like most Asians, have already tasted the dark side of the coin. If you know what I mean.


1Tiffany Rain

Having a Chinese girlfriend is such a dream. Having sex with beautiful tight pussies, giving birth to smart siblings, and having a submissive wife for the rest of your wife that will work her ass off to please you. Tiffany Rain is a perfect material in all senses, see that cock gently slides down her pussy and how wet it looks.

It’s not even going all the way in, a problem that many of us (me included) wish to have. One of the more recent additions that exploded like Chinese fireworks in terms of popularity. She is one of the most liked pornstars among many. She has great future potential and will get two minutes of fame. Born in the USA, so not pure Chinese, but it does not matter for many of us. Unless you are some sort of porn purist.


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  1. Let’s respect each of the girls for who they are; and not just call all Asians ‘Chinese’! After all, they all have a rich culture of their own.


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