Top 20: Perfect Hungarian, Romanian & Slovak Pornstars (2021)

Picture perfect pornstars for your jerking off afternoon.

Top 20: Perfect Hungarian, Romanian & Slovak Pornstars (2021)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Why are we merging so many countries into a single post? Frankly, I’ve visited Hungary many times and it’s full of Romanians and some Slovaks. Now, there’s some bad air between these countries, and what better way to unite them all than with some love?

Hit your cum pots and squeeze the last dab of lube as we are here to cover the perfect pornstars from Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. What do these European babes have in common and who’s the top bitch? Let’s find out.

21Shalina Devine

Here’s how you can differentiate between average and true superstars. It’s all about not following trends and hunting for opportunities abroad. Like great music producers that find talent early, Rocco was the man behind Shalina Devine’s success. Instead of digging through the LA dumpster, he got to know a Romanian pornstar and made a perfect proposition that no sane slut can refuse.

She got annihilated by massive cocks, all holes and that’s the history behind Shalina. A performer from a random village that got hooked on dick.

Country: Romania

20Donna Bell

Good luck finding recent (and decent) works of this phenomenal blond pornstar from Romania. Was such a sexy slut ten years ago and has sadly succumbed to the female’s worst nightmare, aging. This is one of her latest scenes that portrays Donna Bell in a beautiful light.

She gives us crazy ex-girlfriend kind of a vibe and boy does Donna love attention. That explains early photoshoots at the barely legal age. Wouldn’t say that she is a grey goose now, but good roles are somewhat scarce.

Country: Romania

19Madison Parker

Another European babe from Hungary that makes handjob cumshots look tasty. Let’s wait for someone to invent the mind-reading machine so we can hear the thoughts these pornstars have while waiting for a load. Bold eye shadows bring the slutty look while long eyebrows make it somewhat sophisticated.

I’ve read studies that people are less likely to trust women with brown eyes, which seems weird. Having said that, if it’s Madison Parker that begs me to sign a contract, I’ll do that without evening reading. Lastly, this guy has a beautiful cock.

Country: Hungary

18Jasmine Black

The perfect pornstar from Bucharest, Romania, and one of the first to succeed in the brutal XXX business. Her first name is unrelated to teabags, but tea bagging is not out of the equation for any of the stars out there. She has stunning DD breasts that could suffocate a group of men. Jasmine’s back must hate her! Too bad she’s getting old.

What are the ingredients of this sex machine? Dark hair, ass first, balls to the wall acting, and oral sex skills that will dry you out of existence.

Country: Romania

17Diana Doll

Another supreme quality pornstar from Slovakia that made it to the top. The opposite of Chinese where it’s all numbers game and with billions of people, some will randomly be born with talent. Well, the population of Slovakia is only that of 5.5 million, yet most of the hottest pornstars in this article are from there. Do they breed hot sluts or something?

Back to Diana Doll, the 43-year old female performer from Liptovsky Mikulas. Poke any hole, cum on fake Euro tits, or massage those magnificent butt cheeks. She’s a MILF next door with tramp stamp tattoos.

Country: Slovakia

16Eve Angel

Watch and learn from one of the oldest Hungarian pornstars that have been playing dirty way before most of us. Budapest is the birthplace of Eve Angel and it did not take long for the smell of money to lure this babe away into nude modeling. Just like with weak substances that work as gateway drugs, Eve Angel got bored of nudes and moved to webcam streaming. You should’ve seen it…

While the best days of Eve are behind her, she still does scenes with obscure sites. Fun fact, almost all videos are lesbian.

Country: Hungary

15Kyra Hot

There are black guys in Hungary too! Mostly immigrants from various South African countries and that’s where Kyra’s passion for sausage must have come from. Sure, this Hungarian blond slut has sex with whites too, but nothing brings out the wildest sight like a box of chocolate-covered cocks.

Like many pornstars going for the trashy ghetto look, Kyra has a bunch of tattoos of hilariously damaged hair. It’s as if someone has dyed them with bleach concentrate and never bothered to rinse that blend of chemicals away.

Country: Hungary

14Lucy Bell (Gina Lutaja)

Here’s to another Romanian pornstar and the glory days. If you thought that Russian performers love anal, you haven’t seen a scene of Lucy Belle. She’s a freak of double penetration that struggled to find a solid fan base. Loved ass to mouth and anything sex-related. Maybe that butt breath scared everyone away? I’m joking.

Still, I believe Lucy Belle is worthy of another look, especially among European pornstar viewers. There are close to 100 videos online to choose from.

Country: Romania

13Honey Demon

At this point, I can’t distinguish between Demon and a few other brunettes of the same body type. It’s like a never-ending nightmare except for your cock that can’t stop throwing up. Sweet as Honeydew, yet as active in bed as a floppy fish. Bucharest, Romania is the hometown of Honey Demon and the start of this slut’s carrier.

She started modeling to pay the bills, and then the appetite for cash only increased with age. Now close to 30-years old, Honey still performs for mega pornstar databases like Brazzers, Bang and others.

Country: Romania

12Alexis Brill

When your cock takes over the control and spends the brain’s hard-earned money on sluts… Just exchange your Euros for Forints and let’s go hunting! Acting as a freshman amateur, Alexis Brill got stopped in the streets of Hungary and things went from sexy to hot in less than 10 minutes. You know how these public pickup videos end, don’t you?

On an unrelated note, I haven’t seen a brown jacket fit someone as perfectly as this one does Alexis. Lovely breasts, yellow top, and incredibly soft hair it’s too late now… We’re masturbating already.

Country: Hungary


11Anita Bellini

Wildly, fun on set, adventurous, and with small ass crack for that extra grip. A bit surprised that Anita isn’t widely known, especially with those looks and fragile body frame. Could do a video with Amirah Adara as her twin sister because these Hungarians look alike.

Even more impressive are Bellini’s features… How can a pornstar weighing less than 100 pounds own a 34-inch butt and great bust is for scientists to figure out. Loves anal sex (that’s where most dicks default anyway), romance, threesomes and gangbangs.

Country: Hungary


10Lea Lexis

Romania is full of gypsies and gypsy pornstars are plentiful. One of the hot MILFs from Bucharest is Lea Lexis. Why haven’t we heard of her before? To be fair, she did start in the underground porn scene and that was by the age of 19!

Now 31-years old, Lea Lexis still performers magnificently well, be it for VR porn or old-school studios. Never quite managed to reach the top although had some success with RealityKings.

Country: Romania

9Sensual Jane

Which of the two is Sensual Jane? All Romanian pornstars have black hair, so here’s your answer. Some of the biggest, most perfect tits in porn and glasses give Jane a kinky secretary look that wouldn’t spend an hour unemployed.

I remember the early days of this brunette when she starred in trashy Euro movies under the Slutty Jane nickname. She attracts cocks, pussies, and viewers like honey attracts flies. One of the most successful women in porn.

Country: Romania

8Timea Bella

There aren’t thousands of Slovakian pornstars, but Timea Bella would topmost of them anyway. So, why bother with the lower-tier meat when we can go straight to the Wagyu of porn? Those that give her a chance immediately fall in love, turning limp cocks into solid stone structures. Does anyone else think that this is where the singing medusas legend comes from?

Like, men got hard, and instead of creating ancient erotica stories, renamed cocks to statues and that garbage went viral.

Country: Slovakia

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

7Tina Hot

She doesn’t look like any other slut of Hungarian descent and that worked well for Tina Hot. Born in 1990, the mega-slut quickly caught the ropes of life and moved to the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Everyone knows that this is where most opportunities lie.

Well, Tina soon got too big even for the big town and at the age of 21 transitioned to porn. Why suck dicks for few bucks when you can have contracts worth thousands? It took her around 5 years, but Tina eventually became one of the better-known Hungarian pornstars.

Country: Hungary


6Zazie Skymm

As a dumb “fatzo” has once said on YouTube or wherever his music videos are uploaded, here’s “another one”! The floodgates of Hungarian pornstars have been opened and that brings us to Zazie Skymm. Just like how we appreciate real lesbians in porn, this blond with 34B tits is a real bisexual. Yes, she’ll casually fuck men or women outside her workplace and that’s hot!

The “21 Network” is responsible for bringing Zazie to the rest of the world and that’s the place where you can find most of her work.

Country: Hungary


5Aletta Ocean

Wearing a revealing red dress and no underwear, Aletta Ocean is stupendous good-looking. If you don’t get offended by fake tits or full lips that aren’t exactly God’s creations. How many plastic surgeries are too many? This Hungarian pornstar aims for perfection and in my book… She’s a perfect female companion, loves the secretary porn scenarios as well.

Furthermore, Aletta has a nice snatch, decent eyes bust, more importantly, rides a dick too good to pass by. So, you’d be committing a crime for refusing to fuck her.

Country: Hungary


4Amirah Adara

Recognized for perfect ass and non-bland looks, Amirah is a Hungarian pornstar that helped millions of men to relieve any tension they’ve had in balls. Smiling on the balcony with nothing but provoking blue bikini, she looks so fuckable.

Amirah knows the perfect position that brings the best bumps and curves out of her, it’s the doggystyle! Having watched this porn video, I’d say that she also has “loving puppy” eyes, submissive, and without attitude. Fell in love already and my dick is still not inside this slut.

Country: Hungary


3Sandra Romain

Spicy, slippery, and with black hair, that’s Sandra, a gypsy pornstar worthy of your fap. Wouldn’t mind smashing slut on the left either. Honestly, I am okay with my hand too! Having researched hundreds of different performers, I have a question for you. Is Romania the Latina America of Europe? Looks like all the roundest ass pornstars are from there.

Speaking of hot babes, Sandra Romain was born in Timisoara and recently crossed the 40-year old mark. Despite her honorable age, she doesn’t look older than 30. Damn those genes.

Country: Romania


2Patty Michova

Getting blasted with cum and loving it, that’s how Slovak pornstars should behave on set. Needs to apply some cream near the crotch area though. Seriously, acne from ingrown pubic hair doesn’t look fun. Like, you shouldn’t even be concentrating on the pussy part.

Yes, fake tits and botulin lips will slowly make all females look the same and ruin porn. Whatever, that’s just a trend bro. Rings true in the beauty industry especially. Patty Michova is the lost cousin of the Aletta Ocean.

Country: Slovakia


1Black Angelika

It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone grind on a dick as hard as Black Angelika can. It’s almost uncomfortable to watch and by that, I mean tension in my trousers. Look at the man’s hands and how he tries to control her to no avail.

She knows what’s up and how to work the shaft. Don’t you even dare to touch her or ruin the video! I bet he tried hard to not ejaculate prematurely. The perfect pornstar that you’ll have no trouble jerking off to.

Country: Romania




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