Interview with Ember Snow: The Master of Her Own Fate

How about an Asian pornstar interview?

Interview with Ember Snow: The Master of Her Own Fate

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Today, we have something special for you: Ember Snow! A pornstar of Filipino descent that has been featured on RedBled top 10 lists multiple times. If that’s not enough to peak your curiosity, then you should check with the doctor. All joking aside, it’s one eye-opening interview.

Our interviews are getting better by the minute, and this one is no different. The sheer positivity of Ember Snow always drew us. That’s the first thing that everyone here noticed about Ember. However, having learned so much more about her, watching porn with Ember will be much more impactful. It’s like jerking off to a female next door.

By the end of our Q&A, I realized that she is not just a hard-working pornstar! Instead, Ember Snow is someone who takes matters into her own hands.

Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Ember Snow. I’m 4’11, weigh 90lbs, and am of Filipino descent. I do porn because I saw it as an excellent opportunity to hone my skills behind the camera and in front since I eventually want to produce mainstream films and TV shows.

Oh, yeah, and I love sex. Lots and lots of sex!

You were born in Saudi Arabia and moved to the US at a young age. Do you remember anything about your childhood there?

I don’t because I was so young. I mostly have memories of being here in the US.

Have you visited Saudi Arabia in your adulthood? What was it like?

No, I haven’t been back.

Is sexual repression there really a thing? With that in mind, how did your parents react to your decision to become a porn star?

My parents didn’t react well to my decision to go into Adult Films. They’re very old-school conservative Filipino Catholics. However, they have seen that I have conducted my life responsibly since I have been in.

I’m not an alcoholic or a drug user, and I treat this like a job and not really a lifestyle. My mother passed away just recently, so it’s just my father now, but he’s seen that this was a way to make not only my life but my entire family’s life a little better.

Speaking of all things sexy, you were a late bloomer. Losing virginity only at a later age? What happened?

Interview with Ember Snow: The Master of Her Own Fate

I lived in a very closed-off and conservative home. Also, I wasn’t permitted to date, and so I learned to form relationships in other ways. Thankfully, I was also trying to wait for the right person to come along, and that’s precisely what happened. I’ve always heard that many girls lose their virginity to the wrong person. I didn’t want that to happen to me.

Along the way, I made out with a few guys (and girls). I was even in a long-term relationship with a girl, but it wasn’t sexual (that was actually her choice, not mine). The right guy didn’t come along until much later, and when I took the plunge, it just opened up a million doors that I’d kept locked up. Now, I’m exploring them all.

You read manga and play video games (a perfect girlfriend for many). Are you a dork in real life?

I guess I have to say yes, but I’m not as much of one as I used to be. I haven’t read manga in years, and I rarely get to play video games anymore because I work so much. But if I didn’t have to work, l I would probably be playing more video games.

Name your favorite video game!

Currently playing the new Kingdom Hearts and loving every second of it. But my all-time favorite is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

Only recently did I discover that there is more than one sign language (duh). When did you learn the American Sign Language, and why?

I have taken several courses in it over the years, but I am not 100% fluent. No, I really do want to take more classes. I have a family member who is deaf, and it is our sole means of communication with her. While other family members have knowledge of it, I’m the one who knows the most, so I want to stay current with it as best I can.

Name a single scene (no cheating) of yours that every reader (or future fan) should check out; please explain why.

My first anal scene for HardX. No question. The reason is simple: I spent over a year and a half in the industry wanting to do an anal scene, but I was always nervous about it. I do anal in my cam shows, and I have at least a half dozen videos on my ManyVids page of me taking various sizes of dildos and toys up my ass.

Within six months of being in this industry, I felt I was ready, but I was nervous they’d pair me up with a guy who was HUGE, and I just wouldn’t be able to do it. Finally, I took a deep breath and put the word out that I was ready. Who do they pair me up with? Ramon Nomar!!! This guy is a tree trunk. I was so nervous. I even shot a video for OnlyFans of me preparing for the scene the night before. But what happens?

I went to do the scene, and it was terrific. There is nothing fake in this scene at all. I was seriously having orgasms from him fucking me in the ass. I almost felt like doing anal was easier than doing vaginal. Even after the scene was over, I wanted more. So, if you want to see a girl take a cock in her ass for the first time and genuinely love every second of it. That’s the scene to watch.

What’s your view on a boob job or other, looks enhancing surgeries?

I’m not against boob jobs at all. I have explored that possibility, but not now. Maybe when I’m a little older, and I lose the size, I have now. As for the rest? Not really into them or see the need. I don’t judge the people who do. It’s their body, and they can do what they want that makes them happy. I just don’t see the need for it myself at this time.

Some pornstars suggested that one should start slowly, leaving anal and hardcore porn for later years. Does this advice still apply today, or there’s too much competition?

It depends on the girl. I got the same advice about anal, and I did exactly what I was advised to do. However, I was ready to do it probably 6 months to a year before I actually did it. Some girls can drag it out for a long time. Others will be missing out on a lot of extra money if they wait too long. It just kind of comes down to their own wants and needs.

How long do you plan to stay in the adult business? Any retirement plans already on your radar or transition to producing?

Are you kidding? I just got started!!! I have already produced my first feature. It’s called “Choice,” and it stars Cherie DeVille, Chloe Cherry, Christiana Cinn, Jill Kassidy and Gina Valentina (oh, and I’m in it too).

We’re currently looking for distribution for it. Right now, I have no plans to retire for a while. I’m having way too much fun in front of the camera. But I am looking to continue producing my content and more features down the road.

Is the dream of becoming a non-adult producer still alive and kicking?

Interview with Ember Snow: The Master of Her Own Fate

As we speak, I am in pre-production on a spec pilot. I can’t give away too many details right now, but it should be finished before the summer starts. It will be an all-mainstream cast with hopefully a couple of adult stars making cameos as themselves.

I’m going to finance it myself, but I am going to do a crowdfunding campaign so my fans can be a part of the process.

What makes you happy in life? No, seriously. When and how did you learn the art of happiness?

I truly found happiness about a year or two before I started doing porn. This is going to be the most boring answer for your readers, but it was when I discovered my independence and realized that I was free to do whatever I wanted to do in life.

I had lived for so long by my family’s rules and schedules that I was dying to escape and live life on my terms. Once I discovered I could do that, my life changed forever.

Did you know that RedBled featured you on top Asian and hairy pussy pornstar’s lists?

Here’s what we had to say:

“Ember Snow looks like your down-to-earth kind of girl, with a contagious smile and massive amounts of good emotions. Another hot Asian pornstar that does interracial stuff, and honestly, I’d fuck her not for her looks (she is 9/10), but for personality. That might sound gay, but it’s hard not to fall in love with positive people.”

Are you flattered? Also, how about a date?

I had to stop dating. All people seemed to end with a lot of crying, begging, and pleading. I’ll leave the gender of the person responsible for all of this up to your imagination. 😉

Could you name some of your favorite movies or books that would help your fans to understand better “the other side” of your personality?

You realize that by doing this, I will probably murder my fan base. They’re all going to look at my answer and say…huh? But, seriously, some of my favorite movies include Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson. Being an actress first, I love to watch a wide range of characters in intense situations, and this film delivered on all those levels.

I also love David Finisher’s Gone Girl and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. However, I am a really big Christopher Nolan fan and love Inception, The Dark Knight, and Memento. I believe Heath Ledger’s Joker performance is one of the best pieces of acting I have seen in my life (and I’m really looking forward to seeing Joachim Phoenix’s take on the character this fall)

How did StarFactoryPR help you with your career in the adult industry?

Interview with Ember Snow: The Master of Her Own Fate

Star Factory has been really instrumental in helping to get my name out to as many people as possible, especially in the media. But aside from their very meticulous handling of my public image, they are also essential members of my team as far as guiding and giving me advice about the industry in general.

I love their positive attitude and general approach to mentoring me along the way.

Have you met Tanya Tate in real life? Would you do a scene with her?

I’ve met her several times, and YES! Thousand times, YES! I’m hoping the next time I’m on her radio show she’ll let me….um….well, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

Do you have any names on your “to fuck” list?

I do. But most of them are retired. LOL People like Sunny Leone and Christy Canyon (who I have also met and loved dearly). As far as guys go, I still haven’t worked with Manuel Ferrara, Dredd, and Xander Corvus. Girls?

My number 1 right now is Riley Reid. I may have to hire her for a special version of Girl Crushes so I can have my shot at her. There are too many others to list, but Riley is the one I want to be booked with the most.

Any ending notes?

I have a self-produced series I did call “Girl Crushes.” It was basically me setting up scenes with girls I had been dying to fuck. The list includes Kendra Spade, Jill Kassidy, Gina Valentina, Eliza Ibarra, and I even did a scene with a girl who had never shot a scene before and had never had sex with a woman before named Zoey XO.

All of these clips are available on ManyVids. Also, can you believe the industry has never hired me to shoot with two guys simultaneously? So, I did it myself. I have three scenes featuring me with two guys at once. All are on ManyVids as well. Or you can order them directly from me through

Where can people find you?

My Twitter is @embersnowxxx.
My IG got deleted…TWICE but I just started it back up again as RealEmberSnow.

If guys want to text with me live and even call me on the phone, they can find me at

I also have pages on OnlyFans and ManyVids.

2023 Update

I’m more than happy to say that Ember Snow is still in show business. Her social media accounts blew up and with hundreds of thousands of followers, millions of views, it’s good time to revisit her early clips, just to see how she has evolved.

Heck, even PornHub drops new videos from Ember Snow once in a while and her pornstar rank is somewhere in the 300s, not bad!

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