Interview with Johnny Goodluck, a Rising Male Pornstar

Talking about his future plans with Johnny Goodluck.

Interview with Johnny Goodluck, a Rising Male Pornstar

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Recently, we did have an opportunity to interview one of the more interesting and rising male pornstars out there, Johnny Goodluck. Not knowing what to expect, I was more than happy with the result.

If you have not heard of him yet, be sure to read the interview below and check out his work. This is my favorite interview so far, mostly because of the interesting personality traits and few behind the scene stories that were shared. Guys typically don’t like to do intereviews and unless you’re new here, getting one can be tricky. Johny, thankfully, agreed and yes, it will benefit him too, all thanks to the extra fame.

1. Can you please introduce yourself?
Hi! I’m Johnny Goodluck! Guys guy, bartender, chef, musician, stand-up human, and yes, pro-male performer. I’m an East Coaster trying to get along in LA, living off of skill, drive, and being a good person.

2. I’ll be honest with you. I never knew that you were the exec chef. How did that happen?
Everyone has their passions. Mine is cooking! I have always cooked professionally since I could legally work. It’s all I’ve ever done until I started my own businesses which led me to different entrepreneurial avenues.

3. What’s your opinion on Gordon Ramsay? What are or were your idols in this area?
Gordon is a beast. I love him. I went to culinary school with one of his chefs and his BUR GR bar in Vegas is easily the best burger I’ve ever had in my life. I also idolize Thomas Keller, Michael Symon, Alton Brown, and my old boss Roy Yamaguchi.

4. Did one day someone just asked for ravioli with extra sauce and you decided to do porn? How did you start?
I started my own personal chef business years ago and it gave me the freedom to travel to conventions with my fiancé, now wife, Draven Star. I was a roadie for her and Burning Angel at conventions, and eventually, a guy was needed. It just kind of happened. And no, I would always give them extra sauce.

5. What was it like to work behind the scenes? What did you do?
I cooked on set to start. Everyone from Burning Angel knew I was a beast chef, so they’d pay me to cook for shoots or shop and do craft services. This lead to me getting booked by Mike Quasar for more than Burning Angel shoots. I eventually started doing sound and PA work for Wicked Pictures.

6. Tell me about your first scene. Were you anxious about the performance?
My first scene was actually with my wife Draven Star for Hustler. I wasn’t nervous at all! I even had friends sitting and watching. I’ve never had hold ups about sexual acts in front of people.

7. For guys that want to last longer in bed, can you give them few tips?
It’s called “male Kegels “. Look it up! It’s the key to self-control! There are muscles you can exercise to be able to “hold your load”.

8. How did you come up with the “Johnny Goodluck” name?
I was at AVN my first year. Just a roadie for Burning Angel. They said I needed a name. I said “how about Johnny? Like John=Trick=Mark, it’s a hooker reference because the life is similar. I also said Johnny can go in front of anything. I could be Johnny Asshole or Johnny Fuckboy or Johnny Douchebag… Draven replied “Goodluck!” As in good luck with that…I said “yes, Johnny Goodluck, so it is written”

9. How hard is it for a guy to become the performer in porn?
Basically impossible. However, anyone can make their own porn and sell it themselves in legal ways. That’s the only way to fall into it and sometimes it leads to working with other people which leads down the road to the Porno Valley.

10. Who is your favorite male and female pornstars of all time? Can be active or retired. Why?
Male would be Tommy Pistol! He’s a real dude. A great friend and he definitely paved the way for guys like me with weird tattoos and a different. He’s The Godfather of the porno-weirdos. Female would be my wife! I married her for a reason! She’s amazing! Draven Star… I guess I could have been Mr. Star.

11. Most guys think that getting paid to fuck is a dream job. Can you name few cons?
It’s super hard work! It can skew your perception of reality when it comes to life, love, marriage, and especially sex off camera. You’re pretty much an athlete. You have to count on your body to perform. I’ve never met a male performer who didn’t put a ton of mental pressure on themselves, and if you can’t perform you don’t get paid and ruin your reputation. You can lose your porn status just as quick as you got it if you can’t make your body do what they expect.

12. How did your close friends and family react to the decision of you becoming a pornstar?
They saw it coming because I was dating a veteran porn star. Luckily, they are all super supportive. It kind of blows my mind some of the people who still follow me from high school, and some of my childhood friends are my biggest fans.

13. What’s next for you?
I’m going to keep producing my own work. Work on getting better at writing and directing.  This includes my current project “Bar Luck”. It will be a YouTube Channel about bar life, Bar-tending, and Booze Knowledge.

14. What does your average day look like?
Weekdays are office work and house work. I have to clean and do computer stuff like normal people. Some days I shoot, some days I bartend, and some days I do both! I like to cook dinner, go have cocktails with friends, write new shoot ideas, edit, hang with my production friends, and party.

15. Name your favorite movie and a book.
My favorite movie is Snatch and my favorite book is Kitchen Confidential.

16. What’s your most hated question in the interviews (minus all the above)?
“How do you get into porn?”  It always comes up and then there’s always a hundred people asking on social media. There is no way to get into it as a male. It’s up to the universe. You just have to be in the right place and answer the door when you hear the knock.

17. You end up on the island, far away from the civilization. Pick two adult performers that shall live with you.
I would take Robby Echo and Karma RX all day, every day. They are survivors, well built, and good people that I could get along with forever. I know they would harbor the tribe mentality.

18. Where can people find you?
Around LA & Mr. Furley’s bar in Sherman Oaks. Or…
Twitter- @mrgoodluckxxx
Instagram- MrJohnnyGoodluck
FB – Johnny Goodluck

19. Any closing thoughts?

3 guys are heading into a bar…..
The first 2 guys walk right into the bar….
The third guy ducks.

20. Do you want to ask me anything?

Q: How’s that Red Life? Thank you for your time. Rock on and stay groovy!
A: Every time my girlfriend enters the room, my PC is blasting with porn scenes. Last time it was for the top 10 gay post that I was working on. She was creeped out, ha.

Thank you for your time! Keep on rocking.

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