Top 20: Iranian, Turkish & Afghan Pornstars (2024)

From West to East, these are your porn performers.

Top 20: Iranian, Turkish & Afghan Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Let me start by saying that this is the hardest top 10 we’ve had to create. Not only are there limited quantities of pornstars from Iran and Afghanistan, but some have vanished from the Internet. The situation with Turkey pornstars is a bit better, but I could name all of them with my two hands.

Having considered amateur Iraqi women too, we were left disappointed as there were none. I’d love for you to share some of the names that only local people know. For now, this is our attempt at collecting adventurous sluts from these countries.

22Aylar Lie

Here’s how one can turn their life around. First, get famous for sucking dick and then switch to true acting. That’s the dream of many sluts, and Aylar Lie is no exception. Was born in Iran but then moved to Norway, which explains a decent collection of porn videos online.

When you don’t live in a country that tries to limit your sexual freedom, riding cocks is an easy thing to do. Especially if someone’s paying you to do so! Aylar Lie was among the first Iranian pornstars to get big.

21Mariam Micol

While Iran doesn’t have hundreds of casual pornstars, there’s a surprisingly large market for tranny performers. Mariam Micol is one of such specimens, with 42DDD tits and many solo videos. She was active more than ten years ago yet remains one of the key sluts when describing Iranian porn culture. Having said that, Mariam will be one of the first to end up in the pornstar database as we find new talent.

This won’t be the first shemale on the list! Hence if you’re a homophobic asshole that isn’t confident with your sexuality, scroll past them as quickly as possible. Hmm, or… Give it a go!


20TGirl Eda

Pinky promise it is, Eda is the last of transsexual pornstars to be featured here. Can’t deny the tattoos or stunning breasts. Heck, I’d fuck her in no time! It’s okay if you think about your girlfriend at that time. You guys are no fools and can tell the good from the best. Eda is in the upper class of shemales.

Close your eyes all you want, but there’s no escape from the tasty surprise behind her legs. Eda was blessed with a magnificent cock, and we wish her well in future endeavors.

19Irina Turk

Now vanished, Irina was an amateur pornstar that knew how to shake the booty. Some obscure sites still feature her content, but our GIF is here to preserve history rather than to get you off. Thank God for the existence of cam sites like Chaturbate where these sluts can perform anonymously.

I wouldn’t mind falling in love with Irina, but more videos are required. So for now, that’s all you get! Have you seen a piece of Turkish ass as hot as this one? Name twenty of them.

18Carmel Moore

Half Iranian and half British, Carmel is a 34-year old amateur pornstar in the East Sussex area. Together with Bree Olson, this blond novelty got fucked by James Deen himself! That was like eight years ago and the highlight of Moore’s career.

Still gets invited to random sausage parties once or twice a year, but never managed to reach the same levels of attention as before. Has good blowjob lips though.


As an adventurous amateur from Turkey, Derya deserves at least a mention! What started as a naked pizza delivery challenge quickly turned into a hobby that doesn’t drain one’s bank account. Unless you want to invite her for a one-on-one private show…

Now living in the United States, Derya has been enjoying her kinky acts of freedom. Unfortunately, the side effect is 50 pounds of fat that will creep onto her in the next two years. But, Welp, it still should feel good to get out of the cage.


Unless multiple sources are wrong, Esra was the first female Turkish pornstar to appear on camera. It’s on the FTV site, to be exact! While the video quality isn’t the greatest, it’s a must-see! Furthermore, unlike other old performers who got featured in the early 00s, Esra stayed hot.

What about hardcore porn and other forbidden fruits? There are no penetration videos, just solo, and public masturbation scenes. Unlike today’s porn, these cafes didn’t have fake workers. Everything happened for real!


What a fantastic amateur! She devours dick like a hungry lioness and isn’t shy for the camera. It takes some skill to discover more of Guzel’s videos… But, no matter how often we tell these new sluts, the absence of the last name will kill your chances of breaking into porn.

Other than savory blowjobs and beautiful handjobs for the partner, Guzel tends to climax a lot. Anyhow, you can’t get any more Turkish with a name like hers. So here’s to more videos from our favorite amateur.

14Hakan Serbes

Mixing German quality and Turkish exotics, Hakan might surprise you here… Do you like that round butt and black hair? Wait, why does she not have a round butt, is this a wrong video? Yeah, so Serbes is a male pornstar and is on the left. Not sure who the female slut is, though.

You know porn fans love you when there’s a dedicated page on Wikipedia. Albeit not in the English language. This is how you separate underappreciated celebrities from the one-night wonders. Of course, always admirable performance and athletic build don’t require much thought to be appreciated. That’s his favorite sex position, by the way.

13Nakita Kash

Flappy beef curtains aside that obstruct the good view, Nakita Kash can do splits and sure is a fan of one movie. Let me give you a hint of “ass to ass.” Did that ring a bell to you? Fuck her raw or with a silicone dildo, it doesn’t matter much. Expect to get your bedsheets and cock wet from her partner though. In other words, squiring is never an accident with Nakita. Your body demands multiple liquids release.

Bitch loves to make her lovers cum or have them pleasure themselves. For a MILF Iranian pornstar, Nakita is a beautiful one. Maybe even in the realm of one percent.

12Persia Monir

Stunning Iranian pornstar, Persia Monir should be known to the diehard readers of RedBled. Men that adore GILF pornstars especially! When you compete with other sluts, ethnicity doesn’t matter that much.

Persia wouldn’t have exploded in popularity if it wasn’t for the admirable performance and dedication. This woman does interracial, lesbian, threesomes, and if you ask nicely, expect filthy butt pleasures. She isn’t a pornstar for the rear penetration enthusiasts as such scenes are scarce.

11Sahin K

The superman among Turkish studs, Sahin K, has been putting other male pornstars from his own and surrounding countries to shame. Might not always fuck the hottest chicks, but it’s the big picture that matters.

It wouldn’t be a far stretch to call Sahin a local celebrity. While haters call him fat or ugly, but he stretches pussies left and right. Just a simple man, living a dream. Hundreds of jealous haters worldwide suggest that he’s doing something right.

10Sibel Kekilli

Jumping from porn straight to the Game of Thrones TV Series (yes, continue reading, please), Sibel Kekilli is no ordinary actress. True fans have learned about one of the hottest Turkish/Armenian pornstars long before HBO. Let me show you what Sibel was up to before that! Also, one doesn’t need budgets of millions and CGI effects to appreciate the magnetic asshole that Sibel has. Okay, maybe a personality is important too. We care more about the butt bit though!

Yep, it got destroyed by many curious cocks, and it’s a treat to see someone as famous as Kekilli on sites like PornHub.


Everyone gets it, there are far more sluts from competing countries, but we never gave up! So it’s time to bring you the world’s rarest spice. Yasmeena is your newly discovered favorite Afghan pornstar and perhaps the only one. Has single-handedly started the porn revolution in the home country.

Wow! If a Gene asks me to make three wishes, getting a hard drive with Afghan porn videos will be one of them. The rationally dressed whore could be Kenny’s sister or a cousin from the “South Park”! She has many interesting facial features that aren’t common. Not sure what the hook is, but we’re attracted to Yasmeena.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

8Cristine Akira Lee

A mathematician degree is required to calculate the weight of all sausages that hit Cristine’s face. But they say that outside doesn’t matter and it’s what is on the inside that counts, unless you’ve ejaculated already and didn’t use a condom. Either way, this Asian sounding slut is full of Dutch and Turkish genetics.

Natural breasts, a few piercings, and a tiny hidden tattoo brought the best of Akira Lee. Made less than ten scenes and disappeared from the world of adult movies. Stunning and with a fuckable body! We have no idea why Cristine thought that porn is not for her…


7Persia Pele

We’ve had one Persia Monir and here’s Persia Pele, another Iranian pornstar. Is this like a default name there for a slut? Sort of like Jane for white performers or Lee if Asian love is what you desire. Interesting tidbit – she was a Hollywood makeup artist before finding a true calling in life.

In 2008, Persia got involved with Penthouse and a few other studios. You know how it goes, the cocks keep lining up until you quit, and that’s what she did. The birth city of a now irrelevant cougar is Tehran. The epitome of her filming was with the RealityKings, as shown above.


You’re witnessing one of the debut videos of Yhivy, and it wasn’t on a low-key porn site either. Dare we say, she’s a phenomenon of the adult industry! Not only did Yhivy sign a contract with a top studio but also climbed the popularity ladder in a heartbeat.

Still talks to fans on Twitter despite recent retirement. Named her reasons, the pressure was what caused Yhivy to call it quits. People just love a slim and talkative petite. In terms of views, she’s at the very top.


5Violet Myers

Stop! How good of a face fuck scene is this that then switched to tits?? I give Violet an A grade, and that’s only a short spectacle of many. Unfortunately, so many of these sluts have never reached the highway of popularity and instead have chosen to fade away. Violet Myers, on the other hand, is still performing.

Best of all, all the content is fresh and high-quality. The fact remains that no matter how hot a pornstar is if she only has videos in 144p from 20-years ago, it’s a no-go. We can’t leave Violet Myers behind!


4Mona Azar

Bring that fat ass over there and bounce off it like it’s the 90s rap car videos. Mona Azar has the filthy mind and even dirtier butthole, which I insist on cleaning with my tongue. But is there something unique about this Iranian female? Well, she worships the BBC like Brits worship their kings and queens, perhaps even more so. Take a traditional pornstar, and she has a few interracial videos at best, but search for Mona Azar’s clips, and it’s the opposite.

Do as you please with this information, but be warned, she works with the biggest pythons only.


3Anya Krey

I’ve learned about Anya from one of the public pickup videos on Mofos. She got ass fucked in the parking lot and returned for more. You know how these POV angles work! Especially as you fuck someone while standing. It’s as good as watching erotic movies since no penetration action is visible.

Well, let me save you from frustration with this steaming pile of action! Experimenting with anal games in much better lighting as well quality, Anya Krey is a Turkish pornstar and a delightful one. Depending on your taste, she could be your number one pornstar. That’s due to spicy looks, reminding us of Middle Eastern pornstars.


2Luci Diamond

Sitting in the top 1000 of the most popular pornstars worldwide, Luci (previously known as Jezebeth) has the greatest ass in the history of porn. However, her contender one spot below rides dick even better. Still, a strong debut at number two just a few years into business is nothing short of a miracle. Luci Diamond has Iranian pornstar roots and as you can tell, the fruits of labor are even better.

Is it even possible to be a professional male pornstar when women like this milk your dick with their asses? Can you even last a minute while jacking off at the comfort at your home and not on the set? The answer to both questions is negative.

1Holly Michaels

it took us a lot of digging to connect all the dots, but we aren’t skipping this hot slut! Here’s your hidden jewel with Turkish (and multiple ethnicities) heritage, Holly Michaels. Not sure who’s responsible for the mix-up but Holly’s ancestors had a life worthy of a movie.

Several reports list her with a blend of Indian, French, German, Norwegian, and other roots. Any country would be proud to have a pornstar that good-looking. But, this isn’t our opinion! These curves can turn gays into straight men and straight females into lesbians.


It’s sad, but there were was only one addition in late 2023. So maybe the redeeming year of 2024 will bring better-looking and active adult models from all the said countries? After all, we did find a new hoe to list!

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  1. Iran may not have a great pornstar… But, did you know husbands of Lana Rhoades and Elsa Jean are Iranian? Yes, we have not pornstar; we fuck them!

  2. Tgirl Eda annoyed me. It waving that big pecker at the camera(thst was more of a jealousy feeling), what annoyed me were the tattoos.

  3. Take my fucking video down I have NOTHING to do with this website and I have sent this to my lawyer and will be filing a court case ! Your ip will be tracked you weirdo ‘esra’

    • Hi, gfycat was migrating to redgifs site which caused some URLs to display wrong content. It’s their issue and has nothing to do with the site since the correct video of a FTV model “Esra” was used in original post. I can’t see what video was it replaced with by gfycat, but the URL has still been removed.


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