Top 50: Jessica Nigri Nude & Sexiest Tits Pictures (2024)

Jessica Nigri's nudes and her sexiest outfits.

Top 50: Jessica Nigri Nude & Sexiest Tits Pictures (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

There was this popular show on YouTube in the late 2000s with a hilarious (and ahead of time) host Kassem G. He did some pornstar interviews, talked with the strangers on the street, etc. Once a year, Kassem would visit ComiCONN and interview cosplay models and their fans. That’s how I was introduced to Jessica Nigri who wasn’t as popular as she is now.

My mind has never connected the dots and I wasn’t bright enough to start searching for these babes’ nudes. To be fair, I didn’t even know that Jessica Nigri has had nude photos of her posted online, so this is as much treat for you as it is for me.

50The Mysterious Nipples

The fewer foreign parts there are on a naked body, the better is the view. You’ll soon get used to Nigri’s naked photos where she’s covering the nipples. Aside from the obvious, we can see how a pair of high heels could benefit this photo and turn that ass into a round, curvy sex symbol.

49Flexing that Sweet Cooch

Have you seen the illustration on Reddit where certain lenses can make women look fat or skinny? Jessica Nigri is a petite diva with luscious tits and no layers of fat either. Yet, I’d say that here she doesn’t look that good, appearing chubbier than in any other picture. This is just a bad perspective, trust me on this one!

48Nigri’s Boob Profile

The devil is in the details and while Jessica’s tits are one of a kind, it’s the eyeliner that should be praised. You can fake everything else and make this picture immaculate, things like skin tone or an overall smoothness, but not the eyes. I’m happy to learn that Jessica’s natural beauty is also visible.

47The Ass of Wonders

The bike isn’t the only object that Jessica Nigri loves to ride, I’m sure of that. Haven’t heard any rumors of her being asexual. You have quite a spectacle with a jeans skirt and a pink thong pushing the butt upwards. And everything happens in public for that extra sparkle of “dirt”.

46Getting Frisky

No matter the cosplay, these are Jessica Nigri’s tits and they are showing. Among the cutest birthmarks near her belly area, her pussy “got out of the bag” and is enjoying a breath of moist air. The person taking these pictures must have seen everything, and I mean everything.

45Suck on Those

I’m halfway done through my cum reserve and the nudes just keep on coming. This photo is like a cake without any candles on it. Sometimes I blame the strict social platforms’ rules because if it weren’t for those, Jessica Nigir could expose more than just a boob shape.

44Undressing Before Bed

With luxury bedsheets squeezing Nigri’s bottom, the cosplay model couldn’t help but take a selection of photos in the “trademark” pose. So yes, we’ve another case of covered tits although it’s way more intimate this time, must be due to the background.

43Unwrapping Jessica’s Bikini

What a perfect gift, wouldn’t you say so? Whoever was responsible for this lingerie gets a high-five from me. Oh, and don’t worry, I’ve also washed my hands after touching my balls! It makes me wonder who was responsible for the clothing… Just astonished at how well the whole idea has been put into reality. Gray stockings, black panties, and a bikini!

42Spying on Jessica Nigri’s Ass

You can spot Jessica’s ass from a mile away, it’s just so big and with a unique shape. I don’t know if she got naked in a toilet or a shower since the holes at the ground level are throwing me off.

Right, so I’ve just figured it out! That’s a public shower, likely taken at the gym since there’s a massive drain hole close to Nigri’s pussy.

41Jessica Nigri’s Nipple Slip

Jessica’s pussy view from the side shows some of the labia on the left and that’s where I kept looking at it. There’s a high probability that most perverts didn’t even see the best part! It’s a nipple slip and yes, this looks like a real deal! I don’t think Jessica Nigri has noticed the nipple before publishing the whole thing.

40More Boobs and Some Crotch

Ignore the tits for a moment! This might sound stupid, but does Jessica Nigri have a Wi-Fi tattoo on her finger? Or do you interpret this as a need for human connection? Now that we’re done answering philosophical questions… Tits and they are big! Also, a well-put makeup, including smoked eyes.

39Nature and Nurture

Fake tits are crucial for success, so we aren’t surprised to learn that today’s celebrities have had some tweaks. Does Jessica go with all-naturals or silicones? Without large boobs, half of the Snapchat posters or Chaturbate models would be boring to look at. That’s how you beat the competition! By making marginal improvements in every area.

38A Fairy from Your Erotic Fantasies

Is this how tooth fairies are supposed to look? Mine had a beard and smelled me of my uncle. Jessica Nigri loves cosplay and yeah, that’s how weak-minded develop fetishes for furies and other garbage. Hopefully, instead of leaving candy, Jessica Nigri leaves a snail trail, which is the epitome of pussy juice.

37Behind the Scenes

Judging by the quality of these blue background pictures, this is one of the earlier works. Maybe when Jessica Nigri has had natural tits or was it done long before becoming world famous?

36Dropping on Her Knees

This looks like a prequel to some Russian amateur porn. The tiles remind me of the buildings that were apparent in HBO’s television series about Chernobyl. Ignoring the crappy design, I like how Jessica Nigri matched her nylons with the green tiles.

35Jammed to the Wall

Perhaps I can remove all the bad things we’ve said about the tiles? This is a phenomenal picture and with a high dose of sexy as well. I wouldn’t suggest walking barefoot in places like that. Who knows what kind of bacteria lives beneath the metal frames…?

34Nigri’s Pussy and a Butthole

If only your mind could spread Nigri’s ass cheeks and have a better view! Her boyfriend is one lucky son of a gun to see Jessica act this way, and in public too. Her pussy lips are visible and if you look hard enough, the butthole is also showing.

33Ready to Blow Your Steam

This is one of the last leaks from Nigri’s erotic photoshoot, which could’ve been sent to her boyfriend at the time. Or it was all intentional and we’re “the victims”.

32No Panties

Now closer to your face than ever, Jessica Nigri doesn’t know when to stop, leading to nude photos like this one. Does she like to exposer her pussy? It seems so! Since this isn’t a first nor the last time we’ve seen Nigri wearing no panties.

31Warming Up for a Nude Photoshoot

Since Jessica Nigri’s leaks alone weren’t cut it, I’ve decided to experiment with many other galleries. I know that you’re hungry for some pussy close-ups, but here’s how feminine a female can look with her clothes still partially on!

30Undressing for the Crowds

Have a look at Jessica Nigri’s boobs as they are practically uncovered. Of course, there are thousands of bikini models, but I feel like she’s among the best. In terms of teases, Demi Rose Mawby goes a long way too as that woman loves to leave everyone’s genitals with the 50 shades of blue.

29Posing Fully Naked

From bare ass to invisible pussy and always covered tits, Jessica Nigri has burned all her clothes and is enjoying the view, all while not wearing anything. Is there another angle from the front?

28Nudes and Nothing Else

In the middle of nowhere, Jessica Nigri did a memorable naked photo session and we’re jealous about the surroundings. It looks like a cool place with tiny outdoor pool, no repulsive strangers around, and a calm in one’s heart. But, do Nigri’s tits match her heart?

27Jessica Nigri’s Pussy Gap

It wasn’t long ago when magazines and common women were obsessed with the pussy gaps. What is a pussy gap, you ask? It’s a space between both thighs. It’s considered to be one of the more important factors in fashion, and among the sexiest too since the leaner your girlfriend is, the larger the gap.

26Driving in Town Naked

The oversized sunglasses make Jessica look like a massive slut that is not only annoying but also toxic. She’s not like that, I don’t think so, which is why I’d suggest throwing away these shades. Now that we’re back to her cute site, the appreciation for Nigri’s ass grows!

25Nigri’s Pussy and Side Boob

Instead of showing her tits on every occasion or out of boredom, Jessica Nigri should give us more naked pictures of her belly area. I don’t think she has any insecurities about the moles, but they’re cute as buttons! Seriously.

Of course, I realize that everyone cares about her pussy and tits more than the birthmarks, so this picture should leave you satisfied either way.

24Giant Tits and Tapes on Nipples

When censorship goes wrong, that’s a better title, maybe… The black tapes are far too wide to make this picture seem like that from the softcore porn, but maybe that was the intention. Nigri looks like a Minecraft model with large pixels for nipples.

23Jessica Nigri’s Camel Toe

When my lady isn’t looking, I like to pull her underwear upwards, which squeezes her pussy just a bit. Enough to make feel something, but not too much so it’s not uncomfortable. With her tits exposed, Jessica Nigri also tightened up that new bikini of hers, just enough to show the infamous camel toe.

22Legs Spread, Blouse Lifted

Maybe the first picture from this gallery just wasn’t good enough (or taken from close enough) to make it intimate. However, even with the nipples masked, I feel way more inclined to masturbate than before. That’s a positive, I believe!

21Fully Naked Jessica Nigri

Manipulating this photo is too easy since Nigri’s bottom finger looks like a nipple! I’m having some issues with Photoshop right now, but you should be able to pull of this trick on your own.

20How About Some Anal?

Before learning the art of nude photography, the famous cosplay babe used to pose like this. Jessica wouldn’t even bother with the panties if these pics were taken in the early 2020s. The angle is just too good and I’m eager for anal.

19With Giant Tits and Nothing Else

The following outfit is just too much and is reserved for private pries. I think Jessica Nigri portrays a horny housewife although I’m not sure why there’s a fur. Is this some famous character that neckbeards love to jackoff to?

18A Side Boob Profile of Nigri

Ah, this brings me back memories of the old Hollywood, when nipple slips haven’t been as common. Then, you’d get these “accidental” side boob pictures… Now, celebs will shove a giant cross down their pussies for a brief article.

17Adjusting Her Ass Thong

Since there are plenty of female readers who follow our site and (maybe) feel self-conscious about their bodies, I’ve hand-picked the following. See, Nigri’s body isn’t as perfect as you’re led to believe and that’s fine. The imperfections like fat rolls make models more human.

16Jessica Nigri’s Ass and Pussy

Thanks to the water reflection, Jessica’s pussy has been finally exposed! Of course, you’ll have to adjust your vision to counter for the curvature, but it’s here. Also, if your vision sucks, there’s always a rear-end.

15A Barely Covered Jessica Nigri

With kimono and no underwear, Jessica Nigri had to improvise to pull this off. The left nipple is half covered while the right one could use some X-ray magic to make it more apparent. Unless you don’t want to see her nude?

14Look at that Face Reflection

Woah, this is the first for me, but despite masturbating to Jessica Nigri for hundreds of hours, I’ve never seen her face from the side. She doesn’t even look like herself! I wonder if this was unintentional and there’s a reason why people never get to see this angle.

13Cherishing the Moment

12Jessica Nigri Nude

No, we aren’t playing tricks! This is the exact, uncensored picture of Jessica Nigri, fully naked. The robe has long been removed and you’re left with a soft skin, nothing else. She loves to take nude pictures of her ass, even bend legs in a way that spreads her pussy.

11Fooling Around in Underwear

This shade of blue has always been my favorite, and there hasn’t been a celebrity that doesn’t look hot in these outfits. If you want some recommendations, check Linda Cardellini’s nude pictures, then those of Bella Thorne. They’re on the same level of sexy as Jessica Nigri is in this video.

10What Size are Jessica Nigri Boobs?

Despite having a beautiful chest, Jessica Nigri has undergone breast implant surgery, increasing her breast cup size from B do D. Her bra size is 34D while the breast-waist-hips ratio is 38-25-36 inches accordingly.

9A Pretentious Dominatrix

Jessica is far too hot to hide her face under a mask, even if it’s not that large. I think she looks not so pretty here. I appreciate the figure, a setting with candles, and the BDSM elements, but this is just meh.

8A Fuzzy Blip of Happiness

How about a cosplay from a video game? That’s one hell of a sexy character! Still, why put an effort to adjust your bra when you’ll be squeezing your tits anyway? That’s like adjusting your belt before taking off pants and showing your cock.

7With Short Yellow Skirt and Sports Bra

Was there ever a rumor that Jessica Nigri will do porn? She has reached the peek and we can’t think of any other way in which her appearance can improve. Even the behavior is all sweet and mimics today’s pornstars. So just offer her a cool billion and let’s see that pussy for real.

6During the Spring Break

Has anyone seen Jessica Nigri with little to no makeup? Here you go! Since (presumably) fake eyelashes are covered by the obnoxious sunglasses and lips aren’t all bright red, it counts. Would you recognize her outside the computer screen?

5Jessica Nigri’s Goofy Face

Since there are so many naked pictures, I wanted to throw you off and show something else entirely. As soon as celebrities are on camera, they try to act smooth and whatnot. The same applies to Jessica Nigri in every but this video! Here she is, with a goofy surprised face that’s just as sexy, and funny.

4The Perfect Loop

Here’s a sexy yellow gnome with a bikini made of gold that you get to meet at the end of the rainbow. Right after you’re done ejaculating! It’s a perfectly looped GIF that shows Jessica Nigri’s boobs, slim figure, and eyes! So don’t forget about those.

3Waking Up Jessica Nigri

The best way to wake up your male friend is by sucking his dick. That will come as a surprise and he should be jumping out of the bed in no time. You don’t want to grab Jessica by her pussy at first, and here’s a better alternative, start jiggling her boobs!

2Teasing with that Boob Drop

There haven’t been any sex tapes of Jessica Nigri and I don’t think there will ever be. Maybe when she goes crazy like Britney Spears and doesn’t give a damn. The good news? There’s a stunning pornstar lookalike that could be Nigri’s twin sister, at least in porn and her name is Nikki Benz. The resemblance is uncanny.

1Jessica Nigri Loves to Play with Boobs

And who doesn’t, right? I don’t know if you can get aroused by your image, but since Jessica is already in a pool, the pussy should be wet. This is the closest thing to porn we’ve seen from Jessica as every adult movie starts with a pornstar squeezing her tits!

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