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Our favorite 4k porn site as of 2018.


JulesJordan Introduction

It’s time for another review. JulesJordan.com is one of the better-known porn sites out there that is not only has a brand presence but became one of the first studios to produce and share the porn in the super sharp, 4k resolution.

About Jules Jordan

By the time you have discovered porn, chances are that you might have already heard of Jules Jordan, who began his career (as far as mainstream goes) with the Evil Angel, becoming the top selling director within a year. As one might expect, he moved on and founded a porn company called Jules Jordan Video and started distributing porn on his own. This was more than ten years ago and that brings us to the review.

JulesJordan 4K Adult Content

Before discovering porn, or getting used to it, I always thought that it was just a bunch of dudes shooting random shit, fucking sluts and not giving a fuck, and I guess that is still true in most of the cases if you are into amateur sites, but then there is another level, let’s call it premium studios, that pretty much have directors, make up artists, script writers, etc. and of course, horny dudes that want to fuck the very same sluts.

Now, over the years I have learned to distinguish between different studios and their way of porn shooting / producing or we can call it, their final vision on how everything should look. So if you are not familiar with Jules Jordan, whom I thought was a female pornstars at first… Well, he is basically a very well-respected director out there, at least in the United States and is known for many award-winning scenes in both, acting and producing.

So, there are two angles when it comes to this review, one is for the Full HD porn content and another one is for the 4K. With over 10 years of content, you can find over 1,900 videos in Full HD, and with average length being at 30 minutes rather than 15 or 20 as with some sites, there is a decent amount of foreplay, talking, and just a good balance of everything. I mean, who wants to pay for porn and watch 30 second video of someone instantly cuming. Anyway, there are no download limits and you can do whatever the fuck you want. Oh, and if you are into old school pictures, there are close to 1,800 sets too with one featuring around 40 on average (which is rather low).

Being a studio, Jules Jordan also offers you a bunch of porn downloadable or streamable DVDs (close to 400) with average length of 100 minutes and resolution of 3840×2160. They do have a rather impressive collection of hot and fresh pornstars too, over 600 total. So, you have a lot of options to do watch whatever you want. The scene variety is great too, white on white, interracial, anal, cum eating, and a bunch of other niches, all covered.

Now, what about the 4K videos and frequency of updates? This is probably one of the more exciting parts. Now, make a guess, when do you think Jules Jordan started uploading porn in 4K? Late 2017? Early 2017? 2016 is the year, when that was a rather novel thing as far as porn industry goes so with updates of at least 3 per week, you have hundreds of 4k porn videos available + DVDs. Seriously, this is a pretty good advantage.

Jules Jordan also includes a couple bonus sites, such as:

With the first one being our all time favorite, obviously.

Features and User Interface

Now, the only remaining part that we need to review is user interface and I am more than happy to report that Jules Jordan does not cut corners and offers a rather great user experience. On the front page you can instantly see the latest scenes, trending porn videos and most popular models. The sorting options are all the same as with every other porn site. You can browse by multiple tags, categories, sort by most popular, best rated, latest, etc. At this point that is business as usual. Same goes for pornstars, you can do similar sorting options and find blondes, brunettes, whatever. One thing that other sites do not have or missing is the “Added” date in the pornstars index, so you can see exactly when they started working with Jules Jordan.

Another thing that we did like about Jules Jordan that many other sites were lacking is advanced search, which does a good job at helping you browse through thousands of videos and find the content that you actually want to watch. More studios should do that, but they do not, go figure. The one thing that I did not like was the fact that they include ads in the index page, which I found not cool, considering you are a paying member. Yes, they are masked as deals but whatever, don’t need that shit, thank you.

Last thing that we did really enjoy was ability to rate and leave comments. Some studios don’t even have this function, either because they produced crap that would get rated 1* or they just don’t care. For me, I love interacting with the community and reading various comments. It just brings everyone closer and I love that.

Basically, the site would be perfect if not for the “special offer” ads at the front page.

Jules Jordan Network Statistics

Number of videos: 1,900+
HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p): Yes
4K Content: Yes Planned
VR Content: No
Streaming: Yes
Downloading: Yes
Average length: 30 minutes

Special JulesJordan .com Offer

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review as much as we have enjoyed writing it and to make everything even better, we have a special offer that will not only save you some cash when joining but also get a free access to their Sperm Swallowers bonus site! No tricks or hidden fees, all on us.

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Sam's rating
Rating 8.6


  • Good lighting in all scenes, nice production values
  • Has been in the industry for many years
  • A huge variety of content for all niches
  • Really hot pornstars, new and old
  • Frequently updated network
  • Videos since 2016 are in 4K
  • Great download speeds
  • No downloading limits
  • Great user interface


  • On expensive side when paying monthly
  • Photos are of rather low resolution


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