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Everything from Kelsey Kage, from first fucking scene to galleries and someday, first time anal.

Kelsey Kage Pornstar: Bio & Top 20 Porn Videos (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

We have a brand new pornstar that is as fresh as French bread from the bakery, Kelsey Kage. However, don’t expect thousands of scenes yet, but she is working on that.

Update: Kelsey has left the porn industry; whether that’s a temporary or permanent decision remains to be seen. Still, we have a whole archive of her best works. RedBled is the best Wiki of porn and always has been.

Yes, following the first push to the mainstream in mid-2019, Kelsey Kage vanished from the Internet and had no intention to return.

About Kelsey Kage

Nationality and Ethnicity: American, Caucasian

Age: 25-years-old
Birthday: March 5, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 1.55m or 5 ft 1 in
Weight: 45 kg or 100 lbs.
Breast / Bra Size: 32B – 24 – 34
Tits: Natural

Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown

Years Active: 2017 – 2019

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @KelseyKage (Deleted)

Official Instagram Account: kagekelsey (Deleted)

Real Name: Unknown
Other Nicknames: Kelsey Cage

Kelsey Kage Biography

Raised in Ohio, United States, Kelsey Kage graduated from high school and went straight to porn at the age of 18. One of Kelsey’s first appearances was on Private Castings, where her porn career gained traction. She loves to play exploited amateurs and earned some recognition among 2nd tier porn studios like Team Skeet.

Well, she is a new pornstar, so we will keep updating this page as soon as more scenes are published to the public and we get all the deals in place.

21First Scene from Bang Bus

It is Kelsey’s first porn scene, and it is fucking hot. We kick things off with a nice and passionate blowjob and finally stare at the show’s star. What’s that? The tight little pussy, getting hammered by the world’s luckiest cock.

Not only do you get to see that, but there is a great riding scene, showing the bouncy ass and a peek of her cute little asshole that someday might make her shoot anal. As with all Bang Bros videos, the ending is rather funny. You can find the entire scene on their site and know the URL.

20Tasty Creampie

We have another cut of this GIF below, but why not start with something juicy… The title takes away all the surprises from this one yet forces you to watch it until the end. After sucking some dick and getting fucked in multiple positions, Kelsey Kage prepared herself for the greatest feeling.

The warm cum dripping down her pussy is a massive turn-on for many. Especially pornstars like Miss Kage.

19Kage’s Tight Pussy

It’s one of the last Kage scenes and a sad one. We can see the fire that turned into ashes and two individuals fucking. Little to no passion, and I am not sure what to even make of it.

Thankfully, there’s at least a somewhat tight pussy yet to be stretched by hotdogs. Who knows, maybe Kelsey went back to school and is living the life of her dreams now.

18Kelsey’s POV Video

Who doesn’t like a good POV porn scene? Kelsey Kage tried that, too, for one surreal experience. I love the starting point of this GIF, with some pre-action and no instant nudity. We have a great cut of multiple sex positions and angles in the middle and end. You can appreciate Kage’s pussy and body in reverse cowgirl enough to give you a hard-on.

Who would enjoy Kelsey even more if she had excellent breast implants?

17Eating Cum

Fucking aggressively and plowing that pussy like a madman, the dude gets to cum like a superstar. Jizzing inside someone’s cunt is excellent and admirable, but then we have this! The swallowing of cum is a dream of many men, and guess who gets to do that? Not me.

She ran away from the set and never came back. Honestly, I am unsure if Kelsey Kage even enjoys fucking (not for porn) today.

16Lesbian Centipede

Here’s a famous movie-inspired lesbian threesome that requires a few more pornstars. But make it a circle, and instead of one unhappy slut, you will be left with nothing but orgasm sounds and snail trails on the floor. With a tasty and fresh pussy, as usual, Kelsey Kage has her share of action.

Now, with three women in the GIF above, who would you fuck first? Would that be Kage or the other slut?

15Stick It In

This scene might not be the most interesting, but we lack material. Kelsey is not as popular or widespread as some key pornstars, so some sacrifices are necessary. Two dozen of her scenes are online, and some are duplicates.

She has a beautiful pussy, and that’s the best compliment for a female.


14Kelsey Kage and One Dildo

When you invite your girlfriend for sex and have a limp dick. Instead of getting mad like every other crazy slut, Kelsey took a bag of toys out of her closet, and that was the end. Happy and satisfied, she returned to her boyfriend and told him to fuck off.

In the end, he got replaced by a tiny rubber dildo, and everyone lived happily ever after.

13Amateur Experience

It could be one of the older GIFs of Kelsey Kage for two reasons. First, the quality of the VHS recorder reminds us of cam sites from five years ago. Second, she looks more youthful and not so experienced than in some other shots.

Some people love amateur pornstars while others don’t give a damn. Either way, have fun with this one.

12Her Second Scene

Still, as not relaxed as she should be, Kelsey got to relive her fantasy of good sex. Women come to porn with expectations of hardcore anal sessions and mind-blowing orgasms. While the former did not happen in this video, we have the second part of being thankful for it.

Kelsey Kage was never fucked in the ass and retired from porn without satisfying her loyal fans.

11Crawling on Knees

It is one of the best teasers from our beloved pornstar and features black lingerie. It’s a finger-licking GIF that extends below. Yes, we have another from the same video, and it’s even better. However, to truly appreciate the wild acts of sex, let’s prepare first.

We are enjoying this GIF. It’s perfect, from crawling on knees to teasing and perfect facial expressions.


10Testing Her Limits

From fake orgasms to fake smiles and vice versa, that’s how women train for porn. Fake it till you make it is the slogan for the 21st century, but that’s fine. Kelsey Kage demonstrated her lack of repulsiveness for one of the first cumshots, which went well.

Thinking about the places to cum on, the flat chest would not be our top choice.

9Balls to The Wall

Porn is not always realistic, but this GIF is no CGI. They must have had a conversation before this position. I imagine otherwise, Kage would have laughed hard; we still did. Is this the famous take on the helicopter from Kamasutra?

More importantly, do comment if you have fucked someone this way before too. I’m way too old for this nonsense.

8Kelsey’s Teasing GIF

Grant us three wishes, and all of them will revolve around Kelsey. First, I would love to become her dildo. What about a chance to fuck this newly discovered brunette? Still shy in front of the camera as that dry pussy is having trouble getting excited.

There are no obstacles for the porn viewers, though; God invented lube, and Kage uses all of it to get herself wet.

7Orgasm on Camera

Rub your pussy or clit long enough, and the orgasm happens. This GIF (with sound enabled) demonstrates the very first orgasm on camera that Kelsey Kage experienced and sent to her fans. Of course, it’s not as wild as these fake ones you see today, which is incredible.

Women these days will pop water balloons inside their panties and simulate squirting orgasms. What the heck was that?

6Just a Kinky Slut

Here we go, the extension of the previously posted GIF, and it has a small piece of oral sex that is followed by cock insertion. Again, in great quality and perfect lighting, Kelsey Kage looks stunning. I’m still confused about why one had to call it quits, but at least she left us 20 scenes to masturbate to.

Kelsey looks all refined with simple make-up and glowing skin.


5Happy to Fuck

From the porn agent and producers at TeamSkeet, we have another of Kage’s early scenes that got stuck in our minds. I remember my first time with Kelsey, which was in the form of a video, not in the real world. So if you are a fan of this dirty pornstar, consider the membership.

She acts so amateurishly here, and one can tell that Kelsey was not a massive slut before doing porn.

4Dressing Room Surprise

Having been approached by Mofos, I swear Kelsey must have felt like a total slut, just famous. Imagine receiving an invite from one of the most-desired porn networks ever. It’s validation like no other, and even the president himself could not boost Kage’s confidence.

Great quality and perfect angles, especially if you love reality porn. We have two performers fucking like rabbits and having plenty of fun.


3Hot Doggystyle

I wanted to give you a nice view of Kelsey’s beautiful butt, especially prominent in the doggystyle position. This GIF follows the one above or, in other words, the continuation of a locker room scene – a heart-shaped ass, great friction, and, more importantly, the invisible asshole.

It’s such a tease; we’ve spent way more time than we should on this GIF. We are just trying to peek at the mysterious brown hole.


2Public Threesome

It’s either scripted or not, but the blur on a stranger’s face does add to the flavor of this porn scene. Kelsey Kage and another slut took off for a short walk in the park, and then this happened. Don’t you hate when your girlfriend goes out and ends up with someone’s cock inside her ass?

I’m sure you all can relate to that story of my life. Thankfully, the obtained GIF is HD quality and looks much better than the rest. Also, we have many more porn GIFs in our archives.


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