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From bio to the greatest porn GIFs featuring Lisa Ann.

Lisa Ann Pornstar: Bio & Top 20 Porn Videos (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

From the time when she was youthful and horny to MILF and GILF transition, Lisa Ann is one of the greatest assets in porn, and we have many GIFs to show you. Also, many more pornstars! Travel back in time and into the future with the epic superstar, Lisa Ann. We’ve watched her for over a decade when she was in her 40s, not 50s.

About Lisa Ann

Nationality and Ethnicity: American, Caucasian

Age: 51-years-old
Birthday: May 9, 1972
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 1.57m or 5 ft 2 in
Weight: 58 kg or 128 lbs.
Breast / Bra Size: 38E – 20 – 34
Tits: Fake

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Years Active: 1994 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @thereallisaann
Official Instagram Account: thereallisaann

Real Name: Lisa Ann Corpora
Other Nicknames: Lisa Ann Vision, Lisa Anne, Zina Sunshine

Lisa Ann Biography

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Lisa Ann was a striptease dancer before the inevitable porn debut in 1994. She didn’t do much and abandoned everything a few years later. It was all the AIDS craze back then that caused this. As a temporary venture, Lisa Ann worked in SPA. Well, that career got overrun by another attempt at porn in 2006.

Her two minutes of fame came from parodying Sarah Palin, bringing more views and fans. Currently, Lisa still shoots porn and works as a radio host.

21Sucking the Goods

Let’s get into the mood with the wholesome figure of Lisa Ann. Thick thighs, bubble butt, and hair that even Brazilian pornstars will be jealous of. No matter how many sluts I’ve seen naked in my bed, this babe leaves me gobsmacked. Every single time.

My primitive monkey brain is already looking for a way to enter Lisa while animalistic instincts dream of cumming inside her.

20Lina Ann’s Awards

Winning the hottest MILF award is Lisa Ann! Unfortunately, her hall of fame trophy is penis-shaped, which doesn’t work for horny babes. Thankfully, the porn director himself got to fuck this stunning brunette. If that’s how Lisa collets her trophies or awards, she can accumulate a pile of them. Be right back, heading to Walmart to buy cheap statues for later.

There are no terrible outfits, colors, or angles when a pornstar like Lisa is on the move. Of course, we prefer oily and perfectly lit GIFs, but that’s splitting hairs.

19Perverted Ass Police

Don’t mess with a crowd of angry men, especially if they don’t mind cheating on their wives. Lisa Ann acted all tough, only to learn a lesson. Double penetration was the cherry on top, and that’s how you do it, folks. Compare this GIF to amateur pornstars that have only fucked thousands of regular guys in solo bursts, and you got yourself a solid slut.

I’m saying that Lisa Ann has had so many partners that even two or three dudes don’t throw her rhythm off.

18Oily Ann Fuck

Did you know that scientists can tell the age of any wood by the number of rings inside its core? Can you count how many cocks have been stuck down Lisa’s ass when investigating the galaxy of butthole rings? Thankfully, oil and solid sex scenes make up for that, and here’s the most interesting bit…

Her butthole now looks much better than in the past, and this GIF is from the 00s era of porn. As far as I know, there are no ass surgeries, only virginity and elasticity restoration.

17Lisa Ann Returns to Porn

Some people weren’t even aware of Lisa’s past and that she had already retired twice. Signing an exclusive contract with Evil Angel a few years ago, here’s one of the first fucks and return of a hot brunette MILF. How much was she offered, or was it a return of desperation? These details remain unknown, but I’d say there’s a high probability that Lisa Ann just missed a good fuck.

Also, it must’ve been weird for a boyfriend of hers. Imagine jerking off to your girlfriend and only then meeting that person in real life.

16Lisa Ann Joins Interracial Anal

This scene looks exhausting even for me, and I’m known for the long-lasting fucks. That’s a curse, trust me. Girlfriends get mad at me because they didn’t see me cum, and my God, I wanted to. Thankfully, in this video, three large black dicks got to stretch Lisa’s pussy and butt holes.

I have to respect males here; my dick would go into limp mode when it feels someone else’s dimensions through the pussy or ass tissue. But honestly, I’d rather drive this sports car than fuck any pornstar.

15The Ultimate Cum Explosion

That feeling when you’ve fucked for ages, and your dick simply refuses to continue. It’s plump, throbbing, and as you finish, it truly explodes with so much cum. Women know what it’s like to have multiple orgasms, but men do not.

Is this as close to cumming multiple times as humanly possible? Unless you count weak attempts with edging and other nonsense. These techniques are whack.

14Fucking Lisa’s Asshole

Yes, we need more anal GIFs, especially from a pornstar like Lisa Ann. Fake tits that must have fans in places higher than your neighborhood. Maybe the White House, Kremlin, and other presidencies? If someone elects me as president, add one more person to the list.

Lisa’s butthole got annihilated in this scene. It’s a perfectly round and tan ass that deserves even more love. Oh, and that’s what tanning beds do to your skin; she looks in her 50s here.

13Lisa Ann Roleplays Cop

Cosplay pornstars are nothing new, but Lisa Ann is obsessed with powerplay; having that sweet control makes her moist. This slut loves authoritarian costumes, as seen in dozens of her videos or GIFs above. She looks so hot with those glasses and cop outfits.

Giant tits, tight pussy, and things only get better from there. Love the anal angle and tit fucking cut. Not to mention the ending, featuring an epic facial cumshot.

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12All Holes Fulfilled

From swinging dick that pops out like overflooded gates of hell to a blowjob, Lisa Ann is a great dick sucker, and that alone can cause issues if you catch my drift. Also, we can bet anyone’s ass that after good vaginal sex, there wouldn’t even be a need to progress further.

Lisa has a beautiful pussy that’s textured just right. She’s in her 40s, and that snatch is still full of juice. What about the other hole?


11The Greatest Blowjob

Don’t skip this one! The most fantastic scenes from MILF pornstar, Lisa Ann don’t all have to be energetic and brutal. Sometimes a plain blowjob will make your cock harder than any nasty scenes we’ve only heard about.

Seriously, this pornstar knows all the ropes of a perfect blowjob, and this GIF proves my point. It’s slow, sensual, and doesn’t even have much of a suction going on. Yet, we can’t get enough of it!


10Lisa Ann Post Surgery

My confession before we enter the 2030s is simple: Lisa Ann is not as hot as she used to be. It’s not aging, but her looks changed dramatically. It reminds us of another GILF pornstar, even. But, of course, that must’ve been surgery, and you can form your own opinion.

Let me know! Is this the hottest form of Lisa Ann? Because this GIF is among the latest. You can’t have content fresher than here. There’s something off-putting, but here you go.

9Going for A Bike Ride

This GIF is a blend of Ann’s greatest goods (in my opinion), and that’s an ass! Yeah, these fake tits look magnificent too, but I’m the man of the bottom area. Riding a bike in public should be illegal when it’s Lisa behind the wheel. I’m sure that day was full of accidents as drivers got distracted by the cloud of sex.

Some oral sex cuts for variety, but the nude bike riding makes me uncomfortable. Wearing spandex alone in the woods can’t end well; in this case, it didn’t.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

8Lisa Ann Fucks a Fan

In one of the “Day with a pornstar” videos, Lisa Ann visited her fan and fucked him well. How do these things work? I cannot tell, but you do need to provide proof of no STD or other nasties. I’m sure she’s on a pill too. Can you imagine getting a pornstar pregnant and covering her needs later?

One of the darkest videos of Lisa we’ve seen, but it has that hot amateur vibe. That’s not a bad trade-in for something different.

7Legendary Tits

It’s like a lesson in physics but for adults. Maybe people would study harder in class if such demonstrations were more common. I am just saying! Lisa looks stunning in this scene with dark brown hair, even eyeliner, and pink lipstick.

Whichever way you look, it doesn’t matter unless it’s your grandmother. Your cock has already made up its mind to cum. One of the most incredible videos in porn, and I’m also counting other pornstars.


6Public Sex Extremes

How do you convince someone to have sex? You don’t, silly goose. However, public sex is not everyone’s kink; it requires effort and cold nerves. To make things harder, add anal, and it’s close to a mission impossible unless your girlfriend is a professional pornstar!

My favorite public sex scene with Lisa Ann is before your eyes. I’d pay a top buck to smash someone like that.


5Lisa’s Hardest Fuck

Surprise, this isn’t a GIF loop! We’ve had to double-check the timeline to be sure. The dude’s pace is on point, and her reaction is priceless. Lisa got to experience some of the best sex our planet offers. It won’t come as a shocker to learn that a professional male pornstar was involved.

That’s how everyone should fuck, and to learn more, I highly recommend watching a full video. You don’t want to miss one of Lisa Ann’s best scenes.


4Sensual Mature Threesome

There must be thousands of Lisa’s videos by now; in most of these, she goes hardcore. But we have this to give you a glimpse at the other side of the coin. That’s like flipping your girlfriend to the other side and discovering another hole for the first time.

Slow kisses and sensual pussy rubbing aside, the other female pornstar makes this GIF so enjoyable. Creampies are hot; we get that! However, when you have a video that makes even that part look mediocre, you know you struck gold.


3Lisa Gets Massage

I’ve seen so many women with moles near their butt, and Lisa Ann makes a list too. Majestic butt that no masseur can resist. That’s what happens when a legendary pornstar lays on the table. The only way to take over the command is by sticking your largest finger down her butt. She’s loving it.

Pull it out, smell the innards of Lisa Ann, and replace your underwear. Yours are already soaking wet, with pre-cum stains all over.


2Best Gangbangs Compilation

Oh, did you expect us to finish with a random scene? You should know better! In honor of a perfect, loving, and extremely adorable pornstar, here are the best GIFs featuring Lisa Ann and multiple gangbangs.

Which one is your favorite? My colleagues voted for the gangbang video in hell. That’s likely where Lisa will end up after her passing. Anyway, some wicked fantasy, eh?!

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1Top 10 Lisa Ann Picture Galleries

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