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MegaCelebPass Introduction

Mega Celeb Pass is a network of high and low-profile celebrities that have had their sex tapes leaked, as well as pretty much any nudity. As long as it is a public and at least somewhat known person, MCP likely has their porn.

About Mega Celeb Pass

Founded almost ten years ago, Mega Celeb Pass is a mega celebrity porn network that includes sites such as: Dirty Teen Celebrities, Celebs Unsecured, Homemade Celebrity Porn, Ebony Hollywood (which is basically all black celebrities exposed) as well as few other sites dedicated to nothing but the famous people and their intimacy.

MegaCelebPass Adult Content

Let’s face the facts. The majority of people are drawn into the celebrities, and you don’t necessarily need to like what they do, but if for example, such thing would even exist as a the “leaked” Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sex tape video, anal, oral and anything included, the whole world would go nuts. Even if you were not a fan of any of their work, the fact that it is a celebrity and such a high caliber, well you get the idea.

We love celebrities, we love their porn, and we want to see them naked, I don’t fucking know why but good things come to those that wait and Mega Celeb Pass does a decent job at collecting and distributing some of the most famous and exposed celebrity porn videos and pictures out there.

So, what exactly is included with this and their network sites? Sex tapes from Nicki Minaj, Rosario Dawson nudes, Shanti sex tape, Janet Jackson nude tape, Megan Good, Amber Rose and Serena Williams sex tapes. But that is not all, of course, there are much more leaked sex tapes and exposed porn from Abi Titmuss, Paris Hilton, Kristin Davis, Megan Fox nude tape, Miley Cyrus, Selenga Gomez, Lindsay Logan and none other than a Scarlet Johansson. Basically, if you can name a famous person, there is a high probability that she will be there. Review and Coupon Codes

The site of Dirty Teen Celebrities covers Britney Spears and her sex tape, Gigi Hadi, Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove and Debby Ryan nude pictures and videos plus Jennifer Aniston’s nude pictures, Jeannette Mccurdy, the famous sex tape from Shakira herself, Katy Perry and so much more. I think you get the idea and we don’t need to tell you more.

The content is delivered to you in various shapes and forms, like BTS photo shoots, randomly caught on camera pictures and videos, as well as the famous leaked sex videos. It does not get any more straightforward than that, it is like a giant compilation of the never-ending celebrity goodness.

When it comes to updates, no one knows when the next celebrity porn tape will be leaked so they are pretty irregular, and / or unpredictable but Mega Celeb Pass does a decent job when it comes to filling the blank spots and you can expect updates at least few times per week, sometimes even daily if a month is particularly good. Where it gets disappointing though is the quality. I mean, I get the idea that Hollywood stars won’t shoot their porn with a 4k camera from RED that costs $60,000 as well as professional audio and tuned levels to perfection. Still, some of these clips are rather low resolution so it should be mentioned. Oh, and I will be the captain obvious but still mention that the content is not exclusive to their own network, which Is obvious.

When it comes to quantity though, Mega Celeb Pass is rather staggering, they boast over 5,000 videos and 60,000 galleries, that is a rather impressive number for any site, be it celebrity related or not. Some of the videos are on the shorter side, some are especially short with the sex tapes being the longest and lasting up to 60 minutes.

Features and User Interface

Basically, the way site works is rather simple and goes something like this: you pick from one of the sites I have mentioned above and are presented with a list of hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of pages of celebrity porn thumbnails. After you click on any of these, a long or short clip is played. There are no long ass descriptions like some might expect if you come from the mega porn sites. Instead, it is just a title and small text that describes what is going on. I mean, that is okay, and no one would ever want to read these “fake” pages of text that just say how this girl is getting fucked in the ass while the stepfather is watching or whatever. You get the idea. Still, I would love to at least know from which country the celebrity is from or why is she or he a celebrity in the first place. I mean, I am paying a top buck there so at least some sort of info would be appreciated. Review and Coupon Codes

As far as the whole site navigation goes, it is pretty disappointing, and does not match the mega porn networks like Brazzers, etc. You can use some tags to browse the network but I would love to have more advanced search features and options, especially when the number of pictures and videos is on a higher side.

Mega Celeb Pass Network Statistics

Number of videos: 4,000+
HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p): Sometimes
VR Content: No
Streaming: Yes
Downloading: Yes
Average length: 5 minutes

Special MegaCelebPass .com Offer

Okay, you have spent ten minutes or so reading the whole thing and wondering, what is it in there for you? Well, assuming you have checked our other celebrity porn sites, and want to join Mega Celeb Pass, here is a special offer: not only will you get a one day $1 trial, which allows you to experience the site in its fullest but also a special membership for as low as $0.67 / day when getting three months. That is an offer you can’t refuse.

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6.9 Review and Coupon Codes
Rating 6.9


  • Includes thousands of celebrity videos
  • Includes female and male porn
  • Has even more nude galleries
  • Great celebrity porn variety
  • Has nine different sites


  • Navigation must be improved
  • Low quality videos
  • Could be cheaper


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