Top 20: Native American Pornstars (2024)

The ultimate list of all American Indian pornstars.

Top 20: Native American Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

It’s been a while since we made a fresh pornstars list. But, seeing that the Holidays are about to begin, our team at RedBled wanted to do something different, a list of all known Native American pornstars, active and retired. Some of these girls are amateurs, while others know how to care for a man’s boner.

Please be aware: Native Americans are almost extinct, so while these pornstars won’t all be 100% Native American, we did find many girls in the porn business with a gene or two of original American Indians.

The further we go down the list, the more Native American features. Some of them could be lying, but we can’t check their DNA to find the truth. These are self-proclaimed pornstars with Native American genes, from Navajo tribes to Squaxin Island, an Indian reservation. On a side note, is anyone else bugged by the “Indian” name? Just makes things harder to find.

22Xxlayna Marie

Xxlayna Marie was the starlet of the year in 2021, which wasn’t that long ago. Sadly, as it happens with 99% of all wannabe pornstars, that was the end of it. You couldn’t find her anywhere, not even in your dreams.

Well, exactly a year later, she has returned to suck more of the same on the BangBros network and is now a regular there. Yes, you and I, we go buy a coffee in Starbucks or get the same burger in McDonalds, but Xxlayna Marie prefers longer than your arm cocks, all of them at once. She’s also of a petite type, and that helps highlight the extreme absurdity of tiny pornstars versus venomous monsters.


21Jayden Jaymes

As hard as we try to stretch our top 10, this one is a shocker. Who expected to see a pornstar like Jayden Jaymes here? According to the bits we’ve read online and ongoing rumors, she has few Native American ancestors. Still, this isn’t exactly a performer that our audience demands here. Might as well be number one in multiple categories, but we need to see more of brown skin and other genetic confirmations.

Finally, Jayden has never confirmed those rumors and it’s hard for us to place this slut lower. Not to mention that it wouldn’t be fair to performers who do resemble American Indian women. Better yet, have verified ancestors, and don’t shy away from the past.


20Cheyenne Silver

Cheyenne is another old-school Native American pornstar who is partially French and Cherokee. Wonder how their names sound in real life? Try pronouncing Cara Fawn Ballou, which is her real name. Of course, this isn’t the only Cherokee native on our list since there aren’t many of their women. Anyway, consider yourself lucky. You should probably get a lottery ticket or two.

Cheyenne Silver is famous for her role in a porn cult classic called “Orgy of the Dead,” I’m sure her kid is proud of her work. Looked decent enough back in 2006, but for now, I’d watch her older scenes or skip her altogether. To be fair, this is the ultimate Native American pornstars list, and, likely, you will never find any other pornstar of this decent. So maybe keep her for the tougher times when the rest of the pornstars have already been abused.

19Karen McDougal

First appearing in Playboy magazine back in 1997, Karen McDougal (now 49) is a Scottish, Irish, and Cherokee Indian descent pornstar from Los Angeles. Since leaving porn, this lovely brunette took a rather important role in raising awareness for Breast Implant illness.

You might have heard of her name already as McDougal is the famous woman who (according to The Wallstreet Journal) had an affair with married Donald Trump back in 2006. No one knows if this was done for attention only or if they fucked, but my crystal ball is certain they did.

18Carter Cruise

Yes, this pornstar is a small part Native American and a few parts of casual American. The likelihood of us correctly guessing her ethnicity is close to zero. I’d classify her as a pure Caucasian pornstar due to her white skin and facial features. Well, it turns out you and I both are wrong.

It’s hard to tell if she is crying from the pain or pleasure (likely both). Likely one of the very few porn actresses of this descent that swings with black guys more than anything else. For interracial porn, I can’t recommend Carter Cruise enough.

17Holly Michaels

A mix of Spanish and American Indian DNA, Holly Michaels is far from an innocent girl. So what is the funniest fact about her? She is a feminist, which is just hilarious. How can you claim such a thing while starring in the adult business?

If you prefer to argue with pornstars over watching them perform, head over to her Twitter, as she is rather active there and is not afraid to discuss women’s rights or any topics. Someone needs to spank this girl and teach her some manners, preferably while your cock is deep inside her butt.


16Lily Lust

I wonder if America’s ancestors would have trouble with Lily’s approach to sucking an African American dick? Lily did that, too, just not in this video. At least the times have changed for the better! Working from the tip to the shaft then balls, the Asian first and American Indian later midget is deep into the ancient rituals. So relax, brother, Lily’s just playing the song of our people.

Not the proudest fap of my life due to the pressure to cum before the GIF ends. As far as the blowjob goes, look at how proud this sexy Inuit (Eskimo) is about this achievement!


I’ve never seen a GILF pornstar that is of American Indian descent, so porn can be an eye-opening and world-expanding experience unless you travel too far and discover things that can never be unseen. The funny thing is that she is granny only by looks and is only 39 years old.

She claims to be Native American and is known by her alias, “Squirtwoman.” When girls were not pissing to fake the squirting orgasms, Cytherea got a lot of free press for being a unique pornstar that can ejaculate during intercourse.

14Taylor White

One of the amateur girls on Chaturbate that is from Squaxin Island. I remember discovering Taylor for the first time; it was like unwrapping your dream Christmas gifts repeatedly. This scene is my favorite as not only do her eyelashes make her a stunning 10/10 babe but character-defining tweaks too. You can’t see here, but random tattoos and symbols on White’s body are perfect for our theme.

Juicy breasts that the sun, and beach have nourished, and tropical fruits. Astonishing body, mind-blowing looks, and a realization that you will never be able to fuck her.


13Savannah Stern

You could call Savannah a millennial of pornstars because she did originally start on Chaturbate with a poor Internet connection and a cheap camera. That pussy of hers is always extremely moist, like the Niagara Waterfalls or something. I wonder what her Native American ancestors would think of her having learned that not only does porn but does so through the inventions of “white devils”.

Nicely shaped butt will leave some people speechless, with few tattoos, piercings, and D-sized cups. You do need a rather large dick to penetrate through all that booty.

12Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr is a sexy MILF that you bet your ass every single male on earth wants to bang. Her butt is so well crafted that it might as well be CGI. Muscular lines and curves go beyond most girls’ assets. She is only 35 years old, but looks a bit older for her age, especially if you look at her skin.

Her ethnicity mixes Latin American, Native American, and Mediterranean genes. I’d love to find out who is responsible for her giant ass. According to her post back in 2010, Rachel Starr has fucked 3 Native Americans, which can be viewed as a lot (since their population is so small) or peanuts.


11Ricki White

The famous Native American pornstar that is the princess of best blowjobs among fellow porn actresses. You have some genes from Ireland and Italy too. Ricki White handles dick like Jedi handles the sword. She knows her way around it and spares no energy to stroke it all day. Ricky White adores anal and has appeared in movies like “Anal Whore Next Door” and “Anal Sluts”. Gaping is another specialty of hers.

As you might know already, we love anal porn sites and butt sex in general. It’s perfect for establishing a male’s dominance and making girls appreciate the girth of your unit. I did a few scenes with black guys if you are into that kind of porn.

10Eden Sinclair

Here’s an American Indian woman and her friends getting fucked into another dimension. With this makeup, Eden does look like a transvestite, which is unfortunate. However, her other scenes (while not as fun as this one) show her in a much better light. She considers herself bisexual (just like many women in porn) and has piercings in her nipples, ears, pussy, and other places.

Eden Sin entered the adult business in 2016, and watching this scene kind of blows our minds. She has achieved more than many other pornstars in two years and is much more talented (if you consider this a talent). Watch out for her; she is going to be huge in a few years.


9Mackenzie Pierce

A terrific-looking brunette pornstar from Arizona, Chandler. Mackenzee Pierce and her fake tits have appeared on all the highly successful porn sites like Brazzers, RealityKings, or EvilAngel. Pierce seems to be in love with fairies, which is her tattoo art of choice.

Probably one of the more elegant-looking Native American pornstars with mirror-smooth skin and an ice-cold look. The “fat abs” need to go through. I can’t believe that she is not treating her body better. Also, she must learn to open her mouth before the cumshot stars, not after.


8Bella Bellz

Before researching Native American women, I could have never told you about their best qualities. Now, I am starting to come to my senses, and it might be nothing else but ass. Spanish pornstars have big booties, but having covered over 20 Native American pornstars, it looks like the best ass belongs to their kind. Who could have thought?

The saddest part is that very few remaining women can honestly claim this rare ethnicity. Bella Bellz is partly Italian, Asian, and part Native American. Has inherited the best qualities for every gene pool.


7Nia Nacci

With her first public appearance in 2019, Nia Nacci rolled into the 2020s like a massive ebony slut she is. Bukkake parties, rough anal, gapes, and thick black dongs are just a few tags attributed to the Native American star. So superglue feathers onto your cock, make some liquid white smoke and you can be her tribal chief.

While the percentage of Nia’s heritage remains unclear, upcoming interviews shall unravel her secrets. Also, this ebony has already done a surprisingly large number of videos for a newcomer.

6Jaye Summers

Having seen a previous clip with Jaye, I was aroused and disgusted. Not to ruin your breakfast but the gaping asshole is not my kind of fun and licking cum from Jaye Summers’s (or anyone’s) asshole I do not consider a good time either. Maybe it’s an old ritual that tribe men and women used to reenact in ancient times.

So, instead, here’s a shower scene. Sometimes I am genuinely concerned about the pornstar’s health and well-being. I wonder how the whole conversation began and how much was she paid to eat the nasty pile of semen. Well, at least Jaye Summers is having the time of her life.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.


Fuck me sideways. How in the world do all these girls have such amazing butts? Native Americans do look a bit Asian. Japanese or Chinese are not known for any of these curves. What kind of witchcraft is this? How could have evolution fucked up billions of Asian women and rewarded just a tiny fraction of the race that is about to be extant? That simply sucks.

Cherokee and all the other pornstars need to start reproducing in double digits, we need to raise awareness and resurrect the glorious Native American race.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

4Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia is one of the older Cherokee nations or at least partially Cherokee pornstars that is now retired. According to data, Lee is around 25% native. In fact, she is so old (her first porn movie debuted in 1983) that Hyapatia Lee got famous for being the only Native American woman in the adult business.

The millennials will not remember her, but this is one of those extremely famous, old-school pornstars that your dad or grandfather has jerked off to. Held a record for the second-most-expensive porn movie and performed there with Bud Lee (now divorced) who also became a porn actor.

3Kara Faux

It is far from stretching, but as we have already stated, there are not enough pure Native American women doing porn. Kara Faux is a 75% Navajo Indian who loves to squirt and use various objects as dildos, including cucumbers and vibrators. But, of course, she decided not to us anything when we spoke of her.

How many Navajo Indian pornstars do you know? That was the first one for me. She is not as talkative about her tribe or ethnicity as other porn performers, but maybe there is nothing to talk about. She never stated her tribe name, which could very well be a made-up thing to appear more unique.


2Lucie Cline

The aboriginal pornstar (Native Indigenous) is part Native American and Greek. Reading about Lucie, we learned that she has deep roots in her tribe and culture. The darker of the two. She is not running from her ethnicity and embraces it. Started with FTV Girls and simple modeling and now does hardcore porn with some of the best porn sites out there like Mofos, RealityKings and others.

Lucie Cline looks like a simple girl in a complicated world, and while the skin tone does not exactly scream Native American, she does have American Indian traces in her genes and appearance if you squint your eyes hard enough.


1Zaya Cassidy

Zaya claims she is 100% Native American pornstar, without any other gene pool affecting her DNA. Not only is she a true American Indian girl, but her looks and ass are out of this world. We know that Brazilian pornstars and Ebony pornstars have great butts, but what about her kind? We know too little to conclude, but at least Zaya Cassidy was blessed with nice curves and perky boobs.

We took our inspiration, and now it’s time to take her virginity, preferably an anal one too. Having started our top 20, I am fully certain that if there is one race I’d like to fuck, it’s Native Americans. It’s as exclusive as you can get.

Source: ($1).

Now, give us those names that only you know! I’ve exhausted my resources and can’t name any other person. Is this the ultimate list?

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