Top 20: Kiwi Pornstars from New Zealand (2024)

Hottest pornstars and nude models from various photo shoots.

Top 20: Kiwi Pornstars from New Zealand (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Having never visited New Zealand, porn awakened my curiosity. Especially the thoughts of Kiwi pornstars having sex. How do their tempers differ from fuck bags of other countries? It was all for research purposes. Man was I wrong thinking that Polish and Australian pornstar lists were already hard to make. Compared to New Zealand where you only have a few actresses doing nudity, it was brutal to research and find some decent videos for every one of them.

This is the only Kiwi pornstars post right now that gives you more names than just Liz Shaw. RedBled editors take their job seriously, and no matter how impossible the task is, we do it perfectly, every fucking time. It will not be the best top 10, but this is the maximum amount of porn and erotica you can squeeze out of Kiwis. Lots of Playboy shots, some The Fappening videos from celebrities that act as if they fuck and more.

Not every model is a pornstar, but all of the listed women below did something sensual for the camera. Anyway, here are babes, models, and pornstars combined into a package.

20Tavalia Griffin (Tavalia Savage)

Don’t ask for more because Tavalia’s videos are scarce and there are no new uploads since 2003. It has been almost 20 years since her retirement, and there aren’t enough pornstars from New Zealand to replace her.

At least the video is in color and includes a friendly foreskin inspection with a butthole. Sucked on big black dicks, filmed a few threesome scenes, and tested double penetration’s joys (or pussy wall limits).


Taken from PornHub’s free videos section, Alice is a rising solo performer that only does private shows. Maybe smart brains will snag her up for a mainstream push, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The fanbase isn’t there yet. Also, let’s get real for a moment, we wouldn’t even be talking about Maia if it weren’t for the lack of New Zealanders in the first place. The personality traits are unclear, and so are the sexual relationship preferences. The content isn’t class-leading either; she is like a blank book waiting for a genuine writer.

Now, that’s Alice’s chance to shine and push some good content before the spotlight moves away to other models. So, I shall return in six months and let you know in late 2024.

18Gina Bellman

Despite the poor video, you can see Gina doing or at least some porn imitation. Before seeing this cut, I thought that there are no great pornstars from New Zealand and all women living there are allergic to cum. Gina has proved me wrong. Although, for being one of the earlier pornstars, she does look fabulous.

Usually, older porn has hairy whores or just nasty-looking individuals, but not Miss Bellman. Oh, and before we forget, this was just a lie. Gina is an actress, and that is it. There is just one scene with her on PornHub, and we have it right here. This one is from 1989 and, believe it or not, Gina is still acting, not in adult business but TV and all that mainstream crap. Talk about never-ending jobs and dedication.

17Melanie Lynskey

Stop freaking out, as we haven’t even reached the top ten spots, it’s all about opening the scenery (or post in this case) with something warm and fuzzy. On the left, you have Melanie Lynskey. Unfortunately, we could not find 20 pornstars (which is what we usually do, instead of showing you just the top 10, going a few steps beyond), so instead, you have an actress from New Zealand and a famous one.

It’s all nudity relate and if you haven’t seen Kiwi tits yet, here is your first peek at these, suntanned, love bubbles. She is so much better than the other chicks. I don’t even know her name, but all I see there are skin, bones, and peeping milk warts. Melanie does not give a fuck and just stares at the camera blankly. Not the sexiest thing we have seen.

16Gwendoline Taylor

The true pornstars are so close that I almost feel it. This is another video from a random “TV Show” that always shows shit like that, Spartacus or whatever it’s called. It is sitting on the line between softcore erotica and “acting.” Both actors are grinding and feeling each other’s genitals.

Unless there is a secret cup on balls or invisible tape. Some will tag this as a cheap way to gain ratings, while retarded people will treat this as art. There is nothing artsy about two people pretending that they fuck, and I am certain that the tv-series plot does not require such scenes in the first place. Anyway, there is still one more New Zealand “fake porn actress” that we need to cover, and likely the best one of them all.

15Anna Hut

Right, so this is as close to porn as you can get, but we are yet to see authentic pornstars and not actresses. There is no question about it. Don’t argue, and stop wasting your and my time. I am sure it smells like sex, too. Popping champagne on the breasts, grinding, and neck kissing. At least they are having fun, it watches almost like a sex tape. My theory is that some genius producers hire actresses, give them a script they never properly read, and sign the contract.

It says that in case of early termination by the actress, she must pay a fine. So, they are shooting the scene, up five seasons when suddenly he tells you: get naked and start stroking that dick as per script. For the fish tricked into biting that dirty bait, there is no choice but to follow it all.

14Rose McIver

A possible future New Zealand pornstar, Rose Mclver that also receives best actress awards as easily as you clean cum with you tongue. This model has a nickname of “undead slut”. I am still trying to get the overall impression of Kiwi girls and what they are like in bed. So far, these reminds me of sluts from United Kingdom, and the accent is similar too. The talk is fucking funny and as scripted as a “true to life” porn could be.

Nonetheless, we are happy to finally see some girls who have sex in front of the camera and are not old skanks.

Update: I just got a message saying that this is just yet another fucking movie. Is porn banned in New Zealand, or what? At least Rose has nice beamers that are exposed in her other scenes. But, this is still a nice video and tricked me into thinking of it as a porn intro.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

13Gemma Lee Farrell

Get ready for Playboy “pornstars” that mostly do nude modeling, but at least they are warming up to the idea of selling their bodies for that New Zealand dollar. You will soon discover that so many beautiful women from New Zealand are doing photo and video shoots like this one. If you are from this country, could you please let us know if any of those are known to you and the general public? Just wondering about the overall opinion on them, and if it’s enforced or judged in your country.

I am asking because the number of pornstars that suck cock, get ass fucked and all that jazz is so tiny compared to Playboy models. There must be a reason for that. Is everyone super-rich there?

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

12Anika Shay

Regarding Kiwis, Anika is the only pornstar that people seem to be aware of. Maybe she was one of the first ones? I could not find any traces of her having sex with the opposite gender. Most old-time fans are already bored of her, as you can only go for so long without progressing into something dirtier. That’s just the reality of the porn business.

I don’t get people’s fascination with her, nor is there anything special about this playmate. She is just okay. A true pornstar eats cum, so we are placing Anika further away from the worthy pornstars. However, if you still want to watch this sugar sweetie perform, dance and undress, you know where to find it all. Not much flexibility, though.

11Skylar Leigh

Truthfully speaking, this is Skylar’s only “okay” porn scene as her appearance is questionable. Nice lighting, dirt-soaked hands, and decent scenery behind the titties. At least this GIF is from an adult work of art, not random teasing sessions. So, think if it’s better to rub one out staring at a beautiful woman’s pussy or nothing else.

Hopefully, there are better pornstars from New Zealand below…

10Elle Georgia

I feel like a critic at this point, so here are her positives: she has a rather succulent pussy that asks for a kiss. The breasts are tiny, but the shape is gorgeous. Let’s talk about her eyes to describe her in an even more gay way. So deep and playful, inviting you to the dark side, like the sex puppet player she is. The hair I will leave out of the picture this time as it’s wet and we can’t tell anything for certainty.

I am a fanatic of great butt, from small butts to large asses, if there is no fat in there. Unfortunately, Elle has one of the worst butts ever. Not only you can see some weird marks, but the shape is non-existent. It’s as flat as a pancake. The worst part? They are showing that shot for a long-ass time, and for what? I can’t get excited over a piece of flat wood, so turn her around.

9Amy Lee Summers

Possibly one of the most beautiful Kiwi blondes out there if you enjoy butter faces. If you are bored of non-porn videos, here is a tip for some entertainment. Watch these scenes and try to imagine what the fuck is going through these girls’ minds while posing? Amy has no idea what to do with her hands.

Spreading while bending over and then reenacting Titanic? Miss Lee Summers becomes a true stunner if you cover half of her face with blond hair. Is that a compliment or an insult? My sexual fantasy involving her would be this: as she turns around, grab these hands and tie them to the bed, then take multiple giant fuck machines and push them down her anus. Only then will she know what true love and real porn are.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

8Molly Dae

If you thought that flying for ten hours is bad, then listen to this New Zealander, Molly Dae. She spent 35 hours on a plane (including waiting time), traveling from New Zealand to Hungary to film a single porn scene. Unfortunately, only one 76 minute clip of her exists on the internet and it was recorded by porn legend himself, Woodman.

Molly comes as a suggestion from our readers, with a pear-shaped ass, miniscule tits, beautiful albeit short blond hair, and a lesbian face. The pussy area is of questionable design, but maybe we aren’t just artistic enough to understand modern art.

7Brittney Alexander

I’ve sold my soul to the devil to obtain a deep knowledge about past and future pornstars. From all the model mentions, you might expect another lingerie babe, but this is it, we’ve hit the jackpot! Brittney Alexander is (or was) a legit pornstar with films like “2 Dicks In 1 Chick 6”. I didn’t even think it was possible, but here you are.

I’m dying to know the ins and outs of New Zealand’s education system since it’s the only large country which doesn’t produce a sizable number of porn actresses. Yes, there are tiny countries like Monaco or Rome, but you already know that a population of 1,000 is not enough. So, any theories from our readers, maybe?


6Miss Alice

The only amateur pornstar living in New Zealand appears to know what the fun times look like. Her ass is the best quality and the face is close second best thing, I think. But, for the female body scientist, can you tell us if she is fucking her butt or pussy? The starting angle makes it look like the brown hole, but then it drops to the pussy. Maybe she has one hole only that connects both of her trigger points?

No disrespect intended, but Miss Alice would not pass the current stupid trend created by women where everyone wants to have a gap between both legs when they are closed. There is one, but on the micro side. No dick videos of her yet, just dildos, fingers, and other objects. Most of these get well over half a million views, so give her some time.

5Brittney Alexia

How sad can it be to open and get to the closing of our top 10 Kiwi pornstars with only the second anal fucking scene? This is one of the worse quality videos we have seen, but don’t let that scare you of Brittney.

To make herself more comfortable, this pornstar uses an imported (New Zealand) white cock, just so everything beneath her is more stable. In financial times like these, we can’t blame her and since she’s a PornHub creator, you know where the rest of clip comes from.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

4Sarah Louise Harris

Jumping into the world of erotica wishlists and fantasies is a pornstar starlet, Sarah Louise Harris. Technically speaking, she is just a talented and gorgeous lady, not a “real porn performer” with hardcore anal scenes, etc. Although in our minds, this Kiwi-born princess still counts.

Maybe more as a sexy lingerie model than anything else, but for us it’s simple… If there are nudes in video format, it’s a pornstar! Welcome to the club.

3Beth Bennett

I have looked long and hard, but there was nothing other than underwear porn for Beth Bennett. Maybe that’s all she does. At least you can tell this plump slut will not win an Oscar for her acting skills as this is terrible. Pretending to fight only to stop and start shaking the ass, or whatever.

That is confusing, and the only reward you get is the upskirt and some nipple view. We are placing her that high as other pornstars are even worse. At least Beth is doing something with the girl, which is quite an achievement for the New Zealanders. If it wasn’t for the few GIFs we have prepared, this could be “a safe for work” post very well. Don’t blame us, call your local minister from NZ and preach.


2Aubrey Black

Born in New Zealand yet a native Australian, how do we even classify Aubrey in this case? She’s already mentioned as one of the go-to pornstars for the Aussie crowd, so it’s tricky. But, on the other hand, it’s only a fair mention since the shortage of pure New Zealanders is mind-blowing.

Born in 1974 and with delicious 36E breasts, Aubrey Black has no trouble beating other performers in categories other than country-related. So did close to 10 scenes on Brazzers alone and as of 2024, still works with any decent porn director.

1Penny Pax

Disappointed by the limited selection of Kiwi sluts, we had to improve and dig deeper. Penny Pax is not a New Zealand native and only lived for two or so years. Yes, that’s a big stretch although you could convince yourself that somehow these days count. Otherwise, there’s nothing else to stick your dick in, just Playboy models that don’t do hardcore adult movies.

Afterward, Penny moved to Florida and turned into the massive slut she is now. Finally we got a real hoe!


That concludes our list, and if you are serious about porn and want to jerk off to serious pornstars, there are always multiple porn sites.

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  1. Seriously, this list proves exactly why I left NZ. The women are all butters AF and they don’t put out. You’d think ugly chicks would be more willing to get what they can, but nope – access to their goodies is literally all NZ women have going for them, so they lock it away like a precious gem in a bank vault.

  2. Although based in Australia, there is Xvideo’s reigning amateur blowjob queen, Shantel Dee, who is Maori

    There is also someone called Molly Dae who did a gangbang audition with Pierre Woodman a few years back. He bills her as a New Zealander.


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