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NudeVista Review

Many of today’s smartest men have already discovered the amazing capabilities of porn search engines, and since I somehow missed this wave of innovation, it is time to check it out now. Better late than never. The home page of NudeVista reminds me of older Google design (minus the random porn content at the bottom for quick access). It’s not but, but the first impression could be much better.

It is a double-edged sword since search engines need to be lightweight, so cramming NudeVista with too many fancy bells and whistles might not work. However, NudeVista could have at least added ability to display more than x number of results per page without visiting preferences section.

Search Features & User Interface

With the initial bitter taste behind, it does get so much better. There is so much depth for a search engine that basically aggregates content. My favorite part is the model directory. If you haven’t visited NudeVista before, prepared to be surprised. I did expect to see a regular search box with few extra fields for “must have” keywords or tags. Instead, NudeVista greets you with one of the most comprehensive filters ever.

You can select the pornstars weight, height, breast size, career start and even hip size. Most of search engines or list sites might allow you to filter by hair color and body type, but that’s it. NudeVista goes beyond that and introduces a new way to discover pornstars. NudeVista also does great job at porn search itself (for pictures or videos), supporting double quotes (“”), word exclusion, etc.

Advanced NudeVista Search

The job of search engine is to provide people with large indexing database, which NudeVista does with millions of results. Admittedly, I would prefer to see some of these porn sites removed from the default search (you can specify that in preferences). There are just far too many crappy porn tubes with more ads than rocks in mountains, and that’s unacceptable. For serious porn searches, that is a small sacrifice to pay as you can create the account and configure all accordingly.

Less-Known Features

After you are done with search results, NudeVista does throw you one more bone to stay on site: tags. Some of us have an allergic reaction when thinking about tags, mostly because they are associated with spam or just messy implementations. NudeVista tags work more like 00s web directory, all of which are grouped into categories and sub-categories. This is the best implementation of tags in a long time.

As for other, interesting takes on porn discovery, Nude Vista is lacking in this department. However, you get random galleries (see the screenshot below) that are split into tags.

NudeVista Picture Galleries

I do suggest sorting by newest, which will show you exactly what is happening in the adult world. The frequency of updates is not terrific. For example, there were only three galleries added in the last 24 hours, which is laughable. You should definitely spend more time on this search engine and get to know it. Sure, one can use it as the alternative to Google, but what’s the point?

Familiarize yourself with their tags, algorithms and categories. It’s a simple search page unless you use other features. Why bother searching for “country” in the address bar when there is a whole directory for different ethnicities and nationalities? It’s like a mix of human curated and AI generated content.

NudeVista does redeem itself with feedback hub. Think of it as a sub-reddit or Digg but for ideas. Users can share their suggestions and see developers respond.


Having never tried porn search engines before, NudeVista left me extremely impressed, it is truly incredible what some dudes in their basements can do when the topic revolves around porn. You can spend hours testing NudeVista’s algorithms and most importantly, a list of models, which was the key selling point for me. Oh, and it’s all free. The only other competitors is PornMD, but it has less sites covered.

NudeVista – – Porn Search Engine
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9.7 NudeVista - - Porn Search Engine
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  • Multiple search options and listings
  • Has great porn search capabilities
  • Advanced search is beyond great
  • Displays random porn content
  • Is not intrusive with ads
  • 27 million videos
  • Million pictures


  • User interface is not the greatest
  • Links to some ad nasty sites
  • Has broken sources