Top 35: Paulina Gaitán Nude Pussy & Sexy Tits Pictures (2024)

Top 35: Paulina Gaitán Nude Pussy & Sexy Tits Pictures (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Like millions around the world, we’ve learned about the talented Paulina Gaitán on the Netflix TV series called Narcos. Yes, she’s the “original” series Tata, a wife of Escobar. Despite him cheating, Maria remained loyal to husband and honestly, why would you cheat when there’s a hot Argentinian-Colombian next to you? But Narcos series aside, Paulina Gaitán starred in many other projects too, which, if nudes are involved, are all shown below.

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Top 5 Paulina Gaitán Facts

  1. Her debut film was La Vida en el Aire in 2005
  2. It was a 2009 movie titled Sin Nombre movie that “made her”
  3. Acting since the age of nine in soap operas
  4. Starred along many popular stars like Kevin Kline
  5. Paulina was a cast at Steven Spielberg’s The River
  6. Following Narcos, the next big role was in Diablo Guardián

Paulina Gaitán Biography

Birthdate: February 19, 1992
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Zodiac: Pisces

Height: 5 feet 3 inches (1.60m)
Weight: 121 lbs. (55kg)

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Latest & Upcoming Movies with Paulina Gaitán

City of Dreams

Paulina Gaitán Nudes (Pictures)

36Paulina in Control

If naked women are more vulnerable, then Paulina Gaitán must be the god mother of all celebrities. Despite being naked and with boobs hanging out, her facial expressions show dominance and control. She’s in the “weakest form” right there and that puts things into perspective. Or perhaps the big boob natural knows the real value of those goodies.

35Leaning Back Naked

Taken from another frame, Paulina’s boobs received a “facelift”, thanks to a subtle adjustments in brightness, making all the intimate parts more prominent. And for critics who say that playing with image settings is a waste of time, look at the extra detail that is now visible. I bet you didn’t notice that Paulina Gaitán not only has giant tits, but is also super fit, with abs showing!

34On Her Side with Ass Showing

Half of a hot butt is better than no butt, right? Even if thick panties mask her butthole and genitals, Paulina looks stunning from the back. It’s weird for me to say butthole because I can’t think of a single celebrity, besides sex tapes, who has shown a fully exposed asshole, but that’s besides my point. The scene followed Paulina lying on her side and with the best bits yet to come. Yes, she did turn around!

33Areolas and Boobies

The art of acting means that Paulina Gaitán was aware of how much skin is showing here. While turning around, she likely covered her nipples and tits as much as she could. At the same time, there was a window of opportunity to see both of her breasts naked, which is awesome. And yes, the next two pictures show her top nudes without censorship, hands or other annoyances.

32The Best of Side Boobs

For unaware, this is the start of Paulina’s “grand move” while the previous image, where she covers one boob, happens a second later. There’s no way around the elbow, which covers one third of the left breast, but that’s peanuts compared to what we see! Ladies, even you can appreciate a pair of nice titties and if you want to find out what men like, this pair is a golden ticket winner.

31A Tiny Pussy Wrinkle

While pushing for more light, I’ve noticed from what it seems is a tiny clothing (or pussy) wrinkle in the panties area. Perhaps only those with attention to detail will reach the point of examining every pixel of celebrity’s pictures, but that’s how it goes.

However, I’d like your feedback! Please let me know if you think it’s Paulina’s pussy or just a piece of clothing.

30Close to Perfect Nudes

People pick their favorites, be it a movie, celebrity, pussy shape, a pornstar or a car brand. For me, and by a far mile, the best Paulina Gaitán’s nude is right in front of you. It’s not a photoshoot but a screencap, meaning that these images come straight from a video. Yes, my dudes, these boobs move, there’s a GIF with them and they’re glorious!


I’m milking this naked “catch of the day” for the rest of my life since there’s nothing more gorgeous than a naked woman taking a bath. There’s a breast milk joke somewhere too, but wow! And do you know that Paulina’s boobs are not fake? Like, this is what a normal person, a husband or a boyfriend, sees when he walks on in Paulina bathing. What would give any sane man an instant boner.


Paulina’s tits are so large that once she submerges them in water, it’s as if you’re starring at a nuclear submarine taking a deep dive. All I can say are compliments and with my heart pumping blood hard, getting hard, focusing on an article is a tough but not impossible task. I wish every blind person on earth could see for a moment because it’s such a spectacle. Now, as you scroll to the next nude, I want to expand on Paulina’s boob shape.

27Round, Wet and Soft

Perhaps blind people search for Paulina Gaitán’s nudes too, so to help them understand the sheer epicenes of this image, we’ll describe it to the best of our abilities. Paulina is naked, taking a bath, her boobs are in the size of a female head, glistering from wetness. They’re perfectly round, like a cup just two times as large. Paulina’s skin color is very light brown while nipples and areolas are of dark peach color.

26Showering Naked

Are you more of an ass or boob man? I prefer ass because rear pussy is my driving force. Like an engine that is all about fuel, my dick gets hard from butts. However, when Paulina appears on TV, fully naked, and getting wet, my animalistic brain starts to wonder… Perhaps I’m a boobie man but have just now seen a pair of attractive tits?

25A Solid Improvement

When the lights go off or there’s not enough light, we do our thing. Her naked images are mostly well balanced, but since a lot of readers always ask for something extra, here you go. Does an additional boost of lighting improve anything?

24Two Paulina’s Side Boobs

Wasting time is not an option, so why post a single side boob when we can do a collage of pretty breasts? Taken a few seconds apart, it’s the best naked view of Paulina you could’ve extracted from the video. Also, it’s awesome how, likely due to colder temperature, Paulina’s nipples are somewhat erect.

23A Full Side Ass View

No panties, no G-string or grandma’s diapers, just a well-documented picture of Paulina’s ass. The coolest thing about the Internet is that it “remembers”, which means images like this will be viewed for thousands of years by multiple generations.

By the way, I can guarantee that Paulina Gaitán’s tits, one day, will be shown at the gallery somewhere.

22Riding Dick on Top

What a fucking wild ride! I always mention god as if he’s going to help, but my epitomes just can’t describe the “win” here. Who was the male “fucking” Paulina? More importantly, was she ticklish or not?

A Harward professor might’ve invented something cool, but this dude squeezed and cherished a pair of Paulina’s tits.

21Front and Back

Okay, maybe it’s more of a side view on the left, but it still passes as a backside, if you know what I’m saying.

Those with the phone, please don’t bother zooming into Paulina Gaitán’s pussy area because there’s nothing to see there. Instead, just appreciate the overall shape of her God given boobs and ass.

20A Double Ass Shot

One frame barely does justice, so let’s see if you can get twice as many boners. Seriously, I bet the entire film crew was sweating buckets. How often do you get a female beauty so divine that your trousers end up developing holes in front?

19A Close-Up of Paulina’s Ass

Maybe some readers will misunderstand posts like these and think that all we care about are naked bits, but there’s more. Okay, if it weren’t for Paulina Gaitán’s nudes, this article wouldn’t exist, but there’s more to it.

For instance, if she wasn’t a good actress, no crew would hire her, so our article is an appreciation of her talent as well as beauty.

18A Confident Paulina and Her Panties

Dark blue panties, a hot black top, and an imposing Paulina, standing in front of you. What would you do in this situation? Like, you try to leave your apartment and a “debt collector”, looking like Paulina enters the room?

17Banging from Rear

There’s an iconic scene, wish I would remember celebrity’s name, where a hot babe is being fucked from behind, standing. The catch is that she’s naked and her tits are getting squeezed onto a glass wall. I swear we’ve covered it already, look it up!

16Large Titties and Paulina

It’s simple, we see boobs, we post. Since image quality is superior and Paulina’s curves are intense, I’ll experiment with more than just basic tweaks below, let’s see if that will yield an even better result.

15Happy as Cucumber

Whatever your preference for this naked image is, it’s really unbelievable how you cannot get enough of Paulina’s nudes. Be it from the top, side or bottom, the view is just as magnificent. But even better is for the male on the right who had a chance to touch those puppies.

14Pure Bliss

No, this is not Paulina on drugs, just her acting out a full body orgasm. The first bunch of photos displayed her in a different manner, all masculine, bossy, while the “ending” is all about celebrating femininity.

Women are the most beautiful while being naked, smiling, enjoying your company and this image does it for me.

Paulina Gaitán Nudes (Movies & TV Shows)

Movie Name:

Diablo Guardian (2018 – 2019 TV series)

13Fucking Paulina

Jizz like a madman, fuck like a lad, man! Touching Paulina’s tits is better than traveling the world because the view is so much nicer, but do you know what’s fun? Trying to “grab” onto boobs even though it’s not a requirement.

Perhaps the scene is cringe, but this dude really put on effort to “accidentally” touch her, even go next to a nipple.

Scene: Diablo Guardian S01E07

12A Frontal Boob Shot

This reminds me of a meme where you ask, “how much of x” and the reply is always “yes”. There are not enough hard drives in the world to save all Paulina Gaitán’s nudes from this clip. You want to cherish it, slow down, do different video tweaks to enhance lighting, etc. And obviously, Paulina Gaitán’s boobs are perfect as usual.

Scene: Diablo Guardian S01E07

11A Post Orgasm Face

From the same episode of Diablo Guardian, here’s a resting post-orgasm face if Paulina. Sadly, I’m not a stud of that caliber to make any woman catch a breath after fucking. They’re more of a disappointed type or “that will do, I guess”, so kudos to the fictional male fuck star who has satisfied Paulina.

What I’m saying is that most men will ejaculate so fast that only tv-series are able to make such “claims”.

Scene: Diablo Guardian S01E07

10A Rear Pussy Fuck Scene

To make a confession, I haven’t seen this episode, but either she’s making fun of the guy or they’re fucking. Either way. The first few seconds, with boobs bouncing, make for an exciting video. I was surprised to see black dress, especially since the previous nude was “all in”.

Perhaps bouncy large titties were too much for a “friendly” TV series? That’s a missed opportunity or a genius decision by marketing since you can’t “promote” nudes.

Scene: N/A

9Showering Naked

We need a better term for a side shot of a booty. There’s a side boob, which too is here, looking intense, but you have a butt too. Is it called a side ass? Either with the tiniest thong or without any panties, Paulina Gaitán had a chance to get naked, take a shower, and get all that water pouring all over the nude Colombian body. It’s better than porn, I say.

Scene: N/A

8A Touch of Ass and Titties

Like a cool fox that she is, Paulina Gaitán is not doing anything “extraordinary” here, but since her curves are banging hot, you can’t help but get bit stiffy. The hottest part about this scene is her “butt wrinkles”. Is this how you call those lines that go at the bottom butt area? Correct me if I’m wrong but without a giant round butt, they don’t even appear.

Scene: N/A

7Riding on Top

Feeling all powerful and in control, Paulina is (once again) naked, riding on cock. You can only see dude’s hands, which by itself is a pro and a con. For instance, the nipples are covered, which is a shame, but then you get the second-hand enjoyment from the fact that someone is squeezing boobs hard, playing with them as if they’re trying to make the best of the current situation.

Scene: N/A

6The Greatest Tits of All Time

Sometimes we like to exaggerate things just to drive a point, but Paulina’s boobs are so ideal that calling them anything, but the best is a sin. And it’s not a virgin male speaking either, having covered thousands of pornstars with the hottest fake or real boobs, Paulina Gaitán destroys them all without trying.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Miss Dynamite (Spanish: Señorita Pólvora) (2015 – 2023 TV series)

5What Now, Boss?

Man, a jiggling round butt as Paulina walks by makes my bottom itch. Perhaps less confident women are envious about her figure, but those who know a thing or to about gym or trying to do the best they can, should use this as a motivational video. Isn’t she beautiful? A pretty, curvy female actress with all talk and walk. Paulina Gaitán is here to give you blue balls.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Fucking Social Media (Spanish: P#t@s Redes Sociales) (2015 – 2023 TV series)

4Thick Ass in Bikini

While all previous releases had epic Paulina Gaitán’s nudes, the more recent TV series didn’t go past hot lingerie. I mean, the boobs are still there and so are the rest of sensual parts, but having seen what’s possible… Yeah, it’s a bit sad.

Thankfully, Paulina Gaitán is not done with acting and with at least a few projects on the way, let’s hope for more naked scenes and butt shots that go beyond safe for work.

Scene: N/A

Other Nudes

3Lying Naked in Bed

I’d sniff the crap out of those bed sheets given the opportunity, but Paulina Gaitán was at least generous enough to show you full frontal nudity. Even if that lasted a second or two, all the professional masturbators have already “saved” the following GIF, extracted still scenes and moved all into a giant folder for rubbing one out later.

2A Sensual Dance

Paulina Gaitán reminds me of Cameron Diaz who too danced in a sexy lingerie a decade earlier. We have an entire article about that, but can Paulina become the next Diaz? As a fan of both actresses, it pains me to say but “Tata” looks ten times as good. Perhaps if she was a star of The Mask of this year, things would be different. Still, this woman still has all the opportunity in front, so let’s appreciate both.

1A Sideways Nude

Taken from an unknown movie, Paulina is here, standing all proud and for two reasons, if you know what I mean. Her boobs are visible from the front left side and there’s nothing to improve. Perhaps if this was an 8K video of the highest possible quality in solid brightness, but the bath scene, I believe, has that almost covered.

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