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Paulina Soul Pornstar: Bio & Top 20 Porn Videos (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

The percentage of pornstars that shoot anal porn videos as their first scene is rather small and is likely in the single digits. However, this is not the case with Paulina, who, as it turns out, only does anal. That’s according to one scene, at least, and yes, please, do more. Also, she is from Russia, it seems. I wonder if she considers herself a virgin, too, because ass-fucking is like a life hack for some sluts.

About Paulina Soul

Nationality and Ethnicity: Russian, Caucasian

Age: 37-years-old
Birthday: December 21, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 1.72m or 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 55 kg or 121 lbs.
Breast / Bra Size: 40B – 26 – 40
Tits: Fake

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown

Years Active: 2017 – 2019

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @Paulina_Soulxxx (Deleted)
Official Instagram Account: Paulina_Soulxx (Deleted)

Real Name: Unknown
Other Nicknames: Unknown

Paulina Soul Biography

Born in 1990, Paulina Soul always excelled in high school and considered multiple job opportunities. However, she wasn’t always happy with her life in Russia and moved to Italy in the mid-20s. That’s when she struck gold and got interested in acting, not just any acting, but the adult industry.

Glamour is in Paulina’s genes; watching her perform is always a spectacle. Her first albeit tiny success came in 2018 when she got a role in the pornographic movie “House of Taboo.” A performance with Sapphic Erotica studios and other networks followed that.

As Paulina debuted in the porn industry in 2017, we are yet to see more content in years to follow. Heck, even sexy Snapchat GIFs are lacking. Still, below are some of the things we gathered.

Update: Sadly, Paulina retired at the age of 31 in the summer of 2019. We’ve preserved the very best of her right here.

22Paulina’s Lesbian Scene

Did you expect to find her lesbian scene there? Did you know that she could be one anyway? Well, as it turns out, when it comes to erotica and sizzling hot lesbians, Paulina is a great pornstar too. The way she kisses and licks her friend tells you everything.

After a slow make-out session and tasting each other’s pussies, she returns for mutual satisfaction. Offering orgasms that only one woman can give to another is how these lesbians roll. So you have a pretty hot GIF and a sound starting point for the next videos.

21Hardcore Anal Action

Watch this famous Russian pornstar as she teases her amazing body, thanks to the black lingerie. And don’t forget, the bubbly and round ass which is spread just about right, exposing her asshole. Also, a surprisingly young and fresh-looking pussy, which is hot.

What is happening is clear; I guess Soul’s asshole predicts the future. Sticking fingers in her butt and the fucking her anally, followed by some cock polishing action with her mouth, and lastly, a cumshot that I am sure she remembers to this day, awesome.

20Golden Shower Queen

In preparation for some pissing porn down the line, Paulina Soul took the glass dildo out of the box and is ready to get wild. There are a few more GIFs from this scene, which get wetter and nastier with every scroll.

Everything is straightforward here, although our cocks were surprised by the lack of ass action. Not even a single finger got to touch Paulina’s butthole. That’s the first for this lady.

19Virtual Porn Scene

Let’s try something different as we enter the year of 4K and VR porn. Of course, it might only suit 1% of RedBled readers, but hey… If you have Oculus or something else lying around, here’s a GIF for you.

Spreading the meat before you stick a dick or two down Paulina’s pussy looks promising. If her face looks awful in the video, stop worrying, as it all evens out with VR glasses.

18Car Sex is Hot

That is what you call “jumping on dick,” and Paulina Soul has no issues doing so. Always good to see an excited pornstar or any girl who can’t handle the anticipation. Like many other amateur porn GIFs that we’ve seen, it’s in POV and resembles real life.

Remember your first time fucking in mom’s car? For me, it was in the back of a coupe at night, exploding all over fuck buddies’ hairstyle. Then, she had to climb out of the car and wash her hair in cold lake water.

17Money Talks

How does one go to cheat the system? If you’re tired of spending cash on dinner dates, cinema, or coffee, try some of the “Money Talks” tactics. Every woman can be a slut, and it’s all about the banknotes. Offer someone a billion dollars for a blowjob, and they will agree.

Congrats on finding out the truth; every person has a price. Now, it’s about negotiating that number down to the double digits.

16Another Pee Porn GIF

If anyone could explain to me the appeal of this type of fetish, please do. I can understand getting turned on by golden showers, piss, and whatever, at least logically speaking. However, what is the exact point of pissing into a glass tube?

If you’re ready to blow a load or two to this GIF, have some patience. There’s an even better peeing scene cut below.

15Epic Porn from Russian Pornstar

The last of cute porn GIFs from Paulina Soul, so everyone can stop hating right now. Choking on a plastic dildo, Soul takes her sweet time with this one. As I might have said, my mind cannot understand the obsession or reasoning behind this act.

Why would your dick even get hard after seeing someone suck on a random object? Even worse are the moans that some pornstars produce while doing so. Why?

14Paulina’s Pissing Contest

We continue with our anal and pee theme since these seem to be Paulina’s favorite fetishes. Who knew that a mainstream pornstar could be into stuff that wild? Many of us would never even think about pissing our pants. It’s one of the most embarrassing things you could do, at least in another setting.

In the adult business, however, there is no such thing as shame. So do whatever you like and get paid while doing so.

13Any Hole is Good

Licking pussy from behind while Paulina Soul wears only a few straps of clothing is a good start. A finger down that juicy butthole later, and our excitement is at the point where an orgasm is inevitable. I always loved a freshly cleaned pussy, and I’m sure this Russian-made flower smells great too.

Should we tell you what happens in this scene and what GIF does not show? Spoiler alert, the guy got to fuck Paulina’s asshole, too, be happy for him.

12Cock Sucking Threesome

Still in the realm of casual porn, here’s a threesome GIF that makes me hungry. Did you know that this sex position is called “a love sandwich”? Surely you can figure out why. Two sluts feasting on white cock, both equally as hot.

In my experience, cumshots can become depressing as you always feel like one girl is not getting her end of the stick. Unless your facials are extremely accurate and you’ve spent years training.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

11Two Happy Lesbians

We’ve had enough anal sex GIFs and random guys that got lucky. Let’s have a GIF that features two hot lesbians, one of which is Paulina Soul. Having finished the scene, it did not progress much further than shown here. There was no scissoring, butt licking, or anything other than plain oral, which would not pass for a good porn ad.

Given Paulina’s degree in dirty porn, it was a poor surprise. But, unfortunately, twenty minutes of the same thing was a bit too much for the editors of RedBled.

10Paulina’s Fake Taxi GIF

I guess you can’t do that with Uber, especially when there are cameras in a vehicle. Thankfully, Fake Taxi does not drive to make money; it’s all about old-fashioned sluts that don’t use new car-sharing services.

Cheap room, round butt, and Paulina’s face that appears to be unsure if the cock is already in.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

9Interracial Anal Scene

Be careful; we enter the interracial porn GIF area now, so proceed cautiously. Expect gigantic cocks, double penetrations, and hardcore anal. These are the keywords that describe Paulina’s experience. One stud fucked her in the ass, another hammered her pussy, and then there’s a third lucky guy. He got a nice blowjob from our favorite pornstar.

Hopefully, unlike the Fake Taxi scene above, Paulina felt something this time, more than just an itch.

8Asshole for Masses

Such a beautiful puffy pussy and an even better-looking butt. It’s weird how Paulina Soul does not even display the other strengths. For example, most GIFs and scenes focus on her rear, doggystyle, and that’s it.

Prepare to be amazed by the top part, just a few positions below. Seriously, you’ll be amazed at what this kinky pornstar has been hiding all along.

7Paulina’s Interracial Blowjob

Stand in a line that is longer than after the new iPhone announcement and wait for your turn. One of those mesmerizing GIFs that stay with you for some time. Paulina is a natural cock sucker and takes a sweet time with it.

The way she licks her lips in anticipation or rubs herself and plays with both hands… Damn, that’s how every pornstar should be sucking dick.

6Throat Fucking

We can tell that deepthroats are not Paulina’s favorite thing or specialty, but at least there was an attempt. Having realized that this would not end well, this guy said, “fuck it,” and busted a nut. She is known for hardcore sex scenes, so we are still puzzled that Paulina Soul lacks these skills.

At this point, every 18-year-old amateur can lick your balls without gagging and with a dick down their esophagus.

5Miss Soul Hoping for Double Penetration

Some pornstars wait five or ten years to do a scene with two guys, not to mention anal in the first place, but it looks like this pornstar is all about your experiences, and we can only support that. With an attitude like that, we wonder what she could plan next once the novelty wears off and we are up for the next big thing.

This one leaves plenty of things to imagine and speculate about, but what can I tell; Kudos to the XXX network for convincing her to do a threesome.

4Squirting Anal Scene

Now, you can choose between two things regarding porn – one with clothes off and another with some of them on. Okay, you can shoot a video with all your clothes on, but whatever. Having black lingerie and just some private parts covered makes the video much hotter.

This GIF opened my mind and dick to all kinds of fantasies, which is why it is not at the top but rather at the bottom of the list. That, you know, implies hot and sexy. Also, did you notice that Paulina only does black underwear? Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

3Slow Anal by Paulina Soul

You can’t have enough of anal when it comes to our favorite Russian rising pornstar, and this scene is no exception. At first, it all starts rather fine, nice, and slow, as some women like it and some men don’t. But, then, it’s all about that pain and discomfort for some, myself included.

But in either case, the way exposes her ass or sucks the dude’s dick is top-notch. This GIF is slowly becoming one of our favorites, the highest-rated scene of Paulina we have seen yet. So what’s next for her? Only time will tell, but we hope triple dicks, double dicks, gapping, etc.


2Happy Vibes

No way in hell will you top this GIF, and it’s not even a sex scene. We were shocked to discover that Paulina Soul has the world’s most fabulous tits. These are incredible, and I cannot understand why porn producers kept them hidden.

She might not be the world’s most popular pornstar yet, but sure has the best breasts on planet.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

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