Top 10+: Pee Fetish Loving Pornstars (2019)

Golden shower loving, pissing pornstars.

Top 10: Pee Fetish Loving Pornstars (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. I Know That Girl

The summer is in the air and it’s getting hot in here. Instead of regular water sports, let’s switch things up to something of different but refreshing nature: peeing pornstars. No matter if you like to get peed-on, or be the one pissing on hot women, every pornstar is here. This is a fetish that only a small percentage of people will understand, and most will get repulsed by it. For example, we did a BDSM pornstars list (or bondage sites) that included some performers that have tried peeing porn before (all about the domination), and it was not for everyone.

We are now spicing things up and will satisfy the few hundred porn lovers that feel discriminated because it’s one of the fetishes that gets bad press. Admittedly, I haven’t grown enough to enjoy golden showers on the receiving end but have now stops when it comes to giving.

As we have already discussed, squirting pornstars often fake their orgasms, they just start pissing instead. Men don’t care if you call it squirting but call that action by its real name and you get weird looks. Why is that? I guess some people just don’t know how much fun the golden showers are and most just live their lives as a gray blob in the faceless society. So, this is my gift to you, guys. A proper list of greatest pornstars that fucking love pee porn.

12Ashley Fires

Guy punch one another and girls have girly fights with pillows, feathers, etc. Watch this change with the introduction of peeing wars. You have Ashley Fires and her girly friend aiming at one another’s mouths and having a blast (no pun intended). The sheets are ruined for good. Our pornstars don’t just piss for few hundred backs but seems to be enjoying this act to a full extent. Ashley Fires is on the left and has better figure than chubby whore. However, if you were to ask me to piss on one of these, I’d go with the unknown amateur pornstar that is laughing her ass of and seems to be more open-minded, or just in better mood. I want to order diuretics and blast her face with piss, then propose and introduce to my parents.

11Anjelica Ebbi

If you like to drink pee, especially from the most beautiful women then why not grab your glass and let Anjelica fill it up? Just like my anticipation, it’s getting fuller drop by drop.

I have tried drinking piss twice in my life and the last experience was great, guess it depends on women’s diet and hormones. My first girlfriend from Canada did have a pee fetish and would occasionally ask to piss on her, which I refused at first. Why? Because all women are princesses and should be treated as such. Thankfully, my opinion has slowly changed, not only did I pee on her breasts and pussy but also tried to taste the piss, it was horrible. My next pee loving girlfriend came from Brazil and just like farting porn, I was very much against it. It took some convincing (and her birthday) for me to try that again, and it was fucking awesome. My dick the hardest I have seen, throbbing and it tasted great. Like sweetest pineapple juice full of love, butterflies and coconuts.

Source: Watch this with PornHub Premium.

10Rachele Richey

You can only go so far without getting bored of oral sex, anal or 69. For lesbians it’s even worse as it’s always same. Rachele fucks her girlfriend with a giant glass dildo, any hole goes, then the miracle happens. Piss is like cum, some pornstars open their mouths and just let it run down their chins, while professional sluts swallow it all. Rachele is doing her best at catching unpredictable droplets of pee and tasting the salty liquid. Just like with squirting pornstars, lesbians and pee go together hand in hand. I guess that’s girl’s love or something. Girls pissing on one another are hot, and dude’s pissing on girls make them hot.

Source:, a pee fetish site.

9Charlotte Sartre

This is what happens behind closed hotel doors of a kinky couple. You have golden showers in bathroom, wet t-shirt contests and nose tickling smell. This is also the only pee loving pornstar scene that is fine with POV shot. If your girlfriend or wife is not into piss fetish, watching this video is the closest to the actual experience as you can get. Or you can piss on them as they sleep. Wish there was a dating site where you could specify what fetishes interest you. Imagine finding your dream girl that is finer with golden showers and whatever else your sick mind prefers.

8Proxy Paige

For the nasty peeing pornstars, Paige is your proxy to the hardcore world. I have seen girls pouring milk into asshole and eating, but making it gape and peeing inside? That’s awesome. There is no way to improve this shot, unless we are talking camera upgrades or video quality. Assholes do have nerve endings and pee is salty, so shouldn’t that shit hurt?

My mind is going fucking blank, and I have no words to describe the lengths that Proxy Paige goes to play water-sports. I wonder if she would be okay with roles reversed. This is bit too much for me, at least for now.


7Gigi Allens

With few peeing lesbians out of the way, here is Gigi and her pussy shower. Without any clothes and with legs lifted, she is pissing straight into guy’s mouth and laughing her ass off. I would never switch sides as that looks like humiliation porn, which is fine if you are getting off that shit. I can’t watch this scene for too long because it’s not sitting well with my stomach. Gigi Allens is the Australian pornstar, which we introduced in our top 10 Aussie pornstars list. Not sure why she signed up for this shit and what the fuck is wrong with that guy, but we are not here to judge. He seriously must have had a fucked-up childhood to get aroused from drinking piss. I guess saying “don’t know before you try it” could work here but will never try to find out.


6Casey Calvert

Casey has such a weird look that is perfect for pee porn, looks like a victimized house-wife that has no reason to exist. She must have been paid in jewelry and gold bars, because it does not look that much fun at all (for her at least, for us it’s superb). Speaking of our performer, this dude must have been doing his Kegel exercises religiously, stopping piss mid-stream and blasting her face with piss. It’s like getting two rides for a price of one. He got to piss inside Casey’s destroyed asshole and left her some to taste. I like pornstars that know their price and Casey Calvert does not even look human. Like a programmer robot or trained puppy, standing on her four legs and taking whatever is thrown at her.


5Annie Cruz

You can reverse roles too and still have some fun. In this scene we have Annie Cruz who just got prescribed a nice piss bath. Everyone in that room is having fun, from guy pissing on our pornstars, to Annie and even the cameraman who for some reason is fine tasting other’s dude pee. He is truly committed to this scene, from splashes on the lens to great angles. The room is nasty, looks like a doctor’s office and not porn scene.

You could argue that Annie Cruz is lacking enthusiasm, but it’s just a short cut from the full video. Not only does she like to get pissed on but is okay with drinking pee. Guess you could classify her as a hardcore pornstar.


4Stella Cox

Now that’s a money shot, and everything what is right with porn industry today. Can you imagine porn studios producing this shit 20 years ago? Stella Cox is obsessed with pee and humiliation, lying on her back while her fellow performer (which wears a suiting outfit) is taking a leak on her chest and inside her mouth.

Either she lost a gag reflex, or her horny mind has long surpassed the common sense and blocks it. Watching her getting peed on relaxes me, like an aquarium screensaver on my PC. Fortunately for Stella, the stream of pee never stops. You can see other men and women drinking, jerking-off and I assume preparing to do the same. Haven’t seen a happier girl than this golden rain loving whore.


3Victoria Daniels

I’ve seen a similar video where some random trash was pissing on the streets and old guy kicked her in the pussy. Victoria Daniels is one of those hot pornstars that will turn even the pee hating jerks to golden shower biggest fans. It would already be worthy of few dick strokes, but combined with public peeing, it’s like turning hot stove into a forest fire. Just stopping by, hiding behind the truck to take a leak.

Most drunk girls did that in the woods and drinking buddies have dreamed of seeing those pussies. Here you get to see not just random fat skanks that can barely walk, but beautiful and clean pornstars going all-in and sharing the warmth. I’m already licking my lips as I watch this scene.

Source:, join now.

2Katy Sky

Watching Katy Sky peeing in public brings back some memories. My ex-girlfriend had a serious problem where she could not take a leak if someone was close to her (if you could see that bitch, it was too close). I only have this problem in public bathrooms and if there are two men surrounding me, but for that whore it was always an issue. It was never resolved but eventually she eased off, got comfortable around me enough to start peeing as I watched. This is one my achievements that I am extremely proud of, because it strokes my ego more than watching women orgasm. Katy Sky does not really give a fuck and is pissing in the bus stop or whatever that place is. Photogenic, beautiful pussy, nice zooming skills and top-class apparel. This video might not have much, but it is extremely erotic, almost gives me goose bumps.

Source:, join now.

1Leigh Raven

This is basically pee porn in its highest from, from the ill minds of Brazzers. Never knew that peeing pornstars can be so erotic and it’s all due to amazing angles and production values that they went through. They could have just filmed Leigh pissing on the floor as that’s what most porn studios do anyway, but not Brazzers. This is the most cinematic peeing video, you got slow moving camera that is recording in high fps, pissing with left lifted and then watching tiny drops land on the surface.

If you are debating whether peeing pornstars are for you, this scene could make you a believer. It worked on me.


Lastly, if any of these girls turned you on, be sure to check our amazing porn sites category, as it covers every fetish and has more pornstars than there are stars in the universe, or just go directly to the source.

Top 10+: Pee Fetish Loving Pornstars (2019)
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