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PornHub Review

For most people, RedTube or PornHub are probably the first porn sites that they came across. Obviously, then they did cum and everyone was happy. Here is a shocker for you: these sites are run by the same organization, so no matter which one you visit, same people are earning a buck form you.

At this point I am not even sure if it’s worth mentioning all the features and everything. The site is well known, has brand awareness, and you have been there already. However, to do the justice, I must review it anyway. The home page loads surprisingly fast and includes great quality thumbnails. Unlike many other free sites, this one seems to be controlling its content, and that is great. It is hard to complain about big brands that have established themselves. It’s like talking about Coke or something. How much can you say and what should you say? It’s sweet, popular and awesome drink, case closed. features much more than just the videos though. Recently the site has expanded to photos and gifs, and there is a separate section for the community. This is where all the 16-year-old virgins hang out and tell their stories about fucking OPs mom. Just kidding, these are in the comment section. I was surprised to discover that the community is not about chatting or anything, it was just some bullshit newsfeed with non-sense.

If you love amateur porn, PornHub shines there too. Since they pay their members for the uploads (must verify and produce your own content), there are many cam whores, just sluts or guys jerking off in hopes of making a living. One percent does, and the rest are just there for the pennies. Speaking of content and porn, it currently has over 5,000,000 videos and will soon reach six million. These numbers are fucking insane. That’s like population of many small countries. My biggest complaint with PornHub is the fact that their media player is garbage. You can’t pause a fucking video without seeing some sort of advertising. Bitch, sometimes I want to pause for a reason and that reason does not involve me wanting to watch fucking ads. Personally, I fucking hate watching videos there with the free account. Many do, and they are fine with that, but my brain was not configured properly, it seems.

Thankfully, the do allow you to get rid of the most annoying parts of the site by paying for PH Premium (we give it away for free below). I guess their whole point is to annoy you so much that you are forced to join?


If you are looking for a great starting point, then PornHub is a great, yet annoying site. For a far better experience, I do recommend visiting XHamster and / or grabbing a free PornHub Premium instead. It has no ads and… is free?


8.8 PornHub - - Free Porn Tube
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  • Has probably the largest free porn collection in the entire world
  • The site is well laid out and there are no confusing elements
  • Thumbs up to a hosting provider, no loading issues
  • Includes true, self-uploaded amateur porn
  • Very active and fun community
  • Allows you to hide all the ads
  • Has quantity and quality


  • Way too many ads, please stop
  • More ads in the media player


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