PornHub Premium vs. PornHub Free vs. XVideos Red (2024)

The ultimate cheap porn site.

PornHub Premium vs. PornHub Free vs. xVideos Red (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

1PornHub Introduction

PornHub and PornHub Premium are some of the most impressive and extensive porn sites. The growth continues despite nagging by the media, random dramas that benefit no one, and butthurt feminists. There are millions of videos already, and with thousands uploaded daily, no other site in the world can top them anytime soon.

Also, with YouTube becoming way more strict with its content and monetization, the consensus from the public is that PornHub should go mainstream. However, you can already find multiple full-length movies from Hollywood and not Brazzers, including gameplay videos, streams with cursing, etc. Although free speech also brings radical (and incorrect) views, I wonder if that’s how PornHub should grow.

Some people seem to question and compare free PornHub with Premium, which we will also do. The review will focus on the positives and negatives of both sites, with priority given to the paid version. Why? Because everyone has tried regular PornHub already and knows its strengths and weaknesses.

2About PornHub Premium

So, what exactly is PornHub Premium membership, and what is the difference between this and free PornHub? If you enjoy regular PornHub content already, then this is a no-brainer. But do you know these annoying full-page ads, the in-player advertising, and the worst of them all: maximum volume pop-ups in the background? All that disappears with PornHub Premium making it a much better experience.

In addition, you get to access Full HD resolution for the videos supporting that. So do not expect to see a 240p video in the highest resolution suddenly, but if there is one in 720p, the probability is in your favor that with PHP, there is a 1080p streaming option available. Oh, and they support downloads too.

3PornHub Premium Adult Content

There are plenty of porn tubes, and PornHub (non-premium) version is also one of them. It is probably one of the few adult sites that got mainstream attention. They always release interesting statistics or something the media loves to consume. With revenues in millions, they even do April Fools jokes and many other interesting videos, not to mention pornstar interviews, adult show openings, etc. PornHub is the dominant site among free porn pages. If there is a country in the world that does not know about PornHub, they must not have direct access to the Internet as it is fucking everywhere. If you decide to go with premium, the site will transform into a rather different experience in the best ways possible.

Of course, the most fucking annoying thing is advertising, which is crucial for the free site’s survival. However, when you become a citizen of PornHub Premium, the floodgates close, and a new set of opportunities arise. Gone are all the ads everyone hates, be it in a video player and pop-ups, hidden background ones with the high volume turned on by default, etc. The worst part of the site suddenly disappears, leaving you with a clean and light user interface that improves user experience tenfold. There are also video quality improvements, and it is so fucking good to go back to the Full HD porn. The free tubes that offer 720p or 1080p videos compress it so much that it looks like a high-quality 480p file instead. With PornHub Premium, you get content variety and quality without stupid advertising.

PornHub Premium vs. PornHub Free

Let me just explain everything in much better detail. There is some confusion going on there as many people believe that all you get is 1080p videos and no ads, but this is not true.

– PornHub Premium also gives access to exclusive videos not on a free site (300,000 and growing). It includes content from all the best-paid porn networks like Brazzers, Girls Do Porn, Kink, Mofos, Digital Playground, and many others. You know, the mainstream studios.

– This is another awesome site to consider if you have a VR headset. They occasionally upload 2160p VR scenes that work with PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear, Oculus, HTC Vive, and even Google Cardboard. I am sure there are many other devices I did not mention, and PornHub should also support them.

– Finally, PornHub Premium will also unlock access to DVDs on demand. There are many; we are talking thousands and with great variety.

The user interface is not worth discussing as it is your average tube site. However, unless you just got access to the Internet and haven’t seen YouTube before, expect to see video recommendations, comments under videos, tags, and various sorting options.

The strongest point of PornHub is its amateur porn section, but it’s not like other parts are bad or mediocre. Since they are paying sluts to upload videos, many of them are out there. Yes, there are many amateur porn sites, but this is as raw as you can get – usually, one angle and little to no editing. Thanks to the advancements in phones, you get to see a fair amount of Full HD recordings, none of the potatoes recorded bullshit.

Some wear masks or never show their faces; whether you find it even hotter depends on your tastes and the number of days you did not get laid. I want to see the full picture and usually close such videos immediately. If I wanted to jerk off to the chick behind the mask and could be bad-looking, I would masturbate to the random videos of my faux grandmother. That is one positive aspect of all this. Since more and more attention whores discover PornHub and you can make money with it, the competition is also increasing. That means more hardcore videos, better quality videos, and fewer videos with pixelated or blurred faces.

I expect to see even better amateur porn videos in a few years. As I have already said, you can find almost every porn network here. It’s how marketing and promotions work these days. You give them free access to some of your content in hopes that people will get hooked and pay to see more. Suitable for consumers and great for free porn scenes.

4PornHub Tube Statistics

Number of videos: 8 million+
HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p): Yes
4K Content: Unknown
VR Content: Yes
Streaming: Yes
Downloading: Yes
Average length: 30 minutes

5Free PornHub Premium Access

As promised, we will give you a nice PornHub Premium offer that just can’t get any better, seriously – free access to all their content in Full HD, VR, and even DVDs. There are no downsides. It is not a year’s worth of premium membership, but seven days is more than enough to get your feet wet and see if you like their site.

Click here to create your free PornHub Premium account.

6PornHub Premium vs. XVideos Red

Both premium versions offer an ad-free experience without pop-ups or random annoyances. Both platforms also give you upgraded video quality, free downloads, and access to different studios.

The key differences between PornHub Premium and XVideos Red (a premium alternative to XVideos free) are:


PornHub Premium: 340,000+
XVideos Red: 650,000+

Notable Content Partners

PornHub Premium: Brazzers, RealityKings, Mofos, BangBros, DigitalPlayground, Twistys, Babes, Fake Taxi, and others
XVideos Red: Team Skeet, MYLF, Private, BangBros, Spizoo, Blue Bird Films, Chick Pass, and others

The main difference between XVideos (Red) Premium and PornHub Premium is in content partners. Join whichever suits your needs best.

7The Most Significat PornHub Events


With the latest media beating about nonverified videos from amateurs, PornHub made some drastic steps. First, the old CEO stepped down in 2022, which is massive. So the tides have shifted, but we don’t yet know how this will change PornHub, for worse or better. In the meantime, enjoy the Premium while you can; the content is incredible and comes from all ethnicities.


PornHub Premium has temporarily stopped accepting credit card payments, with crypto being the only way to pay. Use our premium sites’ top 10 to look for alternatives if you have no desire to pay in anything but cash.


PornHub blocks more and more states in the US due to identity verification. In fact, PornHub is fighting this and we applaud them for standing their grand. In February 2024, Texas was the latest state to be banned from PornHub.

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8PornHub Premium

8.8 PornHub Premium vs. PornHub Free (Review) (2024) Users score: 0 with 0 votes


  • Free accounts for a week, this is love
  • Has some virtual reality (VR) porn
  • Millions of porn videos and GIFs
  • Great if you love amateur porn
  • Fresh content uploads daily
  • Also has original videos


  • Hard to discover porn with so much content
  • Needs more studios
Full HD & HD: 357,461
Models: 19,116


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