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PornMD Review

After warming up idea of porn search engines and that some are useful, we are back with Porn MD. Unlike with NudeVista, the design is to die for. You can tell that it was not built by virgin neckbeards using few strings and a duct tape. Porn MD feels like a modern porn search engine, with simple yet new-age elements like rounded search box or JavaScript effects. That brings me to the only and most annoying part of PornMD: the logo. If you mouse-over on PornMD picture, it will show you all the covered sites, but it is so badly implemented. Sort of reminded me of those MySpace pages with raining dildos and other garbage. It also works as a quick way to filter or select specific porn site from PornHub Network, so not completely useless.

On the index page you can also filter through Straight, Gay or Tranny porn and thank porn gods for that. After entering a search query, things do pick up for good. I was mostly impressed with site’s speed. It’s lighting fast. Also, since it relies on their own porn sites that you will eventually visit, PornMD has zero fucking ads. All the best settings can be quickly accessed on the left, including infinite scroll, sources and length. If you want to filter results even further, a specific VR only porn option is also here. As far as usability goes, Porn MD is so far ahead its game that you can’t even compare it to other search engines. It has very light and easy on eyes design (even though it’s not dark), and all the switches you ever want. The picture search option could be much more distinctive as there is almost no indication that you can search not only through videos but also photos (it’s a small icon on the search box).

Many years ago, Google has introduced “I’m feeling lucky” option and PornMD has that too (which they call “random search”). Unlike with regular search results where you want to find properly ranked sites, this option works on Porn MD. Sometimes you have no idea what to masturbate to, so random porn option is great. If you are a trend follower, there are trending searches on the top left corner, which is where the hottest or most popular pornstars sit at. Lastly, I very much appreciate PornMD’s admins for not forcing links in a new window. They get ten points for that alone. I want to end with the downside and its advanced search, there is none. If you call yourself a search engine, how in the world can you not implement search options less than basic?


PornMD works like a porn aggregator among the same network of porn sites. That might sound like a downside, but it is the largest porn network of them all, with PornHub, RedTube and other names behind. The design is truly wonderful, it almost feels surreal since there are no other porn sites that do not try to stuff your PC with advertising.

PornMD – Porn MD – Porn Search Engine
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9.4 PornMD - Porn MD - Porn Search Engine
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  • Beautifully designed web-site
  • Eye-friendly search results
  • Impressive load times
  • I’m feeling lucky link
  • Not filled with ads


  • Annoying mouse over effect on logo
  • One porn network exclusive
  • No advanced search
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